Knot Your Typical Tichel By Sandy Eller   Photo Credit: Andrea Grinberg Women in scarves     Perhaps the most memorable line from the famous story of Rapunzel involves the title character cascading her flowing hair towards the ground, but in the case of the Baltimore-based Wrapunzel, it is intricately woven tichels, typically used to […]

Fashion, faith and culture come together through the global art of head wrapping PRI’s The World October 27, 2017 · 8:00 AM EDT By Frances Kai-Hwa Wang Model Aliyyah Abdul-Raul wearing designs from Ohio-based designer Chimiwear poses in front of the camara at a past Beautifully Wrapped Headwrap Expo. During the event, fashion shows take place every hour and features different […]

IN THE SPOTLIGHT WITH ANDREA GRINBERG / WRAPUNZEL.COM When Andrea Grinberg started posting YouTube tutorials on hair wrapping six years ago, she did not do it with the intention to start a whole movement. She was newly married and had just moved to the US from Israel, where scarf-wrapped heads were pretty mainstreamed. She quickly realized that […]

June’s Mishpacha Article! We keep getting emails asking us to read the Mishpacha article from last June!  There is only this available online, so here is the transcription for you (obviously without photos etc.) Wrap Artists Andrea Grinberg and Rivka Malka Perlman elevate the tichel to fine art By Barbara Bensoussan Wrapunzel, Wrapunzel, let down your…tichel? Throwing […]


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