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The Shimmery Scarf


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“I can’t believe my eyes… FINALLY!” This is exactly what Andrea exclaimed when she saw The Shimmery Scarf! We had been searching and searching for this scarf, ever since Andrea made her very first post about it way back when on the Wrapunzel Blog! She’s had this scarf for a long time and was always saying “we HAVE to find this for everyone… we must!” That’s why it’s called THE Shimmery Scarf… and now it’s one of our bestselling sparkly scarves!


(See full description below.)



“I can’t believe my eyes… FINALLY!” This is exactly what Andrea exclaimed when she saw The Shimmery Scarf! We had been searching and searching for this scarf, ever since Andrea made her very first post about it way back when on the Wrapunzel Blog! She’s had this scarf for a long time and was always saying “we HAVE to find this for everyone… we must!” That’s why it’s called THE Shimmery Scarf… and now it’s one of our bestselling sparkly scarves!

There is so much to say about this wonderful scarf. It flows like water, it shines, it drapes. Even a sloppy fold seems intentional! It hangs beautifully and can be worn on its own or as a sash. The fringes are perfect… just, WOW! It is sheer, so make sure you’re wearing something underneath. We are so happy to have finally found it and honored to have it on here for you!

Wondering how to wrap this beauty? We’ve got tons of tutorials! Check out Rachel’s Extra Fancy Shimmery Turban Tutorial for the look in the Pewter, The Shimmery Fancy Tutorial for our model Atara’s look in the Blue Shimmeries, or the Shimmery Pigtails Formal Wrap!

Looking for even more versatility? The Shimmery Scarf can also be turned into a sash! Split one with a friend, or trade so you can each have a sash of a different color! It’s also a great way to repurpose an old Shimmery!

Dimensions: 73″ x 18″
100% polyester

83 reviews for The Shimmery Scarf

  1. Ericka

    The Shimmery Scarves are absolutely fabulous and make me absolutely fabulous when I wear them. I do have to play with them to find the best way to get them to stay put, but it is always worth the effort.

  2. Haley Taylor

    Gorgeous option for subtle layering or going all out razzle-dazzle.

  3. Rachel Salzano

    I love the color of this scarf! I do tend to wear another scarf under it (as in the picture on the left, with a tan petalsoft scarf beneath) and use it as more of an accessory because my skin is sensitive and it can be a bit itchy. But I love the shimmer that you get with this scarf, and if you don’t have super sensitive skin, it looks great all on its own too (picture on the right!

  4. juliehairell

    I purchased the shimmery scarf and let me tell you it is amazing! I definitely recommend it, and will definitely buy several more in other colors. Thanks so much! I will post a pic soon!

  5. b_evans

    I have this in aqua and it is great! I paired it with two other scarfs (one being the Brights scarf from Wrapunzel) to make this look (the triple waterfall, courtesy of Wrapunzel tutorials on YouTube) and it came out great!

  6. mamapezzulo

    INCREDIBLY luxurious-looking just by itself, and when they eventually rip you can still use them as sashes or headbands.

  7. lisadbrown197789

    I only have two of these in my Wrapunzel collection but I have purchased several to give-away. They are nice but not something that I wear very often.

  8. gzgrinberg

    Super easy to wrap, beautiful shine, and really looks like hair (especially for a Rapunzel costume). After a few uses though, it becomes increasingly see through as the holes widen (more so in the back where the bun bump is).

    • Shari Rosen

      Hi! Thanks for leaving a comment about your 2 in 1. Please drop us an email about it with pics of the ‘holes’ so that we may follow up with you. Thanks and best always 🙂

  9. rmtbrenda

    I have the gold shimmery.
    I looooooove it.
    Fav scarf in my collection.
    The shimmer, the colour, the drapey tassels. I squeal every time I have cause to wear it.
    Will be adding more Shimmeries to my collection.
    Wrapunzel, please never stop stocking the Shimmery!

    I don’t wrap with it but use it as a shawl. So cannot say what it’s like to wrap. But Wrapunzel has a tutorial on wrapping with the Shimmery.

  10. jennifer

    These are so beautiful, when I can get them to behave, LOL. I have problems with my hands so sometimes the slippery ness of these scarves makes them hard to wrap. But even when I’m having a hard time and can’t get them ‘perfect’ they still turn out beautiful. I really love to pair them with other scarves and Wrapunzel has every possible color you would need.

