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Ruffled Waves Sash

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Take a look at these!!!  They’re so simple to add and make your headscarf instantly formal. We love how it cascades down… each one is simply divine!


(See full description below.)


Take a look at these!!! They’re so simple to add and make your headscarf instantly formal. We love how it cascades down… each one is simply divine!

You can try layering it, or tucking the ends, or tying it into a bow! If you want the flat look on the top of your head, just bunch it up in your hands beforehand (you can even give it a few twists for good measure) and then lay it on your head. Try pairing it with a solid color scarf like a Solid Pashmina, or with the Cornerstone Scarf like our model Atara!

Looking for a perfect pairing for the Ruffled Waves Sash? Its extra long length makes it a perfect for combining with the Extra Long T-Shirt Scarf, using Laila’s Ruffled Elegance Wrap!

Dimensions: 70” x 7”
100% Acrylic

19 reviews for Ruffled Waves Sash

  1. lisadbrown197789

    I bought the Ruffled Waves Sash in 3 colors but I couldn’t find a photo of me wearing the “Blue Lake” one. Obviously I liked this scarf or I wouldn’t have bought it in 3 different colors. I love the fact that it makes a wrap look more elegant and can give a softer look to any wrap.

  2. naturegirl321

    Amazing! I went back and forth for months before ordering these but they’re absolutely lovely.

  3. lisadbrown197789

    I love the Ruffled Waves Sash so much that I will be ordering it in more colors. It adds so much femininity to my wrap.

  4. pamela L. August (verified owner)

    I love this scarf, it is awesome. It has the royal color of purple n yet other great colors mixed into to, so I can be even more creative with my outfits. I couldn’t wait to come here n give a review. the first time I saw it I was in love n new I had to get it, I am not sorry but glad to have it, since it can take something plain n glamorize it in so many ways.

  5. Delilah Miller

    It’s very pretty, but I can never seem to get it just right. It’s probably just me (lol). It really is very nice, just not my cup o’ tea.

  6. Kendra Heffelman

    Oh my goodness….in coming here to write this review I realized that there are several more color options now available that hadn’t existed when I originally ordered mine! Squeeee. This sash has been a great addition to my collection and I have used it in so many ways. It is light-weight, stretchy, and has a variety of colors (mine is the purple mix) which means that I can use a number of other scarves when pairing together scarves for my daily tichel. I love this sash and now that I see there are other options, I’ll have to add to my wishlist!!!!!

  7. Sarah

    Fun! I rarely wear it, but when I do, I remember how special it is. When you pull it firmly, it’ll wrap around your head a couple of times. I have also worn this one as a headband with my hair down, and it looks stunning.

  8. Annasarah Richard

    hi i have the black ruffle sash, and a blue one. i love how they can change any look. it is very versatile, and can be worn as a neck scarf . they are very easy to use and very fun.

  9. Maggie

    I would give this ten stars if I could! The colors are beautiful, and the ruffles are just a bit bouncy and perfectly graceful when the tails hang. They are sooo easy to wrap, easy to tie, and in about 30 seconds they can make a plain wrap look like a masterpiece that was painstakingly planned. These have quickly become my favorite accessory! Don’t hesitate on buying this one!

  10. natcooper

    I bought this in the Purple Mix because it has a lot of teal and other lovely colors mixed in, and I have not been disappointed! It’s floaty, ruffly, feminine and fun. I often put it on after I wrap a Lakeshore Bliss in a one-scarf Regal wrap and think it looks “meh” — this sash is just the thing to fancy up a plain wrap! I’ve used it with teal, purple, brown and khaki scarves and it never disappoints. I think it would also be good as a neck scarf but haven’t tried that yet.

  11. hassiba67

    This sash is simply amazing. It is so elegant and soft, light – it has a live of its own. I already have the brown one (from the truffleberry kit) and I have ordered two more colours (simply cannot bear waiting…). I believe this sash would even make a sack around one’s had look lovely 🙂

  12. Amanda

    FUN. There is no other word to describe this. I have the purple one, and it goes with so many things! At first I wasn’t sure how to tie it, and then I realized it gets flat when pulled. I love having a wide band in the front, and a narrow band around my bun with fun waves cascading down. PS-looks super fun with the brown leopard scarf!

  13. Rhonda

    I bought this is in the purple…and it is MAGIC. As the light changes it picks up different shades in this sash from purple to blue to turquoise to gold and it is just FUN. I keep finding myself back in front of the mirror to see it again. 🙂 I have tried it over the blue and black midnight lakeshore as in the picture and over a black pashmina and lavender and it is pretty over them all.

  14. sunshine9604

    I have all of these and love them all. They are so soft and silky. Beautiful. They are a must have to go with your Tichel collection.

  15. naomijacob26

    I love how this looks on Andrea with Lakeshore Bliss (teal & black tichal)…and I am still trying to achieve that look for myself- with no success as of yet. I am also having difficulty getting the sash to lay flat atop my head and look normal… BUT, the scarf itself is lovely as the photos attest to…I just need some tying lessons ;-). Hopefully I’ll get it soon cuz it’s sooo pretty & elegant!

  16. Hannah

    My favorite way to wear the black ruffle is to pull it over my tichel shaper a couple of times before putting on a Lakeshore Bliss. I always get a lot of compliments when I wear it.

  17. Andrea Grinberg

    HI Jessica, Just pull it tightly when you wind it around your head and it will flatten out like a regular sash. Tie it in the back and let the ends hang loose

  18. Jessica

    I have the cream, and it’s definitely very interesting to look at. I’m still trying to figure out how to tie it. 😛

  19. Chana

    There are priced to sale. You will be amazed how much it adds to your wrap. The elegance, sophistication and sheer beauty of these are priceless. They are wonderful for an evening out or just a walk in the park. Very comfortable for summer time wear. They are like the potato chip, you can’t get just one. They also make wonderful gifts 🙂

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