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Adjustable No-Slip Headband


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A No-Slip Headband is absolutely ESSENTIAL, and it will save your tichel-wearing life! Two of the most common complaints that we hear from women (who haven’t heard about or used a No-Slip Headband yet!) is that their headscarves slip and their hair often gets pulled out when they try securing their scarves using bobby pins/clips. Enter the No-Slip Headband! With a huge range of sizes and colors available, there’s a perfect fit for everyone! Plus, our Adjustable No-Slip Headband features a velcro closure, making it easy to put on and adjust to the perfect tightness. Seriously, you need one of these (or two, or three…)!

See full description below for sizing information and wrapping tips!

Looking for a No-Slip Headband with NO velcro closure? Check out our No-Velcro No Slip Headband!


The Adjustable No-Slip Headband

A No-Slip Headband is absolutely ESSENTIAL, and it will save your tichel-wearing life! Two of the most common complaints that we hear from women (who haven’t heard about or used a No-Slip Headband yet!) is that their headscarves slip and their hair often gets pulled out when they try securing their scarves using bobby pins/clips. Enter the No-Slip Headband! Seriously, you need one of these (or two, or three…)! Andrea is eternally grateful for the friend that shared this secret with her years back.  It has changed her tichel-wearing life and the lives of countless others! Plus, our Adjustable No-Slip Headband makes it easy to get the perfect fit, every time! When you wear our Adjustable No-Slip Headband, the Wrapunzel Logo should face in towards your head, and the grippy velvet should feel rough when you stroke from your forehead towards the back of your head.

How to Pick The Right Size Headband for Your Head

In order to determine which size Adjustable No-Slip Headband will fit your head, you will want to use a soft measuring tape to measure your head exactly where you want your scarf to lay (i.e. if you want some bangs showing, measure behind your bangs, or over your ears if you’ll wear it over them.) Then, find your head size on our chart below! Your head size may fit into multiple measurements. Choose your size based on how snug you’d like your headband to be! How snug you want your headband to be will depend on your personal comfort. Some ladies like to wear it tighter, and others like it looser! Often your desired size doesn’t have much to do with your head circumference, instead it’s about your hairline! For example, someone with a low hairline (front and back) will probably need a larger headband.

Need more help with how to measure your head? Check out our video all about it!


Note: The sizes on this chart are head size, not the length of the headband laid flat. Measuring your head is the most important step to make sure you find the right fit!

Looking for a No-Slip Headband without velcro to prevent scarf snags? Check out our No Velcro No-Slip Headband!

No-Slip Headband Wrapping Tips!

  1. Once you have received your life-changing no-slip headband, make sure that you are wearing it correctly!  When placed on your head, the friction of the velvet should be felt when you sweep your hand away from your face.  If it’s not facing the right way, it will not work!
  2. If the band feels a bit tight at first, you can stretch it out by getting it a little damp and pulling on it.
  3. Like any knitwear, your headband will probably stretch out a little over a few months of daily wear. To get your headband back to its original size, just wash it by hand and throw it in the dryer (if yours has velcro, make sure to close the velcro or use a bag so that none of your other garments get snagged!).
  4. Similarly, if you find the effectiveness of the velcro starting to lessen, give your No-Slip Headband a wash by hand.
  5. Check out this tutorial to see Andrea demonstrate all the features of our No-Slip Headband and to hear all her tips and tricks!

70 reviews for Adjustable No-Slip Headband

  1. Beth Plymale (verified owner)

    I live in a really hot area and have loved using this headband with a volume zing scrunchie during the summer. It was a game changer since a normal volumizer has making me too hot. Thanks Wrapunzel!

  2. manusellwood (verified owner)

    This is amazing, so comfortable, easy to put on & position, and the grip is incredible! So glad I got it, it’s completely changing my veiling game!

  3. Jamie Childers (verified owner)

    Very new to wrapping and was getting so frustrated with scarves slipping off. Then God sent me Wrapunzel lol. I don’t know how the main stores that sell hair supplies in my area have not seen this! These are the greatest thing since sliced bread! Mine fits perfectly, and I was nervous about my measurements because I have a large head lol. Hopefully I will be able to purchase more essentials soon! Thanks!!

