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No Velcro No-Slip Headband


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A No-Slip Headband is absolutely ESSENTIAL, and it will save your tichel-wearing life! Two of the most common complaints that we hear from customers (who haven’t heard about or used a No-Slip Headband yet!) is that their headscarves slip and their hair often gets pulled out when they try securing their scarves using bobby pins/clips. Enter the No-Slip Headband! With a huge range of sizes and colors available, there’s a perfect fit for everyone! Plus, our No Velcro No-Slip Headband is a simple (and comfy!) pull on, helping avoid snags on either your hair or your scarf! Seriously, you need one of these (or two, or three…)!

See full description below for sizing information and wrapping tips!

Looking for a No-Slip Headband with velcro for more ability to adjust? Check out our Adjustable No Slip Headband!


The No Velcro No-Slip Headband

A No-Slip Headband is absolutely ESSENTIAL, and it will save your tichel-wearing life! Two of the most common complaints that we hear from customers (who haven’t heard about or used a No-Slip Headband yet!) is that their headscarves slip and their hair often gets pulled out when they try securing their scarves using bobby pins/clips. Enter the No-Slip Headband! Seriously, you need one of these (or two, or three…)! Andrea is eternally grateful for the friend that shared this secret with her years back.  It has changed her tichel-wearing life and the lives of countless others! Plus, our No Velcro No-Slip Headband is perfect avoiding snags and for those looking for just a bit extra comfort!  When you wear our No Velcro No-Slip Headband, the Wrapunzel Logo should face in towards your head, and the grippy velvet should feel rough when you stroke your head from your forehead back towards the back of your neck.

How to Pick The Right Size Headband for Your Head

In order to determine which size No-Slip Headband will fit your head, you will want to use a soft measuring tape to measure your head exactly where you want your scarf to lay (i.e. if you want some bangs showing, measure behind your bangs, or over your ears if you’ll wear it over them. Then, find your head size on our chart below! Your head size may fit into multiple measurements. Choose your size based on how snug you’d like your headband to be! How snug you want your headband to be will depend on your personal comfort. Some ladies like to wear it tighter, and others like it looser! Often your desired size doesn’t have much to do with your head circumference, instead it’s about your hairline! For example, someone with a low hairline (front and back) will probably need a larger headband.

Need more help with how to measure your head? Check out our video all about it!

Looking for a No-Slip Headband with velcro for more ability to adjust? Check out our Adjustable No Slip Headband!

No-Slip Headband Wrapping Tips!

  1. Once you have received your life-changing no-slip headband, make sure that you are wearing it correctly!  When placed on your head, the friction of the velvet should be felt when you sweep your hand away from your face.  If it’s not facing the right way, it will not work!
  2. If the band feels a bit tight at first, you can stretch it out by getting it a little damp and pulling on it.
  3. Like any knitwear, your headband will probably stretch out a little over a few months of daily wear. To get your headband back to its original size, just wash it by hand and throw it in the dryer (if yours has velcro, make sure to close the velcro or use a bag so that none of your other garments get snagged!).
  4. Similarly, if you find the effectiveness of the velcro starting to lessen, give your No-Slip Headband a wash by hand.
  5. Check out this tutorial to see Andrea demonstrate all the features of our No-Slip Headband and to hear all her tips and tricks!

61 reviews for No Velcro No-Slip Headband

  1. nerdy.alto (verified owner)

    This is magic! I was recently in a theatrical production in which the female cast all needed to cover our hair. Wrapunzel was recommended by the costume designer as a great place to find beautiful head coverings and instructions for wear. After watching several helpful videos (thank you so much, ladies!), I realized I would definitely need an “undergarment” to keep the wraps on. I was concerned though – my hair is very straight and very slippery. Additionally, it seems the back of my head is flatter than normal? At least judging by all the stretchy headbands I’ve attempted to wear over the years, that just… slowly creep back and then *ping* off the back of my head. Still, I thought I’d give it a try, and ordered the no-velcro headband and IT WORKED! I was shocked and amazed. Through several very active hours a day, my head coverings were secure and never budged. The head band was comfortable, did not cause me to sweat under stage lights, and never once crept backwards. It also helped keep my bangs out of my face and under the scarves where they belonged. I would highly recommend both the beautiful tichels I and several other cast-mates purchased, and this amazing piece of head covering securement technology. Comfortable and effective. Even if you have a flat head.

  2. Kristina Oppegard

    Essential. Can’t wear any headwrap without this. <3 Thank you!

