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Cloud9 Shaper


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The designer of our amazing ‘Wendy’ Beret Shaper strikes again! Our Cloud9 Shaper features a revolutionary cap-style velvet headband with no velcro! Five full inches of Wrapunzel’s best no-slip velvet on top, which tapers to two inches at the bottom – the gripping power is absolutely amazing. It’s light as air, beautifully shaped, and so secure! You’ll be on Cloud 9 – hence the name!

(See full description below.)



We’re so excited to bring to you another versatile, unique and amazing volumizer design! The Cloud9 Shaper is easy to wear and suitable for any hair length or style – no need for any fancy (and time-consuming) bun-making! Simply pull it on like a hat, just like the ‘Wendy’ Beret Shaper. The cap-style velvet band sewn to the front holds the shaper in place securely, and the ‘poof’ sits close to the head. The volume pocket is completely adjustable, with an opening inside so you can remove or add stuffing to your satisfaction! To concentrate the volume higher, lower, or more to the sides of your head, simply shape it with your hands after putting the volumizer on, and then tie your scarf over the top to hold everything in place just the way you like it. When you wear our Cloud9 Shaper, the grippy velvet should feel rough when you stroke from your forehead towards the back of your head.

The Cloud9 cap-style velvet band is shorter front-to-back than the full-size fabric cap of our Ultimate or Classic Shapers, so you may need to wear it with the front edge slightly behind your hairline – not to worry, the grip of friction from the velvet on all sides of your head will keep you slip-free all day long! Just wear your scarf slightly in front of the volumizer in order to cover your hair fully, or, if you prefer to show some hair at the front, line up the front edge of the scarf with the edge of the velvet. The cap-style velvet band gives a slightly different fit and feel to our more traditional shapers, and we are in love – we know that you will be, too!

A portion of all proceeds from every Cloud9 sold will go to our designer to help further her mission of making beautiful hair-covering solutions accessible and easy for everyone!

Cloud9 Tips and Troubleshooting:

If your Cloud9 Shaper feels tight or small, or like it’s popping off your head, it’s likely that you need to remove some of the stuffing. Our Cloud9 Shaper is slightly overstuffed to make sure that all ladies have enough stuffing for it, regardless of head size and hair volume. Simply use the opening inside the shaper to remove stuffing to make it the right size for you!

Washing Instructions:

Like other garments, hand-washing and laying flat to dry will always extend the life of your shaper. But you can also wash with like colors in a washing machine! We always suggest doing so in a delicates bag, which will prevent the cap from snagging or becoming misshapen. Also, be sure to use a low heat-setting in a dryer, as too high a temperature can cause the stuffing to melt, potentially causing lumps. You may also remove the stuffing before washing which will shorten the length of time it takes to dry.

Please note that on rare occasions, our Black grippy velvet fabric’s dye has been known to bleed through onto light colored scarves. To prevent this from happening, you can try setting the dye with a vinegar rinse, for which you can find directions on the internet. It’s important to remember that laundering your Essential Tools renders them non-returnable according to our Return Policy.

61 reviews for Cloud9 Shaper

  1. shelleysmithwifey (verified owner)

    I usually use the Wendy shapers which I love. I initially felt like the cloud9s shape might not suit me. But I bought one in my last order because I saw how it looked in a tutorial. I tried it out today & I have to say the cloud9 is now my favourite. I find the shape allows me to build slight volume further back on my head. I like the front of my wraps to remain flatter because it exaggerates my forehead if the volume is too far forward.
    This one also feels so comfortable to me as it’s head hugging in a nice light way, which I really like & it just feels more secure for my wraps, like this shaper was designed for my head shape or something.

  2. Karen Wherlock (verified owner)

    I love my Cloud 9! It is as light as a cloud and has great grip to hold my scarves. I’m thrilled you have it in lighter colors. I bought the grey so I can wear my lighter scarves without black showing through and I’ll probably never go back to black. This and all the shapers also wash beautifully. I wish I’d learned about shapers years ago! What a revelation!

