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We searched high and low for these – the scrunchy of all scrunchies!  Don’t be fooled by the photo… these babies are huge!   Using a scrunchy instead of a hair elastic takes the tension off your head and saves your hair!  The velvet makes it slip-proof, so you don’t have to tie it back too tightly.  Since these scrunchies are extra large, they also add extra “oomph” to your tichel, especially when paired with a shaper.  Perfect!

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We searched high and low for these – the scrunchy of all scrunchies!  Don’t be fooled by the photo… these babies are huge!  Using a scrunchy instead of a hair elastic takes the tension off your head and saves your hair!  The velvet makes it slip-proof, so you don’t have to tie it back too tightly.  Since these scrunchies are extra large, they also add extra “oomph” to your tichel, especially when paired with a shaper.  Perfect!

Wrapping Tips

The Oomphtastic Scrunchy is meant to be volumizing, so wrap it around your ponytail or bun once or twice. This also helps avoid tension headaches, so win-win!

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60 reviews for Oomphtastic Scrunchy

  1. laughlik
    5 out of 5

    laughlik (verified owner):

    This is my favorite scrunchy for day or night. It evens out my messy bun whether I wear a shaper or not.

  2. savta2
    4 out of 5

    savta2 (verified owner):

    I love mine and have worn it so much that the elastic inside has snapped. That is the reason for 4 stars instead of 5. I am buying a new one because I like the extra volume I get when I don’t wear a shaper but want more than my very skinny bun.

  3. Sarah VanDeBogert
    5 out of 5

    Sarah VanDeBogert (verified owner):

    Very thankful for this! My hair is fine, and this gave me enough body to wear my tichels without shapers. Looks great and feels durable. I expect it to last a long time. :o)

  4. yehudiskreisman
    5 out of 5


    I love this product! I have thin hair so this scrunchie gives the perfect amount of volume for a bun-style wrap. I wear it all the time!!

  5. dresdendoll08
    1 out of 5

    dresdendoll08 (verified owner):

    I like for everything other than adding volume under my scarf, it doesn’t work well that way for me but maybe for someone with long thick hair since mine is only medium lenght. thanks Pam

  6. sps2mom
    3 out of 5


    It was a nice size, but it didn’t add as much volume as I thought it would, but it did hold my bun better without pressure. Not sure I would get another one though.

  7. elizabeth.kaiser.16
    5 out of 5


    This scrunchie just came in the mail and it’s super comfortable. I have long thick curly hair and I love how I can pull my hair back with this scrunchie and it’s so soft and doesn’t pull my hair. Haven’t worn it under a tichel yet but plan to soon. I think it will be a great option for the summer where it will be too hot for my to wear a shaper, but I will want more volume under my tichel.

  8. Sarah Ostapowicz
    5 out of 5

    Sarah Ostapowicz:

    Do you absolutely NEED an oomphtastic scrunchie? Nope. But if you don’t have one yet, you’re missing out on this underrated gem. It’s nice under a shaper (especially the signature shaper and the Wendy – not as great under a Cloud9), but I’ve found that the real magic is in its use outside of hair covering. While I cover full time in public, in the privacy of my own home, I usually don’t. However, I’m sensitive to sensory input…my hair constantly tickling my face or neck bothers me. So I often opt for a messy bun on top of my head. However, rubberbands… yech. They tangle my hair (even the kind that aren’t supposed to), they hurt my head, they break my hair. And they really bother me to sleep in. But this scrunchie with its soft, plush velvet, holds my hair securely without hurting me. I use mine every day, and I’m about to order another just in case because I never want to be without this. Also, bonus feature, when I use this to hold my bun under my shaper, when I take my hair down later it’s super wavy/curly and gorgeous. My husband really appreciates that! lol

  9. Kristina Stewart
    5 out of 5

    Kristina Stewart:

    Super stretchy and comfortable. I use mine every day. Adds a bit more volume to make a lovely natural shape with my medium length hair.

