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Lakeshore Bliss Scarf


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Lakeshore Bliss is the most comfortable scarf for head wrapping that we have found so far! It has a little bit of stretch and a lot of softness – just YUM! We wish you could feel the sumptuous texture through the screen.  Lakeshore Bliss is the perfect scarf to wear on a day when you need a “head hug” or when it’s chilly outside! And with so many amazing colors to choose from, we’re sure this is going to become your next favorite head scarf!


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Lakeshore Bliss is the most comfortable scarf for head wrapping that we have found so far!  It has a little bit of stretch and a lot of softness – just YUM! We wish you could feel the sumptuous texture through the screen.  Lakeshore Bliss is the perfect scarf to wear on a day when you need a “head hug” or when it’s chilly outside! And with so many amazing colors to choose from, we’re sure this is going to become your next favorite head scarf!

Love this scarf, and want to try it in solid colors? Check out our Soft Pashminas for the same comfortable wrap with a one color pattern!

Wrapping Tips!

This pashmina wraps like a dream, and it can be used in virtually any wrapping style – Regal Wrap, Zig-Zag Wrap, Shira Tails (add some lace for extra fanciness!), Beginner’s Luck… the list goes on! Also check out Andrea’s Lakeshore Bliss Side Loop tutorials here and here!

Love the look of a voluminous turban? Try wrapping your favorite Lakeshore Bliss in an Ultimate Turban style for a comfy, cozy cool-weather look! Another fancy and unique style you can do is Miryam’s Pashmina Veil. Or if you’re more of a pleating gal, give Naomi’s and Rachel’s pleating tricks a try. Or come up with a style that’s all your own! We can’t wait to see what you create.

Dimensions – 68″ x 28″
50% Acrylic/50% Viscose

87 reviews for Lakeshore Bliss Scarf

  1. Haley Taylor (verified owner)

    Comfortable, elegant, and soft. Once I saw the photo of Andrea in the Teal, I bought it immediately. Such a gorgeous color and the overall feel of the scarf makes me feel fancy.

  2. Hannah Snyman (verified owner)

    I have this scarf in berry and just received my second Lakeshore Bliss in magenta. Both are absolutely gorgeous, but I can’t even begin to describe the absolute marvelousness of the color in the magenta. The color is just so unbelievably rich and vibrant that there aren’t words that adequately describe it! These scarves are so beautiful and sumptuous in the way they look, feel, and wrap. Just stunning and perfect in every way. I would happily take one in every color!

  3. Amanda Eller (verified owner)

    This scarf is the softest of all scarves I’ve ever felt!! When I got my order and saw it in the package, I didn’t remember ordering this color and wasn’t sure how I’d like it. But as soon as I pulled it out of the bag I was in love. It’s so subtle and the texture truly is creamy. It’s lovely to wrap and felt like a pillow with the shaper underneath. I was very pleasantly surprised how nicely it wrapped. It’s thin and the color is perfect since I tend to go with neutral shades in clothing. 5/5 for me! And now I want more colors!!

  4. leah.langer

    Was SO looking forward to the light purple that I ordered but I’ve never worn it because it is stiff and scratchy! So strange since no one else seems to have had that experience. I tried washing it but there’s no change.

  5. KitKay

    Scarf is very nice. It’s not too heavy and the fabric is soft. I’m still learning to wrap but this was not overly difficult and it sits nicely. I ordered the scarf in Lavender Grey and I cannot express how much I love the colors!

  6. A.A.

    So beautiful! I ordered this in the berry colour and when I opened the package and saw it my first thought was “ornate”! The pattern is so detailed and beautiful, absolutely stunning! I’m not very experienced with pashminas so I just tried it in a regal wrap and it just took my breath away! The colour, the detail, the fabric, it’s just so perfect!!

  7. vandjsizemore

    I have this in blue midnight. Great scarf for beginners. Wraps well, gorgeous color, adds good volume.

  8. Wave

    These wrap beautifully. So soft. So pretty. Excellent.

  9. Winterberry

    By far the easiest pashmina to wrap. Would love to see even more colors!

  10. Tameko Mays

    Picked up a few of these on the recent sale. They are so easy to wrap. Not heavy, and elegant. Even for a newbie like me!