  4. Maritza Thiebaud (verified owner)

    Is a good product

  5. stupidpenguin2 (verified owner)

    I love these! It actually works. No slipping scarves for me anymore. 😉

  6. saramshop (verified owner)

    I have always had scarves and other head-coverings slip backwards on my head, and this is like magic! No more bobby pins or clips. It took me a few tries to figure out exactly how and where to position it, but it’s a great accessory to use all the time. If it came in more colors, or with lace edging, I would love to wear these as functional accent pieces that show!

  7. laughlik

    I love my headband! I have white for my lightest scarves. It is wide enough and I know the logo on the inside goes by my left ear so I know I have it on right for no slipping all day even with silky scarves.

  8. Marissa Baker

    This headband is definitely an essential tool for me. I don’t like wearing clips to hold my scarves in place, but I’m on my church’s dance team and most scarves will fly right off if I wear them by themselves. This headband is a fantastic tool. It’s a big tight for me to wear all day without getting a headache, but I’ll just buy a longer size next time.

  9. Chana Sara Elias

    These are my favorite non-slip headbands and will only buy these now! The fit is great and grip is superior to all else.

  10. elanacjohnson

    I honestly wish I knew this headband existed a long time ago. It’s not just great at keeping my wraps in place, it’s a great headband.

  11. nalnoor

    I love mine, but I do wish it was a bit longer. It pops open unless I close it a little too tightly for comfort. A friend of mine who recommended this product to me warned that wearing it every single day has caused her hairline to recede somewhat, so I don’t wear it as often as I’d like.

  12. Kristine Elliott (verified owner)

    This wasn’t originally my idea; I got it from someone else in the Facebook Wrapunzel Community Group, but I wanted to share it here. My husband uses a Wrapunzel Adjustable No-Slip Headband to help hold his Bipap mask on. He says he doesn’t have to make the straps as tight if he uses the No-Slip Headband wrapped around his head and across his forehead, which makes the mask more comfortable to wear, which means he wears the mask longer and therefore has better sleep.

    We have 3 Adjustable No-Slip Headbands in the house now. My original one, my backup one in case I lose the original and my husband’s for his mask. Count us as satisfied customers.

  13. sps2mom (verified owner)

    Love! Love! Wish I had one of these years ago as I have been wrapping most of my life. No slip and my scarves actually stay. Yeah! It’s a bit warm to have on for the summer months, but to have a silk scarf not budge worth a little warmth. Will purchase another one as a back up.

  14. rkspendlove (verified owner)

    I am new to wrapping and am doing it while my hair grows out from a super short cut due to illness. LOVE your scarves and undergarments. My only reason for not giving the no slip headband a 5th star is that I would love to see the velcro just a bit wider. I find that the ends where the two overlap tend to curl at the corners. Usually when I just use the headband alone my sash covers any unevenness but with a smoother scarf sometimes it shows. I have not washed it yet, but suspect that will make it worse. All that said, it is not stopping me from ordering a second one in blonde. LOL! Thank you for the great products, service, and videos!

  15. Robin (verified owner)

    This is what I’ve been waiting for my whole married life. IT IS PERFECT! And I’m finally not slipping into the women’s room several times each day to retie!

  16. Anisah

    I was so afraid to order it just in case it won’t work out for me. Because I’m ordering from Malaysia, I didn’t want to have to pay for shipping twice (or three times) if I loved it. I read all the reviews, and upon finding them mostly positive, I took a leap of faith and ordered 3 (white, black and blonde).
    Let me just tell you, I wish I had ordered more. Now I don’t feel secure wearing my scarves without one. I showed it to my sister and my friends and let them try mine and they loved it and want to get some for themselves (or sneakily try to steal mine). I just told my doctor about it and she asked me to send her the link so she can buy for herself. I can be your Malaysian Distributor. ?

  17. Meghan Chaplauske (verified owner)

    So glad I decided to get my velvet headband! Total game changer!! Now my coverings don’t move and they feel so secure! Definitely recommend!

  18. hermioneg1748

    I got this in blond to wear with half-wraps (sashes wrapped so my hair shows in the back), as a counter-balance to a shaper which is only suitable for full-wraps. I put it on by fastening the Velcro around my neck, and then bringing it up over my face to my hairline. It fits my head pretty well. The reason I didn’t give it five stars is because it rubs against my ears uncomfortably, and my half-wraps tend to slip back and show the headband some unless I double-knot them, which can cause pressure headaches. I will say, my scarves slip FAR less than before I had the headband, and I no longer have to sit there tucking tons of fly-away hairs into place every 5 minutes and retrying the scarf every hour and a half. I’m glad for the purchase! 🙂 Make sure you get your measurements right and place the headband so the velvet is “growing” towards your face.