  3. Hannah Simmons (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite shaper! I’ve had mine for about 6 or 7 months and it has been tremendous! I just purchased my second ( grey) and I’m getting ready to purchase some more fluff!

  4. Amanda Marie (verified owner)

    I love this shaper and just bought myself my second as I’ve had my first for about 4 years and wear it almost daily. I remove half of the stuffing because I don’t necessarily need it to be a shaper. I don’t have hair due to alopecia and so I need something that will help hold a scarf on my head and give me a little something to tie around. A shaper is great for that and the Cloud 9 is the absolute best of those offered here by Wrapunzel. I highly recommend this shaper. Play around with the stuffing until it is just perfect for you. And the velvet is wonderful to make sure that my scarf stays put, no matter what I get up to in my day.

  5. Robin Thompson (verified owner)

    I love my cloud 9 but I would advise to take the cotton out and handwash very well before you wear it. I was getting black spots on my fabrics and so I decided to wash my shaper (black). The dye is AWFUL. The water ran purple through several hand wash and rinse cycles in the sink. Not good for your fabrics and probably worse for your hair. I love and will purchase again along with other items but now I know, wash before wear.

  6. nataliecetait (verified owner)

    I don’t know how I wrapped for so long without a shaper, it has absolutely changed the game for me! I feel so much more secure with it on, everything stays in place so well (and the extra little poof on the head is fun to play with haha)

  7. Jeanna Watson (verified owner)

    I’m new to covering and joined a Facebook community and someone mentioned Wrapunzel, so I went down a rabbit hole and placed 2 orders. First order came today, and the Cloud9 shaper is the thing I didn’t know I NEED! I’m a Christian woman with friends and associates of all faiths, so one of the first people I told was a Muslim friend (and sent her a video) and she was FLOORED because she has been wanting a shaper and didn’t know even where to begin. The Cloud9 is perfect for me, as I usually wear my hair in a messy bun anyway (it’s long and curly, but very fine in texture). I went ahead and got a headband too, as I won’t generally expose the front of my hair because velvet would just make it frizz more, so the headband covers a little more gap if I need it…..and I don’t have one of those great skulls with a round shape in the back….mine isn’t flat, but kinda drops straight down, so wraps of any kind typically slide “up” my head in the back. Anyway, this thing rocks and it’s comfy even with my readers on! I already placed a 2nd order to sample a few more things!

  8. morahshani1 (verified owner)

    So comfortable and versatile.

  9. sara.q.cotton (verified owner)

    My go-to shaper. It’s not too dramatic and is extremely comfortable for everyday wear. I make a little hole in the stuffing for my bun, and it stays perfectly well all day long. I like that you can pull the fluff out to wash it rather than having the stuffing get chunky, and that there’s no Velcro to fuss with or get caught on your scarves.

  10. lilyvioletmoon

    I’m so happy with my new Cloud9 shaper! It’s the first shaper I’ve ever bought and after reading about all of them, I feel like I made a great choice. I’ve despaired of ever making a decent wrap and not only did I get this right the first time, my whole head feels like it’s getting a giant hug! The no-slip headband is the key!

    Thank you, Wrapunzel, for making me feel fantastic AND my order arrived earlier than expected. <3

  11. manusellwood

    This is my first shaper, so I don’t have anything to compare it to but just my own experience. The product itself is super high quality. Using it took a fairly big learning curve for me. I have a giant head, so it was difficult at first to get this situated comfortably since it’s one size fits all. I took a lot of stuffing out (I have short hair so hair volume is a non-issue), then ended up making an effort to stretch out the band the way they recommend in the description for the non-velcro headbands if they’re too snug. This worked great, and once I got the hang of how to situate my hair under it and where I liked it to sit on my head, it’s actually turned out to be super comfortable. The grip is incredible. Today I decided to try wearing it during yoga with just a single tuff 2-in-1 regal wrap and it stayed perfectly put the whole session even with inversions.

