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Original Tapestry Scarf

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Looking for the perfect cool weather scarf?  This is it! Original Tapestry is a thick scarf – great for chillier weather! You can wrap it tight and streamlined or leave it loose and voluminous.  You don’t need to add anything, because one side is solid with gorgeous vines, and the other is shimmery, with an intricate border.


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Looking for the perfect cool weather scarf? This is it! Original Tapestry is a thick scarf – great for chillier weather! You can wrap it tight and streamlined or leave it loose and voluminous. You don’t need to add anything, because one side is solid with gorgeous vines, and the other is shimmery, with an intricate border. Play with flipping and layering the patterns – it is the perfect scarf for when you’re in a rush but want to look gorgeously regal.

You’ll notice that in the various photos of, for example, the Navy, that it looks like a different scarf!  That’s because we’ve played with highlighting the borders, the shimmery part, the vines, etc. It is truly magical! Tzila models this beauty in the infamous Regal Wrap to showcase it’s vibrant colors!

Dimensions: 70″ x 28″
50% Acrylic/50% Viscose


35 reviews for Original Tapestry Scarf

  1. Karen Wherlock (verified owner)

    I have this scarf in navy and it’s beautiful. It is a thicker scarf so it keeps my head warm in my freezing office. It’s also a little more challenging as a beginner. I put it away for a couple of months until I was more confident and now it’s one of my favorites. If you want a beautiful scarf, you can’t go wrong with a tapestry.

  2. lafatac13

    This scarf is gorgeous, definitely harder to wrap than most, but the finished product is worth the energy. I have it in the aqua.

  3. Amanda Eller (verified owner)

    My husband loves this scarf. I’m still working on loving it but to be fair, I just got it! It is truly as thick as everyone says. I didn’t read the reviews but purchased when I saw someone model it on an Instagram post and fell in love. So I am going to keep trying!!! The scarf itself is lovely. I just tend to want something with less bulk. But we will succeed and since my husband loved it then it’s worth it!

  4. manusellwood

    WOW this scarf is stunning! Pictures really don’t do it justice. I feel like a queen every time I wear it. It pleats easily & with each side being different (but both gorgeous) you can craft a lot of different looks with just one scarf. I get tons of compliments on it, and it’s very soft, warm, and cozy (and would also make a stunning shawl). I read all the reviews before buying it and was fully prepared for it to be thick and a bit unwieldy to wrap, but honestly that hasn’t really been an issue for me. It’s definitely a bit more thick than my other scarves (even a cranberry) and wraps with it are pretty voluminous, but I haven’t found it to be difficult. I will say if I need to throw it on in a hurry, I find a beginners luck to be easier with this than a regal wrap where I have to tuck both ends as that does require a bit more time to get all the fabric situated nicely. There’s beautiful basket weave detailing with the threads on the vine side that I love highlighting with my wraps, but one word of caution is I found out the hard way these basketweave threads snag easily, so be careful wearing a tail if you’re wearing something that it can snag on (beads, sequins, open zippers by the collar, etc.). My very first day wearing this I was at work & didn’t realize the tail had snagged on a tooth of my jacket zipper & it pulled a hole in one side of the scarf. (The scarf is two layers I think.) So now I wear it only in very short tails or no tails while I’m at work. Anyway, I will sum up this review by saying that if you’re on the fence like I was you should totally take the plunge, I think you will love this scarf! It is absolutely one of my top favorites!

  5. moonlitenchantment

    Oh my goodness this scarf is amazing! ♡ this was my first ever veiling scarf and it gave me the confidence to cover my hair in public. It feels so luxurious and it is even more stunning in person. I would buy more but I’m color picky and I usually stick to blues, but if you love color I think any of these would be gorgeous!

    I find this scarf is thick and as a beginner a little difficult to tie. I’m still learning, and I do find that it is the only reason I don’t wear this scarf more.

