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Wrapunzel Signature Shaper


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This one has been a long time coming! Time and time again we have been asked about the possibility of providing a shaper option that has a velvet headband sewn in. And up until now, all the designs that we tried simply weren’t up to our Wrapunzel standards. But… the wait is over! We now have a signature shaper that has THE Wrapunzel no-slip headband sewn in! It’s so soft, and the grip is unbelievable! The “pouf” part provides the perfect amount of oomph for a natural look, and it’s just oh so comfortable. Good things come to those who wait!

Super soft and light fabric! The grippiest no-slip headband that won’t wear out! Adjustable sizing! Super affordable too! The perfect “under-tichel-garment” to give you the ultimate shape and security!

Check out this video for the story behind it and wearing instructions!




This one has been a long time coming! Time and time again we have been asked about the possibility of providing a shaper option that has a velvet headband sewn in. And up until now, all the designs that we tried simply weren’t up to our Wrapunzel standards. But… the wait is over! We now have a signature shaper that has THE Wrapunzel no-slip headband sewn in! It’s so soft, and the grip is unbelievable! When you wear our Signature Shaper, the grippy velvet should feel rough when you stroke from your forehead towards the back of your head. The “pouf” part provides the perfect amount of subtle oomph – very natural looking – and it’s just oh so comfortable. Good things come to those who wait!

Check out this video for instructions on how to wear it!

Washing Instructions:

Like other garments, hand-washing and laying flat to dry will always extend the life of your shaper, but they can easily be washed with like-colors in a machine, as well! We always suggest doing so in a delicates bag, which will prevent the cap from becoming misshapen and the Velcro from snagging. Also, be sure to use a low heat-setting in a dryer, as too high a temperature can cause the stuffing to melt, potentially causing lumps.

Please note that on rare occasions, our Black grippy velvet fabric’s dye has been known to bleed through onto light colored scarves. To prevent this from happening, you can try setting the dye with a vinegar rinse, for which you can find directions on the internet. It’s important to remember that laundering your Essential Tools renders them non-returnable according to our Return Policy.

75 reviews for Wrapunzel Signature Shaper

  1. Jessica Levy (verified owner)

    Just picked up my shaper today and it delivers. Also the staff at the pick up location is TOP TIER. Wore it all day with a petal soft and under scarf setting up a classroom at my homeschool co-op and absolutely not slippage. Wonderful.

  2. zadinacadyma

    I am glad that I made the investment into purchasing the signature shaper. It definitely adds more definition to the shape of my head and makes the look of the final wrap fuller at the the top of my head.

  3. vandjsizemore

    This undergarment is the first one I’ve ever bought. It’s comfortable, washes well, and does a great job keeping my scarves in place. Love it!

  4. Cerncerri

    This is an absolute game changer. If you’re thinking about buying this, but you’re not sure, see this as a sign to go for it. I am fairly new to covering and wrapping. This not only made my daily routine go faster, but it makes my silhouette look so much better. I look cleaner and more professional for work too. As I learn more and grow I can’t wait to get some of the other shapers to change up my silhouette for different looks. Thank you wrapunzel!

  5. rabbitfud

    This used to be my favorite shaper until I bought a Cloud 9. I still love the Signature’s size but the velcro on the headband occasionally curls up and snags my scarfs. Also, now that I no longer have hair under the band…the stiff velcro and seams irritate my skin at the back of my neck. A huge improvement would be to remove the velcro and make this shaper a simple slip-on like the Wendy or Cloud. The seam or transition at the “pillow” could also be smoother because it creates a visible bump under thinner scarfs, especially single layer wraps. Don’t get me wrong. I have 2 of these but I think there is some room for improvement.

  6. zantedeschia

    I am so happy with this shaper. It fits snuggly but does not hurt. I find I am always grabbing it when I want volume, (which is pretty much always as I have no hair) and it is not so big as to look oversized on my small head. It is very proportional. I wish it came in different size options like the no-slip Velcro head bands. It is an easy and comfortable volumizer for those times when you want just a little or subtle look for the day. The signature shaper is now my normal daily-wear shaper.

    Hair wrapping has become an especially important part of my life and I thank the heavens for the Andrea and her team. You are all so empowering! Hair wrapping has changed my life, and the way people interact with me. It was such a massive juxtaposition from my ‘normal’ that it took a whole year to adjust to the new way people treated me. Products like the signature shaper really help build your wrapping tool kit and sets Wrapunzel apart as a company.

    As always, thank you ladies for your compassion, helpfulness, mindfulness and all the good vibes you send into the world. Keep it up!

