What’s a Wrapunzel boutique?

The perfect way to experience Wrapunzel in person and one-on-one! Each boutique is an independent business run by an amazing woman. Visit for a beautiful and intimate shopping experience, featuring a rich selection of Wrapunzel’s scarves, accessories and tools – both new seasonal offerings and our classic best sellers.

Our boutiques get rave reviews from ladies who enjoy seeing and handling Wrapunzel scarves in person, who need to match a special outfit for an event, or who just want some expert help finding a style that feels “just right” for them. Our boutique owners are all wrap stars par excellence themselves, and love to help each woman find her perfect look!  Stop by your nearest boutique and immerse yourself in the world of creative hair covering – hands-on!


Hint: These New and Exciting earrings are amazing to behold, they come in blue and purple bold, softly encircled with rims of gold.

Click on the links below to learn more about each Wrapunzel Boutique. 


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