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Scavenger Hunt Details

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Hooray, it’s GIVEAWAY time!!  


We’re giving away not just one, not just two, but THREE of Wrapunzel’s exclusive Israeli Tichels!!! Two winners will get their choice of three of either gold, silver or rainbow colored metallic threads Israeli Tichels!!! Join in our entertaining Scavenger Hunt to WIN*!!! We’ll take you on a hunt through the website, to find the answer to one BIG QUESTION! The first hint will lead you to the next hint. Each hint will then lead you to the next until you find the prize-winning answer!! Once you are confident with your answer, send it in an email to [email protected], with the subject line ‘Wrapunzel Scavenger Hunt.’ Email the answer by 11:59 pm ET on Tuesday night to be entered to win! Customer Service will not be answering any questions about the hunt, or giving away any hints!! Team up with a buddy and see if you can figure it out together – good luck!!


“What was the first product to have a ‘Wrapunzel’ label on it?”


First Hint: “Don’t let being inside get you blue, at Wrapunzel we’reworking hard to make your Dreams Come True!”


*Domestic shipping for winners only