    A forever customer! –

  7. lisadbrown197789

    I use the Signature Shaper under my wraps to go to the gym or if I’m in a hurry and only using one scarf in a simple wrap. I like that it has velcro but that can be an issue with snagging.

  8. laughlik

    My first shaper is still the best for adding a little shape without too much volume. It’s great for casual everyday wear.

  9. morganlynnlundy

    I already have a lot of hair, and like a natural look, but sometimes putting it in a bun under my tichel is lumpy and droopy looking, this shaper is the perfect amount of natural volume and shapes the hair into a nice smooth base, especially for thicker scarves or layered styles that need a little more surface area. The only problem is the Velcro has snagged a few of my scarves, but I learned a trick, put a little patch of felt in there for the Velcro to stick to, still, I hope Wrapunzel starts making these shapers in sizes like the headbands.

  10. rabbitfud

    This shaper is small but perfect for everyday wear. So lightweight, I barely notice I have it on. One plus is that there is a hole on the inside so more stuffing can be added if needed. I knew the Wendy had this feature from Leorah’s videos but I guess the other sizes do too. I pulled out the stuffing to wash my new shaper so it wouldn’t get matted up. Bonus option….I put my uber scrunchy inside the pocket which is slightly heavier than the stuffing but also slightly bigger and it gave the shaper a very natural look and feel (like a actually had hair in my wrap). Love it.

  11. beagletime2

    I is my first shaper. I love it! The look is very natural and it is very comfortable to wear. It really holds my scarves in place. Throughout an active day nothing moves.

  12. lionessroar

    I love the new built-in headband for my new “Siggy.” I experience no slippage whatsoever nor any feeling of tightness, just a comfortable and comforting snugness. I have had three different volumizers and this is my favorite; I am fairly simple and low-key with my wrapping and the size is natural, but the fabric holds my scarves in place perfectly. I wear it over the oomphtastic scrunchie. It’s like a weighted blanket for the head! Thank you for your improvement to this wonderful little shaper, and greetings from Maine. Now… on to the scarf store!

  13. kramerpearl1

    This is perfect to wear under my scarves!! I love that it is so comfortable, like a pillow on my head!! Literally, I can just lay down or lean back and feel like I’m in bed!! I have recommended this to friends and I will def buy again! Thank u Wrapunzel!!

  14. lilblupiggy (verified owner)

    Just got mine in the mail and I’ve been wearing for an hour… My first volumizer, it’s very comparable in size to my hair in a bun with the perfect pouf Scrunchy, even with just a little bit of stuffing removed. This is much more streamlined looking tho, if that makes sense? It is pulling just a little on the hair in the front top of my head, but I’m sure as I use it I’ll find it’s sweet spot for me. ;p The whole thing, otherwise, feels much softer and more comfortable on my head than a separate headband with a Scrunchy bun. ^_^ Can’t wear to wear this tomorrow!

  15. Allie M (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this shaper. Before I had been wrapping without any “undergarments” and while I loved the look of wraps, I was frustrated by having to redo them 4 or 5 times a day. Additionally, my hair is so fine that even when my hair reached over halfway down my back, it didn’t look like there was much under my scarves. Now I can do my wrapping once in the morning and not have to rush to the bathroom to fix it. And the volume allowed me to do more complex wraps as well. I can’t say enough good things about this shaper!

  16. deradune (verified owner)

    I just got my Signature Shaper today and I love it! I am new to head covering and this makes my tichels and caps look SO much better! I do have (fairly thick and medium long) hair and I had to take out all of the stuffing because I don’t really care for the really high head look (at least not with my current headgear), so I am VERY appreciative that you can take out that stuffing. (I put it in a clean ziplock bag in case one day it will be useful to put some back in.

    At first I thought it was much too small for my head, but I finally got it to fit. If there were something comparable made one day for women with larger heads I would definitely be interested! But meanwhile this does just fine. My scarves and caps no longer look frumpy. Thank you, Wrapunzel…!

  17. pennie6000 (verified owner)

    Please let me thank you so much for this volumizer! I have almost no hair and what is there, is very fine. I tried using the cancer head grippers and they slid off my head due to the natural oils in my skin. I was having to tie and retie my head wraps constantly. I was suffering shame and nervousness every time I was out in public. Your shaper is the ONLY one that stays in place on my head, holds my scarves, and gives me beautiful shaping in one light weight garment! The quality is the best. The fabric is gentle to my skin. No scarf snagging. Plus I can add or subtract stuffing to change the look of my wrap styles. Thank you! Thank you!

