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Keep it Cool Pre-Tieds

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Our Keep It Cool Pre-Tied is a unique option for a quick style that still looks like a scarf!


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Our Keep It Cool Pre-Tied is back, with an explosion of color! With fun colors, Keep It Cool is a unique option for a quick style that still looks like a scarf! It’s a tube-like shape, making it easy to pull on and adjust. Simply pull it on, gather the end of the tube, and tuck it in, and you’ll be all set! It’s fantastically cool in warm weather, and the easiest of styles when you’re running out the door. Or, use it as a half wrap, or even as a headband or base for a full wrap! We’re sure it’ll be a new favorite!

The Keep It Cool Pre-Tied fits best over a Signature, Ultimate, Classic, or Cloud9 Shaper. Or try it with a Perfect Pouf Scrunchy!

Dimensions: 18″ x 8.5″

2 reviews for Keep it Cool Pre-Tieds

  1. Olga

    Just rec’d my Cool Pre-tieds!! I LOVE them!!!! I hope you get more & in more colors! So soft & easy to use! Being older & with old injuries to both shoulders it’s wonderful to be able to just slide them on & go!! BTW, I also loved the In the Bud hats for the same reason…just an fyi!!!

  2. donnamarie84

    I’ve only tried it on and already I’m in love. SO CONVENIENT. I need more…. 😀

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