• $22.50

    The Original Wrapunzel Classic Shaper is BACK! And it is new and improved! Better design, higher quality material – we are so proud and excited to bring these back! Please note that these shapers, unlike other Wrapunzel shapers, must be worn with a No-Slip Headband.

    This shaper has a larger ‘pouf’ than the Wrapunzel Signature Shaper for a more dramatic look.


    (See full description below.)


  • $13.00

    This invention is going to change your tichel tying as much as the no-slip headband! Turn a necklace into a stunning tichel headband using the Regal Clasp – without ruining the necklace!  It adjusts to fit your head and hides discreetly underneath your headscarf.


    (See full description below.)


  • $30.00

    Beret pull-on hat style…
    Light weightless stuffing…
    Sweat-wicking fabric…
    Adjustable volume and height…

    Can it be true?

    You betcha! Scroll down for the full story.

  • Wrapunzel has gift certificates!!  Now you can give the gift of beautiful hair covering to someone you care about!

    These are perfect for:
    – A special friend or family member
    – A gift for a new bride
    – A husband as a present for his wife
    – Someone considering covering her hair
    – A fashion forward friend that wants to try something new

    Pick your amount, fill in the information, and your special gift will be sent to your lucky recipient! The certificate will arrive via email by the next business day after your order is placed.

    (more details in full description below!)

  • $13.50

    A No-Slip Headband is absolutely ESSENTIAL, and it will save your tichel-wearing life! Two of the most common complaints that we hear from women (who haven’t heard about or used a No-Slip Headband yet!) is that their headscarves slip and their hair often gets pulled out when they try securing their scarves using bobby pins/clips. Enter the No-Slip Headband! With a huge range of sizes and colors available, there’s a perfect fit for everyone! Plus, our No Velcro No-Slip Headband is a simple (and comfy!) pull on, helping avoid snags on either your hair or your scarf! Seriously, you need one of these (or two, or three…)!

    See full description below for sizing information and wrapping tips!

    Looking for a No-Slip Headband with velcro for more ability to adjust? Check out our Adjustable No Slip Headband!

  • $8.50

    A sister to the Oomphtastic Scrunchy, the Perfect Pouf Scrunchy is an incredible way to add volume and save your hair!


    (See full description below.)

  • $42.00

    You asked for it, you got it! Meet the Bobo Shaper, a unique addition to our Essential Tools at Wrapunzel! With its revolutionary shape and style, you’ll be in instant love from the first moment you tie it on!


    (See full description below.)

  • $31.00

    The designer of our amazing ‘Wendy’ Beret Shaper strikes again! Our newest Cloud9 Shaper features a revolutionary cap-style velvet headband with no velcro! Five full inches of Wrapunzel’s best no-slip velvet on top, which tapers to two inches at the bottom – the gripping power is absolutely amazing. It’s light as air, beautifully shaped, and so secure! You’ll be on Cloud 9 – hence the name!

    (See full description below.)


  • $34.00

    We originally designed the Classic Shaper to work with our No-Slip Headbands for ladies that love a full-volume look with their head wraps. Then, we wanted to go further – so along came the Signature Shaper. The Signature Shaper combined a shaper and high-quality no-slip headband in one elegant package, with a smaller, more natural-looking ‘pouf.’ But we wanted the ULTIMATE solution – an all in one-shaper that had everything that you were asking for! We worked with our seamstresses, and together we designed the Wrapunzel Ultimate Shaper!


    (See full description below.)

  • $35.00

    There are those who like volume. And then, there are those who like VOLUME!!!! If you are in the latter category, this shaper is for you! Based on the style of our  ‘‘Wendy’ Beret Shaper, our new Uber-Pouf Shaper has even more space for stuffing, for truly majestic wrapping possibilities! With Wrapunzel’s best no-slip velvet and the same light, cool fabric and stuffing as the Wendy, it’s light as air despite its size.


    (See full description below.)

  • $31.50

    This one has been a long time coming! Time and time again we have been asked about the possibility of providing a shaper option that has a velvet headband sewn in. And up until now, all the designs that we tried simply weren’t up to our Wrapunzel standards. But… the wait is over! We now have a signature shaper that has THE Wrapunzel no-slip headband sewn in! It’s so soft, and the grip is unbelievable! The “pouf” part provides the perfect amount of oomph for a natural look, and it’s just oh so comfortable. Good things come to those who wait!

    Super soft and light fabric!  The grippiest no-slip headband that won’t wear out!  Adjustable sizing!  Super affordable too!  The perfect “under-tichel-garment” to give you the ultimate shape and security!

    Check out this video for the story behind it and wearing instructions!



  • $4.00

    Our shapers, including the Wrapunzel Signature Shaper, Classic Shaper, Ultimate Shaper, Cloud9 Shaper, and ‘Wendy’ Beret Shaper are famous for their adjustability – you can remove as much stuffing as you want in order to get just the look you desire! But what about if you want to ADD even more stuffing, or replace stuffing on a shaper that’s seen years of wear? Enter the Extra Shaper Stuffing bag!


    (See full description below)

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