  18. KG (verified owner)

    I just got the signature shaper in the mail and it’s very comfortable and my tichel looks so much more flattering! Thank you!

  19. Karen Re (verified owner)

    Wonderful shaper. I took the velcro closure off and measured the fit that l wanted and hand sewed it closed with black thread. Very comfortable and no damage to any tichels. I also added more stuffing for volume. Also have two cloud 9 shapers and ordered two black classic shapers which are on sale presently. Thank-you Wrapunzel … I love wrapping. Just began a new job, and always complimented on my head wrapping by customers. I wrap for modesty. Hello to Andrea and Naomi Rose from Toronto Canada. Mrs. Karen Re

    • Naomi Rose Herzog

      Hi Karen! So glad to hear you’re enjoying all your shapers! Sending love from Baltimore!!

  20. Delilah Miller (verified owner)

    This is my favorite “every day” shaper. It’s smaller than the others which, to me, looks more casual. It gives a great shape, is lightweight, and you can change the position of the “pouf” by changing where you place your bun. I have never had any problems at all with the vwlcro, either.

  21. Marlo (verified owner)

    This was my very first shaper and what a lucky duck I am for that!!! It made everything so easy to do, complex ties became accessible because there was enough volume to fit everything and also enough grip throughout that nothing ever slips. I have it in black.

  22. Mindy Beer (verified owner)

    This was my first volumizer that I bought and have been wearing for more than a year. I still grab it when I want more volume than my bun with or without an oomphtastic scrunchy. I do wish that it came without velcro because if I am not careful a scarf can sometimes snag on it but overall it’s an easy and comfortable volumizer for those times when you want a little something something but not the extra of the other sizes volumizers.

  23. La Londa Samuels

    This made allllll the difference. Thanks for all you do.

  24. Heidi

    Forgot to add that I’d like to see it in a lighter color for summer–I remembered that I don’t wear it as often with certain scarves as I’d like, only because I have the black one.

    But I still love it!

  25. Heidi

    I LOVE this shaper! This is my special one I save for special wraps or special occasions, or when I go to work. I use the Wendy daily, but without any pouf because I just like to look more natural. However, this one gives the PERFECT look–I have very fine hair and need some shape, but don’t want a huge pouf because in my locale, only Mennonites and Somalians are wrapping. I don’t want to stick out, but still want to wrap. This is such a natural look and makes the wraps of my favorite scarves look really nice!

  26. Dawn

    I bought this in 2015 when I was diagnosed with cancer and it was wonderful while undergoing treatment. It’s so SOFT and the little pillow is terrific when you’re sitting there for hours on end. Yes, it’s great when you’re wrapping too, but don’t undersell the therapeutic aspect of comfort when honestly – nothing was comfortable, easy or fun.

  27. Jo (verified owner)

    As a beginner…

    Truly a nice product but I’m struggling…

    There are lots of reviews, so here are some bullet points for an overview as someone who struggles!!


    – very well sewn/made
    – soft and light
    – nice size volume (especially for beginners not used to a ‘bigger’ head) and gives a nice shape wherever you place your bun
    – velcro makes it easy to adjust
    -the white version is great for really light scarves, like the 2 in 1, which should be great for summer
    -there is some slippage, but ever so slightly, but all in all it does keep everything in place for hours, no matter how you move your head


    – no matter where I place the velvet headband bit on my head (middle of my forehead, ears in or out, right on my hair line, behind my bangs), it pulls on my hair and the whole scarf-creation on top of my head totally hangs on a few strands of hair on the top of my head (it doesn’t matter where I have my part, or how loose or tight I tie the velcro band, or how clean or dirty my hair is, or whether I try to smooth out my hair under the band, or bring out some bangs after). It seems the whole tichel hangs on the friction on top of my head 🙁

    – no matter how light the scarf creation on my head, it all feels heavy and pulls despite the shaper being light (though I saw the trouble-shooting tutorial: I really am thinking ‘up and towards your head’ and ‘snug but not too tight’!)

    – the velcro can snag your scarves, especially the 2 in 1 quite badly, which might not happen if I tied the shaper tight so no velcro shows, but then that would be way too tight – would give me headaches and slip anyway

    – I can definitely imagine receding and thinning in time with regular wear. There has to be some tightness when tying because if not, the whole creation would just slip off, so with the tightness it pulls and I do think it would lead to some changes in your hair

    All in all I am impressed with the invention…I DO recommend the investment, the band and shaper in-one being practical (though I don’t find the separate band and classic shaper more time consuming or fiddly at all) and so many women have proven it to be a great product, so please don’t be put off by my review(!); I just wanted to help reach others who may struggle like I do…

    Keep up the great and inspiring work Wrapunzel (I hope to find a solution for myself…) because you make wrapping beautiful! 🙂

    • Naomi Rose

      Hi Jo!