  11. Jan

    The shimmery scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I love the ease of wrapping them. I received my first shimmery when I ordered the Silver River Kallah Kit and since then I have ordered more in different colors. I also love that they look the same color in person as they do on my screen; kudos to the photographer!

  12. d_eller

    Recently purchase my first shimmery scarves in three different colors and they are absolutely fabulous! I love the material and the colors are so vibrant. The length is amazing too and lends itself to many styles. I can see myself buying one of these in every color.

  13. robynselk (verified owner)

    I love the fringe on this scarf. The shine and the dramatic fringe make it a very bold statement piece. It’s one of my favorite pieces to wrap with. The colors are rich and glowing.

  14. mamapezzulo (verified owner)

    I get compliments every time I wear one. They’re medium-difficult to wrap, but worth it.

  15. Barbara Thompson (verified owner)

    These are my absolute favorite scarves. They are easy to wrap and very elegant. They also are fairly narrow, so I don’t have to fiddle with multiple folds and pleats, which I am not good at yet, being a new wrapper. Since I have only mastered the Beginner’s Luck wrap, it is fortunate for me that The Shimmery looks good that way. Thank you to Andrea and the Wrapunzel ladies for not giving up in trying to find them for us. They are the best!

  16. Amber Weaver (verified owner)

    With tails down this shimmery is the closest thing to your own hair you’ll ever find in a scarf. I have several now !

  17. Delilah Miller

    Stunning. The fringes might make this scarf a little difficult to wrap for beginners, but the effect of the shimmery is MAGICAL!

  18. Tisha Hannible

    This particular scarf holds a very special place in my heart because it was with me on a very important and special day I wore the scarf the day I got married It made me feel so beautiful and loved and I’m very happy that I chose this scarf to accompany me On this very special day although this scarf is a little bit on the thicker side it’s still very breathable and very comfortable when I got married it was a very hot day and I had a volumizer on underneath and I am so surprised at how comfortable i was its a beauty and definitely a keeper And needs to be part of everyones scarf collection

  19. Candice K-W

    Wow is all I could think when using this scarf! It’s magic in your hands that will transform a plain day into a fantasy! There are so many colors to choose from and so many ways this beautiful scarf can be utilized. No matter what style or scarf I used, adding this shimmery stepped up my wrap game to stellar status! I love the feel of the fabric, the durability and there is just enough stretch to be able to play around with different wraps. This made me feel like a princess.

  20. Deborah Goldberg (verified owner)

    This scarf is very beautiful. It took me a while to realize that it has a smooth side and a rougher, grippy side. After that, it was smooth sailing when it came to wrapping it. I love the fringes, they are smooth and silky and feel a bit like hair. The colors are vibrant and gorgeous. This scarf can be layered, or it can stand on its own.

  21. Jennifer McGraw Robinson

    I look horrible in magenta but I could not resist!!

  22. Oleander_sky

    This bright scarf is fun to mix with a solid pashmina. The light purple is a nice match with the teal pashmina that was in the same kit. I like how it lights up another light purple scarf.

  23. Heidi B

    These are my favorite go-to scarves. I love the sparkle! I wanted to thank the Wrapunzel web folks for updating the display of the colors – it is so much easier to match with the ones I have – and why? Well of course so I can (eventually) have all of them!

  24. eborisch (verified owner)

    I really do love the shimmery. I like it a lot better than the shinylicious because it’s a bit less, well, shiny!?! But that one is pretty as well! My only issue with these and I have 4, is that they snag really easily and I tend to wear a brooch almost daily. They are “tough” when it come to tugging while wrapping, pins and even my ring has gotten caught it it. What I mean my tough is actually more along the idea of sturdy maybe, but not tough as in difficult! But it add so much to a look that I still love them!

  25. Laini (verified owner)

    Far and away the most beautiful, shimmery, elegant head covering ever! So fluid, drapes oh so easily and looks gorgeous every time!

  26. Riemke (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered royal blue, navy blue, and emerald green and there are a couple more on my wishlist. They are so versatile and perfect for any wrapstyle! I mainly use them for turbans but I also love them combined with a solid pashmina. I always combine them with a shaper/underscarf.

