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Petalsoft Scarf


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Looking to get lots of volume without the bulk or fuss of a pashmina? The Petalsoft Scarf will be your best friend! Fluffy faux-frayed edges frame this large rectangular tichel, in a rainbow of rich solid colors. Pleat it, fold it, or layer it to your heart’s desire!


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A sister scarf to the popular Feathersoft, the lovely Petalsoft Scarf is an amazing basic building block for your collection! It’s as soft as a petal and very light. Plus, its large size and comfy texture make it great for warm weather and very adaptable. Great in a single-scarf wrap, it’s comparable in purpose to our 2-in-1s but much larger, less slippery, and with no hanging tassels. Sure to be one of your new favorites! Try it in anything from a simple Beginner’s Luck Wrap to Leorah’s Big Splash Wrap!

Check out our comparison chart or comparison video to compare this product to all of our other solid color staple scarves!

Dimensions: 72″ x 39″
100% Viscose

45 reviews for Petalsoft Scarf

  1. Karen Wherlock (verified owner)

    Another great scarf! Petalsoft feels so good on my head. It’s light and breathable for summer but layers well now it’s getting colder. I like the size of these scarves. I find the 2-1s a little too short for my melon head. My one request is please, more bright, clear colors for us winters. Oh, and I like the mini fringe, too!

  2. lafatac13 (verified owner)

    These are amazing scarves! They are super soft and comfortable, perfect for beating the heat. I have two at the moment and am planning on getting more.

  3. tonyasparrow93 (verified owner)

    I purchased this scarf in three colors and they have quickly earned their place on my favorites rack. So easy to work with and have incredible staying power. Feminine and so soft. Definitely want more colors. These did not disappoint.

  4. Hannah Snyman (verified owner)

    This is the wrapunzel scarf I have the most colors of, and I’m sure I’m not the only one! These are so lightweight that I can happily wear them in my Arizona summers, they’re super soft, and the unique crinkly texture gives great volume while staying lightweight and cool. What’s not to love?

  5. ackibeau (verified owner)

    I purchased this scarf in black, along with a shaper, so I could try wrapping my hair for the first time. I like it a lot! I bought two more in different colors during the Black Friday sale (olive and eggplant). It’s a good material, not too heavy, but sits nicely on the head. 🙂 I think it was a great choice for a first time scarf wearer.

  6. swilkins1291 (verified owner)

    So glad I got this scarf! Soft and beautiful and easy to wrap with.

  7. leah.langer

    it’s soft but it looks and feels very cheap IMHO. It’s just a raw edged strip of thin cotton fabric.

  8. D

    These scarves are amongst my favorite! Love the way they wrap. The weight isn’t too heavy, the colors stay vibrant. They’re so soft. The most recent colors I purchased were periwinkle and wine. They’re beautiful colors. Vey happy with my purchase.

  9. vandjsizemore

    Super light, easy to wrap, perfect for summer. Gives more volume than a 2 in 1 or tuff 2 in 1. Hate that I missed the sale!

  10. Liz

    Just bought 5 of these during the sale. Why, why, why did I never try these before?! They are just like their name, soft and beautiful, they are light and the texture is amazing. They are perfect on their own but put together with other scarves they add such an amazing depth, contrast, and texture. I may be buying a few more as gifts. Get yourself one! Or two! Or more! The perfect summer scarf. I have always wanted to put together little gift boxes for some of my friends for Rosh Chodesh as it’s a day we women are so connected too, I may be back to add a few of these in. Wrapunzel rockin’ it as usual. Love to all the Wrapuzelistas!

  11. Helen Anderson

    Oh my goodness! This scarf is the most perfect texture, and so easy to use! Once I received my first petalsoft I immediately ordered about 8 more in varying colors! And oh, how beautiful the colors are! They have not faded, but have stayed bright! The softness is incredible and the wraps look so pretty with them! My favorite pairing is the dusty rose petal soft with a leopard print personal scarf! Such a pretty combo and the petal soft just made the entire thing!! I cannot wait to order more! Thank you to the entire wrapunzel team for providing us with such a wonderful shopping experience!!

