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Perfect Pouf Scrunchy


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A sister to the Oomphtastic Scrunchy, the Perfect Pouf Scrunchy is an incredible way to add volume and save your hair!


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Get excited, because this scrunchy is the answer to all your tichel bun dreams! A sister to the Oomphtastic Scrunchy, the Perfect Pouf Scrunchy is the perfect way to add volume and save your hair! Made of twisted velvety strands, this scrunchy is lightweight and can be easily added under any shaper. You won’t have to spend time removing or adding stuffing each time you want to change your look. The Perfect Pouf Scrunchy also works well for looks without a shaper. Just wrap it around your ponytail, add a No-Slip Headband, and you’ll be ready to wrap! Using the Perfect Pouf Scrunchy instead of a hair elastic is also a great way to take the tension off your head and save your hair! Simply use it to make a messy bun with your hair, and you’ll be ready to wrap!

14 reviews for Perfect Pouf Scrunchy

  1. joyfuljubilee22 (verified owner)

    I’m sure I’m the first person to use this scrunchie the way I do, but it works. Amazingly. I have medium-long hair to the middle of my back that is very straight does not like to stay up in a bun. I fiddled with my scarves I ordered and this scrunchie, and almost gave up in despair, but then I think God gave me an idea, and this is what I do.
    I pull my pony tail through the scrunchie, without looping the scrunchie. I split my hair into two parts and wind it around the outside of the scrunchie and around my hair. I pull the two strands of hair in the opposite direction, and clip the scrunchie to my head with a clip. My hair doesn’t stay up all day (It never does) and now I have a lovely pouf underneath my lovely Tuff 2 n 1 scarf. Thank you for your impossibly large scrunchies. (My family calls it a tarantula). I can finally put my hair up without a headache, and it stays. You just have to figure out what works for you, and maybe my idea will help.

  2. leah.langer

    Very heavy! Mine just sits in a drawer because I can’t stand the weight.

  3. shopingrc

    I already have two in brown and just ordered two in black. Great products. Right now,
    Planning to use them during summer time on hot, humid, fishing, and boating days. Easy swap when get wet and dry fast.

  4. kimabaker1982

    I am an older woman with thinner hair and it is also very fine. I bought this ‘tool’ not really thinking it would be a ‘good thing’ ,but I am happy to say: ” It is a very good thing! ” You won’t be disappointed. And, although I prefer to aim for an authentic self, this is a nice little ‘ punch’ for me to make the head I am wrapping less than an embarrassment. It turns out my husband loves the fact that Covid caused me to grow my hair out and he doesn”t want me to cut it. Win Win. Thank you Wrapunzel ladies for this and all the scarves!!!! Such a good selection for reasonable prices. Thank you!

  5. Caitlyn-Ann Burger

    So incredibly comfortable! Looks super natural under a scarf and too comfortable to ever wanna wear normal hair ties again

  6. naturegirl321

    I honestly haven’t used this much. I prefer the shapers but this is a great option to have.

  7. savta2

    I absolutely love this!! It gives me a little more volume without too much poofiness for everyday wear. Well worth it.

  8. htw914

    The Perfect Pouf is the perfect Essential Tool. It’s very lightweight, yet it holds beautifully. With a nonslip headband and the Perfect Pouf, I don’t need anything else to shape my wrap perfectly.

  9. s.byars

    Just received my first order and decided to try the large scrunchie. Wrapped it twice around my bun and it’s holding very nicely. Now I need to watch the video mentioned in one of the above reviews. Thanks so much. You made this Old Woman mighty happy LOL❤️

  10. Mala

    I purchased this scrunchy in black. It was in your last sale and at the price I felt it was worth a go.
    My hair or lack there of is fine, thin, patchy and right now short. In a low to mid back ponytail I have about 2.5 inches with the diameter of my little finger. Well here is where it gets good.
    I was planning on saving the scrunchy until I grew a tad more length, but got curious. Yes I put it on, yes it held, and yes it worked admirably. It gave me a modest pouf! OH SHE OF LITTLE HAIR, had the appearance of hair!
    Going to buy at least one or two more. Its one of those things I think would be handy to keep a spare one of.
    I am overwhelmed. Now as soon as I figure out the ins and outs of wrapping and a shaper, the sky is the limit. Thank you Wrapunzel for being here.

  11. Kristin (verified owner)

    I had to take a minute to review this scrunchy. This is exactly what I have been searching for to wear on a daily basis to give my bun shape. I have extremely thick hair which makes a large bun. I found a way to make a signature shaper work, but this is much more comfortable. My scarves now look perfect in the back. It fills in the gaps and gives my bun a beautiful, rounded shape. I wish I had purchased more because I’m going to use it everyday! Thank you wrapunzel. Aside from your noble deeds, you supply beautiful scarves and accessories and give each and every wrapping woman exactly what she needs. You are the best!

  12. Jen

    I love this! It’s so much lighter and gives a much more natural look. It’s winter where I live, but I’m sure in summer this, along with a no-slip headband, will be my go to!

  13. Lisa

    I love these! They satisfy my volume fix even in hot summer. I like to wear it with a velvet band and an airy cotton scarf. They really add quite a lot of volumen. And the new Wrapunzel video has some clever ways to use them. Try it! <3

  14. Kristina (verified owner)

    I purchased the Perfect Pouf Scrunchy in black. I LOVE this scrunchy because it holds my very fine thin hair in place without breaking the ends. I loved the fact that I could wear just this and the no slip headband without the need for a shaper underneath my scarves. I intend to purchase two more of these. Thank you for introducing a valuable product for those whose hair is extremely fine and thin.

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