  10. hermioneg1748
    4 out of 5


    I got the Oomphtastic Scrunchie because everyone talked about how great it was—not pulling on your hair and adding extra OOMPH! I wanted to wear it by itself as a natural bun shape, which I think is not for me—a little TOO natural and small by itself, but I do think it’s great how softly it holds back my hair without pulling or slipping! It adds just the right amount of shape to my “bun” that the shaper I shiver some direction and anchorage, and I don’t have to keep as much stuffing in it! Pic of me with a horribly messy bun (lol, dolls in the background *blush*):

  11. Chanah
    5 out of 5


    I don’t often use this just to tie my hair but when I do, it is very comfortable. Sometimes I will put this on top of the hair elastic to give an extra bit of volume if I happen not to be wearing a shaper, or for an older version of the Signature Shaper. Sometimes it can give a bit too much volume for my comfort in other shapers, but I do find this very useful under many wraps.

  12. Marlo
    5 out of 5


    This is my favorite tool for staying cooler in the summer. I just make my bun, wrap this around it, and I find it has plenty of volume to make my wraps look well-shaped. Use it with a velvet headband if you’re gonna wear a slippery scarf, otherwise you can totally just use the scrunchie on its own as your base.

  13. becky.gross
    4 out of 5


    The Oomphtastic Scrunchy is pretty great! It is pretty huge, which is just what I wanted – I was looking for something to fill out my volumizers a bit more. I’m sure it would also be great on its own with a no-slip headband to keep things in place, if you’re looking for just a touch of volume. It is very soft and comfortable to wear around my ponytail, and honestly it’s easy to forget you’re wearing it. The only downside is that I actually have trouble fitting it under my volumizer (maybe I have too much hair?), and I find the “pillow” part of my volumizer grips onto it, and it actually causes my volumizer to pull back and give me a bit of a headache – and for that reason I don’t wear it very often.

  14. Nevenka
    5 out of 5


    It is really great !

  15. Heidi
    5 out of 5


    If I could rate this a 10 star rating, I would!!

    I don’t like a lot of pouf, but I have very fine hair, so even in a bun, it makes a tiny bulge. I HAVE to wear volumizers–I have found the velvet headband just won’t stay on–even when I know the proper way to put it on, it still slides back (again–my very fine, very slippery hair!). But when I put on a volumizer, I don’t want a lot of unnatural pouf. I am in a region where nobody but the Mennonites or the Somalians cover, so I definitely stand out. To add that dramatic pouf would be a little “Look at me!”–and I really prefer to remain invisible.

    Enter the Oomphtastic! It gives my bun some real form, without the beautiful-but-not-appropriate-for-my-locale-and-job pouf. I pair it with a Wendy volumizer with no stuffing inside–and wrap away! Sometimes, too, I just wear a slouchy cap with the Oomphtastic and love that look, too!

    Wrapunzel, you have made wrapping for me less self-conscious. I am a Catholic Christian woman who covers full-time (even at home), and who wants to be true to my belief in covering my hair, but not worry about sticking out too much!

  16. Diane Ullman
    5 out of 5

    Diane Ullman:

    The scrunchie by itself is fantastic for a low-volume wrap. However, I found another way to use it. Mine developed a tear which inspired me to use my leftoover Wendy stuffing to fill the scrunchie up. Then I sewed it in. I now pop it over my bun for a higher volume, little weight, and very much cooler base under my wrap. A stuffed Oomphtastic Scrunchie over an unstuffed one means your tichel doesn’t slip and is cool and comfortable even in the Texas heat. I hope you get them in soon I’d like to order more.

  17. passalacquahorsegirl
    5 out of 5


    Every woman who cares about her hair,whether she covers or not, needs at least one of these.

  18. arbrjones8
    3 out of 5


    This is a question/inquiry/request. I am brand new to wearing head coverings and I don’t understand how one wears this scrunchy. I am not seeing a how to video/tutorial on this. Please let me know if I am missing it somewhere.

  19. Candice


    This is a great way to help smooth out a messy bun under a tichel without adding weight or bulk! The velvet also helps slippery hair like mine stay put (always an issue with other scrunchies, so I’ve always had to wear a grippy elastic with them), so this was a great buy!

