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Shortcake-N-Berries Kit

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Our Shortcake-N-Berries Kit is so very delicious!


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Our Shortcake-N-Berries Kit is so very delicious! No matter how you wrap it, its sumptuous solid-colored ‘cake’ and delectable berry ‘topping’ (pardon the pun!) will delight your every sense! Including a Cornerstone Scarf in a solid color and a coordinating Watercolor 2 in 1 Scarf, this kit is perfectly lightweight, breathable, and so easily wrap-able on the hottest of summer days. Try it in a Two Scarf Yael Wrap for a simple style that shows off both scarves! It’ll feel like a refreshing and light dessert for your pretty head!

Cornerstone Scarf – Mustard 68″ x 28″, 100% Cotton
Watercolor 2 in 1 Scarf  – Red/Plum/Mustard 64″x 24″, 100% Viscose


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