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Cornerstone Scarf

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Introducing our ideal building block scarf! Perfect for layering, fantastic on its own… these scarves will soon be the cornerstone of your headscarf wardrobe!


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Introducing the perfect layering scarf! Soft and thin, this scarf is stunning on its own… but even better in pairs! Like a Tuff 2 in 1 Scarf, the Cornerstone Scarf is our ideal building block scarf. It’s thin enough to prevent wraps from getting too bulky and light enough that it works in any type of weather. We love wearing these scarves as solid accents with patterned scarves – try pairing it with a Lakeshore Bliss Scarf or a Sari Scarf! It’s perfect for braiding, twisting, pleating… anything you can think of! You’ll reach for these scarves again and again – they’ll soon be the cornerstone of your wrapping wardrobe!  

Check out our comparison chart or comparison video to compare this product to all of our other solid color staple scarves!

Grey, Navy, Forest Green, Mustard: 70″ x 27″
Wine: 71″ x 27″
Royal Blue, Rose: 69″ x 27.5″
Black: 69″ x 25″
Seafoam: 65″ x 25″
Cotton Blend


12 reviews for Cornerstone Scarf

  1. Hannah Snyman (verified owner)

    I have the Cornerstone scarf in navy and forest green. I love the fringe, the softness, the richness of the colors, and how sophisticated they look. Wearing it in a Shimone wrap with the fringe end just tucked so that some of the fringe shows is one of my favorites.

  2. Tamika

    I wanted this scarf for a while and I finally ordered it last month. It is really pretty and comfortable. It feels soft but sturdy. It is thin so I know I’ll be able to wear it in warmer weather. It’s cold at the moment and I felt warm but not overheated. This is my second favorite scarf. I bought the mustard color.

  3. Tameko Mays

    This scarf has beautiful rich color, feels good, and wraps beautifully!

  4. 4dogmom474

    Cornerstones are easy to work with, have a smooth surface and look expensive. In my opinion, a must for every wardrobe. Thin enough to wear with multiple scarves yet nice enough to wear alone. They are sturdy enough for many washings without losing their finish or looking used, worn. I recently purchased one to give to my sister.

  5. Batsheva Savransky

    The cornerstone is the perfect basic scarf! It’s thin, it’s sturdy, it has volume, it’s perfect for layering and perfect on its own.
    This is my go to basic scarf, I love it.
    Definitely one of my Wrapunzel favourites, if not THE favourite. It is that good.
    Buy all the colours! Thank me later. ☺️

  6. ~Lonnie~

    My Cornerstone are definitely on the top of my favorites list!
    They lay, pleat ,and hang beautifully with no effort..tails tucked or hanging down, side knots, top knots, turbins..neat or messy casual style.. LOVE them.
    I now have black, rose, mustard yellow , and grey and hope for more colors in the future! (A pretty lavender /lilac would be nice..olive/sage , oh and maybe a nice off white/cream ..)

  7. ilanatracer

    Great basic scarf. It’s lightweight and comfortable and wide/long enough to wrap easily. Would make a great summer scarf! It looks great by itself or layered with other scarves. The green is a nice deep color.

  8. Dresden Soules

    When I started wrapping, I knew that I needed the perfect lovely essential scarf. One that looked incredible and wasn’t bulky. As much as I enjoyed 2-n-1’s, they simply weren’t nice enough for me to feel comfortable wearing them professionally. Then I found this scarf. It is everything I wanted and more! Made of cashmere, this scarf is lightweight and stunning. It fits the professional bill perfectly, and I always receive compliments when I wear one! I have several colours and would buy more if they were available! This scarf is truly the cornerstone of my professional scarf wardrobe!

  9. Jackie Betancourt

    The Cornerstone Scarf is a beautiful surprise! As much as the 2-n-1 scarves have been my basic go-to, this is now becoming a favorite. The texture is light, yet stronger than a 2-n-1. Easy to wrap and style. This mustard shade is just perfect, not too bright and not too muted. Please offer more color options so I can get every color for my wardrobe!

  10. chirodoc639

    As a person who lives in a warmer climate, this is the go-to solid color scarf in my wardrobe. Perfect size for a full style wrap. Perfect weight fabric for coverage but breezy ventilation. Excellent color choices. Soft feel, yet grippy. Folds into a tiny compact square. What’s not to love?

  11. haley.jones

    The Cornerstone is my absolute favorite scarf. It is the perfect weight and weave for everyday wear; it lays flat with no added bulk, and can be easily knotted, pleated, or folded. It is my go-to for basic Shira Tails or Beginner’s Luck.

    But I do warn others to keep it aware from velcro! The first time I wore my Cornerstone I paired it with a Signature Shaper and it snagged on the velcro, ripping two holes in the scarf.

  12. dred.obgyn

    As a devoted fan of the Original 2 in 1 (owning every colour that flatters my complexion, as they become available on Wrapunzel’s website, qualifies me), it was a difficult decision to try a new basic scarf. I purchased the Cornerstone in Black and it has since been one of my favourite foundation Tichels to wrap with. It drapes like a dream, is long enough that the ends tuck beautifully in addition, the fabric is soft and smooth, so bulk is never an issue. In my case, the Cornerstone mostly serves as the base for at least two other scarves, but the tight weave and quality fabric can easily stand on its own. The advantage of the Cornerstone over the Original 2 in 1 is that it probably will have less tendency to develop the little snags the 2 in 1 is prone to over time, even with the most delicate handling. Please don’t discontinue to the Original 2 in 1 – it is still my #1 love, but the Cornerstone is a great “cousin”!

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