  27. valentyna40

    Finally mine in dark red and silvery white came! Cant wait to try it out! Thanks Andrea and you team! GOD bless Shalom aleichem

  28. Sarah

    I love these! I was hesitant at first not knowing what to do with this scarf, but now I own several and they make a great one scarf wrap for shabbos. just tie a beginners luck, throw on a pin or headband and it looks amazing!

  29. Miriam Berezin (verified owner)

    I have this scarf in a few different colors – very shimmery and shiny. I like to wrap them like a waterfall – you can see the video that shows how to wrap them called Shiny waterful twist

  30. Jade Octavia Honeycutt (verified owner)

    These tichels are very different from the other tichels I have gotten from Wrapunzel before. The material they are made of is kinda like a net and feels kinda like your own hair and is beautiful to wrap with! I have the Royal blue, teal, and brown, they are awesome to braid with like I have in the picture but do get a little heavy if you have several of them in one wrap. They are warmer and a little thicker so perfect for this autumn weather! I really like these tichels!

  31. Shawna (verified owner)

    I love the weight of these scarves and they have great tails. I give them a 5 when I base them on their own merits. However, I prefer a more subtle shine, like the Shinylicous. Regardless of my preference, these are beautiful scarves with many color options. Note that because of the high sheen they lean toward the vibrant rather than rich. Also, keep in mind that the weave is more open than most scarves so the under scarf or shaper shows thru. I think this can be a plus when styled well.

    Shimmery scarves add a nice touch when combined with other more muted scarves or a nice print. If you are feeling perky you can use multiple colors together (see photo).

  32. becky.gross (verified owner)

    The Shimmeries are amazing scarves! I have them in Silvery Black, Gold Creme, Mulberry, and Teal. The black and gold creme are so so versatile and are great for dressing up almost any outfit. The mulberry and teal are great for adding a splash of colour to a dark outfit. The Shimmeries are my go-to scarf for formal events and weddings, and look amazing with tails tucked up or let down (the fringes are great if you want “hair” on your shoulder!). I find I am buying new Shimmeries every time I make an order!
    They can be a bit slippery to tie, but with practice it’s easy to get your shimmery on!

  33. eruditegal (verified owner)

    I ordered one black silvery wrap… just one I said. That changed when my black silvery wrap arrived! I decided to order 2 more… just two more, one in mulberry and one in emerald! Man! That’s gonna change again! I have 3 more in my shopping cart, teal, navy blue, and brown. I am poor and am waiting for my paycheck to arrive so I can complete my ensemble of shimmeries! They make me feel wealthy when I am just dirt poor. I should have bought them when they had that $9 sale.

  34. Shannon

    Absolute wrapping perfection! I bought navy and magenta…now, I need them ALL! It wraps intuitively, drapes artistically, and turns every wrap into a masterpiece! I really wish, though, that they would put each color with its name on an individual picture. The photo labels don’t match up with the lists in some places. I want to order more colors, but I want to be certain that I’m ordering what I want!

  35. Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

    I really adore this scarf. It’s incredibly elegant and can make any outfit– or tichel– seem incredibly regal and fancy. It’s instantly classes up whatever outfit! I love to wear the ends of mine down and braided (as pictured below) or as part of a Triple Crown wrap. The only downside is that the material can be a little bit scratchy or stiff, if you have sensitive skin, and that often, it’s best to layer something else underneath, because the weave of the fabric is a bit wide and tends to show the color of my volumizer underneath. Overall, however, it’s completely fabulous. (Pictured wearing white and light blue, with a solid navy pashmina.)

  36. Chanah (verified owner)

    This is really special, and is my go to tichel for any formal occasion. These can also really add the special touch for an every day wrap either on its own or with a more casual scarf. they can also be made more elaborate with pins, lace, and headbands.

    Andrea’s tutorial linked to the description above is actually my go to style for special occasions or Shabbos, and a style I can put together quickly. I have put it together in five minutes to rush out the door a number of events many times.

    I would say that this is a staple for your formal tichel wardrobe.

  37. mirja.haukisaari

    I already have this beauty in Gold Creme, Beige Gold, Brown, Pewter and Light Olive Green… Still want a red or light blue one, so addiction is a risk you’re taking when purchasing one! 😉 Note that tucking the tails can be tricky, so if you don’t like tails hanging you might need to practice a bit.
    In the photo I’m wearing the Beige Gold with a purple New York Brights.