  11. mamapezzulo

    Soft, super easy to wrap, and stays put all day! I don’t know what more you could want in a pashmina.

  12. workin_mom

    Originally inspired by Andria’s video “Not Finished”, I have been covering my hair with a tichel for a couple years and I am definitely a pashmina girl (even in summer). The Lakeshore Bliss scarves are perfection; the perfect size and weight, so slinky yet grippy, easy to wrap and the colors are rich. I highly recommend these scarves.

  13. lisadbrown197789

    Unfortunately, I currently only have one Lake Shore Bliss. I bought it with one of my Leorah Kits. I love the grey/black so much but I have not been able to decide what other colors to get yet because they are all so beautiful. It wraps really well and can be worn alone and still make a statement. I will be purchasing more of these in the future.

  14. Kellyn Nabozny

    What a lovely scarf. The Lakeshore Bliss scarf has a very lovely weight to it. Not too thin but thick enough to hold whatever style you want. You could use it for a multiple scarf wrap or just on it’s own. Good length and the tassels look nice even after I have used one for a while. This was my first scarf from Wrapunzel that someone bought for me and it is one of my go-to’s. Only giving it 1 star because blue bled a little bit onto my shaper and had a funky smell.

  15. Dresden Soules

    I was blown away by this scarf. I wasn’t expecting to be as perfect as it is!! It’s light but warm and cozy, and absolutely lovely. I’ve ended up with several in various colours because you can’t go wrong with this scarf!!

  16. yeshematthews

    Where oh where would I be in wrapping without my trusty LSB scarves? I think slowly but surely I’m getting one in every color. Try the lavender/grey! It goes with almost everything!

  17. Helen Zapata

    I’m pretty sure that no one can buy just one Lakeshore Bliss! It’s the Perfect Scarf. Light yet cozy, easy to wrap, perfectly comfortable, and stunningly beautiful. Here is the Blue Gray. So simple, yet pure elegance.

  18. Kričja

    This is first Wrapunzel scarf I ever saw, in one of the wrapping tutorials. The green one that I wanted was out of stock at the time, but when I finally got to place my first order it had just returned to stock! What a blessing! It is incredibly soft, light pashmina that creates tons and tons of folds almost on its own. It’s easy to wrap and doesn’t feel too hot even now on springtime, and I reach for it perhaps the most out all of my collection. You can even combine it with another thin scarf without if feeling too bulky or heavy! I love like be this scarf, and I will buy it in browns and grey as well!

  19. htw914

    Everytime I wear my Lakeshore Bliss Scarf, I fall more and more in love with it. It looks so luxurious and rich, so I’m always thinking it will be really heavy. But it’s thin, and soft, and so easy to wrap and wear! This is the perfect scarf. A must have beautiful basic for every collection.

  20. alrikssonsonja

    This is my favorite scarf. I wish that I had bought it earlier. Now I have a bunch of scarves that I dont want to use anymore after trying this on. This is the pink one and i wish i had the brown and grey one as well. I will save up and buy them when I got more money (I live in Scandinavia, Europe, so the shipping cost is expensive 🙂 ) .

  21. Ericka (verified owner)

    Why, why, oh, why did I wait SO LONG to commit to bliss?!?!?!?!? I am confidently and totally in love with this scarf. Period. I have one in pink and one in denim blue. I also have a big head. And yet, these blissful beauties caress and enfold my noggin as if it were returning the true love I have in my heart. What can I really say that hasn’t been said already? They practically wrap themselves, are super comfy, they stay put, they make me feel special. What a wonderful investment in myself!

  22. irene24k (verified owner)

    YESSSSS! I love how easy this scarf wraps! I must say that this Forest Green Lakeshore Bliss got me feeling like I’m somewhere in the tropics! The color is sooooo rich and and lively! There’s so much beauty to simplicity, and that’s what this scarf is. Simply BEAUTIFUL

  23. irene24k (verified owner)

    The Lakeshore Bliss scarf has to be one of my Wrapunzel favorites! The scarf is so simple yet beautiful and wraps with little effort! I’m so in love with the brown! My 8 year old daughter says that it looks, “Yummy” and indeed it is! The look and feel of it reminds me of homemade hot chocolate on a cold winter day.