  12. Esther

    I’m in the cloud! For about 5 years I have been looking for a way to cover my hair. I like the scarves, but it was difficult to find a suitable bobo that would not add too much volume and that would not slip out of the hair. Yesterday I’ve got my own cloud9! 🙂 You are the best! You make your products not just to make money, but with a great desire to help women feel comfortable and beautiful when we cover our hair. You really understand what a perfect bobo should be! Thank you for your attention to small details, for your attitude towards customers, for useful videos and for inspiration! I wish all the ladies of the Wrapunzel all the best! Be happy! Feel comfortable! Be in harmony with yourself!

  13. Sarah Spaulding

    Perfect shaper! holds all of my hair and baby hairs in place under my scarf (which is a task because I have very short natural hair). Never once had an issue with slipping and I have worn this for hours at a time in all sorts of weather. Creates the perfect amount of volume for my head shape, not too much not too little.

  14. Tamika

    I was really afraid of this shaper but today I finally wore it. It turns out I like it! I had only been wearing the scrunchy poof under my scarves. I’m so glad this was included in my kit. My wrap looked much better with the shaper. I’m going to buy the classic shaper, eventually. I definitely recommend giving this shaper a try.

  15. s6043740063

    I really wanted to love it. You see that nice picture of the person with the “poof” coming off the BACK of her head? Yeah, that’s not what my Cloud 9 does. Instead, my Cloud 9 comes straight up off the top of my head, and even when you back it off the top through the whole 5″ of no-slip velvet (still jetting off the back-top of my head into the stratosphere like a cone-head), I have to put it back more, and more, and more, until the no-slip velvet is now slipping due to gravity (as it has nothing left to grab on to) and I either with lightning speed wrap a scarf around my head and wrap it to my head that way (knowing the velvet will no longer be performing the ‘no-slip function underneath), or I just… give up.

    I seriously don’t get it. The 5″ in front of velt, needs to be more like 10?

    • Atara

      Hello! The Cloud9 Shaper comes slightly overstuffed to accommodate ladies without hair and ladies with smaller head sizes. If you have issues with it “popping” off your head, we highly recommend removing some of the stuffing, using the hole inside. Remove stuffing from the inside center until it has enough of an indent to fit your hair inside. If you still have issues, please feel free to email our customer service ladies at [email protected] – we would love to help if we can!

  16. rabbitfud

    my new favorite “go-to” shaper that I now have in 2 colors with plans to get the other 2 soon. My only issue is that the band sizing is a little inconsistent. After watching Leorah’s video on dealing with an older shaper, I was able to work with my blonde one being a bit loose. With no hair, the overstuffing is actually perfect but I can see where some of the fluff would need to be removed to accommodate a bun. The fluff does need to be worked into submission to get it smooth. This one is just right for everyday wear. Big enough to wrap some of the thicker scarves and a few of Leorah’s tamer styles but still small enough to pull off a quick turban or traditional tichel.

  17. Jan

    I am in love with this volumizer. I love that it does not have a big pouf, which is perfect for my style. I wear this everyday.

  18. lavenderchimes

    I love my Cloud9! I have had it for a few years, and it’s the only shaper I own – perfect for when you want a little drama:) I have a 24″ skull, so I took out some of the stuffing, and it fits well. The picture is from my son’s bris<3

  19. pnicole500

    I got this in one of the kallah kits and I never knew I needed it. It gives great pouf and can be molded into a lot of shapes. My only complaint is that the band is not adjustable. I just put my no slip head band over it to make it feel more secure, works like a charm!

  20. laughlik

    This is a good shape and easy to remove stuffing to fit just how I want. If I want to wear it further back on my head for lower volume, I add my no slip headband.

  21. naturegirl321

    Great shaper! Definitely unstuff it.

  22. shirleyjohnson20032007

    I use this shaper ALL. THE. TIME. And love it! It keeps my scarves in place for the duration of their wear, regardless of the fabric of the scarves. I have several scarves that are silky and satiny and slipped anytime I wore them, so, I would never wear them. When I got my shaper, with the slip-free headband, I was able to wear every one of my scarves in turn. Thank you!.

