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Bobo Shaper


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You asked for it, you got it! Meet the Bobo Shaper, a unique addition to our Essential Tools at Wrapunzel! With its revolutionary shape and style, you’ll be in instant love from the first moment you tie it on!


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You asked for it, you got it! Enter the Bobo Shaper, the newest addition to our Essential Tools at Wrapunzel! We heard so much about this amazingly shaped garment from so many of you and collaborated with our incredible seamstress to manufacture and stock our very own, one of a kind, Bobo Shaper! Named ‘Bobo’ in honor of the Israeli name for ‘Shaper’, these shapers were inspired by a stunning look often worn in Israel. You’re going to love its fabulous look. It’s popular for a reason… read on to see why!

The Bobo Shaper is made entirely of our super grippy no-slip velvet fabric, and is secured by matching fabric ties. Its ‘band’ shape, with no velcro, allows the wearer to either fully cover or to leave their hair free in the back. It ties around the circumference of the head and fastens with ties instead of Velcro, so you don’t have to worry about snagging your scarves. Plus, you can wear it as tight or loose as you need, adding to the all-day comfort. The shape it creates – an upwardly widening crown – is something you’ve never seen before – and that is the clincher! So fresh and fashionable. Simply awesome! You can also adjust where the volume sits on your head by positioning the Bobo Shaper more forward or back from your natural hairline, if your personal style allows. As with our other Shaper styles, the stuffing is lightweight – you’ll barely know it’s there!

Bobo Shaper Tips and Troubleshooting:

Tie the Bobo Shaper on with the flat side at your face and the volume at the back of your head. Simply tuck the ties into the back of the shaper, or bring them up and over and wrap them over the top – they’ll be hidden by your scarf! Wear the Bobo further forward on your hairline for a raised crown style. Try it further back on the head to lower the volume slightly.

Looking for styling tips and more about the Bobo Shaper? Check out our tutorial to learn more about it!

Washing Instructions:

Like other garments, hand-washing and laying flat to dry will always extend the life of your shaper. But you can also wash with like colors in a washing machine! We always suggest doing so in a delicates bag, which will prevent the shaper from snagging or becoming misshapen. Also, be sure to use a low heat-setting in a dryer, as too high a temperature can cause the stuffing to melt, potentially causing lumps.

Please note that on rare occasions, our Black grippy velvet fabric’s dye has been known to bleed through onto light colored scarves. To prevent this from happening, you can try setting the dye with a vinegar rinse, for which you can find directions on the internet. It’s important to remember that laundering your Essential Tools renders them non-returnable according to our Return Policy.

9 reviews for Bobo Shaper

  1. vandjsizemore

    The bobo may not be for everyone, but I love mine. Whenever I’m in ‘go big or go home” mode, this is the shaper I reach for. Despite its size, it’s very comfortable. It sits over the center of your head, so it’s great for those who don’t like the weight to be at the back of your head. Due to its profile (flatter on the back), it’s also more comfortable when in the car.

  2. shopingrc

    I finally got to try the Bobo Shaper. It is crown, I can wear when going out! I love it. It is perfect for wider scarfs as it keeps shaper volume. Narrow scarfs allow the shaper to be pulled in.

  3. Elizabeth Levin

    I love this shaper, especially the open back and the feel of having my own protoceratops ruff. I wrap a crown over this base. It’s fun, and the volume gives me space to experiment with my scarves. I love the ties though I don’t knot them, but tuck them like doing a regal wrap. During that process, I can shape the volume to my liking. Putting it further back gives a narrower profile like a tall crown. Further forward gives the protoceratops round look. Immensely fun.

  4. teapriestessd

    After MUCH trial and error I can finally say I love this shaper. First the positives: The volume is amazing. I love the open back as it’s felt way more breathable during the humid Georgia summer. I like the thickness of the ‘tubes’ and I wish I could adjust them. It looks great with tail styled wraps.

    The negatives: I don’t like the ties and am longing for velcro or some other kind of fastener. I finally figured out that wrapping the ties in the back, over the top and then tucking them makes it feel more secure. I also had to put the velcro headband over the ties so that scarves won’t slip.

    Though I wouldn’t recommend this shaper for someone new to wrapping, if you know how to show your scarves who’s boss and try out different looks this shaper is fun to play with. Overall this is a very good shaper

  5. gaelic.laurie

    I really wanted to love this. The Bobo looks great on the Wrapunzel ladies on the website but it just doesn’t work for me. My head is average but even tied as tightly as it will go I feel that it could come off. I don’t like the ties and am longing for velcro or some other kind of fastener. My biggest issue is that the back is open. Only the very widest scarves come down far enough to cover my hair after going over the height and width of the Bobo, which limits what I can wear it with. I’m glad that some ladies love this. I’ll keep trying.

  6. Brooke Doolittle

    I really like how this allowed for pleats to be more visible. However, the shaper is so much bigger and sits differently than it does on any of the promotional pictures. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but it’s a little disappointing.

  7. Meira Schneider-Atik

    I was so excited to get this but I’m disappointed. The height is incredible but this also adds width. My head is wide to start and I have a roundish oval face so I need height without extra width. I tried fastening this more snugly and that helped but then it pulled on my hair. I’m going back to my tried and true velvet band plus classic shaper. Ladies, if you’re OK with extra width along with the height, then this is a good product for you but it doesn’t work for me. Thanks anyway.

  8. jessica.mcclain

    I love this shaper. The volume is high on my head with no bulk in the back and I feel like I’m wearing a crown. And is it secure? IT IS–she means business and will stand up to anything you throw at her. It’s a super striking look and I am here for it.

  9. tinastarnes

    I was so excited to receive my new “Bobo Shaper!” I purchased the brown one, which is a gorgeous color. It has velvet on both sides, which helps not only with the shaper staying on your head, but also with your scarf not sliding. I thought the ties were a little strange at first, very wide, but the width and texture of them is perfect and it feels good to tie and tuck (very comfortable and secure). I also like that there is no Velcro to snag my scarves. For me there definitely is a learning curve, though. I have always worked on creating wraps with a lot of volume at the top of my head, so those are the wrap styles I’m most familiar with. Those don’t necessarily work well with a shaper that already has the volume at the top and no volume at the back. With this one, I think, less is more, in that you can use fewer scarves to create the look you want and you need to make sure not to build up volume on the sides of the wrap. Again, a definite learning curve. However, I LOVE the look of the high crown I end up with and I am so glad Wrapunzel decided to make this style. I love my new “Bobo Shaper!” Thank you, Wrapunzel, for taking the time and thoughtfulness to make sure this would be a fabulous shaper!

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