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    We’ve been dreaming about this for ages!  We first found some of these in a past spring collection and they were instantly snapped up at our shows!  Since then we’ve been on the hunt to bring more to you and finally… here they are!

    These are much smaller than normal tichels – and the shape is a triangle.  In order to use with a shaper, you’ll need to place it farther back on your head.  They are sheer and gorgeous!  The fringe is just awesome left hanging on its own, or it can be brought up or braided!  We know you’ll find tons of ways to wear it!


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    $5 $2.75

    We’re always searching for perfect accessories that don’t leave holes in our scarves, and the this clip meets all the marks!


    (See full description below.)

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  • $6.50

    The name Glitterific says it all! These sparkling earrings feature a tear shaped pendant filled with glitter, descending from a flower shaped post. These sparkling earrings are an elegant way to add a bit of fun to any look! Wear them with a sparkling scarf for a fancy occasion, or use them to turn an unembellished scarf Glitterific!

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