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Wrapunzel Signature Scarf


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It takes a lot for a scarf to be worthy of the title, “Wrapunzel Signature Scarf“, but this scarf really does it all. Can you believe that one scarf has all those colors? That’s how incredible it is! Its texture is luxurious and soft and the colors are sumptuous. Plus, this lightweight pashmina is super easy to tie – it’s nice and thin and not slippery at all. Beginning wrappers, this starter pashmina is for you!


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It takes a lot for a scarf to be worthy of the title, “Wrapunzel Signature Scarf“, but this scarf really does it all. Can you believe that one scarf has all those colors? That’s how incredible it is! Its texture is luxurious and soft and the colors are sumptuous. Plus, this lightweight pashmina is super easy to tie – it’s nice and thin and not slippery at all. Beginning wrappers, this starter pashmina is for you!

This scarf says Wrapunzel all over it, and it’s entirely unique! With the ‘Wrapunzel colors’ dancing merrily about you,  you’ll be wrapped in joy and gratitude when wearing this sensational scarf. Spread the Wrapunzel love! We can’t wait to see photos of your Wrapunzel Signature Scarf creations!

Looking for wrapping suggestions? Check out Andrea’s Signature Scarf How To!

Note: All the signature scarves contain a rainbow of colors. The color selections refer to the pattern overlay threads, which are a subtle weave that effects the brightness of the rainbow and shows more on the non dominant side of the scarf. 

Dimensions: 68″ x 28″
50% Viscose, 50% Acrylic



101 reviews for Wrapunzel Signature Scarf

  1. dresdendoll08

    The first time I saw my dad was in a dream n he gave me this scarf, so when it went on sale, I knew I had to get it. The possibilities of styling is endless, not to mention the softness n beauty.

  2. shelleysmithwifey (verified owner)

    The picture doesn’t even begin to do this justice. It’s such a beautiful coloured scarf. It looks so amazing on & wraps well.
    I definitely want to get some of the other colour options.

  3. nightwriter19 (verified owner)

    I am new to wrapping. I tried to get neutral tones with everything (as I don’t want to stand out) but I had to get one of these beauties. I finally wore it today and I felt more like ME than in any other wrap! It is sooo soft and the colors made me feel beautiful. I was actually able to wrap this even though I’m such a rookie (only been wrapping about a week)
    I will definitely be getting this again in more colors. ❤️❤️❤️

  4. Faith Hayes

    This scarf my first purchase from wrapunzel. I was new to wrapping and figured this would be a good starting point. It is an amazing scarf. I now own it in two different options. It’s beautiful to work with, lays well, goes with everything, and is one I get compliments on the most. I know I’ll be adding to my signature collection moving forward.

  5. Deborah

    I came back for a fourth version of this scarf. These are beautiful. Very elegant and can be dressed up or dressed for casual wear. So worth the purchase!
    Glad the brown version was in stock!

  6. manusellwood

    I see why this is the Wrapunzel Signature scarf-my goodness I love it! It’s so soft, so cozy, so colorful, goes with anything, so incredibly easy to wrap. Every fold looks like an effortless pleat. Fantastic size, fantastic weight. It’s thin & light but still feels snuggly cozy. It feels slightly thinner than the cranberry to me, if that is relevant to you dear reader lol. So easy to use in every style I’ve tried. While I haven’t layered it yet, I don’t usually later pashminas too much cut I feel like it could be layered nicely without too much weight/bulk.

  7. Jamie Childers

    Absolutely love this! I am very new to wrapping, but a lot of the tutorials I saw had this scarf and I just fell in love! Was not disappointed when I got it. So soft and easy to work with compared to the ones I was practicing with. I can’t wait to learn as many wraps as I can to show off this beautiful fabric!

  8. Tamika

    I can completely understand why this has been named the Signature Scarf. I purchased this scarf in brown. It is absolutely beautiful! Oh and it is so soft! Be careful not to put holes in it. It is a little fragile. I was able to fix it good as new. I feel a little extra special in this wrap. I definitely recommend this scarf. I hope the gray option comes back because I’d get that one next.

