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Infinite Cosmos Scarf

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Ombre effects and glistening ‘stars’ will captivate you when you wrap your head in our Infinite Cosmos Scarf.


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Ombre effects and glistening ‘stars’ will captivate you when you wrap your head in our Infinite Cosmos Scarf. Similar to our bestselling Constellation Scarf, this heavenly, lightweight beauty skims the skies with silver shooting ‘stars.’ Its lovely ombre colors, melding one into the other, will complement all of your fashions year-round! Pick up one of those colors with a coordinating Original or Tuff 2 in 1s for a cosmic combo that will thrill. Our model Esther paired it with the Dazzling Waves Headband and  Steadfast Sapling Earrings. Note: The silver pattern is only on the front of the scarf.

Dimensions: 70″ x 37″

11 reviews for Infinite Cosmos Scarf

  1. Nikki Williams (verified owner)

    A new personal favorite! I love the beautiful shine & sparkle and the fun ombré affect. It’s very lightweight and comfortable and easy to work with. This scarf can be both casual and dressy. Love the blue one so much that I went back and ordered the blush.

  2. gaelic.laurie

    I just bought the blue version and I thought the texture was going to be like the constellation scarf, light but with a little stiffness (which isn’t a bad thing if you want it to have a little body) but this one is softer than I expected. More flowy and drapes well. The ombre effect is so beautiful. I like lighter colors but need to have darker colors next to my face and this scarf has the best of both.

  3. Jennifer Engles

    Oops, I hit enter before I realized I only thought “and it is SO SOFT” but didn’t get it typed.

  4. Jennifer Engles

    I have never really had yellow scarves because I didn’t think it would be a good color for me, but the saffron version of this scarf felt like a safe exploration into yellow because of the brown and friends, I am so glad I explored it because I love it! This scarf is one of the ways that I have felt empowered by Wrapunzel.

  5. fletcher_wolfe

    I got the purple/pink scarf. I love how light and flowy it is. Great for the weather where I live.

  6. Andrea Quackenbush

    I love how the sparkles catch the sunlight. It’s so light and pretty.

  7. brileiweis

    I love that I can wrap this with various shades of blue showing

  8. Diane Ullman

    I bought the Infinite Cosmos for a specific outfit, and now, some year or two later it has continued to surprise me with its versatility. It’s the best I’m-in-a-hurry, go-to scarf there is. It will work with almost anything dressy or casual. I’ve paired it with other scarves,sashes, and even a spare piece of lace I had in my sewing stash. It always looked great. It even looks great paired with another Infinite Cosmos! The metallic sheen is an eye-catcher, but doesn’t overwhelm.

    It pleats like a dream. I’ve put brooches and pins in it, crowned it with headbands, and and worn it by itself. It’s a big favorite! Loved it so much I bought it in two colors–and and gave another two as gifts!

    I live in a hot climate and found it to be lightweight and cool and on hot days the dual colors can mimic two separate scarves, It’s pretty sturdy and it has held its shape and color over time, even with hard wear. I have taken it to England, to Japan, and on two cruises and it got worn day after day even though I had quite a few others.

    It’s also very soft and I love the whole feel of it.

  9. naturegirl321

    Very pretty! Simple but the details are amazing.

  10. yeshematthews

    This light, airy scarf is fantastic for summer wrapping on its own, and it also makes it a wonderful second scarf so that you have a little extra sparkle in your day. A great length and width for any wrap style you want to try: tails down, tails up, twists, and pleats. In my photo here, I have paired it with an extra long t-shirt scarf and it made a beautiful layer.

  11. Helen

    This scarf is pure delight! It’s light and airy. Practically weightless. Large enough to wear alone or combined in layers. With the beautiful ombre color changes, it’s utterly lovely to wrap! You will fall in love with the Infinite Cosmos!

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