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Shiny-licious Scarf


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Deserving the title of “Shiny-licious,” this scarf is a true wonder! It shimmers and shines… yet it’s durable and strong – so easy to work with!


(See full description below.)


Deserving the title of “Shiny-licious,” this scarf is a true wonder! It shimmers and shines… yet it’s durable and strong – so easy to work with! Equally beautiful worn on its own, or layered with others of its kind. It works as a base or an accent… it’s fancy enough for a formal occasion but not too much for every day!

A sister to our popular Sparkle-licious Scarf, the Shiny-licious Scarf has more texture, helping wraps stay in place with the perfect grip. The color of the sparkle varies based on the base color of the scarf (as opposed to the Sparkle-licious Scarf, where the metallic woven sparkle is only gold).

There are so many ways to wear this scarf. Try a simple Amped-Up Beginner’s Luck Wrap, or try the Shiny-licious Showstopper Wrap, made just to showcase this scarf’s stunning sparkle!

Dimensions – 64″ x 23″
100% Viscose

41 reviews for Shiny-licious Scarf

  1. morahshani1 (verified owner)

    Purchased the one in white, my daughter says it looks like its for a queen! I agree.

  2. vandjsizemore

    Have this in bright teal. Color is even more lovely than the photograph. Grippy, easy to wear. Nice, light fabric.

  3. ~Lonnie~

    This is the Bronze. It’s like a beautiful shimmering caramel color, I love it!

  4. mamapezzulo

    I bought the mulberry one. It GRIPS as if it’s made of velcro because of the metal threads, but is very comfortable to wear. Super easy to look put together in a hurry. I’m definitely going to buy a couple more.

  5. bluebackedbird1

    I love this scarf! I only own one, the bronze, and it is my go to nice occasion scarf because the color is neutral enough to go with ANY outfit but the texture and shine make it glamorous enough to wear to a wedding, military ball or even dressed down with a second scarf and worn to church! It is lightweight and so easy to wrap, and pairs with so many other scarves! (I often pair it with my gold shimmery and they wrap together like a dream!) The picture is of the bronze shiny-licious and gold shimmery worn to a friends wedding last year!

  6. blupalomita

    This has been added to my top 5 favorite wraps list! I’m typically a one scarf wrapper, so having something that makes a statement by itself is important and this fits the bill. It sparkles and it’s a great width so that I don’t have to fold much to adjust for my head and shaper size. Definitely buying all the colors!

  7. naturegirl321

    Loved this! Thin enough that it doesn’t add a lot of weight plus it dresses up an outfit.

  8. aschermanlonnie

    I thought it was about time I post reviews considering that I often depend on them for descriptions myself …I love my Shinylicious! I have olive and now grey. They are sparkly and sturdy, casual and dressy , soft and perfect for so many different wraps

  9. robynselk (verified owner)

    I love my shinylicious. The colors are fantastic. I love the rich mulberry and the black ruby. The colors shimmer. It can be a fancier scarf but it equally as lovely with casual clothes. It is very easy to wrap and stays put.

  10. Ann (verified owner)

    Wow! I got my shinylicious! And it is rose. It is less sparkly then I imagined. Discreet, nothing to make heads turn. But I like that, so I can wear it all day long! I am especially happy about the colour. The rose is like what I would call raspberry. Very very beautiful and not so easy to get. But look for yourself! I paired it with a white/pink NYB. To me the perfect colour. It is very nice to wrap and it looked good also on its own. I would love to buy the teal one too, I do so hope it will come back one day….

  11. Mary Pezzulo (verified owner)

    I got the Mulberry one. It’s thinner than it looks in the picture, almost as thin as a silk scarf but grippier. Perfect for summer. I love the rich color.

  12. Akiko (verified owner)

    Get the Black Ruby! It’s incredible

  13. Marlo

    I have this one in a gorgeous emerald green, and I love it for both formal outfits and for wearing with jeans! It makes me feel very Hollywood.

  14. Teresa Youngblood (verified owner)

    I work from home, and don’t wear dressy clothes often, so this scarf gets less attention than some of my others. I do find it to be a fancier look, because of the shine, so I tend to wear it layered with a more casual scarf. That said, it has a very interesting texture that’s fun to wrap and that works really well with layers as well as on its own. (It looks very cute as a turban with a knot or twist in the front.) It’s slightly sheer in terms of seeing light or dark behind it, so keep that in mind if you buy a light color but only have dark shapers. (Pictured here, turquoise Shinylicious with olive 2 in 1.)