  38. Sarah Brown (verified owner)

    Really a must-have! I can’t get enough colors. They combine so well with other scarves, each other, or stand out nicely alone.

  39. Justine Lustig

    I have the Gold shimmery. WOW. it is so fantastic. Sturdy yet easy to wrap… I thought the texture would be too scratchy to be touching my neck but I even wear it with a tail!!!
    I love it!!!

  40. mirja.haukisaari

    I have this in beige gold and gold creme, and I LOVE them!!! The make such elaborate a feeling when I wear tails! 😀

  41. Sarah

    I worry about snagging the metallic threads on these. But they’re beautiful. I got the gold and the emerald green and I’m already mulling over what color to get next.

  42. Lisa Anderson

    I just got one in light teal and wore it with a deep blue scarf that has a very cool open weave. The super-silky sparkly look of the shimmery showing through the deep blue was gorgeous, and I had a ton of compliments! I ordered a bunch more in bunches of colors that I cannot wait to pair with more open-weave scarves over them!

  43. Diane

    Bought a dark pink color. Delicious to wear. Open weave BREATHES. Came back for five more.

  44. Lila

    This is a scarf that i have struggled with, but am still in love. I have worn 2 together, which can get heavy, but I recently discovered that not only do they look beautiful with tails, but the fringes on the tails almost feel like a long side ponytail. I love the feeling!
    The scarves themselves are absolutely gorgeous in every color, and are great for dressy occasions like weddings, but can be worn every day!

  45. Mindy

    What a luscious tichel! I bought two, one in Beige Gold and one in Black. What can I say that hasn’t already been said? OK. The Beige Gold gives my complexion a boost of radiance, and if you’re a redhead, it’s as flattering as your hair color. The fringes are divine. It drapes with ease and almost pleats itself. I ordered a few more to wear for Shabbat, Chagim and smachot but I can see myself wearing these during the day as well. Light weight and comfortable too.

    One warning, please. Be careful not to snag it on zippers or hooks because it can pull some of the threads. Thank you for this beauty, Wrapunzel.

  46. Laureen Glicklin Sussman

    The Shimmery is the first scarf that I purchased from Wrapunzel, and it is still my favorite. I started with deep purple. Now I have about 6 or 7. It looks elegant, even if I just wear it alone and tied on the side with a pin to decorate it. I don’t think I have ever layered it – I don’t need to do so. I love the way I look in it, and I love the compliments I always receive when I wear one.

  47. Stephanie

    I bought the dark red shimmery for Christmas wraps, and it is great! It is easy to wrap and perfect for fancy styles.

  48. Jana

    I actually bought several of these in order to coordinate my geeky/cosplay loves. They are tricky to tie at first, but once you’ve got the hang of it, they’re lovely. They are perfect for taking scarves to the next level – instantly fancy, yet can quite easily be worn more casually.

  49. Becky M

    I have the Silvery Black Shimmery, and oh man, it is amazing!
    Since I have gotten it, I’ve worn it to every wedding I go to. It makes me feel so dressed up and glamourous – my friends have told me it makes me look like a queen! I like to layer it over a grey scarf and top it all off with a headband. My one teeny issue with it is the loose weave gets caught easily – at one of the weddings I went to, it got caught in one of the floral arrangements (!!!) and some of the silver threads pulled and snapped.
    Anyways, I would definitely want to get more colours – the black is super versatile, but I crave colour!

  50. Rachel S

    I don’t wear my shimmeries all the time (I have royal blue, silver, and gold), but when I do break them out, I always feel beautiful. The shimmer is beautiful and dressy enough for very formal occasions (I would and have absolutely worn them to weddings!)

  51. Maggie

    Gorgeous!!! These scarves wrap beautifully and the sparkle is stunning. When the tails hang it’s like a glimmering, flowing river of color. They make any wrap look elegant and beautiful. Shimmeries are the best!

  52. Cameron

    Andrea was right about every fold looking intentional! The only way this scarf can get messed up is if you snag it (which i have not yet done, but i am terrified of doing!). Great to layer with 2 in 1s.

