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Satin Doll Scarf

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Perky prints flirt on our Satin Doll Scarf

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Perky prints flirt on our Satin Doll Scarf. Its varying shades of green, from pale to Teal, will accent so many of your warmer wardrobe items. A lightweight blend of viscose and silk will keep this scarf at the ready in warmer climates. You’ll enjoy trying it in Cate’s Updo Turban to while away the days!



70×36 & 80% Viscose/20% Silk

1 review for Satin Doll Scarf

  1. lafatac13 (verified owner)

    A STUNNING scarf!!! I got this in the green version and it is simply beautiful. This is the perfect scarf for a fun-filled summer season.

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