  15. becky.gross (verified owner)

    I think the Shiny-licious is my favourite Wrapunzel scarf of all time – yes, I love it that much! I wish I could have them in every colour, though so far I have the Bright Navy and Bronze. The Bright Navy is even better in person – it is a dark blue with shimmery, lighter blue metallic strands throughout. I had a lot of trouble figuring out the colour of the Bronze – in the picture of Rachel it looks dark, almost like a chocolate brown (which is what I was hoping for), but the close-up shows a more golden scarf. I received a gold-like scarf (which I love anyways!) and it is truly beautiful!
    These scarves are super lightweight, almost like a 2-in-1, but not quite as long. Still, I had no issues wrapping it around my very large head (volumizer included!) Note that the Shinylicious is very delicate – my volumizer velcro made a large hole in it on the very first wear. You have to be really careful that it doesn’t get caught on anything while wrapping.

  16. passalacquahorsegirl (verified owner)

    My beautiful Mulberry Shinylicious is definitely a favored tichel staple ! Wrap, twist, layer, sparkly but not too much!

  17. Diane Ullman (verified owner)

    I loved my Shimmeries, but they are relatively fragile. I tried the Shiny-licious and I’m in love. It’s lighter than its sister scarf, almost as light as a 2in1, and wraps like a dream. I can do things with it that were awkward with other scarves. The sparkle is subtle, but more than enough to warm any wrap. If you don’t have the black ruby start saving your pennies. These scarves are elegance incorporated. And you know what? You can wear them with Shimmeries just fine.

    The photo is me with my bronze Shiny-licious and green 2in1 for the 207
    Burns Night Supper.

  18. Meira Atik (verified owner)

    I got the one in bronze. To me, it’s dressy and works best for dressy situations. Here I am wearing the Marrakesh turban for my cousin’s wedding. It definitely wraps easily and layers well.

  19. lucyglynn85 (verified owner)

    Wow. Just wow! These scarves are beautiful, soft and light for easy layering and with the most gorgeous sparkle. These just went straight to the top of my favourite scarf pile!

  20. Maggie

    I took long time to try the Shinylicious and I wish I hadn’t waited. They are super easy to wrap and very thin, yet they’re still opaque and can be worn by themselves or layered. The Shinylicious is really a headwrapping staple. I love the little bit of glimmer they have; it subtly dresses up anything you wear. The reason I gave four stars is that out of a few colors I now own one is a much stiffer, different fabric than the others and I don’t feel it wraps as well. The other colors I have, I love.

  21. Shawna (verified owner)

    I think these are my favorite scarves so far. They are the weight of a 2 in 1 but have a sheen. I like the close weave and their opaqueness. I wish there were more colors! I personally prefer these over the Shimmery. The Shimmery has a more open weave/net like texture and much more shine. I love the subtly of the Shinylicious. They are super versatile. This photo is the bronze with a sari scarf over the back.

  22. Rebecca Leah

    Love mine, wish I had more. Adds perfect, elegant sparkle but can even wear on a “regular” day. Awesome for a day you need a little “pick me up”.

  23. deborah (verified owner)

    This new version of the shinylicious is perfect! The size is great, not too wide at all. A pleasure to wrap, just goes right up. I am looking forward to ordering all my colors. Thank you for your quest for super tichels!!

  24. Chanah

    This is perfect for the subtle and comfortable sparkle. I find it a great alternative for the shimmery when I want a little less sparkle, and also very light and comfortable. This also works very well as an underscarf peeking through another scarf for the extra elegance.

  25. Lila

    This scarf is just beautiful. It sparkles without being over the top, so I can wear it any time. It dresses up or dresses down, and is thin enough to layer. I love the colors, especially the teal and mulberry! Great scarf and super versatile!

  26. Chanah

    Whenever I want a subtle sparkle and shine to my tichel, this is the one I like to chose.

    Over the years, there have been a couple of versions of this tichel. There has been a thin lightweight version (which I think is currently being sold) and for a while there was one that was almost as thick as a pashmina. Both versions were really pretty, but I like the thin version. They are great for layering, using as a sash, or pairing with another scarf, or wearing alone. I think I prefer this scarf to the very popular Shimmery (of which I have many). It is always elegant, and easy to wrap. Once you get the right colours for you, this is a wonderful basic to have. I am excited to see new colours, and look forward to purchasing more.

  27. Mindy B.

    I purchased this beautiful tichel in bronze. The first time I wrapped it, right before I lit neirot Shabbat, it transformed and elevated my mood because it was the first time I wrapped with something other than my usual tichel. My husband told me that it was perfect for welcoming Shabbat Hamalka in this color. It is very easy to wrap and manipulate into different shapes, even without a shaper. I can’t wait to save up to get a few more.

  28. Ivelisse Jimenez

    Love it , love it ! It’s so elegant , soft and so classic. When I wore it the first time, I didn’t want to take it out.