  24. b72denes (verified owner)

    My first Lakeshore Bliss Scarf has arrived. It is very easy to pleat, twist, whatever you would like. Highly recommended for the beginners. For sure it will give anyone confidence to keep wrapping.

  25. robynselk (verified owner)

    I have several lakeshore bliss scarves and I love each one. They are soft and have just the right amount of pattern and contrast. My favorite color combo is the hot pink and blue. Absolutely perfect and my favorite scarf to wear. They are light enough for summer and still perfect for fall and spring. I haven’t had mine over a winter yet but I think layering them will be wonderful for colder weather.

  26. tambiko (verified owner)

    Hello Wrapunzel Ladies, This is just one of the scarves I bought. It was really hard deciding which one to wear and I finally decided on the teal & black “lakeshore bliss”. This scarf is so easy to wrap I believe I can wrap it with my eyes closed and certainly without any mirror. The material is very soft . It’s like I have nothing covering my head at all, it’s so natural. I love this scarf as I’m sure I will love all of my selections which in turn will make my decision on what to wear even harder.

  27. Mary Pezzulo (verified owner)

    I love this scarf. I got the teal and black one. It’s a lot less thick than it looks online– I was afraid it would be heavy but it’s medium-weight for a pashmina, easy to wrap, and so soft it feels like microfiber. Perfect for Autumn. I’ll get one in another color before long.

  28. pamela L. August (verified owner)

    I was even able to do The Countess wrap with this scarf. I love it, so easy to use.

  29. pamela L. August (verified owner)

    turns out I don’t have to be a pro like Andrea. This scarf basically wraps itself. No hard work, appealing looks that’s why I bought it in the first place. Awsome in looks n style. I can definitely see myself racking up on this kind of scarf. I didn’t even know the name n I had to email the ladies at Wrapunzel, who was gracious enough to email me back right away with the name of the scarf, n I quickly ordered. Thank Wrapunzel for always making me beautiful. Pam

  30. eesdls (verified owner)

    Love this tichel! This is such an easy tichel to work with and so beautiful!

  31. affalonsapple (verified owner)

    This is one of my favorite everyday scarves. It is soooo soft, its faint sheen makes it easily elegant, it pleats like a dream. It’s just honestly one of the best scarves in the universe. I could live in Lakeshore Bliss scarves and die happy!

  32. Hilde Mott (verified owner)

    If I could give this tichel 100 stars, I would. LSB is hands-down my all time favorite scarf. I have about half a dozen colors. This is my go-to scarf when the weather gets cooler. Worn alone it looks great. Paired with a sari or a New York Brights it looks even better. The possibilities are endless with this one. I love how easy it is to wrap and how I can be ready for work in literally two effortless minutes.

  33. Deborah Goldberg (verified owner)

    I have this scarf in a few different colors. It is perfect for any day but the hottest days of summer. It is easy to wrap and thin enough to layer with another scarf.

  34. Teresa Youngblood (verified owner)

    This was another one of those scarves that I resisted; I just wasn’t sure the paisley pattern was for me, or the blocks of solid color at the tails. I was gifted a green peacoat one winter, though, so purchased the green “LSB.” I immediately understood why this scarf has so many fans. The quality of the weave, and the subtle sophistication of the pattern, the softness yet sturdiness, the color saturation, the length…it is everything you’d want in a pashmina, with that oh-so-helpful bit of stretch that makes everything lay nice! In my world, it’s the “favorite, almost-dressy t-shirt” in the scarf wardrobe.

  35. becky.gross (verified owner)

    I never had faith that I could wear a pashmina – my neck is very sensitive and I have always found pashminas painful to wear. Enter the Lakeshore Bliss – this is no usual pashmina! It is lightweight, soft, with a bit of stretch, and not too wide (other pashminas I own have to be folded in half and are much too bulky). I have the LSB in Blue/Green and Hot Pink/Indigo. I love them both, but my favourite is the Hot Pink – wow, the colour is amazing! It’s not too “out there”, but I love it for adding a pop of colour along with a dark outfit – especially during the winter months when the scarf also keeps my ears warm.
    My only complaint about this scarf is that I still have a lot of trouble wrapping tails-free without creating a very bulky wrap – it’s not too heavy to wear, I just don’t love the look. I love to wear this scarf with the tails down – the fringes are a nice touch and it’s so soft to have by my neck.