  6. Tiffany Pascal

    This is the most beautiful scarf I own, and I treat it as a reversible scarf as it is gorgeous on both sides. Because of its thickness, I do not have the skills to layer it with other scarfs as it tends to bunch up, but it stands alone wonderfully.

  7. Wave

    Have this in the Aqua. Feel like everyone should. It is that pretty.

  8. necier2q2

    I have this beauty in the navy/berry. She is gorgeous, sparkly, and festive. I’m the type that would wear it, regardless of a special occasion or not! Beautiful, classy, sophisticated, heck the list goes on. Thank you Wrapunzel!

  9. graciela galdamez

    I totally love it look so beautiful . Let’s keep supporting our Jews sisters. Shalom

  10. lisadbrown197789

    This scarf is absolutely gorgeous. I have this scarf in Aqua right now but I will be purchasing more of these in the future. The one I own is one of my favorite pashminas.

  11. Kellyn Nabozny

    I absolutely LOVE this scarf! It took me some time to be brave enough to tackle a thicker scarf but now I wish I had tired this as my first wrap!! It is very soft for a scarf with shiny thread and even though it is thicker, it wasn’t hot despite me dancing and even cleaning with it on. The pictures just don’t do this justice. Every time I have worn this it looks different, the pattern is so beautiful! I am saving up for the other colors as well haha

  12. elanacjohnson

    I own a very simple tapestry scarf that I got in a kit. It is my second favorite scarf but it’s almost a tie between the two. I can wear it alone or with a sari scarf, it’s always beautiful and easy to work with. Here is a pic with a complimentary scarf and an extra accessory, it is my favorite look!

  13. lisadbrown197789

    I own the Aqua colored one. The photos don’t do these scarves justice. They are absolutely awesome.

  14. jennifer

    These were the first scarves I saw when I first joined the and it was love at first sight. I look forward to cool weather JUST so I can wear my tapestry scarves. I find them easy to work with and they glitz up any outfit I put them with.

  15. hollyherda (verified owner)

    This is a VERY thick (and LONG) scarf, which makes it a bit difficult to work with, but it’s totally worth it! The gold threads are stunning.

  16. Deanna Rodriguez (verified owner)

    One of my favorite cold whether scarves!

  17. ericka_72 (verified owner)

    LOVE. I’m really good at buying Wrapunzel products, but I’m really bad at offering my reviews. This scarf is gorgeous. I have it in navy and have worn it on both sides with equal fabulousness! It is thick, but handles well. I’m not the best at wrapping, but the encouragement and tutorials you provide instill much confidence. Thank you!

  18. breannamcinnis (verified owner)

    I love this scarf. I bought it in Aqua. You can wrap it several different ways, but I feel it leans toward the turban style with its stiffness and thickness. I find that it doesn’t lay as flat as some thinner scarves. The sparkle and shimmer are AMAZING. It’s not obnoxious in its shine, so you can dress it up or down easily.

  19. Kimberly Cox

    This scarf is stunning! I was immediately drawn to it when placing my order and I am so glad I bought it! I absolutely love this beautiful scarf. I got it in navy/berry.

  20. hermioneg1748

    This scarf is sooo sparkly, and I love how it has so many colors and pattern transitions—you can make it look completely different every time! And though it’s reversible, there isn’t a “dominant” side—they’re both amazing! Due to its thickness, it’s definitely a stand-alone, winter scarf for simple wraps and minimal accessories. It’ll shine enough on its own!! I absolutely love this scarf, and definitely want more colors. This will be excellent for holidays and special occasions.

  21. Lila Besser

    This scarf is amazing! I was a little intimidated by the thickness, but it is so worth a few extra seconds of effort! So beautiful and it makes me so happy!

  22. Marlo

    One of my favorite fall and winter go-to scarves. I have the “navy berry” one. I love being able to use both sides, and I love that it’s handy both as a headscarf and as a really rockin’ shawl. It holds up great– I know because it gets a lot of use at my house!!