  12. Helen Anderson

    Oh my goodness! This scarf is the most perfect texture, and so easy to use! Once I received my first petalsoft I immediately ordered about 8 more in varying colors! And oh, how beautiful the colors are! They have not faded, but have stayed bright! The softness is incredible and the wraps look so pretty with them! My favorite pairing is the dusty rose petal soft with a leopard print personal scarf! Such a pretty combo and the petal soft just made the entire thing!! I cannot wait to order more!

  13. GabrielleMirjam

    Every time I wear mine, I wonder why I don’t own more.
    The lightest, softest, and fluffiest scarf you’ll ever own. Layers like a dream, and incredibly versatile all on its own. Easily one of my first go to’s in the morning. I really should invest in more than one.

  14. manusellwood

    Addictively soft, it’s also slightly stretchy and I love the texture. It’s comfortable, cozy, warm but breathable & light! I normally love tassels but it’s actually nice to have a scarf that doesn’t have tassels so it’s easier to tuck & you can use every inch. It’s large and has body so it can provide a lot of volume by itself. I got tan and it really is so versatile, even lovely as a neck scarf. I wasn’t sure how I would like the volume for layering as I tend to lean to more low-key wraps, but since it is thin it actually does layer really well. It’s becoming my go-to for casual days when I just want to throw on a quick, comfy wrap. The texture also really helps it to stay in place. I’ll definitely get more colors in the future!

  15. Tamika

    I’m going to be honest. I held off on ordering this scarf because I didn’t think I would like the texture. My goodness, I was so wrong! The texture is amazing. It is so soft and easy to wrap with. I’m still not as advanced in my skills as a lot of you lovely ladies. This scarf is so easy to manage. The length is perfect in my opinion. This scarf looks so much better in person. I ordered this scarf in navy and olive. I absolutely love each shade and I’m hoping to purchase two other colors. If you’re on the fence about this scarf stop hesitating and make the purchase.

  16. Meredith Rees

    One of my absolute favorites! It’s light weight, breathes well, soft, easy to work with, and the colors are just lovely. The lavender is perfect! Just enough color that it doesn’t wash me out, but pale enough for the days when I want to be soft and pretty. I will definitely be adding more of these to my wardrobe!

  17. Wave

    These are my favorite. I reach for them before everything else these days. Lovely next to the skin and don’t itch. Extremely light weight. Look great after many uses and washings. They stay put and are easy to work with.

  18. sharris18

    I got the petalsoft scarf in basically every color! It’s my go to scarf and they are extremely comfy and light weight. Keep it basic w/ no shaper or anything or add a shaper and multiple colors the combinations are endless!

  19. sharris18

    I got the petalsoft scarf in basically every color! It’s my go to scarf and they are extremely comfy and light weight. I have gotten friends and coworkers these scarfs as presents and they all love them especially my friends who are just beginning to wrap!

  20. monique99205

    I love the Petalsoft scarf so much I purchased 5 of these! Its a larger scarf but lays down beautifully when wrapping and I love to let the frayed edges just show. Here I have the tan one paired with a vintage Vera Bradley scarf over my Wendy shaper. My only complaint is that it doesn’t come in more colors 🙁

  21. paanma1

    The Petalsoft Scarves are my favorites! I wear 1 or 2 every day. They work as a lovely light weight shawl too or neck scarf too. So comfortable to wear with a bit of stretch. Fluffy, pretty and light weight. The only thing I wish now is for more colors of these!

  22. mgeviolin

    The picture is of a wrap I did with the black petal soft and my tuff 2-in-1. If you’re looking for a great basic tichel, try a petal soft. It’s so great for wrapping by itself, or layering with a tuff 2-in-1 or another petalsoft or sash. I had tried the t-shirt scarf, and I can’t work with the stretch in it without squeezing my head. These are great because they have volume similar to a t-shirt scarf or pashmina, but their light, soft, and so so comfy! I love these, I’ll be replacing my t-shirt scarf with another one of these, and I don’t think I’ll ever want another basic tichel other than these, I just adore them! Please get more colors! Especially a deeper rose pink and some more blues!

