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Wrapunzel Ultimate Shaper


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We originally designed the Classic Shaper to work with our No-Slip Headbands for ladies that love a full-volume look with their head wraps. Then, we wanted to go further – so along came the Signature Shaper. The Signature Shaper combined a shaper and high-quality no-slip headband in one elegant package, with a smaller, more natural-looking ‘pouf.’ But we wanted the ULTIMATE solution – an all in one-shaper that had everything that you were asking for! We worked with our seamstresses, and together we designed the Wrapunzel Ultimate Shaper!


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Wrapunzel Ultimate Shaper

We originally designed the Classic Shaper to work with our No-Slip Headbands for ladies that love a full-volume look with their head wraps. Then, we wanted to go further – so along came the Signature Shaper. The Signature Shaper combined a shaper and high-quality no-slip headband in one elegant package, with a smaller, more natural-looking ‘pouf.’ But we wanted the ULTIMATE solution – an all in one-shaper that had everything that you were asking for! We worked with our seamstresses, and together we designed the Wrapunzel Ultimate Shaper!


Our exclusive Ultimate Shaper combines requests from our amazing fans and customers with the tried-and-true expertise of our talented seamstresses:

  • Wrapunzel’s fabulous No-Slip Headband sewn right into the shaper. When you wear our Ultimate Shaper, the grippy velvet should feel rough when you stroke from your forehead towards the back of your head.
  • Wider and longer velcro strips for a higher degree of size adjustability
  • ‘Pouf’ size is adjustable! Add extra stuffing for bigger volume or remove some stuffing for a smaller, more natural-looking shape.
  • Cotton jersey fabric is thick enough for durability but thin and soft enough for all-day comfort.

We can’t wait for you to try one for yourself! Enjoy the Ultimate Shaper experience.

Washing Instructions:

Like other garments, hand-washing and laying flat to dry will always extend the life of your shaper. But you can also wash with like colors in a washing machine! We always suggest doing so in a delicates bag, which will prevent the Velcro from snagging on anything. Also, be sure to use a low heat-setting in a dryer, as too high a temperature can cause the stuffing to melt, potentially causing lumps. You may also remove the stuffing before washing which will shorten the length of time it takes to dry.

Please note that on rare occasions, our Black grippy velvet fabric’s dye has been known to bleed through onto light colored scarves. To prevent this from happening, you can try setting the dye with a vinegar rinse, for which you can find directions on the internet. It’s important to remember that laundering your Essential Tools renders them non-returnable according to our Return Policy.

38 reviews for Wrapunzel Ultimate Shaper

  1. Tina Stephens

    This is my honest review. I’ve had this shaper for about 2 months now. It’s not my favorite. Here’s the good and the bad.

    Good- it’s got a nice smaller shape poof. The poof goes on back of crown of head instead of high on top of crown. Elongates your head/hair kind of. Two, it had a Velcro closure on the nape of the neck. This makes it to where many sized heads can wear it. It’s also keeps it to the tightness you like and you don’t have to worry about it stretching out or slipping like many of the other shapers do after a short amount of time wearing them. So this Velcro closure is a major plus. Three, the rest of the shaper (not the poof area) is made of velvet and that keeps your scarf in place. All the shapers are like that but it’s a good thing and I love it. Four, it’s easy to put on and doesn’t mess with my bun or mess my baby hairs up because I’m not pulling it up and onto my head (example like the Wendy shaper) so I don’t have to worry much about my hair getting out of place of where I put it. There’s no friend called static electricity, so this shaper helps me with that In not making my little hairs stick up and out.