  9. m.heinen

    So, finally ordered this scarf. Incredibly happy with it! Lightweight, yet not sheer or see-through. Very vibrant colours, soft yet NOT slippery. Huge fan; will order more. Got this one in Dark Grey.

  10. ~Lonnie~

    Ugh, what can I say but, now I see why everyone loves this scarf!!
    I got the Brown, and it’s so amazing.

  11. yablabo

    I was not originally a fan after I bought it, but now I most certainly am. I bought the indigo/dark blue, and have been pleasantly surprised as to how versatile it is. It goes with just about everything I wear on a day-to-day basis. It is a very nice weight for every season, it feels luxurious to the touch and it drapes very well. Smooth as silk!

  12. rabbitfud

    Best scarf ever! The rainbow pattern running the length of the scarf creates a million looks… just fold the pleatts to highlight the color you want. I have one in pastel and one in brown. Just these 2 scarves can be matched to every outfit in my wardrobe.. Super soft and wrap perfectly every time. The colorful tassels add flair to the look of tail styles. You can even get a completely different look by switching the shaper you wear. Everyone should have at least one of these in their collection!

  13. Eleanor Miller

    Ok. I love this scarf. If you are a traveler this is a must have. It goes with literally anything, and there are plenty of lipstick options that match too 😀 Light enough to wear pretty much all year round and ties like a dream. Can even be worn around the neack, or as a mask. Pretty much, you need one.

  14. brileiweis

    A great soft pashmina, but I did get a small snag pretty easily on my headband’s velcro

  15. lisadbrown197789

    I call the Signature scarf my “rainbow scarf”. It stands alone and has so much color impact that it is a “must have” in everyone’s collection in my opinion. I own this scarf in Bright Teal and Pastel. It’s a light scarf so I can even wear it in the Texas heat which is basically 10 months out of the year. It is beautiful and very versatile.

  16. Kellyn Nabozny

    YOU NEED THIS SCARF! It is so soft and stunning in person. I bought the brown (pictured) and the dark blue. It has this really unique ability to look like a completely new scarf every time I wrap it. Looks good with pleats or kinda loose. Perfect weight and texture for headwraps. This is by far my most worn scarf and really my go-to when I have a migraine. Plus it just makes me happy!

  17. Stephanie L Jonker

    I love this beautiful, colorful scarf! The fabric is luxurious and comfortable on a bald chemo head.

  18. Nickell Clarke

    Love love love my signature scarf. It matches everything in my wardrobe yet it doesn’t look like I’m wearing the same wrap. AWESOME quality.

  19. Ashley Doll

    I absolutely love this scarf. It’s so bright and colorful and SOFT. Tons of ways to wrap it.

  20. Headcovering Mama

    I LOVE my Dark Grey signature scarf. It is so soft and super versatile. I can have blue, yellow, even purple or magenta be the main color accenting my face and it feels like a different scarf every time I do a different wrap with it! It fits perfectly over my super stuffed Wendy Beret and even my perfect Pouf Scrunchy, I have about two inches of hair in a ponytail and it still looks good with no extra pouf under my wrap. I would definitely order this is Pastel, too!

  21. Helen

    The Wrapunzel Signature Scarf is STUNNING! While it’s warm enough for winter, it’s also light enough for warmer weather. The colors will have you swooning in rainbow happiness! And, it’s so soft! It wraps so easily… like a faithful Jersey. You cannot go wrong with this amazingly beautiful scarf!

  22. brindlem313

    This scarf is simply stunning. I got the dark grey and turquoise and wish I had grabbed a few more of them. My fella loves them and the colour movement really helps hide my clumsy tying (I am new to tichels). When the darker colours are in stock again, I will certainly snag more!

  23. Keaton

    I just bought it on sale, and I love it! I’d pay full price for it too. Perfect Pride March scarf!

  24. jndutc

    This is the perfect scarf for a beginner. It wraps easily, and the many different colors make it look more complicated than it is! So soft, so beautiful…I can’t wait to buy in many different hues.