      Thanks so much for this detailed and honest review! If you would be willing to write to us at [email protected] we’d love to help you troubleshoot in any way we can!

  28. marywelling

    Perfect starter shaper.

  29. Jade Octavia Honeycutt

    I love the shaper, I actually have it in white and I got it a few months ago but it works so well for keeping your hair back without any flyaways going all over the place and it’s nice because I can slide it back a little bit and show my bangs and not have my wrap completely fall off my head I know a lot of ladies just said that they had a problem with that but this shaper makes things so easy for wrappers like us. It gives my wrap a lovely shape with any tichel! I really hope someday soon to get the black one too they’re amazing!!!

  30. Samantha (verified owner)

    The signature shaper is my normal daily shaper. I tend to wear the light watercolor 2 in 1s and since I don’t have hair it feels weird to wear the Ultimate Shaper all the time. With this shaper I feel the most normal because it’s like I have my hair back, and just have it up under the scarf without any additional poof. It’s really nice because for those that know me, but don’t know about the hair they don’t ask questions because it looks so natural for someone who had shorter hair.
    I’d be lost without this.

  31. Grace (Gabrielle) (verified owner)

    Just wanted to let you know that I received my shipment (a day early too!) and I am so pleased with the headbands…they are just gorgeous! Off course the white signature shaper was also a delight, and a great addition to the black, as well as the white with the tan band that I already have. And I LOVED the little card with “A Smile From You Can Change Someone’s Life”. I have it posted right at my computer as a wonderful reminder to spread light whenever I can 🙂

    Thank you for everything that you do. You are such an inspiring group of women!

  32. Justine Lustig (verified owner)

    Oops I forgot the picture for my review!!

  33. Justine Lustig (verified owner)

    I love the Signature! It is quite a small pouf but gives a really smooth and natural look. I have a buzzed head so I have no bun to fill it in.
    I wasnt sure about the velcro closure…it feels quite bulky and I was worried it would bother me but when I wear it I don’t even notice it!

    In the photo I am wearing it with a black/rainbow Israeli tichel.

  34. Jessica (verified owner)

    I just got this shaper! My very first Wrapunzel shaper was the classic. It was a little too much volume for me and didn’t have the no slip headband sewn in. This shaper has a nice natural pouf. My hair with just an oomphtastic scrunchie is a happy medium for me but I was curious what the signature would do to my look. Definitely love it!! It’s a great fit! I do show some bangs/hair in the front and I’m finding there is some slippage which is one of the downsides, but hopefully I can tweak this! Overall great shaper!

  35. mirja.haukisaari

    This is the staple in my wrapping collection. Love the natural look and feel of this shaper, it stays in place and makes wrapping sooo much easier.
    I regret not buying two at the same time!
    For more volume try this with the Oomphtastic Scrunchie or the Ultimate Shaper, Classic Shaper or the Wendy.

  36. Jessica Fisher

    I just received this today and it is wonderful! It has made my head covering experience so much better. I do not have much hair so it was difficult to get scarves to tie correctly before and stay on. Now they tie well and stay on comfortably. The headband built in really does help a ton! Its so soft and feels so light on your head. I feel like everything is on securely and looks so much better! I look forward to trying the other shapers in the future! 🙂

  37. Chanah

    After a time of not wearing my Classic shaper very often, I liked the idea of a headband and shaper being one unit. This is actually very comfortable, though in the earliest versions sold of this, I did find that as I had very long hair during the summer, there was a bit of tearing of the opening in the back, and some loosening of the velcro, but this is still usable. I think it is very possible that the version currently being sold may have been corrected in those aspects.

    This does not have very much of a poof, so if you are not inclined to have a lot of volume in your wrap, this can be a good option for a one step tichel undergarment. If you want more volume with this shaper, it is really your hair and ponytail or bun that makes the volume. If you don’t have long hair, the Oomphtastic scrunchie can work, but I personally find that with long thick hair, this was not comfortable to me.

    I don’t wear this shaper often now, as I have discovered that more volume works better for me, but for summer months, and certain low key styles, I sometimes do like to use this.