  23. Meira Atik (verified owner)

    If you’re a one-scarf type, this is a great scarf to have. With the rich colors and shimmery threads, it looks amazing all by itself for dressy occasions like Shabbat, holidays, and special events. This Marrakesh turban is a great way to wear the Navy scarf for dressy occasions. These scarves are thick with a stiffer texture than the pashminas, so they might give you tantrums at first, but it doesn’t take much to get them to look great.

  24. Annasarah Richard

    This scarf is so pretty. It sparkles and shines, even though it is a heavier scarf, I find it easier to work with . Every time I wear it my sister threatens to take it off my hands .

  25. Chanah

    This is a beautiful pashmina that can be dressed up or down, and folded and worn in so many ways. In the photo, I am wearing it “inside out” for formal wear to show off all the sparkles. This is perfect for a cold day and will always look beautiful. This does take practice to wrap nicely, but it is well worth the effort.

  26. Batsheva Tova

    It is a stunningly beautiful scarf. Very very special.
    The one disadvantage that lost it a star is that it is quite stiff. It is not as flexible as the Tapestry luxe for example. That slightly limits my creativity.

  27. Lynn M.

    Very glam… sure to wear strong makeup colors…darkish, brownish lipstick, navy eye shadow lightly applied, mascara…wine blusher.

  28. ayala.tiefenbrunn

    This is probably the most beautiful scarf I have ever seen- this is probably the most beautiful scarf that has ever existed.
    That being said- it’s stiff, its nearly thickness and the stiffness of an actual tapestry, which already makes it a challenge to wrap. But above all of that, the length makes it even harder to wrap! It’s probably the same length as any old pashmina, but the thickness and stiffness combined with the length makes it very difficult to control.
    I think this scarf is *definitely* worth buying, but in my book, it’s not a scarf you can wrap with ease.

  29. Sarah

    I fell in love with this scarf after seeing people post pictures of themselves wearing it only to find out it wasn’t available anymore. After posting my sob story someone sold me her not-often-used one in navy (the exact color I had fallen in love with!) About a day after I got it in the mail the scarf reappeared on the website! lol. This is a VERY thick scarf. The first time I wrapped it I somehow managed a great wrap in very little time and with no fuss. The second time I had a major tichel tantrum. Now I just have to make sure I have the confidence and patience to work with this scarf before I use it. I really is so stunningly gorgeous!

  30. Rachel Stein

    This scarf is one of the most stunning that I own. I bought the navy version last year. It is also definitely the thickest/heaviest tichel in my collection, and for that I gave it 4 stars…it’s definitely very challenging to work with! I highly recommend checking out Andrea’s tapestry tutorial for tips on how to wrap such a thick pashmina. Even though it’s difficult to wrap, though, it is incredibly gorgeous! I love the sparkly border.

  31. Chanah

    This is a beautiful scarf with many options. You can wear it on the “less sparkly” side for a more conservative look, highlight the regal looking border from either side of the scarf that will look like a beautiful headband, show off a strip of the sparkle side of the scarf, or for formal occasions, wear the scarf completely on the sparkly side.

    This is a warm and thick scarf, and although it can be challenging to wrap it, it does yield great results.

  32. Cameron

    Thick, beautiful scarf. Perfect for winter! I get complements every time anyone sees it!

  33. Ireri

    This is a difficult scarf to wrap if you don’t like thick pashminas, but it’s great for volume. I really, really love how each color is versatile; you can literally pair each color with myriad different options (pins, clips, headbands, a second, a THIRD???! scarf) and it’ll look beautiful. The lurex is a little fragile, so beware if you have rings that stick out (like, say, an engagement ring).

  34. Meira Atik

    I have this in purple. This scarf is not only thick, but it has a stiffer texture that makes it a little harder to wrap. But I managed to wrap it in two different ways already and I love the way it looks so special.

  35. rstein

    I have this one. It is not an easy scarf to tie because the material is so thick. But once you get the hang of it, it’s doable, and it is simply stunning! I have it in navy, but its covered in other beautiful colors and patterns. Gorgeous!

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