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Treasured Israeli Tichels

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The Vintage Israeli Tichel, with a gentle floral pattern. The Sterling Israeli Tichel, with a stunning silver threads throughout. Combine them, and you’re in for an incredible treasure – our new Treasured Israeli Tichel!


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What could possibly improve either our Vintage Israeli Tichel OR our Sterling Israeli Tichel? Combining them, of course! The Treasured Israeli Tichel features an all new floral and paisley pattern, and in contrast to the sparkly ‘stripes’ of metallic threads in our original Israeli Tichels, these amazing square scarves feature an all-over silver sparkle due to tiny silver threads subtly woven in throughout the fabric, giving an effect like sunlight on water! The Treasured Israeli Tichels have everything a girl wishes for. They’re even lighter weight than our Sterling Israeli Tichels and tie easily. You’ll want to give them a hug! What’s a head wrapper not to love?

Wrapunzel’s Israeli Tichels

Just like our original Israeli Tichels, our Treasured Israeli Tichels are made to Wrapunzel specifications for a larger, more durable 100% cotton version of the classic square scarf found in shops and open-air markets all over Israel. Like the (many!) other devotees of this scarf type, we loved the Israeli Tichel’s super-useful lightweight versatility. But we as we searched the market for Israeli Tichels to stock, we found ourselves wishing they were more. More durable – more long lasting and higher quality. When we couldn’t find anything like that, we made them ourselves! Our Israeli Tichel family was the first group of Wrapunzel scarves under our own label. We designed them, we love them and we know you will too! We kept the square shape and the gorgeous metallic threads – but we added clean seams, stronger fabric and custom colors. And we also got rid of the tassels that many traditional Israeli scarves feature at the edges in favor of a clean, straight seam which will survive wear and tear much better.

Aren’t Israeli Tichels wonderful? They’re so versatile and they have a simplicity that we just love. You can wear one or you can layer them up, you can fold them into a sash, tie the ends into a bow at your ear – tons of possibilities! For more ways to wear your Israeli Tichels, check out Andrea’s all-encompassing Israel Tichel video!

Because of the natural material and personalized manufacturing process of the Israeli tichel, it is possible see some slight discrepancies in the weave. We make sure that they are small and not noticeable when you wear it on your head!

Dimension: 39.5″ x 38″
95% Cotton/5% Metallic

3 reviews for Treasured Israeli Tichels

  1. Tamika

    I ordered this scarf in Tan. The picture online does not do it justice. It is so pretty. I was nervous about ordering it because I’m not one to wear florals. I’m glad I stepped out of my box. The silver thread really is subtle, which suits my personality. This is my first tichel and I know I will wear it often.

  2. kimabaker1982

    Love the color scheme. This is my favorite now.

  3. kimabaker1982

    This has become my favorite scarf for daily wear. I love the colors in the tan one I have, and it is long enough to double tie at the neck then swing over and tie over the knot once more. If the tails fly, I tuck them around the knot once more for a flatter downward trajectory

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