  38. daughterofyah99

    I love this shaper! It’s super comfy and gives my tichel just enough poof to look like I have a large bun under it (I have pretty thin hair) but not so big as to make my head look huge. the only problem I’ve ever had is that the velcro sometimes catches on my scarves.

  39. Becky M

    This shaper is the absolute best! After I got married I felt so distraught, as I always failed to conceal my “bun lump” under my scarf, and I was constantly heading to the bathroom to re-tie my tichel. The Signature Shaper is super soft, just like in the description. It fits comfortably on my large head, and I barely even notice it’s there. I don’t like that much volume – just enough to give a smooth round shape in the back – so this shaper is perfect.
    Also – no more scarves sliding off! I have worn face and ear protection gear in my studio at school and my tichel doesn’t budge!

    I only wish I had another one in white…

  40. Rachel S

    The signature is my first shaper. I found it to be so comfortable, and it adds just the right amount of volume for me. I have the black and the all-white versions, and I wear them every single day!

  41. Cynda LeTullier

    Really like my signature shaper ~ makes things look so much nicer with a smooth finish

  42. HerzogAdmin

    Hi Amy! We’re so sorry to hear that the velcro closure gave you such trouble! We’ll send you an email shortly and see if we can work something out. We’re actually going to be implementing some design changes to this shaper to address this concern – thank you for telling us. We will be working on a longer and more secure velcro strip closure, something more similar to what the Ultimate Shaper has currently.

  43. Kristi

    The Signature Shaper has made my life so much easier! Before owning a black one, I was just using an extra scarf and a loofah which proved temperamental at times and my scarves always slipped off. After getting only the no-slip headband, I found I wasn’t getting the nice bun look consistently and that was when I made the decision to try the shaper. Now, I have a gorgeously soft and light bun that I can wear high, low or even with my old loofah when I feel like having extra volume. It fits more comfortably than just my headband did alone and holds my crazy hair in better, as well. I feel like it is a must-have for any lady wrapping. The only draw back is that I am finding my head is a little larger than I want to believe it is (hehe), so I can’t add too much under this one or wear very heavy scarves or it doesn’t fit the same way. Bright side to that is how beautiful it looks the way it comes – you really don’t need anything extra! It would be great to see this in a variety of sizes, though.

  44. Maggie

    This is my go-to comfort shaper. It feels like I’m not wearing anything, doesn’t slip at all, and gives a great shape to any wrap. There isn’t a ton of stuffing so for my big height wraps I use a classic shaper, but this one is great when I want to throw on an Israeli Tichel for a day around the house or put on a 2 in 1 and New York Brights to run errands. I can’t imagine wrapping without a signature shaper.

  45. Amy

    This was my second volumizer (after the Classic). I don’t wear it often, but I also won’t get rid of it. It’s nice to have on hand if my signature shaper is drying and I don’t want to wear my Wendy. This is one of the only Wrapunzel products I have ever had a problem with.
    1. The velcro is put on in such a way that it curls up and snags your scarves. I see that someone else wrote they had this problem and thought it was because their head is big, but I have a small or average-sized head and I also have this challenge. You might consider pinning it down or at least holding it carefully when you wrap and unwrap your scarves. But, quite a few of my 2-in-1s have snags and pulls from the velcro. This is not a problem with my other shapers, and may have been fixed since I bought it. Ask before you buy!
    2. The stitching on my velcro came loose after a month or two of wear. It was easy to sew back on with a needle and thread, but I was surprised to have that problem.
    3. If you don’t have a lot of hair and you want any kind of poof in the back, you will need to stuff it. Not a problem, but just something to be aware of before you buy.

  46. Jennifer

    I am giving this product 4 stars only because it comes in 1 size. Apparently I have a big head. I have to struggle to get the shaper on and I can barely Velcro it. Within an hour, if it weren’t for the scarf, the shaper would let go and fly off my head. Thankfully, when I ordered the shaper I also ordered the scrunchy. I have been able to use the velvet headband and the scrunchy. The other problem is that when your head is too big and you can’t clasp all of the Velcro, the Velcro showing catches on the scarf and snags it terribly. I am getting my mother to add some fabric or something so I’ll be able to use the shaper. If you have a lot of hair, like I do, the poof you get is perfect with this shaper.

