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We’ve been searching for the perfect lace scarf for you and have finally found it!!  Now you can do all those fancy lace wraps that you’ve been seeing with beauty and ease!  This lace scarf is a triangle, and layers perfectly over other colors, letting the bottom color peek through.


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We’ve been searching for the perfect lace scarf for you and have finally found it! Now you can do all those fancy lace wraps that you’ve been seeing with beauty and ease! This lace scarf is a triangle, and layers perfectly over other colors, letting the bottom color peek through. Its fringes are exquisite! If you braid the ends, let the fringes hang out for extra texture. We’re so happy to have these for you!

Dimensions: 65″ x 18″

Note: This scarf is a triangle.

23 reviews for Lovely Lace Scarf

  1. 5 out of 5


    Bought the cream and I absolutely love it! Such good quality! Thank you ladies?

  2. 5 out of 5


    This scarf has the beauty to go with it’s quality. Another favorite!

  3. 4 out of 5


    I have the cream and it is very pretty, but somehow still has a bit of a country feel to it.

  4. Diane:

    I have it in black and white. Take a pretty 2 in 1 and put them all together in any wrap that sports tails for a WOW look.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet:

    This lace is beautiful and really has a stunning texture to it. I own it in a dark gray (shown on top of a silver scarf with a pin below). I would say that in the gray, you can’t really see through the lace to the scarf underneath– it’s pretty opaque. (The dramatic lace, in contrast, you can see the material underneath, for example.) But I think it’s very pretty and I love little danglies as fringe, especially for tails! It’s lovely and I’d highly recommend!

  6. 5 out of 5


    This was the first lace tichel I bought, and it was a staple for me for a very long time. It is very elegant with very pretty fringes. After a while, even though I bought other colours, I started to favour other lace tichels as they became available. I started not to wear this so much anymore, and I haven’t been able to figure out why until recently. Other lace tichels have a more open pattern and show off the tichel underneath, where this has a more closed pattern, showing relatively little of the underscarf. I personally prefer a more open pattern to this tichel.

    This is a scarf that needs to stand out on its own, and I recommend this to ladies who want lace to be the main look or part of their tichel, rather than an accessory. It gives a very pretty and elegant look.

  7. Liora Knizhnik:

    The first scarf I ever bought from Wrapunzel! This scarf adds flair and texture to every wrap I tie with it. It lies so smoothly and the little fringy bits off the tails are so fun! It’s such great quality and has come in handy for Shabbat and for work. My husband loves when I wrap it with Andrea’s Easy Breezy Lace Tichel Wrap with tails in back and in front. It even makes me comfortable wearing an all black wrap for more formal occasions because of the added texture and interest. Love it!!

  8. Peggy:

    The name of this scarf says it all…. the lovely lace scarf is very eloquent. This was the first scarf that I purchased from wrapunzel so it has a special meaning for me. It drapes beautifully.

  9. Maggie:

    I have this in cream and it is lovely. It adds such an elegance to any wrap. It’s much easier to work with than I anticipated. I was worried it would snag or the fringe would pull off, but I can tug and tuck and holds up perfectly. My husband loves the subtle movement of the fringe and graceful appearance of this scarf. I wear this one a lot!

  10. Lisa:

    I so LOVE the Lovely Lace-as it is feminine, yet durable. Have wanted to purchase one since they arrived over a year ago and was finally able to. It was worth the wait! Thank you Wrapunzel for all that you do 😉

  11. Ireri:

    This is a great wrap for fancy-ing up any solid color or neutral pashmina! It feels durable, which is something I struggle to find in lace. I have giant hands and at times struggle with delicate scarves. The fringe is delicate and intricate, and adds texture to your most basic wrap. A favourite!

  12. Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet:

    I own this scarf in a grey color. I’m not great with incorporating bold colors into my looks, and this scarf actually helps a lot with this, as I can put a bold red or green on underneath and then layer this on top– and it suddenly tones it down a ton. I get a lot of compliments on this scarf, especially when I wear the “tails” down….I find that they look really feminine and delicate.

  13. jkmarsh12:

    This scarf is gorgeous and elegant. I love lace anyway, but this is something special. It hangs beautifully. I’ve wanted it in cream for so long and I finally managed to catch it when that colour was still available. Yay 🙂

  14. Mindie:

    I like to wear this as a “necklace” scarf. It’s wonderful and can be either casual or dressy depending on how you wear it. Thanks!

  15. Nikki:

    I often wear this scarf (in white) on Shabbat. It’s beautiful and dresses up any wrap, even if the scarf underneath is just a basic option. Whenever I’m uninspired for a dressy wrap, this scarf solves my problem. I usually wear it with just one other scarf, but it’s especially impressive with a pin as well. It’s big enough to wear far forward or farther back, depending on how much of the other scarf I want to show, and I can either leave the point hanging or tucked. Plus, there’s the option of leaving the tails hanging or wrapping them up. It really gives surprisingly many options.

  16. Kendra Heffelman:

    I finally caught the white lace in stock and am now the proud owner of the Lovely Lace. This scarf is durable and study, yet elegant and has pattern depth. As others have stated, it is perfect for religious services, weddings, or other fancy occasions, but worn casually it gives an air of elegance and timeliness.

  17. Shira S.:

    I love my lovely lace. My favorite part of it is the gorgeous fringe. I also love that this triangular scarf is actually big enough to fit over the entire head and be able to tuck the frignges in at the back of the neck as opposed to leaving them draped/hanging. It is significantly larger than the dreamy lace. I have it in white and enjoy wearing it especially on shabbat.

  18. Chava:

    Great lace option for a weekday for me 🙂 It’s a more casual lace and much more substantial (slightly bigger, thicker, and heavier) and a different material than the dreamy lace but has the same beautiful fringes. I have a dark gray and wear it with seafoam green or any other light color underneath and it looks great! The ends also look cool if you wrap them up over the back of your tichel. Very versatile. Can be dressed up or down.

  19. panatheprincess:

    I wanted a white lace for Shabbos but it wasn’t available in white so I ordered it in both black & rose. I’m awaiting delivery of my black one ~ which I know I will love ~ the rose is not really a rose colour. I thought to wear it with my dark or red pashmina when I ordered …… it is more coffee coloured, like cappucino or latte! It is nevertheless gorgeous and sooooo perfect with my soft brown pashmina. Perfect for a relaxing afternoon coffee!!!! The fringes are exquisite, be sure to let them hang down …… makes for the most beautiful ‘tail’ ever!!!!

  20. Marie-Barbara:

    Just perfect for schabbes! It looks so stunning!

  21. Stephanie:

    The perfect accent scarf for Shabbos for me. It makes me feel as though I have a sort of “old world” touch. It’s elegant, but in a very comfortable way. My favourite part are the “fringes.” Try wrapping the ends around your head, and you get a very unique “crown” or tiara just from those exquisite fringes!

  22. Sara:

    I love lace, especially for church. These scarves are beautiful and the fringe is so intricate. I hope Andrea and Rivka Malka out up some tutorials on lace soon!

  23. Hannah:

    My husband convinced me to buy this (in gray) even though I do not think of myself as a lace person. I love it! It is not overly delicate and in fact looks fabulously casual braided with a gray/blue pashmina. Try this one out even if you don’t usually wear lace!

  24. Maggie:

    Oooof – another one of my favorite scarves that I am tempted to buy in every colour! The lace is classy and vintage (reminds me of Downton Abbey, actually!) and hangs so elegantly! Makes the perfect accent!

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