  23. nboland624

    First impression is that it’s amazing. It feels like my head is getting a hug, which is incredibly soothing. Made the shape of my wrap look way better and made it a good deal easier to wrap! I love it.


    Great shaper! I purchased the brown one, very soft, very nice shape, versatile, goes for almost any occasion. Highly recommend.

  25. dresdendoll08

    I love this shaper although it’s not my to go shaper. I can make so many cute styles with it, it’s great n won’t slip.

  26. baymermaid

    This shaper is perfect for someone with short or no hair. The poof fits right at the back of my head with no gap. It also looks the most natural of all the shapers I have tried. I would definitely recommend this shaper for someone new to wrapping!

  27. b72denes

    The other day, I saw Miryam’s video demonstrating how a Wrapunzel shaper stayed on her head in a strong wind. So as a former competitive figure skater, I tried Cloud9 on my head and did a high-speed spin. Can you imagine what happened? Nothing, it stayed on my head, no problem.

  28. crzdclwngrl

    I love this shaper! It’s so light and breathable and I have never had any problem with slipage. The tapering of the velvet is more comfortable behind the ears and definitely more comfortable to wear with glasses. I have the Wendy as well and becomes uncomfortable behind my ears, I’ve never had that problem with the Cloud9.

  29. Kričja

    I have now owned this shaper few months and oh how much I love it! I wear it every day and I would never be without it now that I have tried it on. It is sooo comfy, and I love that it doesn’t have velcro or knots, I find those to be very bothersome and the velcro tends to snatch scarves and / or my hair. It took some fiddling to find the right amount of poof that allowed my hair to fit in, but was not too small. If it is too full, it tends to slowly slide further and further back on my head, but with right amount of filling it stays on even in my busy work at professional kitchen. I don’t like huge poof, I just want bit more shape than just my own hair, even if I have lots.
    It is very breathable and even in hot kitchen and with black shaper under dark scarves I never feel like I am overheating, and like I said, very comfy. I have had naps with it on and woken up with nothing out of place. The velvet also doesn’t bother my ears or itch even though I like wearing it behind my ears.
    Only “improvement” I can think of is that I would personally like the velvet part to be tiniest bit more wide, as I feel it would help the grip when I add some weight on the back. That’s just me though.

  30. laurenperry_84 (verified owner)

    The cloud 9 is amazing! It was my first ever shaper I received from Wrapunzel, and it’s another versatile shaper. I really love the high bun style that this shaper offers, and it’s so great for a first timer learning to wrap.

  31. wellsmug (verified owner)

    Thank you – my wonderful Cloud9 Shaper arrived today – delivery was so quick! It fits perfectly, over my ears or behind. Stays on and is very comfortable. I love that it comes so generously stuffed with with “pouf” so I can figure out how much I like – I have always layered scarves over scrunchies to get the “pouf” I want – this is so so so much better and simpler – it makes getting dressed a breeze. I love it and plan to invest in a few more. Superb design, Ladies!

  32. b72denes (verified owner)

    Among endless choices from local stores in Jerusalem and online options, I have chosen Cloud9 as my second shaper. I didn’t have doubt on its quality, for I experienced Signature Shaper before. And from the very first moment, I could see this was what I was looking for. I take my hat (not tichel) off to Wrapunzel.

  33. s-mcfadden (verified owner)

    I love this shaper. It’s so comfortable and easy to use. I can wear it all day without my neck getting tight or uncomfortable. The changeability of stuffing is fantastic. If I’m feeling the need for a smaller poof, I can take some out; if I want a fuller “head of hair,” I can wear it fully stuffed. I like my scarf over my ears, and the drawback of this shaper is that it’s not super easy to get to stay over my ears, but I can easily wrap the scarf a little farther forward to get the look I want. It’s great for everything from super thin and light scarfs to thick pashminas. I can get it to sit exactly where I want it to on my head with just a little maneuvering. I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a medium-sized, everyday shaper.