    • Naomi Rose Herzog (verified owner)

      Hi! Thanks so much for the great review! 🙂 We recommend positioning the velvet headband (and shapers as well) behind the ears – have you tried that yet? It might help with the rubbing issue you were experiencing. If you want your ears to be covered by the wrap, you can still position the headband behind them – just place the scarf or sash you’re using over the ears. 🙂

  19. Marlo

    Okay, you NEED this. I have it in black. If you don’t cover full time but sometimes like to wear a vintage-style scarf as a bow around your noggin, this will keep it from slipping and you will never need bobby pins again 🙂 Also fabulous for summer if you do full wraps– use it with the oomphtastic scrunchie to eliminate the layer of a full shaper (if you overheat like I do!!)

  20. Heidi (verified owner)

    My rating is not based on the quality of the no-slip headband. It feels really nice quality.

    My rating is based on how it fits MY particular head–others may find it works wonderfully for them. I put it on exactly as the video of Andrea shows it to be put on. I do find the velcro can catch on my oh-so-fine hair, and pulls hairs out when I am trying to take it off. It doesn’t otherwise pull my hair so much I have to take it off–but I know that my hairs find their way into it.

    I find it just slips back–not as quickly as a tichel or scarf slips without it. It could be the shape of my head–although I don’t think it is particularly flatter, rounder, larger or smaller than any other average head. I do have a high forehead and no bangs, so that could easily be the issue. I put the headband on lower on my forehead, but it still slips back eventually. I have tried just starting it up on my hair, but then it slips back faster–ha ha.

    I do think this is a great idea–it just isn’t a great idea for me. I ordered one a couple of years ago, and ended up gifting it to somebody online who couldn’t afford one at the time and I wasn’t using mine. I recently ordered again, thinking I needed to work with it more, but it isn’t working well.

    My LAST trick will be to see if when the weather isn’t so dry–it may not slide up my forehead as quickly–right now everybody’s skin here is super dry. So, if it turns out it is just a seasonal item–I will then try to use it when the season works with me. 🙂

    • Naomi Rose (verified owner)

      Hi Heidi! Thanks so much for the honest and detailed review! If you’re willing to email us at [email protected] we’d be happy to try and brainstorm to see if we can come up with any suggestions that will help the band work better for you!

  21. Melissa

    I have two of the white and black velvet headbands, and know that I eventually would like to get the blonde one as well. Why do I have more than one? As many people have said, these headbands are wonderful at keeping your scarf from slipping, and I want to make sure to always have one to wear!
    I only gave this product four stars for the following reasons:
    1. The velcro. I worry about the velcro catching on my scarves (especially viscose ones). I also don’t like that the velcro will sometimes “catch” my hair, or bother the back of my neck if I’m not very picky about how I attach the two ends. (I must confess here that I try to avoid these problems by doing the velcro before putting the headband on my head.) Hopefully Wrapunzel can one day also offer a version of this headband where the ends can be tied and/or adjusted by elastic (so that each individual can still adjust for size/comfort, but no longer have any concerns/worries about the velcro).
    2. Sizes and color choices. The white and blonde are not available in the extra small size. (This is a problem with lighter-colored scarves.) Hopefully Wrapunzel will have the extra small available in the other colors for those who use this size.
    3. Itchy. I tend to prefer my scarves more forward on my head (think about a finger or two before the start of my hairline), but if I put the headband forward, it can sometimes gets very itchy because it is directly against my skin. (I’ve noticed it does not bother me as much if I put the headband where my hair is.) Hopefully this is only a personal problem of mine and does not affect anyone else.
    4. Color bleeding. I found I had to wash the black headband a couple of extra times (to avoid the color bleeding). This really isn’t a problem if you know about it beforehand.
    Once again, this is a great product that I highly recommend if you want to avoid your scarves slipping!

    • Naomi Rose (verified owner)

      Hi Melissa! Thanks so much for the detailed and honest review! If you have a moment, we’d love to hear from you by email ([email protected]) – we’d be happy to help troubleshoot the colorfastness and snagging issues!