  25. MrsColson09

    This is far and away my favorite Wrapunzel scarf. Last year, my husband bought me the Rainforest Kallah kit for my birthday, and my beautiful signature was in it. I had fallen in love with it, seeing the photos and videos of it, but those online images were nothing compared to the beauty that lay before my eyes! This scarf is SO versatile and goes with everything, because you can fold it to have whatever color you want showcased. Want to match your favorite skirt? Easy! Looking for a contrast color for your shirt? No problem. There are a million and one ways to tie this beauty that will take your breath away, and leave you wanting one in every color! Any time I’m feeling down about how I’m looking, this scarf is the cure. It is soft and malleable, and never have I experienced a tichel tantrum with her! I hope they’re available forever, because some day, I will have them all!

  26. irene24k

    Brown Signature Scarf as a turban. This scarf gave more beauty to this amazing wrap.

  27. sailu (verified owner)

    I have one (pink) and I think I’m going to get at least one more. I love it because it is so easy to wrap and looks different every time I wear it. <3

  28. irene24k (verified owner)

    I’d been curious in trying this scarf for some time, but I was a bit intimidated by all the colors, thinking that this scarf would not compliment me. Because of the flash sale, I gave it a try and I must say, “Why did I put this off for so long?” I chose the “Signature Scarf” in brown. “She” is definitely “wrap friendly,”so don’t hesitate to introduce yourself to her. Wearing my “Signature Scarf,” I know that those rain clouds are passing and that today will be a lovely day!

  29. htw914 (verified owner)

    My very first Wrapunzel scarf was the Pastel Signature Scarf. I now own the Hot Pink also (as seen in my photo). These scarves are so soft and cozy and utterly stunning to look at! They are a Must Have for any scarf collection. Even if you are a novice to wrapping, the Signature scarf is so gorgeous that no one will even notice.

  30. robynselk (verified owner)

    I have two of these scarves and I love them both. They are so easy to wrap and are the perfect beginner scarf as they have so many colors and will match with your whole wardrobe. I love that they are soft and I can wear them on my bald head or over a shaper and they both look wonderful and are so comfortable.

  31. Aviles12811 (verified owner)

    Wow!! Absolutely beautiful! I got the Navy and Pink colors. So incredibly soft and lightweight! They are stunning!

  32. mamapezzulo (verified owner)

    I got the navy one and it’s gorgeous. The texture is almost like silk but it wraps very well and holds well, so less work than a silk scarf.

  33. Zissi (verified owner)

    Love it have the pastel scarf

  34. Maryam (verified owner)

    This scarf almost immediately became My Favorite Scarf Ever. The weight is the perfect midweight. The size is perfect. The fact that you can wrap and tie it a myriad of ways so that different colors are visible is brilliant, and that you can flip it over for a muted or brighter effect, also brilliant. I wear this more than any other scarf (because it can go with just about anything, and the texture and size make it easy to wrap even on mornings when you wake up late). I bought a second one as a gift for a friend…who is equally delighted. Pondering my possible need for a second or third one for myself. I do think this is probably a perfect “beginner” scarf, too.

  35. aline_cafe (verified owner)

    So delicate and soft. The fabric is wonderful and the print is very beautiful. I am very satisfied with my tichels

  36. sharonswa (verified owner)

    My first scarf from Wrapunzel and I love it. It is so soft and lightweight and with all the colors it’s possible to create a million different looks. It goes with everything. My favorite scarf!

  37. Brooke Doolittle (verified owner)

    I own two of these. The Signature is a must have and works so well in any style.

  38. rebecca.sprauer (verified owner)

    I love this scarf. I truly do, however I was very disappointed to find that my scarf was a blend of viscose and acrylic and not the 100% pashmina as advertised. It’s not a deal breaker, just disappointing.

    • Naomi Rose Herzog

      Hi Rebecca,

      So sorry about this! We have updated the product description to reflect the correct fiber blend. We had changed suppliers and the new ones came tagged differently. Apologies for the inconsistency!

