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Wrapunzel Harmony Scarf


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Our famous Sari Scarves are a class of tichel all their own – beautiful, unique, and forever popular! We’ve always dreamt about offering that same beauty in a scarf wide enough to cover the whole head. The Wrapunzel Harmony was born from those dreams and has been enjoyed by many!

Please see the Product Description below for any questions about how to choose a color for your Wrapunzel Harmony!


Wrapunzel Harmony

Our famous Sari Scarves are a class of tichel all their own – beautiful, unique, and forever popular! We’ve always dreamt about offering that same beauty in a scarf wide enough to cover the whole head. The Wrapunzel Harmony was born from those dreams and has been enjoyed by many! Just like our Sari Scarves, they’re handmade for you in India using recycled strips of sari fabric in lovely varied colors and patterns – but they’re also wide enough to cover the head in one tie. Because of the recycling process, you may find these scarves to be perfectly imperfect. Rest assured that they will not leave our warehouse if they don’t meet Wrapunzel standards. Each one is completely one-of-a-kind, eye-catching, and incredibly beautiful – they’ll become your favorite in no time.

How to tie the Wrapunzel Harmony? Simple – no gymnastics or complicated folding necessary. Just use any tutorial that works for a long, rectangular scarf! From a Regal Wrap to a beautiful Yael Twist, they’ll all look great!

Ordering Information

We have divided these Harmony Scarves into general categories for easy ordering.  The photos we have here display a sampling of that particular color category. You can let us know about any specific color or design requests by leaving a note with your order in the order notes box during checkout. We will do our best when packing to find the perfect one for you from our stock! Please note that the Harmony you receive may not be one that you see in the photo since each one is unique.

Dimensions: 17″ x 75″

33 reviews for Wrapunzel Harmony Scarf

  1. shelleysmithwifey (verified owner)

    This is my new favourite wrapunzel scarf.
    I ordered a multicoloured & was not disappointed. The ladies at wrapunzel definitely selected the perfect one for me.
    I tried to get the best angle to capture all the colours. It really is such a beautiful scarf.
    & it instantly looks like you put so much more effort in to a wrap when really you just did it in a few minutes & I love that.
    Thank you again wrapunzel.

  2. laura.pitts12 (verified owner)

    I love my Wrapunzel Harmony. Easy to style and it just jazzes my outfit. I look forward to continuing to add more to my collection.

  3. manusellwood

    Oh my gosh, I am so glad that I decided to get one of these! I had purchased an original sari scarf and absolutely fell in love with it but quickly found I wished it covered my whole head as I sometimes wanted to wear it without a second scarf or shaper. Hence, I decided to try one of these. I got one in multicolor and it is legitimately my all-time favorite scarf. The pickers followed my request beautifully and the scarf I received is just stunning & goes with everything. It ties easier than expected- I don’t have a huge amount of experience wrapping, but it feels a bit like a heavier pashmina to me when you tie it since there’s a fair amount of bulk, but it never feels too thick or unwieldly. It’s also not too slippery. The fabric feels so nice & enjoyable to wear. It’s amazing for when you want to throw on a single scarf and don’t feel like/don’t have time to do a fancy wrap, but still would like something that looks interesting. This gives both volume as well as colors & patterns. So happy with this!

  4. Sarah Spaulding

    A bit expensive for how thin it is, but it is definitely a beautiful scarf! perfect for wraps on summer days where you don’t want too much volume or fabric. Shipping was fairly fast and I love the how the different stripes of fabric create a nice layered look..

  5. nadinebusack

    this covering is very voluminous, beautifully colorful and beautiful to look at with this binding technique

  6. laughlik

    The coverage and volume are as big as it gets with a single sari scarf! Normally, I wear a fluffy tail, but this is a smoother regal wrap for a warm day.

  7. lisadbrown197789

    I absolutely love the “sari” scarves. I would say that of the 9 that I own, about half are Harmony and the other half Sari. I prefer the Harmony for full-coverage. I love the uniqueness of these scarves because they wrap differently every time that you use them. The dominant “patterns” change depending on the way they are wrapped.

  8. elanacjohnson

    This style is incredibly versatile and vibrant. Absolutely exquisite whether alone or complimentary to another scarf.

  9. lisadbrown197789

    I will be buying more of these. I own the blue and I absolutely love it.

  10. Alexandria Dyszelski

    Gorgeous fabrics and has a nice weight- hoping it will be available in more colors soon!

  11. Deanna Rodriguez

    My absolute favorite sari is the harmony! I was a little afraid of it at first and then realized i just needed to treat it like any other scarf! I ordered this one in aqua which is my favorite color and i feel like i am the luckiest Wrapunzelista around to have received this perfectly gorgeous one! The colors in it are beyond my expectations!

  12. Heather F.

    I have two of these. The one pictured is multicolored and I absolutely love it! I get nothing but compliments every time I wear it! It can take some getting used to when tying this scarf but I find it so much easier than a regular size sari scarf! It’s definitely a go to when I need to leave the house in a hurry!

  13. sisterannasarah

    At first I wasn’t sure how to use it but once I got some practice it was a breeze to tie.unfornatly it got a big rip but then I turned it into two sari sashes. So all is well.the scarfis the perfect length and width

  14. Mary

    Stunning. I just sent them a link to a Pinterest of my favorite Autumn colors and they picked a dream scarf that matched all my outfits. I will let Wrapunzel pick out all my scarves from now on, they know my favorite colors better than I do!