    Now the negatives: the opening to add more stuffing is really small and you can’t get much extra stuffing into it anyhow. Two, the seaming around the poof separating that fabric from the velvet fabric on the rest of the shaper, is insanely huge! This causes an issues when wrapping as it can be seen and causes wrinkles in your scarf. It’s really hard to cover up with some wrap styles and that is annoying honestly. Three, there is also dead space between the poof and the start of the velvet part of the shaper. Like it doesn’t fit snug against the head and creates this weird hollow spacing that when you put your scarf on and just tie it once behind your neck, it pushes it towards your head and makes huge bubble/wrinkles that are hard to hide unless you do a wrap style that goes across your back crown area on top of your head. Which leads into reason four, I can only wear certain wrap styles with this shaper because of the massive hollow space that happens and the bubbles and wrinkles that come from that and from the seam allowances. Usually at end of wrapping I have to shove as much as I can into and under the wrap opening to try and smooth it out as best as I can and get rid of the hollow spaces as I can by shoving it down into the wrap and getting it closer to my head without wrinkles as much as possible. Five, it takes me longer to wrap my hair with this shaper than it does my Wendy or my other ones from a different company.

    I really wanted to love this one but I say it’s not my favorite. I still wear it like I said above but only if I want to do a style where I know I’ll be wrapping near the crown of my head so it can cover that problem area of seaming around the poof.

  2. kgrace2

    I love this shaper! It is so comfortable, easy to wear and is my favorite so far!!

  3. Robyn Black

    The Ultimate Shaper is definitely my favorite. It is small enough that I don’t feel conspicuous at work in a public school and large enough to be able to do some 2 and 3 scarf wraps. If I could only have one size, this would definitely be it.

  4. laurenperry_84 (verified owner)

    I have already had this shaper 5 minutes and I love it!

    When I first bought it – I was stand offish mainly because I have no hair and I was worried it would not give me any shape, but it gives me a look for conservative styles which I love.

    The other thing I love about all the shapers is the adjustable stuffing as well. Thanks again ladies!

  5. SUESTEINAU (verified owner)

    I’ve got the Signature, Cloud 9, and Wendy but thr Ultimate is the best shaper out of all of them. I find the Wendy too big and shaped wrong for my wee head… I do LOVE the no-velcro of the C9, but with the Ultimate, every wrap looks wonderful!! Time for a second Ultimate! Thanks, Wrapunzel!

  6. htw914 (verified owner)

    I had about decided that I was doomed to struggle with shapers. I have 2 Signature shapers, but they are both too small for my 23 inch head. I pull and pin and struggle. Lots of shaper envy as I watched videos of ladies being so comfy in their shapers. Then I finally tried the Ultimate Shaper! The poof is huge, so I took out about half the stuffing. Slipped it on my head and OH MY GOSH!! It is so comfortable and fits me like a dream! The Velcro is soft, so there is no snagging. I got the blonde, so just now I came back and also bought the black and the white. I am beyond thrilled! I wore it to church today, under 2 scarves, and didn’t need a single bobby pin or clip. Yay!

  7. b72denes (verified owner)

    Every new thing I try from Wrapunzel becomes my favorite. This shaper is so comfortable and adjustable to make a shape I desire. Velcro and seam don’t bother me so much, as I was concerned. So far, this is the one I go out with the most.

  8. Marcelinepoodle (verified owner)

    I am new to wrapping… and started off using a pair of tube socks and a wig cap, as a homemade shaper. It worked okay, but I just wasn’t getting the proper shape. So I finally ordered the Ultimate Shaper from Wrapunzel, and it’s definitely changed the way I wrap my hair!! I love it!! Not to mention, it came in only 3 days! (I ordered the cheapest shipping too!)

    I hope Wrapunzel continues to create their high quality products! Love you ladies!!!

  9. haley.floyd (verified owner)

    This is what I’ve been waiting for! I’ve recently came into head covering and with absolutely no experience, I was struggling greatly with headaches and my wraps slipping off. Thankfully, I was blessed to find the and I’m so happy I bought this shaper! No more headaches and no more constantly pulling my coverings from falling off. I’m so excited to try out more products! Thank you Wrapunzel!