  34. nurhayathxcy (verified owner)

    Get one of these if prefer a humble poof. I like the fact that the cap tapers at the bottom but I had to take out so much of the stuffing to make sure the cap fits my entire head – i like my shaper to cover my ears too. Best worn during a workout, I believe.

  35. Teresa

    I ordered the Kallah kit when I started wrapping and received this as part of the kit. I have a large head so it was a challenge at first. I had to remove half of the stuffing to fit over my head (and hair because I do have a moderate bun) and it was a little tight at first. It did stretch out and I have been wearing it several times a week. I almost always wear it to Shabbat services, then I come home and take a nap with my shaper and everything stays in place. My scarf and shaper look great with no adjustments when I get up and it is comfortable while I sleep.

  36. goldestephanie (verified owner)

    I have NO hair, (chemo) and before wrapunzel, well, all of you know that story. I have the signature (thought it was the ultimate but it’s not), the classic, a Wendy, and now this most amazing, wonderful, comfortable, perfect, what more can I say Cloud9. The Classic has been my favorite, but for someone with no hair it does have it’s challenges.
    Along with the normal everyday movements, wrapping, turning, bending, etc. and for me, a lot of times sleeping the cloud9 has not slipped. Actually, I have no trouble with any of my shapers as far as that’s concerned. The one thing that is the most amazing and will have me gifting a shaper and buying another cloud9 is the fact that I do not have to do anything to compensate for having NO hair. So finally, after almost 3 years of covering my head…and I don’t even know what to say, except again, Thank You Wrapunzel.

  37. kaiwaka00 (verified owner)

    I got this a couple of weeks ago and just love it. In the past I used the No-Slip Headband with the Classic Shaper which gave a great shape but also pressure headaches as I have a very sensitive scalp. Now with the Cloud-9 Shaper I am very happy. No more ties to tuck in or velcro getting caught in my scarves and hair. I do have a particularly large head which means I need to wear it back a bit and it’s still a little tight but not over the top headache tight, I think this will ease as it stretches a bit. Will get a light coloured one for Summer later in the year. Thank you so much Wrapunzel for this wonderful creation.

  38. T. Roberts (verified owner)

    I purchased this in the Fall and was super excited to order it truly loved it for the first month. Afterwards though, I was sad to not be able to wear it because it will not stay on my head. It keeps slipping off and just wont stay on after a short time. It also does not cover all the loose hair at the bottom of my hair line at the top sides of my neck. Perhaps I just need it just an inch or two bigger. The girls all look so beautiful on the site with gorgeous wraps and am happy it works for them. So many beautiful scarves here.

  39. obatah_amy (verified owner)

    I finally bought a volumizer and I’m impressed on how snug it fit. I have a normal shape head and this fits perfect. I love the size. Thanks for the personal heart shape. Now I’m ready for my black panther.

  40. kandymay32 (verified owner)

    How did anyone ever wrap hair without this? New to wrapping, and totally failing (think cupcake frosting at an august picnic 10 minutes after I get all my fabric piled neatly on my head!) until I ran across this site and your “undergarments”! Your designer is amazing, it appears she has even thought through the direction of the velvet lay, this has perfect grip on my super-slick, texture-less, stick-straight, thin hair. Easy to use and looks and feels great. For a beginner, this is the most important product to start with!

  41. Ita Rosenblatt

    I have found the best shaper for my extra large head. I had been using the Classic Shaper but found that the newer versions were slipping due to their actually being too small for my head! (I had been using the older version which seemed to be bigger). The Cloud 9 lasts all day without a bit of slippage. It provides a nicer, less poufy shape than the Classic. It does hug my head a bit tighter than I would like considering that I have migraines, even after I stretched the band, but then again, anything on my head does the same. I would highly recommend.

  42. vcoleman1983

    I ordered the kallah kit because I wanted all of the under garments that came with the package and some scarves to start my collection. I was really surprised when I received my order and tried on the cloud 9 shaper! I had only hoped it would help hold things on my head but I was surprised how STRONG a grip it has! I was not expecting it to work so well! Because the grip is so strong I was really able to wrangle my scarves into submission without them sliding off my head. I also love the graceful shape it gives to the back of my head. I totally recommend this shaper!