  47. Rose

    This is what amazes people the most at my cancer treatment centre – since my wig consultant saw it at my fitting, she’s been raving about it so much other patients now ask me if I’m the lady with the magic cap under my scarf! It is so soft against my scalp and as it fits relatively closely compared to other volumisers it doesn’t wobble about and means my wraps feel stable and secure. When I want to up the volume I pop a bun shaper in the back, but on its own it is still enough to give the illusion of some hair under my scarf, saving me (and my vanity!) from that flat headed look that I feel otherwise marks me out as a cancer patient. I wish every woman losing their hair through chemo knew about these. Thanks to the Wrapunzel Foundation, hopefully one day they will 🙂

  48. Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

    This shaper is really light and very comfortable and I appreciate that it ends up distributing the “poof” in a different place than my other shaper…it ends up more at the bottom of my skull, like a bun, than up high on my head. The only issue I had is the fact that it seemed to “pull back” a little bit more on my head and about a month after I started wearing it, I noticed that my hair was thinning just a little bit in the front. I started being very careful of how I was positioning it after this and making sure not to move the band around much if it started to itch during the day.

  49. Angelynda Orah

    this is it the one everybody istalking about the signiture shaper !!!
    i got mine yesterday my dear friend Kay bough it for me thank G-d.i have wantd one for a long time now i have it -i wore it all day no slipping. ran erronds , doctors appt everything stayed in place.I LOVE THIS SHAPER -will get another in white soon

  50. sunshine3215

    I ordered this item and seem to wear it more than the volumizer with the ties in the back. Here is my review….Size…I have a bigger head and for me I wear my normal no slip headband around my edges, then I place this item in the middle of my head, so I don’t stretch this item trying to make it fit my entire head.
    Yes this works, then you put on your scarf as normal. It is not as big as the “normal” volumizer but it has it’s place and I love the variety….COLOR….I ordered the black and have not had to wash it at all. I take mine off as soon as I get home. You will be very pleased and understand something, when purchasing an item focus on the cost per WEAR, if this item cost 25.00 and more than likely I KNOW, I’m going to be wearing it for the next 5 years how much did it really cost you. This is well worth the cost when you realize this is a one and done product.

  51. Angela

    I’m new to covering and was so excited to find this store. The shaper has made my transition to covering a beautiful experience . I have very short hair and this given me the added volume I need. Thank you!!

  52. Grace (Gabrielle)

    Just got my black Signature Shaper today and I already love it as much as the tan/white one I got in September! Same wonderful fit, same wonderful comfort, and just perfect for my darker-colored, yet still somewhat sheer scarves.

    And did I just read a reply by Andrea saying that there will be an all-white version coming up? That, along with an all-tan version would be…well, lets just say that ALL the bases would be covered!

    I can’t wait 🙂

  53. andrea g

    Hi Jennie! We’re sorry to hear about your frustrations! Please email us at [email protected] and we will figure out what to do to make sure that you’re completely happy!
    And we do have them now in complete white velvet! It took a while to find the velvet in a quality that passed our standards, but we finally did!

  54. Jennie

    I love the concept of this and I have more than one because it does do what I wanted it to do. However, I’ve noticed inconsistencies in sizing. I got the white version and it’s way too tiny and not wearable, I do wear it but it comes off my head and I keep having to try to force it back down over my hairline. One of my black ones is bigger than the other and so I have to pull the velcro all the way across which leaves a huge flap of open velcro and it snags in my scarves. Also, the one that is smaller pulls on the velcro and the stitching began to break on it so now the velcro is halfway off the cap. I absolutely love these and they do exactly what I had hoped they would do, but I have 4 different ones and they each have differences from each other as stated above. 2 of my 4 fit perfect and they make me happy. But the other ones cause issues. I am assuming these are hand made and therefore have slight sizing issues?? I want to order more because having only 2 that work for me isn’t enough, but I worry about spending $25 on more if they have sizing issues or velcro coming undone issues again 🙁 these are actually one of my favorite things for my head wrapping and I just want to know if maybe the sizing issue is known and if it will be always like this.

    Also, the white one would be so much better if it was a white velvet, i want to wear this with lighter scarves but the velvet shows through and looks strange. I would also be thrilled if there was a brown version.

