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Regal Clasp


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This invention is going to change your tichel tying as much as the no-slip headband! Turn a necklace into a stunning tichel headband using the Regal Clasp – without ruining the necklace!  It adjusts to fit your head and hides discreetly underneath your headscarf.


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Wrapunzel’s Regal Clasp is an incredible invention! It’s going to change your tichel tying as much as the No-Slip Headband! The Regal Clasp turns your necklace into a stunning tichel headband without damaging your jewelry! It adjusts to fit your head and hides discreetly underneath your headscarf. Make sure you watch the tutorial below which tells you all about it and shows you how to use it!

19 reviews for Regal Clasp

  1. dresdendoll08

    I must admit. I bought this thing n set it aside for a year cause I didn’t have the patience with head wrapping as yet. Now that I am comfortable head wrapping this thing is great! Best ever for my broken necklaces. I can see myself buying a few more of these naw.

  2. b72denes (verified owner)

    This is such an invention! Now I can revive my necklaces as accessories to the tichel and make my original style. So glad I got this.

  3. Lila Besser

    This is so smart! It works great and is so perfect to turn necklaces I don’t wear often into headbands!!

  4. ann (verified owner)

    a great item as I can now use the old vintage necklaces. but as a beginner use it carefully because it seems to be a bit delicate. otherwise these need to be sold in lots to make it cheaper

  5. Samantha (verified owner)

    One of my favorite Wrapunzel accessories has been my pearl headband for when I go out and want to be more dressed up. I have a larger head so not all the headbands I have end up working out for me. That being said my mother worked for a Jewelry company for 15 years and I slowly had a collection grow over that time. There was a problem though, I don’t really wear necklaces!
    This has solved both problems in one go!
    I don’t have to try and stretch a headband out to fit my big head, and I can still wear my excess of necklaces, just not as a necklace now.
    It’s a win win for both sides!

  6. Shawna (verified owner)

    I meant to add this photo to my post! It is a faux necklace I took off a dress; it was one of those that is sewn to the shoulder seam. I didn’t like how it looked on the dress, but love it in the wrap.

  7. Shawna (verified owner)

    I love the concept. I have a ton of necklaces and love wearing them as a headband to accessorize my wraps and quickly change them back to a necklace when the day is over. Some of the necklaces I wanted to use unfortunately didn’t lie right on my head. Sadness. This wasn’t a problem with the clasp, just the way the necklace was shaped.

    It is easy to adjust the clasp and it isn’t obvious once you have it situated on your head.

    If you find the clasps don’t go around the ends of your necklace it is easy to change them out or just add a larger lobster claw on the ring. A lot of my necklaces are short so I always start out my regal clasp in the longest position and tighten as needed.

  8. Rebecca Leah

    Great idea, useful, fun, worthwhile if you like sparkle, blunt, just a small elegant touch to your wraps.
    Also perfect for those who don’t cover but want to infinity expand your headband options.

    A little delicate, use with care and it can snag if you aren’t careful, but a great innovation.

    I’m inspired to use it now ?
    But I can’t find it at the moment… Oh, its small, don’t lose it.
    (Wrapunzel sent mine with a bag to help keep in from getting lost, bit that only works if you put it back in the bag after you use it.)

  9. hassiba67

    Great invention! It turns my favourite necklaces into headbands. I love it.

  10. HerzogAdmin

    Hi Sarah! So sorry to hear this isn’t working for you! Please send us an email at [email protected] – we’d be happy to work out a return for you, and we’d love to hear more details about what does and doesn’t work, for our future reference!

  11. Rachel S

    This is such a nifty little tool! I love that I can turn old necklaces into beautiful tichel jewelry!

  12. sarah

    I love the idea of this! I find that in reality it doesn’t work as well as I’d hoped. The clasps have such a tiny opening that they don’t seem to fit my necklaces. I’m hoping I can buy a new clasp at a craft store and tweek it to make it work great. Again, it is a great concept and I love being able to repurpose necklaces, but the design needs a little work.

  13. Maggie

    I have a whole drawer of necklaces I wear only as headbands now! I love that I can turn any necklace into some bling for my tichel! This took my wrapping to a new level!

  14. Ireri

    THIS LITTLE GUY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. it’s up there with the velvet headband on a list of necessities for hair wrapping. pins and headbands are fantastic but you CANNOT beat the ease of just hooking a lobster clasp necklace onto your tichel, tuck, and go! Get one! Get five! They’re easy to lose so you’ll want a couple!

  15. Grace (Gabrielle)

    What a clever little gadget! Absolutely love this. Now I can finally, and beautifully, re-purpose the many loose “choker” type necklaces I had tucked away from the 90’s that I just didn’t have the heart to get rid of. Now, they are turning out to be the perfect tichel accessories. Yay! 🙂

  16. Amanda

    This little piece is amazing. DONT PULL HARD TO TIGHTEN! I was not a necklace wearer before, but I had a few I had been given. They have all found new life on my head. I really feel like I am adding jewels to my crown when I use a necklace with my regal clasp-pins just don’t accessorize the same way. You won’t be sorry you got one

  17. leebooker

    Great Idea!

  18. Stephanie

    I bought the pearl necklace and regal clasp combination. I haven’t tried this with other necklaces, but this is a wonderful touch to that “special occasion” tichel. It just gives that touch of royalty. Please be aware to be gentle with the necklace. I pulled too tight, and some of the chain broke off. (Two links.) Fortunately, I can still use the necklace just fine, and no one is the wiser. Also, be sure that the clasps to the actual clasp slide shut easily. I find it gets stuck, so I prefer to attach it from the necklace’s clasp instead.

  19. mary.chandler

    This little device is such a clever way to add a little something to one’s tichel. I don’t usually buy necklaces because they make me hot, but I’m looking at them in a whole new way now. The clasp is very easy to use.

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