  43. Kirsten Houseknecht (verified owner)

    I was wearing an XL velvet headband, and was concerned that the cloud 9 might be too tight, but really liked the idea of simplifying my “underlayering”.
    It felt snug at first, and sat a teensy bit further back that i expected on my head, but it held all day, even when i had to reach under the bed or otherwise stress test it.
    It is very comfortable, i didnt have any stress on my neck, and no headaches!
    I will be ordering another one soon.

  44. Brooke Doolittle (verified owner)

    I like the design and that it has no Velcro. However, mine stretched out within the first couple uses. Now the edges roll up and the shaper slides up as well. At the end of the day I find it has ridden up several inches under my scarf from it’s original place. Side burns and the bottom edges of the neckline show with this shaper. I do not recommend this for someone who has a big head.

  45. Nancy Kilroy (verified owner)

    I am loving this design! I have a round head and a really high hairline so everything falls off my head if it isn’t anchored. The other volumizers were a little too much for my round face and head. The shorter top area but wider velvet area worked really well for me! Great! Perfect!

  46. Diane (verified owner)

    I like nearly all my shapers–and I have all of them–but this is my absolute favorite. I wear it so often I’ve been giving away most of my others. It just doesn’t slip. Wherever you set it is where it will stay all day long without pull or drag. The best part of all is the shape it gives you. I took a few pinches of stuffing out of it only because I need a slight adjustment to the proportions I feel are most appropriate for me. This is the single best all-purpose solution for the individual who can only afford one shaper. No velcro–no pull of hair. Soft, stretchy band–no headaches. Oval shape–flattering to every face.

    It’s perfect.

  47. Katharine Brownshire (verified owner)

    Up until now, I only had the Ultimate shaper. I like high volume, but high buns give me headaches so I actually pinned the Ultimate higher. This worked fine for the most part, but it could be pretty lumpy.

    When I ordered the Cloud 9 I was worried that the poof might be too small, the volume might be too low, or the velvet might be too tight without the adjustable velcro. After two weeks, I can say that I find the Cloud 9 to look and feel perfect. I leave it fully stuffed and I love the size and placement of the volume. The velvet is snug but not tight, and it never slips at all (I had a slight slipping issue with my Ultimate).

    The only thing I’ve had a bit of trouble with personally is the roundness of the poof. I think it looks great, but since it’s larger around the sides than my Ultimate, at times it’s been a bit of a challenge to get my scarves all the way around and tucked in. That might just be my lack of wrapping skills though.

    All in all, I’m extremely pleased with my Cloud 9!!! I highly recommend it.

  48. Riki Dixon (verified owner)

    This shaper is amazing! I have hair down to the small of my back and it gives me a lot of grief. But with this shaper I feel like I cut half my length off! It seriously has given my scalp such relief. And my Tichels look amazing. It really takes my look up a notch. And no more wasted time in front of my mirror trying to get a proper bun.

  49. Simone Varey (verified owner)

    Love love love this shaper. Love the taper at the neck. Love the velvet across the top so there is no line/bump to worry about. Gives me that coveted Nefertiti profile without having to wear a scrunchie under a shaper so less weight on my head. did I say that I love this shaper!?!?!!!

  50. Amber Weaver (verified owner)

    I purchased this shaper for the benefits of the extra grip that the wider velvet seemed to promise and for smaller volume. It is my third Wrapunzel shaper (one of my others is my favored Wendy). I was very excited about it but I must say that for me it does does not provide the extra “grippyness” I was looking forward to. The underside of the band tends to ride/slide up the back of my head making the shaper prone to slippage when I bend over forward or side to side. I think there are three possible reasons for this. Number one when I compare the band on my cloud 9 to my band on the Wendy the Wendy’s band is wider all around than the the band on the underside of the Cloud 9. The other two reasons could be that I have a large head and a moderately large amount of hair, so I may not have enough room in the Cloud 9. My lifestyle is fairly active. I have 3 children, farm chores & enjoy horseback riding, Yoga, Barr, hiking & the trampoline all in my shapers so I have plenty of opportunity to test them ! The thing I would change would be to add approximately a half inch more velvet to the underside band on the Cloud 9 .

