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    Soft textures, light fabrics, simple layers – what could be easier? Kick back and relax with this lovely multipurpose kit made from one of our crowd-pleasing Striped Delight Scarves, and a coordinating Original 2 in 1.

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  • $12.00

    The Wrapunzel family of Israeli Tichels just got a lot more exciting! These gorgeous square scarves, patterned with leaves and flowers and shot through with the subtlest of silver sparkle threads, are as fabulous as the classic versions. Light yet strong, simple yet beautiful! And just like our original Israeli Tichels, they’re made to Wrapunzel specifications for a larger, more durable 100% cotton version of the classic square scarf found in shops and shuks all over Israel.


    (See full description below.)

    AVAILABILITY: In stock


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