  15. Hope (verified owner)

    This scarf is perfect! I asked the ladies to find one with some peach in it (which I know can be a difficult color to find) and they did an excellent job! It even has some of my other favorite colors in it like purple and gold! Even my husband thinks it fantastic and loves how it looks like multiple scarves. It is my new favorite. Thank you ladies for all your help.

  16. kym hretz

    I love the fabric of this. its perfect for summer. I tie this on with out anything under it except mohair in a low bun and its perfect under my summer hat. I need one in every color!

  17. Lisa (verified owner)

    I love this sari scarf. It is big and beautiful. The colors are gorgeous. I love when people ask me “how many scarves are you wearing today?” I answer just one and they can’t believe it.

  18. Juliette Griffin (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite scarf. Once you learn how to wrap it, it’s a wonder. I always get compliments on it. I especially love wearing it when the weather is a bit warm because of the material, but it also works for cool weather.

  19. tjr5 (verified owner)

    This scarf is glorious! I purchased the jungle mix and couldn’t be happier. I’m not fond of pastels or pinks of any kind and there isn’t a spot of either on this scarf. I’ll definitely be purchasing more of these.

  20. Delilah Miller

    This scarf is truly a work of art. Wraps easily, too.

  21. hermioneg1748

    My wonderful aunt had an Autumn Leaves Harmony sent to my door for a Christmas/birthday present, and it is beautiful. I love the colors, even though I told the Wrapunzel ladies nothing (they must be psychic ?). I do, however, find it difficult to tie. I often find it a struggle to put it on in the first place, because the first knot always seems to leave a gap where the scarf opens up like a chute, no matter how hard I try. Maybe I tie scarves weirdly or something. I also don’t always know what to do with the ends—it’s hard to tuck them in. Because of these struggles, I don’t actually wear this scarf as often as I’d like to. Maybe one day I’ll get the hang of it! *determined face*

  22. Hilde Mott

    I bought this in purple and it is stunning. Every single time I wrap it, it looks different, which is kind of fun. I have not paired it with anything yet, since it’s a little heavier than the regular-width sari, but experimentation will happen, I promise. I love the illusion of wearing many scarves at once, without the hassle (for me) of layering a bunch of scarves.

  23. ann fisher (verified owner)

    ordered a jungle sari and wow did it turn out beautiful. God must have told your order lady that I love small flowers on a dark print, as it had more than enough……happy,happy,happy and you all must come to east Tennessee

  24. Amanda

    This big sister sari is a necessity for sari lovers that wear big poof. I use a Wendy shaper with extra stuffing. I needed this size of a sari because, I got tired of paring my regular sari with scarves! I’ll admit, my poof is big enough this takes creative wrapping to cover the whole thing….however, if I didn’t stuff my Wendy so full, it would be even perfecter!

  25. Marissa Baker (verified owner)

    Absolutely beautiful. I purchased it as a gift and I know my friend is going to love it. The Wrapunzel ladies were so kind about picking out the type of colors I asked for 🙂

  26. Amanda Israel (verified owner)

    This is my favorite tichel! I have it in ivory and purple. It’s an easy quick outfit maker when you’re not feeling very creative. It does all the work for you. It’s versatile and a huge compliment/statement piece.

  27. Karin (verified owner)

    I just got my Harmony and I LOVE it. There are no words to describe how beautiful, soft, luxurious, wonderful this scarf is. I love the fact that I can just wrap it in literally 2 minutes and run off to work without having to worry about my hair showing or worrying about whether it looks OK. It looks amazing no matter what I do with it. How can it not with those amazing colours? Now the challenge is to resist that inner voice that urges me to buy one in each of my favourite colours 🙂

  28. savta2 (verified owner)

    When I want to look great but don’t have a lot of time to “play” I grab my Harmony and do a simple wrap and I look and feel great. I even get compliments which is always nice. It is one of my “go to” shabbos scarves because it’s so easy but fancy. I love the one I have so much I just ordered another color.

  29. Lila

    So beautiful, but not for the faint of heart! I love how amazing this scarf is, but it takes a LOT of practice to get it right! I recommend it for people with patience, who love saris scarves. Worth it ones you make it work, but it was a little frustrating to get it right!

  30. Mansikka

    This scarf is wonderful. I could wrap it a thousand times and it would look different every time. It took me a little time to master it, though, but the struggle is worth it.

  31. Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

    I got the Wrapunzel Harmony in White and I love it. It’s so fun to play with and the wider variety of sari stripes means that I get to play around with it a little bit more. Honestly, it’s so nice to just be able to wrap it as one unit, rather than layering sari scarves, when I’m short on time, especially because people still assume that you put a lot of effort into the scarf. It’s definitely luxurious and wearing it with tails hanging out makes for a STUNNING effect.

  32. Chanah

    This is one of the most luxurious tichels I have bought from Wrapunzel. Other than the obvious beauty in the colours, it just feels lovely to touch. Wearing it with hanging tails provides a much fuller tail than the sari scarf, and there is the advantage of fitting the entire head. However, I have not found it as flexible as the sari scarf as far as folding in sections to show off what you want by your face. Perhaps two panels are as much as I can fold in from either side if I want variety, but I have found some ways. It can have a ruffled messy look in the back, but you can smooth it out, or as I have done in the photo, find a matching colour lace to make it look smooth. This is always a treat to wear.

  33. Adrienne

    I love these. Very fun to play with. Makes getting ready for the day a lot of fun. Sometimes I wear them alone, and other times I pair them with a shimmery or 2 in 1. Looking forward to collecting more.

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