  36. passalacquahorsegirl (verified owner)

    Buy It !

  37. eborisch (verified owner)

    One of my all time favorites so I can’t figure out why I still only have one! I’ll have to rectify that soon?
    The perfect amount of stretch, beautiful draping, and I can wear it year around with only the exclusion of the hottest of days!!

  38. Amanda (verified owner)

    I now have four of these – green/black, red/black, dark teal/black, and blue/pink. I just love them! They wrap so easily, and they look great! I love using headbands with them to create a layered look and keep it elegant but sleek.

  39. Jocelyn

    Gorgeous scarf! I love it. It is too heavy for when it is warm, but I have it in teal, and it is beautiful. I’ve also given it as gifts!

  40. Jaimie

    This is my absolute favorite tichel. It is soooo comfy and easy to wrap!!! I have it in 3 colors and must have more! ❤❤❤ it

  41. lucyglynn85 (verified owner)

    I have 2 of these and can’t wait to get more! They’re so soft and wrap like a dream, they pleat themselves and I honestly don’t think it’s possible to wrap these scarves badly. Can’t recommend them enough!

  42. Chanah

    This is one of my first and favourite Wrapunzel tichels. They are so soft, that I could take them to bed. This is one of Wrapunzel’s staple tichels.

  43. Kathleen G

    Lakeshore Bliss is one of my favorite tichels! The stretchiness makes it easy to pleat and wrap nicely. It is the easiest pashmina to wrap and looks great even with the most basic wraps or on it’s own. I bought the deep purple.

  44. Sarah

    I am not a fan of heavier scarves, but this one is so luxurious, and stretchy. The perfect heavier scarf to begin wrapping with. Warm and I love this green color. I wish I could get one in every color. It would be my winter staple.

  45. mirja.haukisaari

    This scarf is a MUST!!! So easy to wrap, such beautiful colors and just a perfectly soft head hug!
    My pic is the aqua one.

  46. Justine Lustig

    Yummy yummy brown lakeshore bliss. It’s perfect. Just stretchy enough, just thick enough, pleats like a dream, tuck the tails? Great. Leave them down? Fab.

    Sturdy and loveable!!!

  47. Sarah

    Wonderful rich colors and subtle pattern give an impression of body, but it is still lightweight and pliable – fantastic! I have one in teal & black and one in deep purple and intend to get more.

  48. hassiba67

    I would love to give this scarf 10 stars. I have already written about it earlier, but in the meantime I have bought several colours and I guess I will add more. It’s the best wrapping scarf ever, stretchy, soft and extremely beautiful. Whenever I feel I need to be hugged by my wrap, I either choose this or the layers of love.

  49. mirja.haukisaari

    Very classy sheen to the fabric, love the colour in my Bright Teal and Black Lakeshore Bliss. Easy scarf to wrap, if you already know how to manage fringes.
    I sometimes wrap this one starting with the scarf on my head so that the fringe hangs on my face and the rest of the scarf lays over and behind my back. I then flip the fringe under the scarf on my head,leaving just the light colored end of the scarf showing. I pin the corners behind my neck with a no-snag safety pin (or hijab pin) and wrap that one looong tail.

  50. Lila

    I have several colors, and have come to the conclusion that this is probably the EASIEST pashmina to wrap. I never have to fix it, and it just looks amazing! The colors are amazing, and the scarves are so soft! Love it! Sometimes I grab one to just wear around my neck because it is so soft!! If you are just starting out with pashminas, this is absolutely the best one to start with!

  51. Stephanie

    Just received my first Lakeshore Bliss! I haven’t even worn it yet, but it’s so beautiful and the weight is just perfect!

  52. Tikva Seinfeld

    This is my favorite winter scarf of all! Not sure why I don’t have one in every color! These scarves are so soft and have a stretch to them so they really wrap beautifully! They’re also thin enough to layer easily!