  23. Renae Haringa

    It’s soft, fluffy, and light. This scarf is great for an everyday, comfortable look.

  24. reubenrosemtl

    This is absolutely my favorite scarf from my most recent order to wear when its hot out! Wish they came in more colours though

  25. Rebecca Snouffer

    I LOVE these scarves! I have 4 colors already. I have a pixie cut and I don’t wear a shaper all the time, yet this still provides nice volume. Super grippy, yet still light. I want every color!

  26. Caitlyn-Ann Burger

    It’s so soft and comfortable!! I love the weightlessness it has too just so beautiful!!

  27. necier2q2

    I have the rich purple. She. Is. Gorgeous. The material is light, fluffy, and like pajamas for your head. I love nature, and the soft ripples remind me of the lake on a calm day.
    Buy one, you will be happy you did.

  28. bayla

    I seriously have a new favourite. This feels sooo soft & comfortable, rather akin to putting your feet into a comfortable pair of sheepskin slippers. It wraps like a dream, stays put throughout the day and even when layering two it feels like you have nothing on your head.

  29. agowan_23

    I’m obsessed with these scarves. I wear my scarves directly on a very sensitive bald head for medical reasons and I can tell you that they are some of the softest and most versatile scarves I own. This scarf washes super well I just toss these in with my regular clothes and it’s never ripped or gotten a run just softer and fluffier I’m probably gonna have the whole collection before I know it

  30. sewinstitchez

    I have to add my praise for these scarves! They are lightweight but still give good volume, and they layer beautifully for even more volume and style. They have a bit of stretch that helps you pull those ends extra tight for tying or tucking in. I love a secure scarf I don’t have to fuss with throughout the day. Thank you for carrying these Wrapunzel!!

  31. htw914

    The Petalsoft scarves are without a doubt, my all time favorites! If I had to grab one scarf and run out into the zombie apocalypse, I would grab one of my six petalsoft scarves. Which color? I don’t know, I love them all! I’m even eyeing one or two more. I almost don’t want to leave a review, because I don’t want you to ever run out! They are MINE MINE MINE! I hope you can eventually get it in White. That would be awesome. Anyway, they are incredibly SOFT, like your oldest, most cherished hanky that you inherited from your great grandmother. They are wonderfully long, and wide, yet so thin! No weight at all on your head. I could wear these for days on end. Okay, I just talked myself into getting another one. Or two.

  32. b72denes (verified owner)

    This is a very soft, thin, long and large scarf. It can be worn by itself, but today I matched it with a Sparkle-licious. Petalsoft has a simple, rustic impression, and Sparkle-licious is opposite from that. But here they go together.

  33. Debra Neah (verified owner)

    I have had my 5 petal softs for a while and just got around to making a review. They are among my favorites and as others have found, they really do almost wrap themselves. They are extremely comfortable and versatile for wrap styles and I also wear them around my neck. I would buy more if there were more colors I can wear, so here I am to request (beg) Wrapunzel to find more colors! :–)

  34. goldestephanie (verified owner)

    Love these scarves! Soft and they layer fantastic! You can do whatever style you want with these and the colors are beautiful.
    I love to braid them! Makes me feel special and beautiful and at the end of the day I don’t want to take my wrap off.

  35. mythreelittlekitties (verified owner)

    I will never give up my Beloved Saris, but these are a close second. They are so different I shouldn’t really compare them anyway. My ‘go-to’ is the Sari wrapped twice around my head with tails down as I prefer having the back of my neck covered. We were (still are) having a heat wave and OOOOOOH BABY, it’s hot outside!!! I was melting under my precious Saris. I had just recently received my Wrapunzel order which included several Petalsofts. Thank You Lord. I hadn’t even washed them yet. I hand washed a couple and put them on the line, they were dry in 15 minutes! (it WAS 40+ C however) They are soft soft soft….oh my. You have to wear one to know what I mean. I arranged my purple one in a loose hijab style and went back out to work in the gardens. Even though the sun was beating down it was the most comfortable I’ve been in days. It is so light and breathable that even the meager breeze managed to get through and cool my neck. The scarf is large enough it can be wore in MANY styles but light enough it can be doubled for turban wraps. Did I mention how soft it was!?! Even the hummingbirds were hovering over me, entranced by the pretty purple color no doubt. The texture is lovely and I adore the frayed edge, they are so …..perfect in an imperfect way. Before I start sounding like a hopeless romantic let me also say that these are versatile and practicle scarves almost as much as they are comforting and enchanting. I would wrap a newborn baby in a Petalsoft. I hope that these scarves never go away.