  22. quak.quak (verified owner)

    These headbands are amazing! I ordered an XL and was afraid it would be too short because I have a big head (60cm circumference). It actually is a lot stretchier than I expected, maybe I’ll shorten it or try an L with my next order. So don’t be afraid that the headband would be too small. Combined with the Classic Shaper, in my opinion it’s a great solution for big-headed women.

  23. Sarah (verified owner)

    Like they said, it’s essential! The velvet headband has made all the difference in making my headscarves an all-day, hassle-free affair. When I’m not wearing a full scarf, I sometimes layer it under other headbands to keep them in place too. I appreciate the stamp on the side that lets you know when it’s on the right way. The velcro started to come loose soon after I ordered it, but I sewed it back on without too much trouble.

  24. Ariella (verified owner)

    I am so happy I found these. I recently started covering, and the frustration of constantly retying and worrying that my tichel would slip at inopportune times took a lot of the joy out of it. However, this headband has been wonderful. However, I still find that if I don’t put it low enough down on my forehead, the headband itself will slip off eventually (though not nearly as much as my tichels did without it!!!). My husband prefers I show a small amount of hair and I have a high forehead, so that’s where the problem lies, but I just wanted to let others know that, depending on the shape of your head and where you like to wear your tichels, it might not be a perfect fix. Otherwise, it’s amazing though!

  25. Rebecca Leah

    Essential, unless you are one of those mythical, magical people (I’m sure you exist) who’d scarves never slip.

    Very good quality compared to other brands.
    I would however recommend some minor design changes. The rough side of the velcro is a bit long and gets caught on my scarves more often than I would like. If it was bit shorter and the fuzzy side of the velcro a little longer, I think it would get caught less and give me more room for adjustment.

  26. aestheticsetara (verified owner)

    Wow. I knew this headband would be awesome. I have been wearing it for just a few hours and it feels so good. It is a new feeling, knowing that my scarf is not going to slip! It is much thinner than I had expected, which really makes it even better. I was bummed that black was out of stock, ended up getting blonde. And I love it! I got the scrunchie as well. It is amazing. Really. No more headaches, no yanking out hair because a messy bun ate two hair elastics. Wrapunzel has beautiful and well priced products and the best customer care.

  27. Abi (verified owner)

    Super! I bought the extra large, because I have a large head and a fringe and it is so comfy and grippy! The velcro fastening doesn’t catch on the little hairs at the nape of the neck. I will definitely be back for more!

  28. Katy

    “Does exactly what it says on the tin.”

    This headband is fantastic, it really works. I have used tube caps under scarves for a while and thought they were good, but this headband doesn’t budge a millimetre.

    I chose the size based on my measurement minus an inch for negative ease, and I find it a bit tight. The headband has elasticity but is a strong fabric so I find the pull too much. I have fixed this by covering part of the velcro with a scrap of fabric so I can do it up part way without it snagging in my hair. I find that because the velvet is so incredibly grippy, I can wear it quite loosely and it still works perfectly. Next time I order one I’ll get a size bigger.

  29. Lisa Anderson

    I work in a very busy kitchen, and had a hard time keeping my scarves on my head. This headband is amazing! I wear it every day, and love how it stays in place and keeps my scarf in place all day. I am prone to migraines, so I was concerned at first that it might cause me pain, but nope, not even a twinge! I have skipped wearing it once or twice upon waking up with a migraine, but it has never actually *caused* a migraine. I highly recommend it!

  30. jlnichol

    I don’t think I would be able to wrap pashminas without this. When I first started wrapping, I used hair clips with cotton scarves and no volume, but even that tended to slide back a bit through the day. I’ve tried the clips since with pashminas and they slide off even before I get them tied. Definitely makes life much easier. I would recommend getting more than one, as it seems to help if you give them a day off between wearings. Kind of like with bras. Also definitely make sure to keep them clean or they won’t work near as well.

  31. Maggie

    I couldn’t wrap without the velvet headband. Couldn’t. It is completely necessary. I lent mine to a friend (WHY did I only have one?) and ended up wearing hats all week because my tichels would slide around horribly. The velvet band makes wrapping possible. Buy more than one! Trust me on this, you’ll be glad you did!

  32. Katherine Bartlett (@KBWhiskey)

    Best thing ever since sliced bread! I can wear tichels without them falling off!