  39. hollysbears (verified owner)

    Wow, this scarf was on one of my first orders and it’s really been my go to scarf, especially with summer colors. I got the pastel and I love all the different colors in here because I can customize it to match whatever color shirt I have that day. I’ve also worn is as a shawl (because I’m super short), wore it to my blood test and the warmth of the scarf was just the comfort I needed. Once I was done with the test, off came my beret and onto my head went the scarf. 🙂

  40. Katie Hanzelka (verified owner)

    This scarf is just SO lovely! Soft and easy to use I’m very happy with it!.

  41. Amanda Bedard (verified owner)

    All I ever heard were raving reviews with the Signature scarf, well now I know why…the mail arrived and it went straight onto my head. This is a really amazing scarf, and I don’t think the colour way will ever look the same twice, it’s gorgeous, deep rich colours and with the brown threads throughout, make it like a subdued rainbow on your head. it basically pleats itself and looks amazing in any style you choose. You will not regret this purchase. you will feel as special as you should feel, no doubt about it.

  42. Samara

    Versatility!! Picture below is the same scarf 6 ways. I have more pictures in different styles and some in same style with different colors but I can’t make a bigger collage. So 6 is what o can give you. This scarf is a must

  43. Deborah Goldberg

    Perfect by itself or twisted with another scarf, the Signature is soft, smooth and easy to work with. I don’t often have time to work with pleats or criss crossing, but it doesn’t matter. The scarf goes on beautifully every time.

  44. Sarah Ostapowicz (verified owner)

    So lovely, I bought 2 (olive and navy). It’s amazing how this scarf is both simple and luxurious. Softer than soft, perfectly sized, wraps like a dream, and it’s versatile. It’s one of those scarves that I think nearly everyone will love, beginner and pro alike.

  45. griffin.brandy

    This scarf is gorgeous and really lends itself to a variety of styles. Alone or layered, it brings brilliant pops of color and perfectly accessorizes practically everything I own.

  46. Teresa Youngblood (verified owner)

    This is the scarf that I built my entire first Wrapunzel order around–the pashmina who sang to me from the screen! In person, it’s even more lovely. I have the version with coffee-brown cross-threads, and found the color to be true to the pictures here. Very soft, lightweight, and easy to wrap. It can dress up or down, and is the first scarf I reach for when I need one of those “head hugs” to help lift my spirits. And, as you can see in the picture, it’s easy to shift the colors around so you can feature the ones you like best on a given day. If you’re into color, I’d say this is one of the “musts” for a tichel collection.

  47. Kathleen (verified owner)

    the Signature sale inspired me to wear my turquoise Signature. I also ordered the brown version since this tichel is so soft and amazing!

  48. stytchwytch (verified owner)

    My first purchase from Wrapunzel. I truly love this scarf. It is a Pashmina, so it is heavier fabric. Even so, it is super easy to work with and even easier ti wear. It is large enough for coverage of a large shaper or a very large bun. I am very pleased.

  49. dejarvis83

    I have to say these are probably my favorite wrapunzel tichels. There is something extra special about the beautiful colors of each of these. I probably wear one of my signature scarves at least twice a week. They are lightweight enough that I can wear them layered with another lightweight Tichel and of course I can wear them alone. I am also able to wear them during the hottest months of summer (thank goodness for air conditioning).

  50. Meira Atik

    This is the dark/brown version in a knot turban wrap. I still find this scarf a bit tricky because it’s shorter than the regular pashminas, but I’ve tried a few turban wraps and they’re easy with this one.

  51. Li (verified owner)

    Soft. Colourful. Easy to work with. Love this scarf.

  52. Valerie Campbell

    I have this in the Dark with Turquoise. I love it. LOVE IT! It is probably the scarf that I wear most often. The variety of colors in the wrap really allow it to match with almost anything. It is so soft as well. I wear it year round. I can’t wait until the full rainbow one comes back in stock. It is on my list of ones to buy, for sure. I want this in all possible color variations.