  51. Barbara Gregg (verified owner)

    I was nervous to try the Cloud 9 shaper because I have a GIANT noggin, but I wanted something a bit smaller than Wendy for light summer wraps and I was curious about the different ratio of velvet : pouf. The Cloud 9 does not disappoint! When I first pulled it on, I thought “oh crap” because it felt too snug on my big head. But after wearing it a day or so, it relaxed enough to be super comfortable (without stretching out too much). It provides the most elegant profile. Seriously beautiful. It is light enough to be ideal underneath summer scarves but sturdy enough to hold up to heavy winter pashminas. Currently my FAVORITE shaper <3

  52. Candice K-W

    As a budding wrapper a seasoned pro, the Cloud 9 will make you feel like the name suggests! It’s just the right amount of volume and will keep that scarf in place without slipping the entire day. I love the extra width at the top while tapering at the base. It makes for comfort and easier wrapping. I began with the signature shaper and graduated to the Wendy. This Cloud 9 is like the best of both worlds. It is a perfect balance of the two, without the Velcro. My head shape makes some of the wraps I want to do a little tricky, but this shaper gives me the ability and freedom to just run with it! You can position it where you want for just the right height for your tichel. If you tend to get overheated, I find the Cloud 9 to be a good solution. I will venture to say this is probably my favorite shaper thus far and I look forward Tom upping my wrapping style with it.

  53. Herdis Dris (verified owner)

    Even when I had only seen it on the website, I had already felt that I would love this. And I DO! For the first time, I am achieving exactly that shape that I want to have. At the first trial, I thought “Oh dear, I will never manage to put my hair in”, but no problem! It feels secure, it is light, the pouf is a wonderful middle size and makes a beautiful arched headline in the back without being bombastic. There is no gap between the velvet headband and the pouf that I have to fill in with scarf material (as with other shapers). I am completely stunned by this shaper. My first impression is: Simply PERFECT – I am on Cloud No. 9 🙂

  54. Hadassah (verified owner)

    I actually have all of the volumizers. My classic shaper would slide with a velvet headband so I removed the stuffing added it to my signature shaper for extra volume. It is not as puffy as Wendy but the Velcro and I have a turbulent relationship.

    The Wendy is perfect for special occasions but not day to day. The Cloud 9 has come to fill the void. I love the extra velvet no slippage at all!

    I would highly recommend this volumizer.

  55. Hilde Mott (verified owner)

    So, I went out on a limb and bought this shaper in both black and white after reading the previous reviews. Like some of the other reviewers, I’ve tried a number of shapers. I have a ton of hair to stuff into a shaper and I’ve had various degrees of success (or total failure). Given what other have had to say, I expected success with the Cloud 9 and I have not been disappointed!


    Easy to put on, even with tons of hair
    Gives a realistic yet full and smooth shape (do I sound like I’m talking about a girdle?)
    It stays put all day long
    Super comfortable



  56. Mindy Beer (verified owner)

    I’ve never owned a Wendy because I am vertically challenged and felt as though it would be a bit too big for me. I’ve been wearing the Signature Shaper and I still love it but I wanted more volume and I admit that the velcro would sometimes catch on my scarves and at times would be uncomfortable.

    Enter Cloud 9. No velcro but a perfect fit. Wide but contoured no slip velvet headband attached. Super flattering and super comfortable. In fact, so comfortable that I forget that I’m wearing it. Depending on where you adjust it to sit on your head and how much stuffing you opt for as well as how you tie your wrap, you can change the look of your wrap and its shape to suit your desired finished silhouette. Im wearing it with Wrapunzel’s Candy corn which is Viscose. I highly recommend it.