  33. andrea g

    hi Mikayla! We totally hear you! Like anything, these headbands to wear out… we find they start to lose their punch after 6 months. Butttt a great way to revive them is to wash and dry them on regular setting! Just make sure the velcro doesn’t catch on your clothes!

  34. Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

    I really like these wig grips and have found them to be of good quality; however, it seems that the longer I have them, the more stretched out they get…it seems like the velcro latch almost passes by where it needs to go. I have a black one and a tan one, but I got both of them in size L/XL because I’m prone to headaches. If anyone knows of a way to “shrink” them back down, that would be great…otherwise I don’t know about ordering a new one that might be too snug in the beginning and then waiting for it to stretch to the right length.

  35. Ireri

    As some other ladies have said, buy more than one! You won’t regret it. It really helps to alternate them so they don’t get all stretched out. They do shrink back up with a wash and dry, but if you only have one, you would have to reserve it for a day you aren’t going out, aren’t going to be seen, don’t have social obligations, etc. a rare day indeed! i learned my lesson and bought my second one. you really need to coordinate them to your lights/darks too because my black one stained my pink pashmina. :c but it’s fine, because these and the pashminas are easy and inexpensive to replace.

    long story short, just get more than one!

  36. sunshine3215

    This item is a true essential. Here is how I use this item, 1) WIGS….I wear wigs and this holds the wig in place, I do wear two hair pins for added security in the back. When you wear this item you wig does NOT Slide at all. 2) Scarves and Turbans… I found out about this site via you tube and I wanted a break from the wigs, I started wearing scarves the “right” way, I ordered this item first and have had success every since. This site is such a blessing and I have ordered several of these headbands. I have washed mine and it was fine. I also made mine bigger before the XL were added to the store by cutting about two inches before the Velcro and sewing in a 2 inch piece of Stretchrite 1 1/2-Inch stretch knit. I am so thankful for this business and the videos on you tube. I will be wearing turbans for LIFE and this page has made a big difference in my success.

  37. Mirja

    This headband is a wrapping game-changer definately!
    Before this baby I made various experiments with underscarfs because my hair is very straight and slippery. I ended up imitating hijabis and used under caps and had to pin my wraps with multiple sewing pins (or straight hijab pins) to keep it sort of in place.
    With this velvet band I have no need for pinning my wraps exept for very active days or for decorative purposes.
    Also the XL size fits me well, even though my head is big in circumference: 64 cm.
    The only downside is that the velcro sticks to my hair in the nape of my neck. I’m thinking about removing the velcro and sewing the band into a fixed size circle.

  38. kmalveira1311

    This is a must-have products for the simplest to the most complicated looks. It keeps everything in place and the best part is – no headaches!

  39. Nikki

    After years struggling with scarves falling off the back of my head and sliding along my slippery hair, this headband solved the problem. No more frustration from scarves sliding back all day, and my entire hair covering experience is a world better.

  40. Melmoth_the_Wanderer

    I was a bit sceptic at first if this headband would fit my head, so for everyone else unsure on this matter, especially those with bigger heads: the measurements are quite accurate, as is the information that after measuring your head you might remove an inch or even a bit more to find the right size because these headbands are stretchy. I have measurements between 22 and 23 inches, depending on were I want to place the scarf, and the XL headband fits my head perfectly, without being too snug and with the velcro part all closed and concealed (which is important so it won’t damage the scarves.)
    I was a little confused at first because I first measured in cm and the description said 48-53 cm for the XL headband which would never have fit my head – but then I measured in inch and got the 22/23 from the description. It turned out that 20-22 inch are really more like 50-55 or even 56 cm.
    As for the no-slip qualities I still have to try things like running to catch a bus with it, but I already tested it by tying a slippery fake-silk polyester scarf with this headband underneath and then shaking my head, trying to get it off… well, I didn’t get if off. And before, when just wearing such a scarf with a cotton scarf underneath (wearing it on it’s own was impossible) I had to be careful of much gentler movements.

  41. Sara

    I normally tie my tichel 2-3 inches behind my hair line, and this headband is such a life-saver! The size I ordered ended up being smaller than what I needed, but it still works very well. My scarves don’t budge, and the headband has enough give to prevent headaches. The headband doesn’t slide at all, and it’s very comfortable. I plan to order the next size up as soon as I can just so the velcro doesn’t get stuck in my hair. Great product!