  10. Kaywin Joseph (verified owner)

    I just received my ultimate shaper in the mail. I am happy to say I am very pleased with how it fits and feels on my head. I wear glasses and theres no pressure or anything on them which is a huge plus for me. Wrapping my scarves on it just makes me feel like a Queen, so beautiful and feminine but yet still covered. I absolutely love this shaper! Thank you for all that you offer.

  11. Maryam (verified owner)

    This is the first true shaper I’ve owned (I’ve been using just the marvelous velvet headband from Wrapunzel, but wanted something more). After just one week, I’ve concluded that it beats every other underscarf solution I’ve ever tried. I selected the Ultimate Shaper because of its adjustability, and the reviews which suggest it’s better for those of us with larger heads. It’s easy to put on (even with my vast round head), keeps your hair nicely in place, and also has a nice, natural, not exaggeratedly large shape. The amount of stuffing is also adjustable; a little experimentation has shown me that I like it best with about a quarter to a third of the stuffing removed (but even though I have longer thick hair, even with all of the original stuffing, it doesn’t look weird or unnatural). The contour is easy to adjust for effect depending on where you place the pouf on your head. Best of all, it provides an excellent foundation for scarves — everything looks sleeker and tidier, and wrapping nicely is easier to accomplish. And scarves don’t budge. It’s a little tougher to wrangle a narrower scarf over this, simply because there’s more head acreage to cover, but that’s a small issue. I am very pleased with this shaper.

  12. christinabeauchamp (verified owner)

    I received my wee package in the mail on Monday and was thrilled to see that my Wrapunzel Ultimate Shaper finally arrived. Though I have a small head, this shaper fit me quite well. =) At first, being new to wrapping, I was intimidated by the hugeness of the shape so I removed some of the filler and began to play around with it with my scarves. Needless to say, I loved the results! I have worn the shaper under the scarves to work for the first time today, and, considering my job is very physical one, my scarves and ultimate shaper held up very well despite the constant running up and down flights of stairs and hauling linens to the dock.
    Thank you so much for your efforts in creating a wonderful shaper, you have certainly made me happy. I look forward to putting in another order tomorrow morning for more essentials. Have a blessed day. =)

  13. eboudreaux611 (verified owner)

    Absolutely wonderful. Love the way it’s adjustable with the Velcro as I have a weird shaped head and find headbands and scarves tend to slide up the back of my head but not with this shaper!!

  14. Alizah (verified owner)

    This is very comfortable and versatile. The bump/pouf can be moved around higher or lower due to the extra fabric (distance) between the velvet headband and the pouf. I have a large head (23″ circumference) and the extra fabric helps the fit on me, as well. I like this for daily wear, errands, etc.

  15. Deborah Selincourt (verified owner)

    This is my favourite shaper thus far. It has the best shape and size for me. It wears well, washes great and is comfortable. Thanks for such a super product!

  16. Delilah Miller

    All of Wrapunzels shapers are wonderful, it really just depends on how much volume you want. This shaper is a nice middle ground. Not to big, but enough volume for more fancy/multiple scarf wraps.

  17. Kate (verified owner)

    as a bald chick (alopecia), the ultimate shaper allows me to wear scarves securely and with the look of hair. and so so comfortable!
    will be getting more.

  18. Molly Pattersm

    This shaper is incredibly comfortable! My hair is very slippery but this shaper does not move at all thanks to the velvet headband. I like the natural look it gives me. I’m plannng to order another one in black for my darker scarves.

  19. Amanda (verified owner)

    I loved this at first but now realize if you have a small head, this isn’t the right volumizer for you. It’s a great poof and the headband is fabulous. However, I have a small head and wear this on the most possible bit of Velcro possible to ensure tightness. Now the excess Velcro is sort of just exposed and sometimes catches on my scarves. If you want a better option for a small head, look at the classic shaper that ties in the back. I have to wear an additional wig grip under it too but if you can tolerate the layers, that’s more conducive for sizing.