  53. Adina

    Shimmeries are beautiful! I have them in almost every color. They look amazing with any lace scarf or sash. Perfect for any special occasion!

  54. Cynda LeTullier

    I just love these ~
    They are elegant and fun ~

    I have several and Going to get a few more as I can ~ I want them in all the colors!

  55. Katherine Bartlett (@KBWhiskey)

    I have the aqua one and it is amazing! I jumped for joy when I got it! So comfy and adds a bit of sparkle to your outfit.

  56. Ivelisse Jimenez

    This tichels make me feel special. The colors are so bright that helps me to be in a good mood. It makes me feel like a princess.

  57. Cheryl

    I love these! They are light weight, shimmery and beautiful. Love the colors and how well they pair with any type of scarf. I have worn them with the NY Brights, my pashminas and simple cotton voile scarves. The first time I wore it my teen daughter said “Wow mom, you’re so sparkley.That is so pretty.”

  58. Ireri

    It’s really taken me a long time to fall in love with these. I’m warming up to them now, but 4 stars just because they’re a tiny bit scratchy. What they lack in initial comfort (you really get used to it) and some mildly annoying fringe, they make up for in grippiness and fanciness! you can dress these up or down and they just work. I wore two to work and thought “this look is too dressed up for scrubs” but nobody paid any mind to whether or not they were too fancy…they were all just wowed! one patient told me, “i don’t know what you call the scarves on your head, and there’s probably a fancy name for it, but that’s one of the most beautiful things i’ve ever seen in my life.” what a compliment! i felt my soul blush. you really can’t go wrong having at least one or two, even if you’re a little afraid of them.

  59. Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

    I really, really LOVE the way the shimmery looks– I have shimmeries in three different colors (Mulberry, Olive, and a dark purple I don’t have a name for). I think they make me look super glamorous and fancy and I tend to save them for fancy “dress up” occasions. The one downside to these beauties is that they can sometimes itch, as the fabric weave is a little scratchy…as the scarf only sits against a sliver of my forehead (as I wear a shaper and a wig grip), this is less of an issue, but I can see how it could possibly irritate very sensitive skin.

  60. kristen

    WOW!!!… these are BEAUTIFUL!!!… was much more than I was expecting… they are fit for a queen!
    Ordered these in dark red (gorgeous!) and gold (absolutely elegant and matches with/enhances any colour you mix it with). Definite recommend! they seem to be a bit delicate though, mine tore a bit before I even had a chance to wear it…

  61. veniceminto

    Sorry….!!!! Point of correction, I beleive those colours Were worn by Andrea not Rivka; then again, its difficult to differentiate between Andrea and Rivka at times.

  62. veniceminto

    What are the colours Rivka wearing? I like those colour combination with the assessory. Is it Fusia pink, hot pink, light pink? I’m assuming brown is the contrast colour? I noticed when I select a colour it does not appeared in the pictures… its very difficult to accurately choose your colour preferences if you don’t know your colours by name. Another question, what colour is Mulberry?

  63. kmalveira1311

    What a gorgeous scarf! I use this to accent my most basic looks and it instantly turns them into something beautiful!

  64. Jai

    A tad more difficult to wrap than the other scarves I have purchased. The shimmery does not have very much ‘give’, but I live the way it looks. Similar to the NY Brights, it feels scratchy on my skin, so I need to wear a smoother scarf underneath. However, because it tends to get bulky, so I don’t have many options. Maybe I am not using the right style of wrap with this one…???

  65. Chava

    I absolutely love the sparkle and look of these scarves, and the fringes look AMAZING hanging down, but I find they’re a bit difficult to work with. First, I find that my knots were always coming loose. Also, when layered over a 2in1 (I don’t wear a shaper since I have so much hair so I need a base since they have little holes) it’s difficult to get the front edge of the scarf to lay flat next to my face. Also, the flow of the scarf is great but it makes it hard to get a good shape in back without a shaper. Lastly, I find the shimmery scratchy on the back of my neck 🙁 Yet I still own 3 of them lol! I think they’re beautiful and I love the colors but they’re not my favorite nor a staple in my collection.