  53. Sarah

    This was part of my very first wrapunzel order. It is a very soft scarf but I don’t find myself reaching for it as often as I thought I would be (possibly just due to my color choice). It does wrap nicely and is comfortable.

  54. ayala.tiefenbrunn

    I have this scarf in brown and in salmon (it was gifted to me from somewhere else). This is probably the most versatile scarf I’ve ever seen. It looks good with everything and is so comfortable! Really great building block for a tichel collection.

  55. Jana

    I was late to the party in purchasing one of these, and wish I had done so far sooner. They are beautiful. They’re soft and simple to tie, and the pattern and sheen is just stunning.

  56. Rachel S

    Lakeshore bliss is always my favorite, and it’s always the first tichel I recommend to women who are just starting to cover. They’re easy to work with, incredibly soft, and the colors are simply beautiful. I love wearing them in a regal wrap with a simple pin to add a touch of sparkle.

  57. jlnichol

    Very happy with the one I have. This is a very light weight pashmina that wraps easily and can go just as well with jeans and a flannel shirt as a nice dress. Mine was labeled as being 10% silk, and boy does it show in the very subtle sheen and fantastic drape. I definitely plan to get more colors in the future.

  58. Cynda LeTullier

    My absolute favorite to wear with my denim dresses ~ they blend my tickel in nicely and are so comfortable too!

  59. Maggie

    The colors are amazing, deep and rich and the contrast in the pattern makes them stunning. They are soft and warm and lovely. I’m not good with thick scarves and pashminas, but the Lakeshore Bliss is so agreeable that I can make it behave every time. This is the ultimate comfort scarf!

  60. Katherine Bartlett (@KBWhiskey)

    I have 5 of these in different colors. They are so comfortable and easy to wrap with!

  61. Jennifer

    This tichel is beautiful. I got it in the Blue Denim. I pair it with the Navy NY Bright. It is a little thicker, like a pashmina…just in time for some cooler weather.

  62. Rose

    I just got this in aqua and it is probably my new favourite! The colour is as vivid as the waves on a Caribbean beach and it is as soft and warm as I imagine the sand would be! The second colour that creates the pattern is a lovely lavender and although this bright scarf isn’t for shrinking violets, it is so uplifting the attention it brings is sure to be positive.

  63. Ivanna

    I got this after watching the Wrapunzel video about Most Popular Tichels. I chose this one because I wanted a solid-colored, thicker scarf without sparkle. I bought the grey/black and it really is so nice. The two-tone shade adds dimension. I like simple one-scarf styles and this is just perfect for that.

  64. kristen

    EXCELLENT!! so soft and pliable… an everyday wear!

  65. hassiba67

    I already had the green Lakeshore bliss, now I have received the blue and black midnight. I adore the green one and have already written about it. I was a bit afraid that this new colour could be hard on my very light skin, but it looks lovely. It will be a stunning combination with black tops this winter.

  66. Heidi

    My FAVORITE scarves–I have the brown, and the red and black–they me feel regal! Can I beg you enough to bring back the Denim blue–I have coveted that so much, and I want to no longer covet, LOL!

  67. dejarvis83

    I am totally in love with lakeshore bliss. I own a blue and pink and a pink. I think I could wear this tichel everyday. It is just easily beautiful every time you put it on. Can’t wait to order a couple more colors.

  68. Nikki

    These scarves are wonderful. I have a couple in different colors and plan to get more in fall when I start wearing pashminas again. They’re soft and easy to work with. They’re heavy enough to be a little warming when it’s cold outside, especially with long tails on my neck, but light enough to wear in warm weather. I have green and blue and black midnight, and these colors are beautiful. The fabric content apparently varies from color to color. One of them is 70/30 pashmina/silk and the other is 100% acrylic (I think).

  69. yasminadlv

    The Lakeshore Bliss is the first tichel I’ve ever purchased.
    I’m new to wrapping my hair, and wanted to try a beautiful tichel as my first one.
    I ordered the Lakeshore Bliss in Blue and Black Midnight, and I couldn’t be happier.

    Its soft, it wraps well, and the colors are stunning! I can’t wait to order more!