  3. Yannis Kwon (verified owner)

    It makes wearing scarves so easy! I wear a lot of slippery satin material, but the headband keeps that perfectly in place even as i’m working. I got size 3 which fits quite snugly on my head. would certainly recommend to anyone 🙂

  4. m.heinen (verified owner)

    Literally the best thing I own. I ordered these on advice of my mom; she wears wigs and told me about these. No slipping, no peeking hairs and NO headache! I absolutely love it!

  5. kimabaker1982 (verified owner)

    What a game charger for me!!!!! Thank you, Wrapunzel ladies. I would visit Baltimore to spend a day in workshops and market for this new student of the wrap. I am over the moon. I couldn’t wear a simple headband till I found you and the no slip bands!

  6. mgeviolin (verified owner)

    Get it! I was so excited when this finally came in, that I immediately removed my wrap and rewraped it with the no-slip head band! I have tried the Velcro one, and I just didn’t like it. This one is much looser, and I was afraid it would fall off, but it grips my hair and the scarf amazingly well, I love it! Do get this if you are a beginner, it will make your experience easier and you will like your wraps better if you don’t have to keep adjusting them during the day.

  7. kimabaker1982 (verified owner)

    I was skeptical because my head ‘casts off’ most headbands and scarves. But I placed this baby behind my ears( gasp!) and placed my scarf atop and I have been unaware all day of any slippage. Period! looking up, down, all around without a care! I’m thrilled! I am so happy! Thank you!

  8. Maritza Thiebaud (verified owner)

    Good product

  9. Coverings16

    Has lasted a long time without stretching out. Really works and prevents headaches and slippage. Also, no need to put in as many pins so decreases hair breakage. I have found this headband to be non-damaging.

  10. talia.raikin (verified owner)

    This is absolutely incredible. Keeps everything in place even when running!

  11. morganlynnlundy (verified owner)

    I bought a cheaper version of this on amazon with a bra strap like adjustable part and it kept sliding up in the back so I bought this one. Full velvet all around holds much better but it does tend to roll up under my scarves sometimes. I believe this is because my head is small and my hairline is low so it starts off a little wadded up in the back to begin with, maybe a tapered back would help? Think in the front thin in the back? I still love it much more than the others I’ve tried and because it’s so wide I get a great grip from it.

  12. Headcovering Mama (verified owner)

    I ordered one of these during the last sale, it was like $9.50 or something, and figured why not? It. Is. Essential. They’re not kidding. I grab my Rainy Day scarf first thing in the mornings so in case I have to step outside before getting ready for the day I will at least have a headcovering on. If I do not put on my no slip headband first, my headcovering ALWAYS falls off within ten minutes. With the headband? I can go a full day in PJs and my morning headwrap with no problems! I use it under my Wendy Shaper and by itself. I don’t think I’ve gone a day without it since it arrived!! I’m going to have to order a second one so I can give this trooper a break!

  13. Laura Lovett (verified owner)

    Slid off my head 4x in the first day before I gave up. I watched the videos. I measured carefully. Twice. Made sure the velvet was facing the correct direction. Nope. Tried a little further forward. Nope. Glasses over it. Nope. Total failure and waste.

  14. Heather F.

    My husband was having trouble with his C-Pap mask and headgear moving too much at night which meant he wasn’t getting very good sleep and neither was I. He had tried adjusting it multiple times to no avail. He also would wake up in the mornings with his hair sticking out on the sides from the straps. I had bought this Wrapunzel velvet headband in a size too big by accident and I thought, why not let him try it to see if it keeps his mask and headgear in place? He tried it last night and said it was the best sleep he’d gotten in a long time! And it kept his hair tamed too! His words, “No wonder you ladies love these things so much! My headgear didn’t move an inch!”
    He said next time I make an order to order an extra headband for him too so he has a spare!
    Definitely worth every penny!

  15. Erin Piateski (verified owner)

    I love these headbands! One comment – I own the headband in black and in blond. The black is more grippy than the blond (just a factor of the slightly different fabric used), and the blond one seems to fit slightly bigger than the black band of the same size.

  16. Sarah VanDeBogert (verified owner)

    Very good product. The Wrapunzel logo doesn’t hold up too long, but that’s a VERY minor note. No one’s going to see it anyway. ;o) It’s important to watch the Wrapunzel video on Youtube about this, though. It hadn’t dawned on me that there would be a right or wrong direction for some silly reason. Learning that helped. ;o) Holds the tichels well, but can be tricky if you wear glasses. If I ever have to take off my glasses. It’s been difficult to get the glasses between tichel and headband. That’s not the headband’s fault, though. ;o)

  17. Maryam (verified owner)

    This is miles better than any of the various underscarves and caps I’ve used before. It gives a nice neat line under scarves, and does not shift. I have several pretty Turkish silk scarves that were given to me that were always needing at least a couple of adjustments or rewrapping through the day…and even those don’t budge with this as underpinning. Best thing, hands down, for under scarves.