  42. Melissa

    This no-slip headband cannot be compared. It is simply amazing. It holds perfectly! I have gotten on roller coasters and my tichel never moved. Amazing! A must have.

  43. Beverly Peacock

    Was so relieved that it REALLY works! My scarves stay on all day without coming off or even slipping without wrapping them tightly. Worth much more than price.

  44. Jennifer

    I just recieved this in the mail today, and oh my, what a amazing thing it is. I wanted to cover my head as a spiritual discipline for advent. Mostly in preparation I’ve been wearing headbands, becase I could not get a scarf to stay on my head. Now I will be able to fully cover for advent and not worry about my cover as I go through my crazy day as a busy mommy. I could not believe when I tied a silk scarf around my head, how secure it was. This discovery is such a gift. Thank you!

  45. suesseleilani

    So amazing! So snug! I was suddenly aware of how much time I spent readjusting my scarf, because I kept reaching up to fix it and realizing I didn’t have to! It makes me feel comfortable and capable. Thank you!

  46. Lydia

    So nice not having to worry about slippage! Deffinatly a MUST!

  47. Rivka Malka Perlman

    Hurray!Thank you Cynthia!

  48. saraschrock

    100% wonderful. Keeps everything extremely secure (I’m totally impressed!). Love it, love it, love it!

  49. sunshine9604

    I have both the black and beige headbands. They are a total life saver. My tichels stay in place all day. I’m not sure what I’d do without them. They are soft. And to wear a tichel you have to have one. They adjust really easy. I wash my in the sink and hang dry. I bought XL and fits perfectly. Thank you Andrea and Rivka Malka for having these. I love them and yall.

  50. christa

    OMG!!! My headband just arrived, I knew it would help prevent slipage but it is better then I thought! This is amazing must buy more now

  51. Robin

    I love my black no slip headband. I actually just ordered another one in tan for my lighter colored tichels. The only problem I have is that the velcro sometimes gets stuck on my 2 & 1.

  52. La

    The first no slip headband I bought, I got from another website before I fund wrapunzel. It was cheap, and I didn’t know the difference, so I bought it. IT ended up having velvet on only one side, so while my scarves didn’t slip, the headband slipped and pulled on my hair. As I have stated in various other reviews, I tend to get headaches from wrapping, so this was not working for me. I decided to buy the no slip headband from Wrapunzel, which is double sided (velvet on both sides) and it changed everything. Now neither my scarf nor the headband itself slips. IT makes a huge difference. I was having to retie multiple times just to keep my headband from slipping, and I had started using bobby pins. Now I can leave it in all day and don’t have to worry about pinning it.

    A practical note: I have a very small head when it comes to hats. If I were to buy a regular hat, I would probably buy a child size. But, because of the shape of my head and the angle on which the headband sits, I ended up needing a much larger size than I had originally assumed (Luckily, I had already made that mistake with the first headband I bought, so I knew better when buying this one.) Be sure to measure your head before you buy a headband and trust the numbers. I can’t stress this enough. Andrea and Rivka Malka have generously put the measurements up along with the sizes, so use that information and trust what your tape measure tells you, even if it goes against everything you think you know about your head.

  53. Sara Adina

    Ok, I have fallen asleep in a wrap while wearing one of these underneath- and even with my preschooler napping ON my head, the. scarf. did. not. budge. =) I suggest pinching the edge of the scarf tightly and pulling slowly when removing if it gets caught in the velcro.

  54. Kirsten Kennedy

    This has made my tichel wearing much more comfortable! I don’t feel like it’s going to fall off of my head anymore. Now I would rather wear my tichels instead of my sheitel. 🙂

  55. Catherine

    I have a very large head, so all normal headbands never fit (the make a slow crawl to the back of my head before sliding off completely, or in some amusing cases, popping off like a spring). This stays on like magic and keeps my scarves on amazingly too, even when in the presence of a two year old! The only thing that I would possibly mention in instructions of use is to watch out where the “scratchy” side of the velcro is placed. If you have it up when attaching and leave some of it exposed, it will snag your scarf (and you will be sad). Make sure the scratchy velcro is facing down, towards your head when you fasten, with the soft side up, it helps to avoid snagging.

