• $22.00

    Soft textures, light fabrics, simple layers – what could be easier? Kick back and relax with this lovely multipurpose kit made from one of our crowd-pleasing Striped Delight Scarves, and a coordinating Original 2 in 1.

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  • $36.00

    As our style consultant, Leorah creates the most amazing looks with our scarves. Her tutorials have inspired to many women to get out of their comfort zone and try something new! Now, we’re so excited to bring you our newest collaboration with Leorah – the Leorah Kit!


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  • $95.00

    Every woman who covers her hair has a story, and every story has a beginning! These magical Kallah Kits are perfect for the woman about to embark upon her head covering journey. Whether she’s a kallah (Jewish bride), a cancer warrior facing a challenging diagnosis, a fashionista, or someone on a journey to discover her own cultural or religious identity, a woman taking her first steps into the head covering world deserves the best.

    This kit is our love letter to every head wrapping newbie – it contains a specially-curated group of scarves and accessories to make dozens of different wraps (from the simplest to the most fancy, and worth over $105!) We also include Wrapunzel’s famous Essential Tools – the “undergarments” that will keep everything on your head secure, comfortable, and perfectly-shaped, no matter how long you have them on!

    Whether you’re looking for the ultimate gift for a friend who’s new to wrapping, or wondering how to get exactly what you need to start covering with beauty and ease, this kit is for YOU! We pack and send each one with an extra dose of love!

    Beautifully gift wrapped containing everything you need, the Wrapunzel Kallah Kit & Beginner’s Basics gives you over $105 worth of essential hair wrapping building blocks for just $95! 

    This product is a heavily discounted specialty item, and in order to keep it at such a low regular cost, it will not be included in any sales or promotions.

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  • $21.00

    Fly through space in style in our new Peaks and Valleys Kit! This amazing duo of a lightweight, silky-feel sash and soft, mid-weight jersey scarf is just sublime!


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  • $33.00

    Mmm, have you ever sunk your teeth into a chocolate truffle and fainted on the spot? Welcome to Truffleberry! The colors of the silky scarves melt together perfectly, like layers of a truffle and make the perfect dessert. A Wrapunel classic, the Truffleberry Kit hasn’t graced our shelves in ages! We’re so excited to bring back this stunning updated version!


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  • Wrapunzel has gift certificates!!  Now you can give the gift of beautiful hair covering to someone you care about!

    These are perfect for:
    – A special friend or family member
    – A gift for a new bride
    – A husband as a present for his wife
    – Someone considering covering her hair
    – A fashion forward friend that wants to try something new

    Pick your amount, fill in the information, and your special gift will be sent to your lucky recipient! The certificate will arrive via email by the next business day after your order is placed.

    (more details in full description below!)

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