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It’s a beautiful morning! There are gifts all around you. Try on this masterpiece of a pashmina and your inner beauty will shine through gracefully.

*In the first photo, Andrea is wearing the Maroon/Aqua variation with our Gold Roses Headband over a brown Lakeshore Bliss.


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It’s a beautiful morning! There are gifts all around you. Try on this masterpiece of a pashmina and your inner beauty will shine through gracefully.  The elegant paisley pattern creates a warm and beautiful effect in even the simplest wrap. Once available only as part of a kit, we now bring the Peaceful Mornings pashmina to you on its own, in a multitude of rich colors to match everything you wear!

55% Pashmina, 45% Silk


22 reviews for Peaceful Mornings Scarf

  1. 5 out of 5


    This scarf didn’t look all that interesting when I first saw it here. But I was watching Leorah’s youtube channel and she had the Silver/Milk Chocolate in one of her wrap tutorials. Once I saw it I had to have one. Lucky me, they went on sale at the same time. I purchased the Hot Pink, the Black/Grey and the Silver/ Milk Chocolate. They are all beautiful. The Silver/Milk Chocolate has some metallic threads that give it a bit of sparkle, which I love. The other two do not. They are easy to wrap and I am glad the sale allowed me to purchase all the colors I wanted.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Juliette Griffin:

    Great for cool weather. I have the teal one and I absolutely love it. It looks especially great on anyone with blue eyes. It might be a bit hard for beginners to wrap it because it is thick, but it’s absolutely worth the time it might take to get used to it!

  3. 5 out of 5


    This has quickly become one of my favorite scarves. It is oh-so beautiful, and the metallic threads make it a bit fancier than other pashminas. Every time I wear this it wraps beautifully!

  4. 1 out of 5

    Shiloh BethEl:

    I have lived many things from Wrapunzel but I ordered the purple of this and was very disappointed with because it has a dominant metallic looking and feeling thread in all the non purple pattern. I expected a satin sheen from silk threads…but the metallic cannot be cashmere or silk. I don’t know how it can feel soft to anyone I just cringe at the stiff plastic sensation when I touch it.

    • Naomi Rose Herzog:

      Hi Shiloh,

      We’re so sorry you’re not happy with the silver portions of your Silver/Purple Peaceful Mornings Scarf! Please send us an email, we’d be happy to accept it as a return so we can reimburse you!

  5. 5 out of 5

    Lila Besser:

    Such a gorgeous scarf! I have several colors, and I love them! They are so soft and warm!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Kendra Heffelman:

    My husband purchased this scarf for me and it is like a hug. It wraps easily, it is soft and pliable, has great color ranges, and can be worn with or without tails.

  7. 5 out of 5


    I just received the Peaceful Mornings scarf in Teal/Earth Brown and I think it may be the most beautiful scarf I own, it’s certainly the most comforting one I have! The rich, earthy colors and silky sheen are just gorgeous. Definitely a desert island scarf for me.

  8. Sharon Willicome:

    This was my first pashmina purchase, which has been tucked away for many months until I felt more confident in “wrapping”, and today was the day to take that adventure! The first thing I noticed was the softness of the fabric, then the beautiful color and patterns, all which were inviting me to put this lovely piece of fabric on my head! As soon as I folded the scarf over in the front and placed it on my head the rest was so easy, and yes, I felt like a beautiful queen with my regal wrap and golden rose headband atop! As I stepped out my door I looked up to the sky, smiled and thanked Hashem for this beautiful life, and for being a woman who has the opportunity to share happiness and joy with others!

    Thank you, Andrea, for you dedication to women, and for your untiring hours of videos helping women like myself feel confident and beautiful wearing our head coverings! May Hashem continue to bless you and all of the wonderful ladies of Wrapunzel!

  9. 5 out of 5


    Now that this pashmina is available all by itself, I love playing around with it in cooler weather. Here it is in teal.

  10. Meira Atik:

    I’m so glad that this scarf is available by itself. The print is stunning and the colors are gorgeous. And I love the warmth of pashminas in cooler weather.

  11. Siobhan:

    Soft, beautiful colors, wraps like a hug on my head…what else can I say? I love this tichel!

  12. Chanah:

    My first “Peaceful Mornings” came as part of one of the earliest kits sold on Wrapunzel called “Regal Depth.” I have since bought a few other colours, including some sparkly/ shimmery ones and they are just beautiful.

    Peaceful mornings is soft, warm and comfortable, and the colours are just rich and gorgeous. I feel very comfortable wearing one of these in a daily setting, but can easily dress it up for a more formal setting. (I have even braved wearing the sparkly version for daily wear.) I always feel good wearing these.

  13. Melanie Coffman:

    This pashmina is the perfect pick for a peaceful winter morning! It came as one of my first pashminas and I love the beautiful combination of colors (I have teal/earth brown and would love to try the silver shimmer verion.) and the easy pleating. Even a beginner can really get some great pleats with this scarf 🙂

  14. Katja:

    I have got the „Silver Shimmer/ Brown“ today and it is one of the most beautiful things I have seen in my life. It is all brown with beige and shimmering silver (in the picture it looks slightly like dark purple and white).
    If you are not sure, if you should take it – take it! 🙂

  15. Judith:

    Beautiful scarf, that I’m now finally able to wear as the weather has cooled down. Today in the snow, I was warm and snuggly walking the dog. Wraps well, even for me…I’m not the worlds most confident scarf wrapper.

  16. hassiba67:

    I bought the Aqua / Golden brown tichel and it’s so much more beautiful than could be shown in the picture. It has a very noble glow, it looks so elegant and regal. I will certainly not mix it with anything, it’s just standing out on its own. The pattern is so lovely, it would be a shame to cover it up with any other layer.

  17. panatheprincess:

    I have this kit in two colourways ~ Pink Sunrise & Deep Blue Earth …….. it is gorgeous. The Quality & luxuriousness of this pashmina simply blew me away. It is one thing to try to describe the pattern & depth of colour, the feel of the material as it wraps, the snug warmth and the regal elegance I feel wearing it . It is quite another to actually experience this. I know it makes me feel like a princess the moment I put it on. If I had to describe this kit in two words I would say ~ Sheer luxury! A regal addition to any tichel wardrobe. And the decorative brooches supplied ….. these too are much more gorgeous than the pictures can convey. I have the Silver Vintage pin, the pink pearl pin and the green painted flower from this kit. All beautiful. A Quality kit ….. A ‘Qualkity’ experience!!!

  18. Shelley:

    These are are middle-weight pashminas, but not *too* heavy. They are not as silky nor as stretchy than the Lakeshore Bliss and Soft Pashminas. The colors and brocade patterns are **absolutely stunning**, evoking within me an instant materialistic craving for more, more, more! After finally getting the hang of a regal wrap (with a Lakeshore Bliss or Soft Pashmina), I found Peaceful Mornings not at all difficult to wrap, and I love the warmth and hugginess.

  19. Marie-Barbara:

    Super warm, elegant, easy to wrap… what do you want more for cold winter days?

  20. jassyfroboss:

    This kit is amazing! I knew I would like it when I first saw it, however the actual feel and beauty of the kit blew me away the moment I got it! Its oh so soft and warm, one of the most comfortable things I own to wear during the winter.

  21. Kirsten Kennedy:

    My only complaint with this is that I can’t figure out how to wrap it. 🙁 I’m working without enough hair for a bun though.

  22. Heather:

    This was the very first Wrapunzel kit that I bought and I fell in love with it the minute I saw it. It’s soft and gorgeous, and it absolutely makes you glow! I can’t wait to get another!

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