  57. Diane Ullman (verified owner)

    I have literally EVERY shaper Wrapunzel has. I’m not a big pouf fan, so the Classic so big I reserved for special occasions. The Wendy, although I loved how light it is, never sat right on my head no matter how much or how little fluff I used. I finally gave up and cut the pouf off and use it as a headband. The Ultimate and The Signature were my go to choices. Not any more. I lovelovelove the Cloud 9. It’s light like a Wendy, holds like nothing else, and is the first shaper to allow me to wear my scarves a little further back–a necessity in my climate. This is THE shaper!

  58. Karin Strehlow (verified owner)

    I have a funny head shape (big & round), which means that other shapers (Signature, Classic & Wendy) make my head look like a conehead. It also means that most scarves are too short and I can never do any amazing wraps with them. Then came Cloud9 and I am on cloud 9. It is so light you forget that you are wearing it. But more importantly, it has fixed my head shape issues and the scarf size issues. Magic! I highly recommend this one, especially for those with larger, rounder heads. Thank you!

  59. Sarah Ostapowicz (verified owner)

    Whelp, this is now my new favourite shaper. I have used the Signature, the Classic, & the Wendy. All of them have pros and cons, and this is no different, but it really hits that sweet spot for me.

    There’s no velcro. As much as I love my Signature for small volume, the velcro is a pain. I feel I must always be a careful not to snag my scarves, so no velcro is a huge plus.

    The Cloud 9 shaper offers a reasonable poof size (bigger than the Signature, but not huge like the fully stuffed Wendy. I also find that the shape is highly flattering. My Wendy, as much as I love it, tends to make me feel a little top-heavy looking, even at half stuffing. The Cloud 9 goes into a neat back-volume shape naturally and looks like I just have smooth hair under my scarves (when in fact my hair is short, and looks lumpy on its own!). It is big enough to do pretty wraps securely, but small enough that you can actually get the scarf around your head without coming up short (I’m big headed, so this is a problem with the fully stuffed Wendy for me).

    As for the wide velvet band… I was nervous I wouldn’t like it, because I’m very picky, but I love it. The tapering makes it sit well on my head, but the wideness on top keeps everything from wandering off like a small child in a toy store.

    I wouldn’t have minded if it had been slightly longer (as in, from velvet beginning to poofy end), and I would’ve liked if the tapering of the velvet in the back had been a little more pronounced. These are very, very minor gripes though, and I still think it’s a five star shaper and truly the best one Wrapunzel offers. I also think it’s a smart choice for beginners and pros alike. That perfect size poof and grippy band is priceless.

  60. Kathleen G (verified owner)

    This shaper definitely does not slip! The tapering of the velvet band makes it more comfortable around the ears. The wide velvet feels snug but comfortable, and the pouf is a nice size even with all of the stuffing. The pouf size is larger than the Signature, but smaller than the Ultimate. It gives a nice shape to my wraps!

  61. Mehitabel (verified owner)

    I received this shaper a couple of days ago, and I’ve been wearing it exclusively since to get a sense of it.

    The shaper looks a bit like a mini-Wendy but is a lot different. As the description says, it does have a very different feel when it’s on your head that takes a bit of getting used to. It’s hard to describe. My initial impression was that the velvet band felt less snug than the Wendy’s, and at first I had the feeling that the shaper would slide off, but there’s no way! It is totally secure. It’s just that the poof is completely at the back which is distinctive to the experience of wearing other Wrapunzel shapers.

    The poof is small, so if you like a lot of volume, you’ll certainly want to add some. I added 1/3–- ½ bag of the stuffing that Wrapunzel now sells [thank you!]. On the other hand, if you like a more subdued look, this will definitely give it to you.

    The shaper is light and very comfortable — you don’t even know you have it on.

    I absolutely love, love, love the look that high volume placement gives with Cloud9 [with the added stuffing]. It looks so fantastic that I don’t want to change it up yet!

    This will be one of my go-to shapers, without a doubt.

    Thanks to Wendy and Wrapunzel for offering this great new shaper.

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