Vintage Israeli Tichel

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The Wrapunzel family of Israeli Tichels just got a lot more exciting! These gorgeous square scarves feature an antique border and tiny floral motif, and are shot through with rainbow sparkle threads. Light yet strong, simple yet beautiful! And just like our original Israeli Tichels, they’re made to Wrapunzel specifications for a larger, more durable 100% cotton version of the classic square scarf found in shops and open-air markets all over Israel.


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Introducing our stunning Vintage Israeli Tichels – a member of our family of Wrapunzel Israeli Tichels! Our Israeli Tichels are completely custom made in honor of you! The story began when we took a good look at the ‘traditional’ Israeli scarves available on the market, and knew something was missing. Like the (many!) other devotees of this scarf type, we loved their super-useful lightweight versatility. But we found ourselves wishing they were more. More durable – more long lasting and higher quality.
We couldn’t find ones like that so we made them ourselves!
Yes! Our Israeli Tichel family is the FIRST EVER group of Wrapunzel scarves under our own label. We designed them, we love them and we know you will too! We kept the square shape and the gorgeous metallic threads – but we added clean seams, stronger fabric and custom colors. And we also got rid of the tassels that many traditional Israeli scarves feature at the edges in favor of a clean, straight seam which will survive wear and tear much better.
Aren’t Israeli Tichels wonderful? They’re so versatile and they have a simplicity that we just love. You can wear one or you can layer them up, you can fold them into a sash, tie the ends into a bow at your ear – tons of possibilities! Many women have told us that the Wrapunzel Israeli Tichel is their scarf of choice to wear when exercising. Naomi Rose showcases her workout tichel style in this video tutorial. For more ways to wear your Israeli Tichels, check out Andrea’s all-encompassing Israel Tichel video!
This is a tichel you can wear on its own and it will last and last. It doesn’t wrinkle easily either and it’s made of 100% cotton, shot through with subtle sparkly lurex threads!

The Vintage Israeli Tichel

Our Vintage Israeli Tichel features a black and blue floral pattern, along with the same rainbow metallic stripes as our Israeli Tichel with Rainbow Threads. We love the way the pattern gives these scarves a fun and casual look! They also feature a solid color edge around the pattern, which can be used to enhance any wrap style!

Because of the natural material and personalized manufacturing process of the Israeli tichel, it is possible see some slight discrepancies in the weave. We make sure that they are small and not noticeable when you wear it on your head!

Dimensions: 38″ x 38″
100% Cotton

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  1. 5 out of 5

    Helen Zapata:

    These Vintage Israeli Tichels are so beautiful. Rich color, sweet detail, and dazzling in those rainbow threads. Large enough to wrap in pretty much any style I can think of. This one is the Blue Denim. Gorgeous!


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