  53. Ariella (verified owner)

    I LOVE this tichel! I have some other pashmina tichels (not from Wrapunzel) that are simply too heavy for everyday wear (especially in the summer), so I was a bit hesitant to buy another. However, this tichel is a great weight and is wonderfully soft. I love got the dark/turquoise one and I adore how simply folding it differently can yield entirely different results. It’s like having 4 tichels in one!

  54. Samantha (verified owner)

    I have this beauty in all it’s shades and I honestly couldn’t be happier. I didn’t believe it would look good on me, but to my surprise It’s looked great in all three shades. I’m going to have to say that the Dark/Coffee one has been worn the most so far.

  55. shilohkb (verified owner)

    This scarf is even more gorgeous in person than in the pictures !! It is an easy wrapping weight for a beginner. If you enjoy wearing colors at all- I cannot imagine anyone regretting purchasing it

  56. shilohkb (verified owner)

    This scarf is even more gorgeous in oerson than in the pictures !! It is an easy wrapping weight for a beginner. If you enjoy wearing colors at all I cannot imagine anyone regretting purchasing it .

  57. Amanda Schefter

    I have the dark/turquoise and it is absolutely beautiful!

  58. grace.s.hopkins (verified owner)

    Worn here with the dreamy lace scarf.

    I found this to be thin enough to wrap into many pleats without it being massive on top. This allows you to REALLY capitalize on the gorgeous colours 🙂

    It’s also extremely soft on my very sensitive head.

  59. Kirsten Houseknecht

    I know everyone loves this one, but just to add my opinion… if you wear anything but neutrals, you need this scarf in your collection. Especially if you travel you can pleat it to go with any colors.

  60. Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

    I adore my Signature scarf! I’m not a huge fan of a lot of dramatic color in my wardrobe, but I’ve found that when I have something that’s difficult to match, this tichel often contains the color! It’s so versatile (especially if you use it with another scarf, like a solid 2-in-1). At the same time, I like to twist one or more of the ends up for a “crown” effect, which showcases the variety of colors in it, when I’m wearing something more simple. LOVE. It’s definitely a must-have!

  61. Sarah

    I got the signature dark/coffee. It has taken a while for me to figure out how I like to wrap it. But the colors are so rich and I love the paisley at the ends so much. It has the perfect amount of stretch, and looks great in so many different styles!

  62. mirja.haukisaari

    So pretty colors, a soft fabric, slight sheen, overall lovely pashmina! My Signature in the photo is the dark with turquoise.

  63. Kathleen G

    Same tichel, different style

  64. Kathleen G

    I bought the Signature in Dark with Turquoise and I love it! Since it is 100% pashmina, it’s very soft and thin and easy to wrap. It’s perfect for pleating or wrapping to accent different colors.

  65. Jessica Fisher

    I was so excited to get my first real tichels today from WRAPUNZEL and I must say, they are beyond my expectations. I ordered one of each style of the signature pashminas. They are so soft and colorful. I immediately put on the brown undertoned pashmina and it was so beautiful. My husband loves them on me as well. They will go with any outfit for sure! I look forward to buying other pashminas in the future.

  66. Mindy

    I can’t praise this scarf enough. It’s not heavy and the bit of stretch gives it a golf handfeel and helps with wrapping and placing the scarf .

    It’s absolutely perfect for beginners and experienced wrappers. The scarf practically wraps itself and can morph into different color patterns depending on how you fold, twist, pleated or roll it. Each colorway is divine. If you tend to wear solid clothing, the signature adds a subtle pattern and play of color. If you wear prints, this can sometimes work beautifully depending on how you fold it. Now I know why so many women love this pashmina. Thank you Wrapunzel!!!

  67. Lila

    THIS IS THE ULTIMATE SCARF! I have all 3 colors, and I adore it. It is the scarf i reach for when I’m sad or just need a pick me up, and it makes me super happy. This scarf is unbelievable gorgeous and I highly recommend it to EVERYONE!