  55. Grace (Gabrielle)

    I am brand- new to wrapping and am sooooooo glad to have found the Wrapunzel store, the blog and, off course, the You Tube channel, which is where I saw my first video by the wonderful Andrea! I ordered the Signature Shaper in tan/white and was surprised at how quickly it got here, since there was a “warning” on the site stating that shipping would be slower, during observance of this important holy time in Judaism.
    When it got here I, too, initially though the shaper looked too small (like another lady posted), when I took it out of the package…boy, was I proved pleasantly wrong! It has such great stretch, and was so incredibly comfortable that I ended up wearing it (with a Regal Wrap) for the entire day, first time out!
    I have a huge collection of scarves, which I did not think to ever wear as wrapping because my hair is very short, and I knew they would just not look right. The Signature Shaper changes all that, because it gives me just-right amount of “poof” to make my scarves look lovely. I’m so thrilled that I will be ordering the black Signature Shaper this coming Friday…along with at least one 2-in-one scarf…and a headband…and…and I think, no I know, I will be a customer for a long time to come. Thank you! 🙂 🙂

  56. Naomi Rose Herzog

    Yay! So glad you like it. Yes, a beige/white version will be released soon! 🙂

  57. Heidi

    Can you make this/have this made in a black or dark brown?

  58. Marilyn Weiss

    Thank you so much for this item!!! I used the Signature Shaper this summer for the first time. It made my life so much easier. I have used a wig for years and have found it so terribly hot, with perspiration running down my face and neck even on cooler days. I love wearing the shaper with my scarves. My head wasn’t even warm once during the hottest of days. I travel a great deal & my car AC doesn’t work well. I no longer wear a wig all the time. I can now feel lovely, fresh and comfortable no matter what the weather.

  59. hannab

    This is a MUST HAVE for every tichel covering person. I usually will not comment on a product but I have to this time. This shaper has changed my life in a way I did not anticipate at all. I have been covering my hair for 17 years now. My biggest frustration was always my tichel sliding off and because I had to tie so it would not slide, ears hurting and often headaches. In addition throughout the day I would keep pulling my tichel forward and had to retie. Coming home I would pull off my tichel while walking up the stairs. ALL that is in the past now. I tie my tichel in the morning, to take it off in the evening. No longer headaches and earaches. My glasses are no longer pushed so tight against my face that the nose bridge starts pushing in my nose. I hardly feel the tichels on my head and feel beautiful and relaxed during all activities one does during the day. This shaper is absolutely fantastic. Thank you Wrapunzel team for your smart ways of making tichel wearing so much more joyfull.

  60. Cynthia

    Just got this today. So light and comfortable. Hope one will come out in whote or beige for lightcoloured ticheld. THANKS for another great product.

  61. Amanda

    I LOVE this shaper! I’ve had a few, but the “poof” has always been way too large for my liking… not so with this one. It’s a very small poof, and looks much more natural than the other ones I’ve had. It’s soft, light, and does not budge a bit! Thank you, ladies, for stocking these!

  62. hassiba67

    This is a great invention! Thank you! It’s comfortable, soft, there’s absolutely no slipping, neither of the shaper nor of the shawl no matter how I move around. I have quite a lot of hair and I wear my bun under the pouf, not inside it, but the shape is absolutely stunning natural and beautiful. PERFECT 🙂

  63. Laura

    I wish I could rate this higher. Oh MY so comfortable and stayed on all day. How did I live without this? Love it!

  64. Penelope

    Oh my goodness – this is brilliant! Thank you soooo much! Soft, light, stretchy, not too hot. Happy happy – thank you! xxx

  65. Rosabella Shashana

    I love the Wrapunzel Signature Shaper. I have been wearing berets, and caps for a long time now. I’ve always had scarfs, but rarely wore them, because after an hour they would start to slip and it would just annoy me. But, thanks to your great product it does not slip. It stays put all day. Thank you wrapunzel ladies!! I recommend this product to all the ladies out there that presents HaShems image by covering their hair. May you all be blessed!

  66. Diana Johnson

    Amazing!!!!!!!!!! I’m pretty sure I could not wrap without it! I have contemplated getting a plain no-slip band without the shaper, but since I have short hair and love a little volume, I honestly don’t see myself not using this, ever. When I first received it I was honestly shocked at how pillowy soft the shaper part is, but because I have what I would consider a sensitive head, I was pleasantly surprised at how lightly this sat on the head. I also have constant pain due to an injury at the base of my neck, this shaper allows me to place it a little higher and therefore even keep my scarfs off of this painful spot at the base of my skull. I honestly can’t thank Wrapunzel enough for coming up with this – it is a life/scarf/head saver!!