  20. Melissa Montoya
    5 out of 5

    Melissa Montoya:

    Just get it. In fact get 2. They are so easy on my hair and add a wonderful amount of soft volume. I like using 2 with a velvet headband on days that I want to have a lot of soft volume and flexibility on how high to place the bun under my wraps.

  21. Ariella
    5 out of 5


    If you have fine hair, BUY THIS NOW!!! I have stupidly fine hair that – despite being well past my shoulders – makes a bun about the size of a small dinner roll. Other scrunchies I’ve tried need to be wrapped around my bun a number of times to keep it in place and most don’t add much volume. With this one, I can twist it over my bun twice and not worry about hair coming out, which makes it really comfortable. It also adds a ton of volume, which I love.

  22. Rebecca Leah
    5 out of 5

    Rebecca Leah:

    Yes, very helpful tool!

  23. aestheticsetara
    5 out of 5

    aestheticsetara (verified owner):

    Another great product, Wrapunzel! It does look bigger in the picture of Andrea. It is still huge. I have a lot of hair. It holds it loosely and firmly. Adds the perfect amount of volume for me. My head feels lighter, no more elastics and no more headaches. I also got the headband, of course. I cannot describe how good it feels to be so confident in my scarf and hair staying all day!

  24. Nita
    5 out of 5


    Love it! Gives my long fine hair enough volume to wrap the scarves around so they don’t fall off. Perfect for those days too hot for a shaper 🙂 It’s also very gentle on the hair.

  25. Diane


    I love the Scrunchie. I recently started working out and invested in several light cotton scarves to wear. I find wearing a shaper is so bulky and hot that I’m defeating the purpose of the airy scarves. So I’ve been tempted to get a second scrunchie as backup to my first one since it gets awfully sweaty. My feeling is that not only would a second scrunchie avoid the insulating heat of a shaper it would also boost tichel volume on Houston’s humid days when a shaper is just unbearable. I have just invested in several light cotton and silk scarves. Wearing the scrunchie/headband is much cooler. Wrapunzel, you really need to bring out scruncies in white and gold so they will work with the headbands of those colors.

  26. Abi
    5 out of 5


    A must. I have lots of fine hair, this scrunchy holds it all in place, does not pull and adds volume, even when tied really loose. I had been using scrunchies from a local chemist (being overseas means it was better to wait until I needed a few things due to postage) but I’ll never go back!

  27. Malkah
    4 out of 5


    This is a cute scrunchy, and adds a little bit of volume. Somehow it looked a lot bigger in the picture, so I did not exactly expect this scrunchy, which seems just a little bigger in volume and wider in stretch then the scrunchy you may remember from your hay day in the ’90s. It’s comfortable, and helps with smoothing (I have a lot of hair, so this didn’t dramatically increase the look I already had).

  28. Sonia


    This little Dynamo is crucial to my hair covering routine. I have noticeably fewer split ends *and* fewer headaches since I have replaced my hair elastics with this. I wind my long hair into a bun and put the scrunchie around it. No elastics or hairpins needed. Then I place my shaper and adjust. Hopefully the Wrapunzel ladies will hear our pleas and make some in white or champagne!

  29. jmason


    Love my scrunchie! Now I don’t have to pull my hair into a bun to wrap my scarf. It would great to have scrunchies in lighter colors for thinner and/or lighter color scarves.

  30. mirja.haukisaari


    This scrunchie really doesn’t pull on my hair and it won’t slip off my straight and slippery hair. The only little downside for me is the weight of this, due to the velvet material and the sheer volume of it in the product.

  31. hassiba67


    I have a whole collection of scrunchies original from the 90s and I use my favourite one every day. BUT no other headband is comparable to the oomphtastic one! It is the softest and best scrunchy I have ever had. I use it everytime I make a wrap, because it does not pull my hair back, it simply holds it safe and softly, no headaches. Super quality, too.

  32. Chanah


    Back before I ever used a volumizer, the non slip headband, my hair tied in a high ponytail and this scrunchie under a plain scarf tied in a bun was the only volumizer I felt I needed. The scrunchie did provide extra OOMPH. I found this to be true when I used a regular elastic to hold my hair, and then this went on top to provide the “volume.”