  68. mirja.haukisaari

    Love the colors on my dark signature scarf and how versatile it is. The scarf drapes and pleats nicely and I wear it basically every week. Have not regretted getting this gradient color pop!

  69. Chanah

    I have had a very interesting relationship with this scarf. This is one of, if not the most popular Wrapunzel scarf, and yet I find myself not wearing it very much. (In fact, it is currently sitting in my give away pile, because I have to admit to myself that I don’t enjoy wearing this scarf.)

    This is a beautiful, scarf of very good quality. It is soft, and has very beautiful colours. There is a lot of flexibility to this scarf, and many looks can be achieved with it, with many different colours to feature. Now, because there are many colours to work with, the wearer does have to be prepared to work with all the colours, and show all the colours somewhere on her head. Because I don’t love all the colours of this scarf, I didn’t enjoy wearing it as much as many other ladies do. I liked to wear it when the Torah Portion of Noah is being read, but once a year for me isn’t enough of a justification for owning this, especially if I don’t like to work with the colours I am not crazy about on me.

    I am giving this a high rating, because I have seen wonderful things with this scarf on other ladies. I also know that this is a beautiful scarf, and when I hold it in my hands, I can see that beauty. I just don’t feel beautiful wearing the version I have (which was the original dark one.) It is possible that another version, like the turquoise might suit me more. Therefore, for anyone wishing to purchase this, I would advise her to chose the version that would work best for her.

  70. Maggie

    This is my favorite. Ever. It’s just that good! The colors are gorgeous and vibrant. It’s comfortable and soft and it’s the perfect weight- warm and cozy and gives volume on its own, yet it doesn’t feel bulky and someone who sticks with lighter scarves will not have a hard time with it. It is sooo easy to wrap and in half the time it usually takes me to wrap I had a tichel that I was happier with than normal. Even in my perfectionism I just get lost in the beauty of the fluid colors and subtle sheen. You could match this scarf to almost any outfit and you can fold it so many different ways to highlight to the colors you want seen or want by your face. I waited to buy this one because I was unsure if it would be too thick or if I would like it, and I wish I had bought one in my first order. Buy this one! Just buy it. You will not regret owning this lovely, cheery, well-tempered piece of art!

  71. Stephanie

    So soft and beautiful and lightweight for a pashmina! I put off buying one for a long time because I’m not big on rainbows, but when they came out with the dark with coffee, I couldn’t resist. I do love it, though I think I’ll wear it with another scarf to tone it down even more. But it’s so soft and wraps wonderfully!

  72. Sarah

    This was among the first scarves I purchased. I love that every time I wrap it different colors come up. It is never the same twice. I love wearing it with just a solid black sweater. It is very fun and cozy.

  73. Dana

    I adore this scarf. Each year I treat myself to a new scarf at Rosh Hashana. When this one arrived I felt truly like a queen. I love wearing this wrap. I wear a lot of black and this makes my outfit sing. I could not recommend this any higher.

  74. T Palmer

    This is my new favorite, its thin enough to do a multitude of styles with, and the color is vibrant, and versatile. Only problem I’m having is which color do I want showing first. Awesome scarf, great value for money!

  75. ayala.tiefenbrunn

    I have this scarf in the dark-brown. When I first got it I wore it at least once a week. I feel like this is more of a summer scarf for me, just because of the saturation of the colors! It matches with almost everything. The only reason I’m giving it four stars is that some colors (mostly yellow) are hard to show because of their placement in the scarf.

  76. Rachel S

    This tichel is not only one of the most beautiful tichels, but it’s also one of the most versatile…you can wrap it so that your favorite colors are showing, so you can wear it with any outfit! The texture is so soft, and it wraps beautifully.

  77. rachel.leiba.schwartz

    This scarf is one of my favorites! It is unbelievably soft, and the colors are rich and beautiful. It goes with almost any outfit since it has so many colors and looks amazing wrapped in a variety of styles. Don’t miss this one!