  18. elizabeth.kaiser.16

    Great wig/scarf grip, one of the most comfortable that I own. It also does it’s job and keeps your wig or scarf in place. I have a large head with a lot of hair and the size L-XL fit perfectly.

  19. Kristina Stewart (verified owner)

    New to wrapping and I love all of your products, especially this! It is so comfortable to wear and such great quality; no fear of slipping. Thank you!

  20. Aziza Al Mualla (verified owner)

    This no-slip headband is fantastic! I wear it under the Classic Shaper and then wrap any scarf around it. The whole thing just sits firmly and elegantly and doesn’t budge or slide backwards. Brilliant! Thank you so much <3

  21. Katie Hanzelka (verified owner)

    If your on the fence about it, get It! SO happy I did because it has made all the difference in covering!

  22. Chanah (verified owner)

    This is an essential for hair covering, which is not something I say often, not even the shapers. Without this slippage is inevitable. On the downside, these don’t last forever, and will start to slip after a few months. They do have to be replaced every so often. That being said, this with the combination of the classic shaper is the most economic option for “undergarments,” as only the headband would have to be replaced.

  23. Sarah Ostapowicz (verified owner)

    The velvet headband is one of those “must haves” in my opinion. I originally ordered an XL, because I went by the measurements listed, but found that while it fits and I still use it, an L would have been the better option for me. There’s plenty of stretch to these. But most importantly, it does what it says it will. It keeps your scarf right where it’s supposed to be. Be mindful of the velcro, it can snag scarves, but if you’re careful in putting it on, it’s not a problem. Having the velvet headband is great for days where I’m wearing my classic shaper or no shaper at all!

  24. marywelling (verified owner)

    What else can I say? You need one of these. Or more than one.

  25. Samantha

    If I’m not wearing the ultimate or signature shaper, I am wearing this headband!
    When I lost my hair to the chemo (non cancer related chemo) I ended up with a bunch of random clearance scarves and longer bandanas before I discovered Wrapunzel. My biggest issue was always keeping the scarves on my head. I didn’t have the hair to hold them in place and I did not have the glory of this headband to hold them in place either.
    Now I can finally say I do and I couldn’t be happier being able to wear all my non Wrapunzel goodies as well!

  26. aestheticsetara (verified owner)

    After 19+ years of ‘scarf frustration’, I have found a savior… Wrapunzel. Thank you!!

  27. Jen T.

    This headband makes a world of difference in staying power. Your scarf *will not* come off or slip or move unless you intend to move it. Love it, along with the oomphtastic scrunchy.

  28. Amber

    I LOVE my velvet headband. I have very silky hair, and my scarves tend to like to wander. The headband keeps then where they need to be all day, no matter what fabric they are. The next one I order will be a larger size though. The one I got does fit, with minimal stretching, but my head is so sensitive to having any sort of band around it that it still manages to give me headaches…but that’s not the fault of the product! It is a MUST HAVE for covering!

  29. Lacy Lovett

    Fantastic! This is exactly the right thing. Thanks so much for having the answer to the problem of slippage!

  30. Chanah

    Before the shapers, this was the one tool that helped me to wear tichels with confidence knowing that the slippage would be minimal, and I was more free to experiment. For a long time, this was all I wore, and a high ponytail and plain tichel tied in a bun was all the volumizer I needed. I would never say that any shaper or volumizer is a must, but for this particular tichel undergarment, I would say this is a necessity.

    Make sure not to wear a brand new headband with all the velcro closed fully, as that will cause headaches. This does stretch over time, but this works just as well

  31. Dana

    I really love this headband. I have a very large head and found wearing hats hurt. I switch to mostly scarves so I could adjust the size. I bought the biggest size headband and it fit me. I love how simple this is and it keeps my scarves from slipping.

  32. Cynda LeTullier

    These work very well ~ and are comfortable ~ my tichel stays put all day! And I am an active person ~ living on a farm you have to know your tichel is going to stay put and not fall off at a bad time!

  33. Mary

    This was probably one of the best purchases I have ever made. The headband is comfortable, and not itchy at all (though my husband says I look like a ninja when I put it on.) it keeps my scarves nicely in place and I do not have to worry about them at all for the rest of the day. I will be purchasing more!