  67. Kendra Heffelman

    As a beginner, I ordered this along with a few scarves. The Signature shaper fit perfectly and gave me just enough volume to help with the “look” I was going for (which as a beginner, was NOT huge volume). It is easy-peasy to put on and it keeps EVERY scarf in place without adding any weight or bulk. This is a MUST have for any wrapper!
    IMPORTANT: As someone prone to headaches, I can say that I had to find the “sweet spot” for the band placement, but that is something that every wrapper must do. Once I found my “spot”, I no longer had a head-sensitivity from my hair pulling. Without the advice from the Wrapunzel ladies, I would not have known to adjust the band location and might have given up too easily! But to clarify, the issue I had was NOT because of the shaper, but due to newbie user error. I simply wanted to mention it here for any other newbie!
    As I have the signature shaper, the volumizer, and the headband….I would recommend this shaper over all the others for initial wrappers (including cancer patients). The shaper is incredibly soft and easy to use, does not slip off, therefore it makes it easy to wrap successfully as a newbie or on a daily basis!

  68. Carol

    I bought the black one since I wear more dark colors, and this essential tool has been the best. I previously had the velvet headband which worked wonderfully when I had long hair. Now that my hair is short I needed a little shaping, and this works perfectly, very natural looking!

  69. Susan Rose

    I would rate this as 10 out of 5! This lightweight shaper is perfect for my shirt haircut And the built in velvet headband keeps my tichels from slipping all day. This product alone has helped me find my ‘style’. I get so many compliments on my tichels.

  70. jo

    So, I love this thing, totally love it! I have been covering my hair for about 18 months on and off, but have never been able to manage neat and tidy with the tails. I followed tutorial after tutorial, tried with the ends of the scarves being different lengths, you name it – I tried it – the tails would just never tuck in nicely!! Argh!
    I was about to give up covering with beautiful scarves and go back to a plain triangle bandana when I saw the Signature Shaper. At first I was a bit unsure of making the purchase as I have a big ol’ head and need the XL Velvet Band but the Wrapunzel Ladies, and Wrapunzel Facebook community assured me it was big enough.
    Fast forward to a week later (continually amazed that my purchases generally reach the UK within a week!) and I try it on, it fits like a glove and more than that – the tails of my Green Lakeshore Bliss just tucked in without any issues!! No tassels dangling, everything slid into place with ease. Did I mention how much I love the Signature Shaper?? It has been a game changer in the way I cover my hair and I can’t imagine life without it now. Awesome with a capital A.

  71. panatheprincess

    My wrapunzel parcel arrived this morning delivering my two new signature shapers …….. Miss negativity here, my first thought was golly gosh, they look tiny, they’re not going to fit. But Not So!!!!!! 🙂 I put the black one on & it fits like a dream, B”H!!!! They are so soft and stretchy, and light as a feather to wear …… my, my, my, I am mightly impressed. PERFECT Shaper for Summer with double sided ‘wrapunzel’ headband already built in!!!! What more can I say ….. WOW!!!!! All my fears that they would not fit were unfounded. Happy Girl today!!! The ‘poof’ has been commented on as being small or in some way insufficient. It is not! It is smaller than the classic shaper for sure but quite excellent for square summer scarves or everyday wear when it is hot outside. As one wrapunzel lady wrap star already does, I’m going to ‘double-poof’ with the classic shaper whenever I need extra volume in summertime. And I’m not abandoning my classic shaper ~ which I adore and has made my wrapping life a joy ~ just adding an extra choice for cool autumn or winter days. It just doesn’t come any better. Wrapunzel ….. you are a Wonder!! <3 Thank you for bringing this brilliant product to the market. It outshines all other volumizers out there and will become the market leader, I'm sure!!!! <3<3

  72. hisbeloved71

    This is a great shaper! It’s very comfortable and light. It has just enough poof in the back for my liking. The shipping was fast and I will definitely be ordering another one.

  73. Rebecca

    I LOVE this! I wore it yesterday and it gave me a great shape, with minimal bulk. Stayed in place all day and no scarf slippage. I’m going to be getting a 2nd one soon as a backup!

  74. Marya

    I wore this for the first time today and it’s so soft and comfortable. I think this shaper should be promoted/marketed specifically towards cancer patients. In fact I think there should be a Wrapunzel signature kit with this shaper in it and a choice of 2-in-1’s or Israeli tichels as a “chemo starter kit.” It’s THAT comfortable. It’s just what I needed (and couldn’t find) on days when my bald head was sore and tender and my scarves were slipping off. Brilliant! Now that I have (short) hair, I need to amplify the pouf a bit to get the amount of volume I prefer, but that’s no big deal compared to the incredible comfort of this product.

  75. Rhonda

    I was so thrilled with the no slip band since my first purchase from Wrapunzel, but THIS is a perfect amount of volume for me and with its OWN non-slip headband built in is even MORE secure. My tichels do not budge all day! And SO easy to use. Fabulous!

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