  78. Tia

    What more can I say, that hasn’t been said? Like all the other reviews say, these are really the ultimate scarves. Next to the Sari scarves, these are my favourite. I have them in dark and light, and let me tell you, I get so many compliments on them. The magical thing about these scarves , as you will see in the tutorial, is that you can change it up every time you wear it. You can hide a certain colour, or pleat them “just so” to mix together any shades you choose, it’s really quite unbelievable in terms of versatility and beauty. As another review mentioned, this is my first real Pashima and it is SO worth it to buy good quality from the ladies here on Wrapunzel. I live in Canada and gladly pay the exchange rate because the workmanship and customer service is next to none, thank you so much!

  79. Katherine Bartlett (@KBWhiskey)

    I have this one in the lighter color which is a bit pastel. It’s very pretty and looks great with pleats!

  80. Ireri

    If you’re looking to branch out of neutrals and into jewel tones, start here. I thought bright primary colors were totally wrong for me but I was so wrong. This scarf pleats like a dream and makes the most beautiful, interesting zig-zag if that’s what you happen to be going for that day.

  81. Jennifer

    Absolutely love this scarf. I’ll love it even more when I can learn to wrap like the Wrapunzel ladies!

  82. Rose

    So much has already been said about this joyfully beautiful scarf, it is hard to see what I can add! I’ll just say, while this is exquisite wrapped in any style, try it in a quick turban style, twisted at the front, for the most exuberant and uplifting rainbow of colour around your face. Every time you tie it, it will come out slightly differently and this surprise sums up the true joy of wrapping with this scarf for me. It just makes me smile!

  83. Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

    The Signature is AMAZING. I’m not a big “color” person in my own wardrobe– I mostly wear black with one accent color or something. The fact that the signature has so many different colors means I can match that accent color and add a splash of color to my outfit that I usually wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing on my body. The fabric is gorgeous and really soft and I find that it’s easily one of the most comfortable scarves I own. I just need to figure out how to pleat properly to make this scarf fulfill its full potential (for some reason, I just can’t seem to get it!)

  84. Katie

    I nearly didn’t buy this cause I worried it was too “loud” for me. But man was I wrong! I adore this scarf! I get compliments whenever I wear it and it makes me feel so happy!!

  85. Carol

    I purchased this tichel in dark with turquoise and I must say I was surprised by how rich the colors are. It’s absolutely beautiful and so much fun to play around with. The same scarf layered or tied differently totally transforms this piece. You can be playful with all different colors showing or a little more toned down by choosing just a couple. A great addition to my collection!

  86. jacksonfamily252

    Do I even have to say anything more than the photo say? It’s a wonderful scarf I can wear it with just about anything! Definitely my go to scarf , would love to go back and purchase a light colored one as well!!!

  87. Aviva

    I LOVE this scarf! It’s absolutely breathtaking. I have the dark with coffee brown and I could literally wear it every day.

  88. hassiba67

    Although everything has been said already, I simply can’t help to share my enthusiam. I have purchased “dark with coffee brown” and the colours are even more amazing than in the pictures. I am a mixed Fall-Spring type (light skin and red-blond hair) and each and every colour in this scarf mixes with my clothes. I only wish, they wouldn’t glue the tag to the fabric. When I removed the tag, some of the yarn was drawn out – such a pity.

  89. Nikki

    This scarf is wonderful. I have it in dark with brown, and I really love it. It has enough color in it that it can pair with just about any outfit and make the whole look. The gradations of color mean that I can tie it to show virtually all the colors in nice pleats, most of the colors without pleats, or fold is in such a way that a particular color is dominant. It means I can have a rainbow look or I can be mostly orange and yellow or mostly blue and green. It really has tons of possibilities. It’s about the weight of a Lakeshore Bliss, amazingly soft, and easy to tie. It can be warm on a cold day with tails on my neck and still comfortable on a warm day. I don’t think I’ve ever paired it with another scarf or a pin. It’s just perfect on its own.

