There are many people on our team that help make Wrapunzel what it is today – a incredible hub that strives to inspire happiness through the art of hair wrapping.

We can’t even begin to mention all our contributors here!  Our designers and seamstresses, our models, the moderators on the fangroup, our photographers, graphic designers, shleppers, our helpful, supportive husbands that put up with all the insanity… we are so grateful!  One day we hope to have a page that properly gives thanks to everyone, but for now here are the ladies that work as a part of the Wrapunzel Team daily!


Andrea is an intuitive spiritual seeker with an easy laugh. You will even be comfortable answering her trademark question, “What do you live for?” She is a passionate, professional cellist, and loves teaching and performing. From day one of covering her hair, she’s been a pioneer for creative women around the world, unwrapping the mystery of beautiful scarf tying. During her time away from the cello and Wrapunzel HQ, you may find her behind the pages of a good fantasy novel, on a hike, cooking something new, having a dance party, but most likely you’ll find her doing something creative with her family.


Laila handles all things business in the Wrapunzel world, and works hard to spread the word about Wrapunzel to all the places it’s needed! She manages to keep everything extremely organized and professional, while also raising our spirits with her contagious laugh and crazy stories. She’s a devoted wife and mother of twins! When not immersed in the Wrapunzel universe, she enjoys spending her time with them, and occasionally hiding under the covers with a good book. One day, she hopes to have time to sit down and write a bucket list.


Rivka keeps our stockroom and products in tip-top shape, and packs and ships orders with utmost precision! She’s married with five children – four sons and a daughter. Her very favorite place is The Marin Headlands overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco and the Pacific Ocean. She has the good fortune of being raised in Marin County. When not Wrapunzeling, she loves gardening, ceramics and genealogy.


Atara is the creative mind behind Wrapunzel! Originally a graphic designer and photographer, Atara is excited to apply her talents to her long time wrapping passion! Originally from Sharon, MA, Atara is a small town girl who loves a walk in the park or sitting on her porch with a cup of hot chocolate. When not at Wrapunzel, you can find Atara baking desserts, sketching and painting, teaching kallahs (Jewish brides), or having dance parties in her kitchen with her husband and three sons.


Yehudis is the talent behind the camera that captures Wrapunzel’s gorgeous model and product shots!  She also works on digital content and optimization for our website and YouTube channel. Yehudis loves to travel and has visited 33 US states – she’s hoping to make it to all 50, so be sure to invite her over! In addition to her fabulous sewing and textile design skills, she loves learning new things. You might find her teaching herself programming, graphic design, painting, or even carpentry. She also makes a killer dairy-free ice cream.



As our Project Manager, Yocheved keeps us on top of whatever needs to get done. When not hard at work, you can find Yocheved beside her handy-dandy French Press, laughing at the silly things in life with her family. While she wouldn’t call herself a coffee snob, her passion for coffee stems from several years in the coffee industry and happily rubs off on anyone around her. The youngest of eleven children (nine of which are girls), Yocheved is the first and only sister to wrap her hair and move outside our family home in California. She currently enjoys life up North after 15 years in Tennessee. She also has a deep love of music (starting back in 4th grade!), and also enjoys reading and learning Hebrew.


Over plentiful pots of delicious stews and sauces, you can find our customer service assistant Shari singing away! Classically trained as a soprano, Shari adores all things music, especially listening to (or participating in!) live performances. A native of Long Island, she’s also a fan of international travel and culture and finds inspiration in the colors of the world around her. Shari brings her positivity and inspiration with her every day to work as she writes thoughtful responses to Wrapunzelistas worldwide! She also helps keep our headquarters in tip-top shape and is committed to making it a great place to work (or shop)! Her goal is for every Wrapunzel experience to end in smiles all around.


Karen, our Jill-of-all-trades, brightens our offices with her smile! Originally hired as a packing associate, she is now our office manager and transcriptionist, but she still sneaks into HQ in the evenings when no one else is around, leaving bins full of orders ready to be shipped out the following morning. Karen is a lawyer by training and was the twelfth speaker at the World Debate Championships in 1989. She doesn’t enjoy arguing, but when she’s forced to, she tends to win. Instead of arguing, she now spends her days making sure that things run smoothly as most of our team now works from home due to the pandemic. She has three adult sons and a very opinionated cat named Jennyanydots, and is the great-granddaughter of the inventor of Turkish taffy. When she’s not packing orders, Karen enjoys knitting, cooking, trivia and musical theater.


Born into a family of artists, our Packing Lady Sheva expresses her individuality in her love for animals and by training them, especially her birds. She’s always speaking “bird talk,” and is extremely passionate about her cockatiel, Sparky, spending lots of quality time with him. Blue fronted amazon, Teddy, and Double yellow headed amazon, Darwin, have recently added to the menagerie. As a child in Girl Scouts, her team won the 2014 World Thinking Day Patch Contest. For her 19th birthday, she celebrated by axe throwing with friends. Sheva brings all of these unique talents to our customers by sending them the perfect package!


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