  56. gina.centanni

    ^ What all these ladies said! A friend recommended this to me even before I began covering, and it only took me a week or so of trying to keep my scarves on before I saw the wisdom in her advice. Now wrapping is an all-day delight, rather than a constant distraction by the feeling of braids tumbling down your back or fabric pulling your hair. Thank you, Andrea and Rivka. 🙂

  57. Hannah

    If you don’t have a no-slip headband yet, it is the first thing to put in your cart. Without something similar, even the simplest scarf will slip and slide on your head as you move. With these, your tichels will always stay in place–even if they are heavy multi-wrap styles. Can’t wait to see them in lighter colors!

  58. Marissa

    SO NECESSARY! I feel like I need a ton more, even though I have two already! Once you run them through a little water and hang them to dry, they are a perfect size (or at least they were for my head), and they keep everything from slipping – and therefore you don’t have to tie as tight!

  59. MollyAustin3

    This is ABSOLUTELY essential!! I love it! It’s soft and durable and I can wear it all day long with zero problems!!

  60. mary.chandler

    Velvet headband, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways! You have transformed my life by eliminating every worry about my head-garb shifting. I’m so grateful! (Now I need one in blonde for summer weight scarves…)

  61. Andrea Grinberg

    Heehee that is awesome! Yeah when I (Andrea) wore it the first time I was also wearing it the wrong way! Glad you’re loving it and it’s working well for you!

  62. [email protected]

    I wasn’t always a tichel wearer and today I don’t really wear tichels out of the house. That being said I primarily wear wigs. I love my wigs I feel beautiful and comfortable. But I hate the combs. I feel like if I don’t use ALL the combs that it will fall right off but that by using the combs pretty soon I’m going to have bald patches!!! So thanx to the no-slip headband not only do my tichels stay on but so do my wigs, comb free :-). On a side note I wasn’t always happy with this brand I thought it didn’t work as well as others, silly me I was wearing it the wrong way.

  63. Jessica

    I measured my head with a cloth tape measure. It came out at 22 inches, so I ordered the large. Well, the large is too large even at its smallest. 😛 So I’m ordering a second in a medium size.

    Otherwise, the headband works beautifully on my slippery hair. Usually anything on my head slides right off, but the headband kept everything nice and secure. Even the weight of my ponytail couldn’t dislodge it.

  64. Hadassah

    This is a MUST have for any tichel wearer! I have used clips and bobby pins and my tichels would STILL slip. I will NEVER go without one of these again! If you are reading this review just stop scroll up and add 1 or more to your cart, you WON’T be sorry!! Thank you so much Andrea and Rivka!

  65. Maple

    Could anyone please tell me the length of the no-slip-headband? How many inches is it? I don’t want end up buying something I cannot wear and cannot return.
    Thank you Ladies!

  66. T

    Not sure how I managed scarves before this headband! It’s grippy enough that I can wear even complicated styles without fussing or tugging the scarves down throughout the day. It is on the smaller side (I only attach a bit of the Velcro to itself), but as it stretches over time – I’m imagining that I’ll get more use out of it.

  67. Heather

    I love my no-slip headband! It is such a huge help in keeping everything just in the spot it should be. I like that it closes with Velcro (rather than just stretching around my head) because I can fix my hair and then put it on without messing things up! 🙂

  68. Audrian

    Where has this ‘time-saving Product’ been, all my head-covering-days?? I do a lot of Photography where you need to change out the Headwear, constantly and keep the process moving. Time just can not be wasted – things have got to look their best. This Product gives me what I want – a secure fit with no slip, using any type of scarf – even weighty, tons of layers. My ‘head’ is large, so I bought the largest size – a match made in heaven! :-}

  69. Erin

    Amaaaaaaaaaaazing! Total game-changer! With my headband on , my tichels will not budge…even back-weighted styles like a double braid or twist stay put all day. I won’t even think about my tichel without wearing my no-slip headband.

    Quality is stellar, velcro stays gripped tight. Quality workmanship. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! <3

  70. Katia

    I have experimented with tichels a lot during my conversion process (Reform Jewish), as I always cover my hair while praying. I always quite liked them, but never was satisfied, because they would always slide back on my head. If only I’d known. This headband is everything they say above – wide, flat, and “toothy” enough to really hold what you put on top of it. The only reason this isn’t a 5 is the velcro. It has caught the edge of some tichels a bit, making me concerned they might be damaged. Hopefully as improve, I’ll learn how to protect them from the velcro.

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