  90. Carol

    Of course I have the dark with turquoise which I reviewed before, but a friend of mine has the light colored one and it just as gorgeous. It looks great with her skin tone, she has a fair complexion. I feel as though I look better in darker tones. Both have amazing quality and look great many different ways. These are a bit heavier and not as stretchy compared to “Lakeshore Bliss”, but still a great addition to anyone’s collection.

  91. Shira Shaharabany

    The wrapunzel signature is a masterpiece. I have it in light pastles, dark with brown, and bright. My favorite way to wear them is in a Shira tails style pleated to intentionally show the array of colors, and then bringing both tails to one side to have the rainbow colors cascading down my shoulder. Its a really great tichel for adding gorgeous color to a plain outfit (Ive worn it with all black clothing and a big necklace). Its casual enough for a regular day, yet dramatic enough for a special occasion.

  92. Jai

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this scarf. The colors are vibrant. It’s lightweight. You can wear it in many styles, but my favorite is the basic regal. Sometimes I just double-knot it in the back and let the tails hang. Beautiful addition to my collection.

  93. Meira

    If there’s anything I don’t like about this one, it’s that it’s a bit shorter than the standard pashminas, so I can’t do as much with it. But I love wrapping it in a turban wrap- awesome. And I love the way I can choose any solid color jewelry and it works.

  94. Chava

    The perfect scarf for those outfits that nothing else matches…the material is so light weight, even lighter than the lakeshore bliss, and the scarf has literally every color imaginable! At first I thought the colors were too bright for me, but with some practice I found the colors that look good next to my face (could be a difference of a half an inch!) and I let the others show further back. Tip: Once you find the colors that work well with your face, don’t stress over the back half. I found the less effort I put in and the ‘messier’ I tie the scarf, the better it looks! Only con is the tag which can’t be cut off, but it can be hidden easily.

  95. Searlait Siobhan

    I wear this, not only as a tichel, but also as a scarf around my neck and tied in front. It is beautiful.

  96. rstein

    Everyone loves the signature! It literally goes with just about anything. I wore it several days in a row with completely different outfits each day (burnt orange, dark blue, etc.), and it looked beautiful every time!

  97. Jess

    This signature truly is awesome! You can create so many different looks just with one scarf. I purchased the dark and love it! So glad I ordered this 🙂

  98. Chana

    I just wanted to share my life for this. It is soft, light, and oh so beautiful. You can pair this with almost anything in your closet. It is one of those wraps you could have on all day and still know feel it. I love the joy it makes me feel with I wear it. The thing I love most is this scarf allows your to choose what color it will be on you. You can go with green and all the flowing color of it or and nice red. I think this is one of the best scarves I ordered but then I think about all the others and think…….Try it, you will not be disappointed.

  99. Robin

    Just got this in the mail, and I had to say something about it. The pictures, which are beautiful, don’t begin to do this tichel justice. It is GORGEOUS! I know it’s going to get a lot a use.


    I’m just in awe. It’s soooo beautiful and so soft. I got it in the mail this morning and couldn’t help but put it on for the day. I followed Andrea’s tutorial video and wore it the second way. I couldn’t help but play with the layering and colors for a while. It’s just so much fun! My only dislike is the tag – I prefer to remove the tags on my scarves and this one doesn’t seem as though it’ll be easy. But I’m not going to remove any stars just for that. Also, this is my first true pashmina, (I’ve only had cheap imposters in the past), but I’m sold – I’m only buying the real deal from now on. And given how much I adore these ladies, their salesmenship, professionalism, and compassion, it’ll only be from them. 🙂

  101. Phyllis B

    I purchased both of these beautiful scarves the moment I saw them on your blog. Quite simply, they are the perfect all-in-one scarves – lightweight, the perfect soft texture (for those of us without hair), and I can’t say enough about the colors! Oh! the colors! Criss-cross the scarf as shown in the tutorial, choosing whatever colors you want to be visible. But just give a simple tug here and there and the scarf changes before your eyes. What wonderful additions to my growing collection. Thank you so much for putting even more beauty into my life. P. Stice – Albuquerque, NM

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