  34. Jennifer

    If you cover…you HAVE to have one of these. And they are not all created equal. I have another brand of velvet headband and it was a waste of money. You can tell this was designed by people who actually use the product. Worth every penny!

  35. Janet

    I have been covering for years and the sides of my hair are thin and wispy from the abuse of clips and bobby pins. Figured I had nothing to lose by trying this band. I can’t begin to tell you the difference it makes. Love it!! I’ve recommended it to all my covering friends. Plus… shipping same day? Where does that happen anymore? Thank you for a prompt shipping (non-holiday) and even a phone call to let me know I could have a black one if I wanted it. Fabulous company!

  36. Carol

    I probably can’t add anything more than what’s already been said about this essential! It is a must have from beginner to expert!

  37. Meira

    I’ve often told people that this no-slip band should be part of their first scarf purchase. I was wearing it once with a very slippery scarf- that I could never have worn without it- and the wind blew my wrap open. But the band kept the scarf on my head and I was able to rewrap it without feeling naked. And it holds up well during simcha dancing (Jewish celebratory dancing, which tends to be very lively).

  38. Jan Lanfear

    Thank you so very much. I ordered 2 headbands and boy, am I glad I did. They are WONDERFUL! To add to my experience the order arrived in great time. Just ordered more “goodies” from Wrapunzel. Ladies, this is a great service you’re offering. Thank you once again.

  39. notionsbysweetwater

    I’m so glad I ordered 2 No-slip headbands, I can’t find anything remotely like them here in rural southern Illinois(even at the local wig boutique) and they are the only reason that I can successfully and tastefully cover my hair. Thank you, Wrapunzel Ladies, for providing these for sale on your website for such a reasonable price.

  40. Bonnie

    This is an absolutely amazing product. I’ve been covering my hair for a little over a month now, and started out with a basic mesh wig cap, then upgraded to a hair cap that had a very thin ‘no-slip’ velvet band sewn around the edge. Neither really kept my scarves in place, they gave me migraines, and I spent most of my day worrying that my hair would be uncovered in public due to slippage! I’ve been watching the Wrapunzel tichel-wrapping videos and reading the blog for a while (which is what inspired me to begin covering, actually), and I kept seeing their velvet headband and hearing rave reviews. Since what I had certainly wasn’t working, the next step was obviously to get one and see for myself! I ordered it just a few days ago, and now am sitting here with it on my head after a few hours of putting it through its paces. OH MY GOODNESS, it is the most comfortable, wonderful thing that has ever graced my head. The champagne color is just beautiful, my scarves (even the slippery ones) are completely secure, and I haven’t gotten even a twinge of a headache. I am absolutely amazed and impressed with the quality of the product, and will now be recommending it to any woman I run across who covers with scarves. Thank you, Andrea and Rivka Malka!<3

  41. Rachel

    This product is great! No slipping and no re-tying my wrap multiple times a day. And, it somehow possess the amazing ability to be toddler-proof…i.e. not even the little ones pulling on my scarves can move what’s on my head. LOL

  42. 5kidsandittlesister

    A friend gave me the velvet band as a gift, and I was skeptical about it at first…. Until I wore it the next day and my head covering didn’t budge the entire day, even with my giant bun at the back and with toddlers yanking on it! This is a must have for anyone who wears head coverings. I can’t imagine every day life without it!

  43. Shelley

    Excellent, excellent, excellent, Masha’Allah! I am a hijabi Muslim woman who wears both tichel-turbans and more islamic-style headscarves. Wrapunzel’s velvet headband is leagues above a different make of velvet headband (from a different merchant) that kept folding up on itself. This baby works like double-sided duct tape to keep whatever you put on your head (tichels, scarves, tube undercaps, etc.) actually ON your head without sliding around. And once you get the hang of fastening it NOT TOO SNUG, it is super comfortable (unlike the duct tape). Tip: in addition to orienting the nap of the velvet towards your face, also take the time to point the rough part of the velcro towards your scalp so that (if exposed) it cannot rough up your scarf.

  44. Madeleine

    The quality of these headbands is beyond what you can find in most places– my sister-in-law has some from Israel that work ok, but Wrapunzel’s are hemmed and a tiny bit thicker and so really help to keep everything in place.

  45. andrearm

    That’s a great point Alix! If you find the headband too tight, try running it under water and pulling it a bit (all of them will stretch out a bit eventually through regular wear, this just speeds up the process!)

