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Sari Sashes


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We’ve been waiting so long for these Sari Sashes!


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We’ve been waiting so long for these Sari Sashes!  They are just as beautiful and unique as our Sari Scarves, but have 5 strips of fabric and are, therefore, half the width. Handmade in India from strips of recycled sari fabric, Sari Sashes are so easy to work with, and they add so much to your wrap!  Because of the recycling process, you may find these scarves to be perfectly imperfect. Rest assured that they will not leave our warehouse if they don’t meet Wrapunzel standards. They are quite lightweight – perfect for wearing during all seasons of the year and also ideal for layering! If you are a beginner to saris, then these sashes are a great place to start. We can’t get over how incredible they are and we can’t wait for you to try them for yourself!

Wrapping Tips

Sari Sashes can be incorporated into your wrap the same way as any other sash. Since these sashes are much longer than most other sashes, they are amazing for layering! Pair your Sari Sash with your favorite solid-colored scarf, such as a Solid Pashmina, The Original 2 in 1s or the lovely Petalsoft Scarf, a quick and easy wrap that will look elegant and sophisticated. Check out this video for visual instructions on how you can wear your Sari Sash. For an added twist, use your sari sash to create the zig-zag wrap! Dimensions: 79″ x 6″

2 reviews for Sari Sashes

  1. lafatac13 (verified owner)

    These are stunning colorful accessories that brighten up any wrap! I love the uniqueness of each individual strip of pattern and the versatility of the overall sash. The possibilities are endless!

  2. sara.q.cotton (verified owner)

    I love these. The sari strips are layered and sewn so the edges are free, which seems weird at first, but it actually lets you easily flip the scarf to different sari strips to change up your look.

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