    I tend not to wear this when wearing a volumizer, because I find it a little tight and uncomfortable, and with a larger shaper, a bit unnecessary. I also find that when I started to use this to hold my hair in a ponytail or bun without an elastic, it was too loose and got stretched out very quickly. Still this is very useful when no volumizer or shaper is being worn.

  33. Rachel S

    Rachel S:

    I always recommend this scrunchy to women who are just starting to cover…it’s the perfect little secret! So comfortable, and for those who don’t have or don’t want to use a shaper, it helps create a nice sized bun even with shorter hair! (Of course, you can also wear it with your shaper as well!)

  34. Maggie


    As someone with fine, silky hair, this scrunchie is awesome! It adds so much volume while keeping my hair from breaking and getting damaged. Better hair and better volume? Yep! This is a great tool!!!

  35. Mary


    Best thing ever for a girl with shorter hair. I’m fairly new to covering, so I’m working on the ins and outs, but this saved my life for sure!!! Hubby loves the look, and I love it too! So a win win for everyone!

  36. Katherine Bartlett (@KBWhiskey)

    Katherine Bartlett (@KBWhiskey):

    Love it so much! I wear it everything with my no slip headband and my volumizer!

  37. mrsjackson1103


    This thing is HUGE and AMAZING! It is so kind to your hair. It’s soft and doesn’t pull. It feels like you have wrapped your hair in a velvet cotton ball. It’s wonderful for adding volume. I have even worn it under my Wendy if you can imagine that! Oh yeahhh I did that! Love this scrunchie!

  38. Ireri


    If for whatever reason you’re not feeling shapers or volumizers, this is a great place to start. Wear two of these high up and you can manage a really pretty, minimalist regal wrap, no questions asked.

  39. Amy


    Lots of great reviews already, but I will just add that this is great paired with the Signature Shaper to add a little more oomph to your poof. And I don’t know how it does it, but it holds on to your ponytail even if you have thin, straight, baby-fine hair that most scrunchies slide right off of.

  40. Jennifer


    The Wrapunzel videos say that this scrunchie is great at giving volume and disributing weight. They were speaking truth. This scrunchie with the velvet headband are amazing and a must have.

  41. kristenfederchuk


    these are … FANTASTIC! they make such a huge difference compared to a normal elastic, they keep your hair and wrap securely in place and are super comfortable! its a definite must to have a few of these on hand!!

  42. kmalveira1311


    I love this scrunchy because not only does it keep my hair back without any excessive pulling (so no headaches) but it also really adds some extra volume in the back.

  43. Nikki


    For years, I used basic hair rubber bands to tie my bun and always ended up with a headache. I tried various bun-tying devices in the hair section at the store, and they usually didn’t work any better, especially with my long, thick hair. These scrunchies have made a world of difference. My buns stay up, don’t wobble all over the place or gradually fall down like they did before, and don’t give me headaches. I usually don’t bother with a volumizer because the scrunchie does the volumizing job for me (along with long, thick hair, as I said). I’m actually a little worried about what will happen to me when these are no longer available. I’ll have to horde a lifetime supply.

  44. Carol


    This essential tool is awesome! I use it to give me a little more volume when my signature shaper just isn’t enough for the look in going for. Great for giving short hair a little omph, and it’s a plus that it does pull or break my hair!

  45. panatheprincess


    This scrunchie is AWESOME!!!!! I want to rate it 7.5+ stars at least …… it does not pull on your hair or snag on your scarf in any way. It is just soooo comfortable you can forget your hair is tied up under your tichel (I have long waist length hair to put up). It works wonderfully well with the shaper ….. the base on which your shaper is laid and rests upon. Adds volume and keeps your hair securely up without you wanting to tear it down all day. I don’t know what more to say. I’m ordering another one!!!

  46. little.ka


    I use this after I have put my hair in a pony tail (I never put the hair tie on tightly) and then bun using a large donut that I found in a beauty supply store, it’s at least double the size of the bun donuts you can find in most stores. After I put my hair into a quick bun held in place by 2 large bobby pins I put the scrunchy around my bun. It adds a little more volume to my bun which I like. I also always use an Israeli tichel under whatever I am going to wear as another layer of volume.