  46. Alix Davis

    This headband is fantastic! It holds my tichels in place perfectly, and is easy to adjust. The only word of caution I would have is that the size is not very big. If you have an average head or smaller than average, it should work great. However if you have a slightly larger sized head, this would definitely be too small.

  47. Cynthia Grace

    This is the foundation step you don’t want to miss! It’s the “bra and underpants” of tichel tying, LOL. These are especially helpful if you are running around chasing small children all day. Your scarf won’t budge an inch, and it holds all the stray baby hairs back, too. LOVE THIS!

  48. Rachel

    I began wrapping in the Wrapunzel style before purchasing this headband, and sometimes the style would work, sometimes not. But now that I have the headband…what a WORLD of difference it makes! The styles work, and my tichels are more comfortable because I can tie the scarves more loosely. I also don’t have to worry about my very grabby 8-month-old pulling my headscarf off. The (in my case) $11 was so worth it.

  49. Marie-Barbara

    I bought one not so long ago, and it just change my tichel wearing because for years, I get used to tie my tichels quite strong so they won’t slip. But now, with this, I can tie them less, bye bye headeaches!!! Thanks for selling them!

  50. Chava

    I have owned 5 grippers, and there are none other that can compare to this one. It is perfect. It simply will not allow your scarf to budge. I want to point out that the comfort level is extraordinary, I don’t notice I’m wearing it. It lays so flat. I am buying a couple more just to have. Excellent!

  51. Monique

    Absolutely a must have! I really don’t know how I managed before.

  52. Fleur

    Slumping/falling tichels were a daily occurrence for me until I purchased this little miracle! It does precisely what it says it does…my tichels now never slip or budge! Also, very comfy, no headaches or soreness from wearing this the entire day long. Thank you so much for making this headband available!

  53. Sarah

    I already own three other brands of velvet headbands so I was hesitant to buy another. This one is so much better! It lays flat, is wide enough for a tichel shaper and scarf, and there is really no slipping! I always thought that maybe I was doing something wrong with my other headbands because I always had some minor slipping and needed to readjust in the middle of the day. This one is just a much better product, thank you Wrapunzel!

  54. Barbara

    An absolute must! You never know how much you love it and need it until you don’t have it. I was getting dressed Sunday morning and I was putting on my tichels last. I reached for my head-band, but it was not in the usual place. I freaked out big time. I was almost in tears. I had such beautiful tichels picked out to wear. I was already running late for worship, so I had to go with a hat instead. So my advise is to buy two!

  55. tiffany.marik

    This is the best purchase I have ever made!!! These headbands keep your tichel in place so well, that I am able to belly dance and my cover never moves!! I can’t live without my headbands!!

  56. Kendra

    This headband is a lifesaver! I used to have redo or seriously adjust my scarf once or twice throughout the day, I don’t even know how I functioned without one of these. The headband is never too tight, and it feels very secure.

  57. Meretisa

    I honestly don’t know how I was able to keep any of my covers on my head before this product. Andrea told me about it in one of our many talks (not sure if it was in a FB group or private chat or what) so I finally took that leap and got one. I doubted seriously that I would see a big difference… boy was I in for a surprise!!
    This headband is like a combination of “spanks for your headcover” and “duct tape for your wrap” in that it not only provides a smooth and secure place to start your wraps, but it also keeps your wrap firmly in place…. WITHOUT giving headaches (which I am prone to).
    I cannot say enough how wonderful this product is. Thank you thank you thank you, Andrea, for convincing me to get one. And thanks for the low prices too… I need to get a second one, I’m thinking, since I have a crazy idea I want to try out.
    Thank you again!!

  58. Sarah

    This headband is the duct tape of head coverings! The super glue that keeps things looking nice, and not sliding off the back of your head. I have had this one since the start of January, and after these months it still looks and wears like it did new!

  59. Mia

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    I just got my no-slip headband today & I already know I love it! I wear a wig & headscarves due to hair loss & even with clips my wigs slip – not to mention how uncomfortable those clips!

    I learned to wrap & tie my scarves through Rivka’s tutorials, which led me to Wrapunzel & the no-slip headband. I am so excited! No more pain from clips pulling out what little hair I have left!

    I just got out of the hospital where I wore a headscarf the whole time. I just wish I had the headband then!

    I know I will recommend your store to my friends!

    Again, thank you so much!

  60. Raynette Grant

    Love the No-Slip Headband! It’s a must have for anyone that wears a tichel. I have to move around a lot at work and my tichel doesn’t move! Thanks Andrea and Rivka.

  61. Clara

    This is really useful and well made. The XL is large enough for me (I have to wear large hats), which is wonderful.

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