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Happy Accidents Scarf

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There’s nothing as wonderful as a happy accident… and there’s definitely no accident as incredible as our show-stopping Happy Accidents Scarf!


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There’s nothing like a happy accident! We planned a different silk for this scarf to be made with… but when the design was printed on this fabric instead, we couldn’t believe the way it turned out. The accidental switch ended up creating one of our most beautiful and shapeable scarves ever, with a firmness you can turn into the most incredible creations! The Happy Accidents Scarf features a gold and silver pattern, printed on 100% silk. Don’t worry though – it doesn’t have that super slick silk feel and it’ll actually stay on your head! Both the The Black and Dark Blue versions are printed on solid backgrounds, creating a striking contrast. However, each color has its own magic! Try it in a simple triangle tie or an impressive turban – however you style it, you’ll be shining in elegance!

Black – 37″x 40″
Dark Blue – 38.5″x 40″
100% Silk

2 reviews for Happy Accidents Scarf

  1. vandjsizemore

    Gorgeous and lightweight. I have it in black. Even more beautiful than in the pictures.

  2. Helen

    This is such a beautiful scarf! So rich and luxurious! The print is so beautiful, and I was surprised to find it also has a lovely different design on the back of my black version. This will be a fun one to play with and dress up. A great choice for lovers of square scarves!

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