  47. Alix Davis

    Alix Davis:

    This scrunchie is awesome! It adds just the right amount of volume without being too bulky. My husband is not a huge fan of the look of volumizers, but I needed a little bit of extra volume to make my tichels work, and this is the perfect in between!

  48. Adina


    As a newly married woman, I had a hard time finding the tichel “look” I wanted, especially given my very small ponytail of hair. This scrunchy is exactly right, and adds just enough volume to the back of the tichel to give it shape without being too bulky. It actually looks like there’s a nice amount of hair under there! Thanks for making this available!

  49. La


    These scrunchies saved my life! I never got headaches before covering my hair and it had been a real struggle to find something that gave me volume without adding to my headaches. Now I wear two Oomphtastic Scrunchies under my tichel and it gives me all the volume I need without any discomfort. I put my hair in a low, messy bun, then double wrap one scrunchie, then I single wrap the second scrunchie over the first and tie my tichel over. It gives me the perfect amount of volume. These really are my absolute favorite item ever invented. I am so glad that the Andrea and Rivka Malka found them!

  50. Clara


    I really like this scrunchie. It holds well, but feels pretty gentle (velvet scrunchies I’ve bought from the store tend to yank on my hair more) and adds some volume without requiring an extra layer.

  51. Fleur


    These scrunchies have wowed me! The strain that a regular hair elastic would put on my head was a constant struggle but now that I have these (I ordered 2!) my scalp is never sore. As a note to anyone out there with TONS of hair like I have, one of these scrunchies will indeed hold up all of you hair! Which is so RAD!

  52. Jessi Franco

    Jessi Franco:

    I am a huge fan of this scrunchie! I have been wearing scrunchies under my tichels for for a while. When i saw that this product is for comfort and volume, i knew i needed to try it. WOW! It was even better than i expected! I love having volume in my tichel but i also need to feel comfortable all day, and this scrunchie does that. It gives you the height in the tichel without extra weight. It also looks very natural in your tichel,and reduces headaches since it doesn’t pull on your head. I can’t wait to tell my friends all about this wonderful product…
    Great find guys! Thanks for changing my tichl-wearing life! I want a millions and i.cant wait to see.this product.catch on within the hair covering community-it’s just that good!

  53. Sarah


    Never going back to elastic!

  54. naomijacob26


    I’ve actually seen Jessi in person wearing this scrunchie under her tichal and asked her how she got the awesome volume…. and now I have one of my own! I don’t know why no one thought of this before- it’s such a normal and easy way to add volume! If you want volume but don’t have much time or patience to arrange something more extreme, this is perfect. It happens to also be a soft and comfy fabric 🙂

  55. tiffany.marik


    This is a great product if you have a lot of hair! It smooths the bun out, adds just a touch of volume and is gentler on the hair than a regular scrunchy. I use mine every day!!

  56. Hannah


    I can’t imagine life without this scrunchie. It provides enough volume all by itself that I often wear it without a tichel shaper, but it works very well under the shaper as well. I love how gentle it is on my hair, too. (Now all I need is a white or beige one to wear under my beloved thin white summer tichel!)

  57. Marissa


    This scrunchie is awesome! It is great to wear under my volumizer (I have one of the smaller ones) to bring a little more oomph. And it is not nearly as bad on my hair as a regular hair tie!

  58. Kendra


    This scrunchie is great! It provides the perfect amount of volume, not too much, since I already have a lot of hair, but it really smooths out the look of my bun. It’s so much more comfortable than a regular pony tail and doesn’t pull on your hair, so no headaches!

  59. Jessica


    Definitely a great scrunchie! My hair is very long and I can get a pony tail higher on my head with less pulling than with a regular elastic. Pony tails and braids haven’t been more comfortable.

  60. Rachel


    I’m new to covering and am still trying to figure out what works best for me. I love, love, love volume so I decided to try this while waiting for Wrapunzel to get more volumizers. Not only did is look great under my tichel, but, unlike using a regular hairband, I didn’t have as much “pull” in my hair after several hours as I normally do. I have very thick hair and this worked well.

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