  29. rcmeiseles

    I had been wanting to review this tichel since receiving it a couple of weeks ago. Did the shimmery giveaway inspire me to put my fingers to the keyboard?…..Maaayyybe!

    This is my first shiny-licious (if you search for it in the store make sure to include the hyphen or it will not show up in the results). I had been checking the store repeatedly for months, looking for a warm color that would enhance my wardrobe to be in stock. Just before I placed my order, I checked again, thinking I was certainly wasting my time, and this time was pleasantly shocked to see that Bronze had become available (this happened before I saw Naomi Rose’s blog illustrations of the gorgeous effect she achieves by combining the bronze with gem colors). And it gets better!

    The bronze is actually a mix of dark, warmish brown and brassy gold fibers. A perfect accessory for my warm-toned skin and wardrobe, in addition to the wonders it works with gem colors.

    I threw it on quickly this Friday night before Shabbat, in a beginner’s luck tie. It is grippy enough that it stayed on the whole evening without a headband, cap or pin, with very little slippage. Not many scarves will do that. I do have very textured, dry-tending hair, so I cannot promise the same result for other hair types. Nevertheless, it is illustrative of how easy it is to work with.

    It is extremely comfortable. It has a unique kind of softness, though I would not describe it as sleek or fuzzy. Despite abundant metallic fiber, it’s not scratchy.

    It’s also lightweight and breathable, with lovely drape to the tails. Probably even more so than, say, a 2 in 1. Yet, the weave and the fringe twists/knots seem more stable.

  30. Rose

    I waited so long for the green to come back into stock, but it was so worth it! As others have said, despite being so fabulously sparkly, this isn’t scratchy at all. Rather it is soft and smooth, draping beautifully. What I hadn’t appreciated until I got my hands on it is that it also has enough substance (without stiffness) for more structured, three dimensional wrapping styles, like giant bows and fans – perfect for when I wear it at samba drumming performances and carnivals when I really want to stand out!

  31. Shira Shaharabany

    These are some of my absolute favorites. I have them in white, pink, black, mint, and blue. I love that they are super fancy yet can also be dressed down. I have worn these to weddings and gotten many compliments. For weddings, I have worn the pink and white together in a layered shira tails style with a black outfit, a white one combined with a white shimmery in a twisty crown style wrap with a purple dress, and even just used the white as a beautiful base to lighten up darker scarves. I love them!

  32. Kendra Heffelman

    I have the red Shiny-licious and love it. It is thin, wraps great as a base scarf or an accessory scarf, and really pulls out even the smallest amount of red from another scarf wrapped with it. I wish that there were more color options for this scarf though.

  33. Rachel S.

    I love how soft this is with that subtle sparkle! This is easy to tie and just adds an element of pizazz to your outfit. My only trouble with it is that, although it is wonderfully lightweight, it still doesn’t let my head breathe like the pashminas. That being said, I still wear it often in the spring, fall, and winter!

  34. katharina-baehne

    I was incredibly astonished when I opened my package and caught sight of the Shiny-licious in silver. It nearly took my breath away! That is a really royal scarf that is easy to wrap and incredibly lightweight and durable. Added bonus is that it is soft and smooth and does not scratch. I just love it and would love to see it in more colors!

  35. rstein

    Shinylicious is so beautiful! Sparkly, lightweight, and lovely!

  36. Amanda

    This wrap is so light weight, and stays exactly where you put it–I ordered a second one, and when they are restocked, I’ll order more! I can’t help but be in a good mood when I pair my magenta shiny-licious with my signature scarf.

  37. Robin

    I love, love, love Shinylicious! I have five of them already, and want to get more. They are light but have body at the same time., and they Sparkle! They are actually much more awesome than they look in the photos. Try one and see!

  38. Madeleine

    In my opinion, this is one of the most underrated scarves on the site! I got mine in purple at an event and wore it as a regular scarf until I got married. Then it was one of the first I put on my head! Adds instant shine to any wrap, and stays put. Also, not too thick, so perfect for summer, too.

  39. blueroses_78

    I have several Shinylicious scarves and I am so pleased with them! Not only do they look AMAZING and make me feel so beautiful, they grip more slippery scarves, giving it a major bonus! I feel like an elegant queen when this tichel is part of my wrap!

  40. Hannah

    Although my shy self is still working up to wearing my Shinylicious out of the house, I have given two as gifts that were extremely well received. (One was to a woman who loves scarves but does not cover at all. She’d never seen anything like it and loves to wear it around her shoulders with everything from black velvet to blue jeans.)

  41. mary.chandler

    I love my turquoise Sniny-licious scarf. I bought it for the color, but wasn’t sure if I’d like the shine. I have been pleased to find that it’s not an overwhelming shine; it really enhances the scarf. It’s a nice weight, too.

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