  36. Andrea Kramer (verified owner)

    It wraps like a dream, it feels like a dream and the colour is so deep and true. I am new to wrapping and I had no idea how exactly I wanna wear the petalsoft but there is no need to worry, it is so easy with this fluffy friendly material you can tuck it in in any possible way and it still looks great. You can move the volume where it suits your face best very easily. I am going to order all colors because they are all very agreeable and I get a lot of compliments for them. When I want to add a little extra I am glad to wear it with my infinity clasp.

  37. kathy pilant (verified owner)

    SOOOOOOOOOOOO soft and fun to work with . The colors are so beautiful. I bought one of every color.

  38. stulman.amanda (verified owner)

    Hands down, my all-time favorite scarf. Love that it is 100% cotton. Love that it has some texture for interest, but not so much volume to make wrapping a challenge. The texture also seems to make it a little bit grippy, so it doesn’t slip. It is the perfect length (at least for my head). Love the “unfinished edge; it can easily be tucked away or left exposed or manipulated. Looks great on its own or mixed with other scarves. I get more compliments from strangers when I wear these (esp’ly the milk chocolate!) than with any other scarf. So happy to see more colors in!

  39. Megan (verified owner)

    This was my very first purchase!
    I wish I would have bought more. So light, and soft works great for layering.
    Once I washed it it became even softer! My son loves using it for a “blankie” for his animals! ???

  40. Victoria (verified owner)

    I bought 6 Petalsoft and couldnt be more thrilled. I’ve never left less that a 5 star review on wrapunzel but I wish I could leave 6 stars for Petalsoft. So light but still voluminous and easy to layer like a 2 in 1 yet strong enough to be worn on their own, which I wouldn’t do with a 2 in 1. It wraps its self with out any difficulty. I could go on about how much I love them but instead I will beg for more colors please!

  41. Farah Farid (verified owner)

    I wish I had purchased more of these. My husband mentioned twice on different occasions how he likes the color (slate blue) and material. I wore it regal style once and wrap around hijab style once. Both wrap very well under 1 minute each. I hope you bring this one back soon.

  42. T.K. (verified owner)

    My favorite scarf! I’m a beginner wrapper and this scarf makes wrapping so easy. It’s lightweight and comfortable and I love the wispy fringes. Hope they bring this scarf back in more colors.

  43. Deanna Rodriguez (verified owner)

    These are so very soft. A prior Tichel of Wrapunzel’s was 50% cotton 50% viscose and they have been some of my favorites. And then came the petal soft at 100% cotton! I highly recommend getting some of these in your favorite colors! They are amazing!

  44. Robyn Mathews (verified owner)

    Imagine your softest, coziest t shirt. Now imagine something softer, with just a hint of rippling texture. That’s the petalsoft scarf. It’s a very pretty, solid scarf, and absolutely divine against bare skin or short hair. I already have two and plan to get way, way more!

  45. Mary Chandler (verified owner)

    Oh. My. Word! I have a nice collection of 2-in-1s and didn’t think I needed any more solid scarves. However, one day I had the chance to visit Wrapunzel Baltimore and to feel the PetalSoft scarf. This scarf is so, so, so soft. I just pet my head at times when I’m wearing it because it’s so lovely. The ripply texture offers a subtle change, too, and I personally really like the frayed edge. What can I say? I’ve purchased all the colors that I normally wear, and I would love to see it available in a broader range of colors. I’d buy more!

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