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Sari Headband Surprise Sets


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Made of the same recycled sari fabrics as the other products in our Sari family, our Sari Headband Surprise Sets are simply incredible. Sold in 3-packs, these unique elastic backed headbands will surprise you every time!


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Our Sari Headband Surprise Sets are simply incredible! Made of the same recycled sari fabrics as our other sari products, these headbands are each unique unto themselves – no two are exactly alike! Sold in surprise packs of 3, they gather in the back in a covered elastic that won’t snag your hair. They’re amazing as both half covers and headbands on your favorite wraps. Similarly to our Sari Singles, they’re a lightweight, easy way to add a small pop of color and pattern to your wraps. Andrea pairs one beautifully with a Cornerstone Scarf in Seafoam, and showcases the other as a gorgeous half wrap! Try it in a lovely but simple Beginner’s Luck wrap. Go coordinating or contrasting – these Sari Headband Surprise Sets are going to turn all eyes on you!

Dimensions: 20″ diameter
Fabric content unknown


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