  66. Melmoth_the_Wanderer

    What can be said about The Shimmery in general that hasn’t been said before? Nothing, probably 😉 I have it in Black, Brown, Gold, Emerald Green and Teal and I might even be tempted to buy more colours in the future.
    About the Emerald Green: I’m not sure if it’s really the same colour as the Dark Olive, but if it’s not, it’s really similar. I first wanted to buy the Dark Olive, because that’s what the green one was called in the pictures, but then it was out of stock and I bought the Emerald Green instead as I like most shades of green and thought it would certainly be beautiful as well. So when I opened the parcel I was surprised to find the same gorgeous green that I knew from the pictures and had wanted to buy from the beginning. So if anyone else just has to have that green shimmery and thinks it a pity that the dark olive one is out of stock – try the Emerald one!

  67. Meira

    I don’t like this as a head covering all by itself, but I love my dark gold shimmery as an accent for Shabbat, Yom Tov, and special occasions. I wore it once on Yom Tov as a base underneath a sari turban wrap. I also wore it once to a bar-mitzvah in a turban wrap with angled twist (the shimmery was part of the twist, which made it the perfect accent).

  68. Sara

    This scarf is fantastic! It adds elegance to every outfit, and can be used to dress up even casual clothing. I’ll definitely be getting more colors in the future!

  69. ritabelle5650

    I could not believe how fast these essentials came to me. I have been looking for alternative meothod to cover my head and tichel is the answer. Thank you so much for setting up this very informative site.

  70. Stephanie

    This scarf is so special in even just a simple tie. IT is perfect for formal occasions, or even just boosting a casual occasion with some sparkle. The colours are so vibrant, an the fringes hang in a very lovely way.

    One word of caution: I do find that these scarves a on the delicate side. Jewelry, a fingernail, or even storing this wrong can pull threads. I do have several that have loose threads that sort make the look a tad messy if you are not careful.

    These are very well worth purchasing, but please be careful how to handle these.

  71. Adina

    These scarves are so versatile and so light and comfortable to wear. I have bought five (so far) and love to mix and match them and twist and tie them in new ways each time. I especially love the nice, thick side twist that comes out using 2 of these scarves. Highly recommended!

  72. Sara Adina

    Wore a few of these over Pesach (in a hotel) and was stopped daily to ask where I got them- the simplest wrap looks so elegant with a Shimmery!

  73. mary.chandler

    I love these scarves; they feel wonderful in my hands, and the fringe is just fun. I’m not one who goes for a lot of “bling,” but I these are great.

  74. blueroses_78

    I bought two – royal blue and silver…and they are incredible! Super gorgeous, super luscious, super luxurious! No matter how I feel before, once I put it on, I feel like I am incredibly gorgeous! It is one of the most elegant and fancy pieces I have ever had the pleasure to own! I have my eye on a few more, too!

  75. jones_velma

    I purchased the purple and I LOVE It. Rich and vibrant! I have come back to get the black, gold, and red.

  76. Rachel

    Amazing, beautiful, light, shimmery…I have three of them and want one in every color. The colors are so deep and bright. Love, love, love. Please get more colors in for us. 🙂

  77. elsa_galindo

    Everyone needs at least three shimerys in their life… THAT’S ALL I CAN SAY!!!

  78. katharina

    I got the blue and red one and I love them! They drape beautifully and can be worn as a sparkling overscarf or add a nice but subtle shine as an underscarf. They are wonderful to experiment with and can be worn as a statement on their own. Beautiful, deep and rich colours!

  79. tikva

    I love my silvery black shimmery! I wear it on Shabbas evening with a robe and feel like I finally have something comfortable and beautiful to wear!

  80. Marissa

    SO shiny and gorgeous! Looks great with a sash or headband, or even by itself! I will definitely be using these for weddings or Shabbat!

  81. Hannah

    I love these stunning scarves. For special occasions, they can make the outfit! On top of that, the way they drape is extraordinary. (Note: if you have a metal allergy, wear these with an underscarf.)

  82. mary.chandler

    I love the drape and the fringe of the Shimmery scarves. They’re very fluid, for lack of a a better term, and the colors are incredible.

  83. Michelle

    silvery Black, Silvery White with a black and white New York Brights.
    can you tell me where to see a tutorial on how to wrap this?
    also, do you know when you will get in the black shimmery?
    THey are gorgeous but need serious help on how to wrap : )

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