  70. Carol

    I purchased this Tichel in brown to go with the “Morning Blossoms” Tichel, and I love them both together but the “Lakeshore Bliss” is just as gorgeous on its own. I actually wore it yesterday when it was almost 90 degrees and I never felt overheated. I’d say this Tichel is perfect for almost any weather. It’s almost silky to the touch but still easy to work with, a messy fold looks intentional.

  71. Kendra Heffelman

    I have the brown lakeshore bliss and love it. I’d say that it would most be appropriate for cooler weather, but personally I will still wear it as long as it’s not 90 degrees or higher. It is a 2 tone scarf (both shades are the same color), wraps perfectly and stays put! I’ve already planned to buy another, but blue this time!

  72. Meira

    I have the brown and the green/blue, and I LOVE both of them. I love the texture-y print that I prefer. I can pretty much wrap them any which way because they’re just like the regular pashminas, and I have wrapped them in different ways, like the turban wrap, regal wrap, round wrap, and more. I remember layering the brown one with a black/colored NYB and it looked so amazing.

  73. Rachel S.

    I bought one of these in the Blue Denim. I LOVE it! It is so very soft and easy to tie. I don’t use the shapers, so I use 2 scrunchies to give me the shape I need to wrap it smoothly. You will not regret getting one of these. A great addition to your tichel wardrobe!

  74. Chava

    LOVELOVELOVE!!!! Everything about this tichel is great! They are soft as anything and a perfect inbetween weight so they can be worn all year long. The subtle pattern all makes it work when worn by itself, but it can also be paired with another patterned scarf and function as a solid. Overall a great purchase 🙂

  75. Susie Rosenberg

    This scarf is a wonder. It could be a four season scarf because of it’s weight and texture. It has a bit of stretch, so it’s very easy for a beginner! The weave is very luxe and rich. I got it in the blue with black etching and it goes beautifully with denim or black on its own, which is great for those of us who only wear simple one scarf wraps! It has a lot of visual interest without being over the top. LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  76. Melissa

    Blue & black midnight – absolutely beautiful!!

  77. jassyfroboss

    This tichel made my day! I got the Brown and its softness has easily made it one of my favorites 🙂

  78. Rhonda

    SO soft and so beautiful. I got this one in the blue and midnight black and it will be a staple in my collection. As one who wears a lot of denim and black this will go with everything I own, but this is not drab, but rich and deep and lovely,

  79. heartofjackie

    I was debating whether to buy this or not. I got the blue on blue and pink on pink. Beautiful. Looks so elegant. Must have.

  80. Erin

    I was gifted a “Lakeshore Bliss” in the turquoise/black color-way ….and it’s absolutely amazingly gorgeous. It has a nice sheen , making it looks expensive and rich. You always look regal in this tichel, even without trying!

  81. Stephanie

    These and the Softly Textured Pashminas are my favourite tichels. They are so soft and such a pleasure to wear. These (and the softly textured) are my staples that I can wear anytime for either casual or formal occasions.

  82. naomijacob26

    Soft and very comfortable, but on the thicker side. Something to be aware of if you do buy it, as with many scarves and any knitwear, it does catch on rings! So be careful because it’s too lovely to ruin! I have this in 2 colours and really like both.

  83. Hannah

    My favorite is the brown version. It is gorgeous on its on but it also works very well combined with other colors and patterns. It is the perfect thickness for those just learning to use pashminas–or for those of us just learning to play with more than one pashmina at a time.

  84. mary.chandler

    I ordered the the blue and black midnight scarf, and it is beautiful. I am grateful for the videos on how to wear a pashmina scarf, as I’d given them up as too messy to work with. I’ve had rave reviews from my friends every time I’ve worn this scarf. I need more.

  85. Jessica

    I love it. It really is wonderfully soft, but still very light weight.

  86. Annasarah Richard

    LOVE IT!! It is so soft, and the colors in the scarf really make the scarf.

  87. Clara

    I love this tichel. I have both the pink and blue and also the blue and black midnight colors. While they can certainly be layered, this is my best tichel for just putting on and having it look elegant with minimal effort. I also really like the stretchiness, as it helps it lie nicely on my head.

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