  20. Megan Cooper

    I first have to say that I love this product and everything it does for me. I have really short hair, down to the nape of my neck and can only get a tiny ponytail out of it. I also have a ton of baby hair on my underlayer of hair as well!
    If you have difficult hair, this shaper is for you. It keeps everything in and neat while keeping my scarf on all day long. I have noticed that if I don’t wet my hair down a bit before putting it on in the morning, the shaper has a tendency to let loose my baby hairs and slip back a little on my forehead ( pretty sure that has to do with head shape and not the shaper itself). I attend an orthodox Christian church, and it allows me freedom to cover my hair during services and sing without having a loose scarf in my way.
    Thank-you Wrapunzel for all that you do!! ❤️

  21. Samantha

    This shaper has made all the difference for all my Wrapunzel and non Wrapunzel scarves. I honestly could never get them to stay on my head with my lack of hair and this has made all the difference. Without it I could never support my city in matching gear, and for that I am happy I have one!
    It makes a huge difference for the turban style with one of my first scarves when I lost my hair.

  22. Onnah Williams

    Out of all of the shapers/volumizers that wrapunzel sells this is the one that I suggest to everybody. I was a little disappointed in the poof size when I got it, however after I washed and dried it, the poof almost doubled in size and it became the perfect volumizer. I really wish it came in a slip on like Wendy simply does because that’s the style that I prefer. I don’t really care for the velcro but still just a wonderful volumizer altogether

  23. Ryannon Rosenberger

    I really love this shaper. This is my first and only, and I couldn’t be happier! I chopped all my hair short and I’ve been struggling with covering beautifully. This shaper is THE coolest thing ever. I love how it keeps everything in its place so I have no worries throughout the day. Thanks so much for providing such a wonderful product!

  24. becky.gross (verified owner)

    I got the Ultimate shaper when I found that sometimes my ponytail “bump” would show through my Signature shaper too much. It gives me a really great amount of volume – though there isn’t as smooth a transition between the “pillow” and the velvet headband, so I deal with that by wearing thicker scarves or more layers. It’s incredibly comfortable and light, and its size makes it really easy to wrap and layer, because it holds its shape really fantastically. Also, the headband is a great size – other non-Wrapunzel volumizers I’ve tried have been too tight to wear – but I find in general that Wrapunzel volumizers fit my huge head perfectly!

  25. shilohkb (verified owner)

    I have been thinking about wearing a tichel/covering for a couple of years and I tried a few times getting frustrated with slipping and skull cap look with my very thin hair. Finally splurged and got my Ultimate shaper, Signature scarf and 2 Shimmeries. Even on my first “wrap day” and my physical work managing property, my tichel stayed put all day ! Thank you Wrapunzel for making it so much easier for the newbies. Todah rabah !

  26. Sarah

    This product is amazing. I really don’t know what I did before it. The way it smooths everything out and contains all the crazy wild hairs is superb. Nothing can move this thing! It stays put! It makes your head a blank, prepped canvas for the art of wrapping!

  27. mirja.haukisaari

    The velvet band is a gamechanger and the shaper is even better! The velcro is probably good for those with a smaller head than me, I had to modify the shaper by removing the velcro, so that it doesn’t drill into my neck and barely stay closed. The black one is with just a pony tucked under the shaper and the white one has a bun underneath.

  28. katbrigidsmith

    This is my favorite shaper…out of everything, this one works the best for me. It’s not too huge, not too small, but big enough to provide stability for pretty styles and especially braids. I would definitely be lost without it!

  29. Malkah

    I want to start by saying that even though I wear scarves, I am so not down with feeling like my head is weighed down or something is squeezing my brain. But of course I also want to achieve the beautiful round, full look we all want. I am so surprised! When I first put it on, I was like “oh no, it’s going to make my head feel like it’s in a vice”, but about 15 seconds later, I was one with my shaper! It is so pretty under the scarf, and holds on to its position really nice – while not making your head feel like it’s hanging on or pulling for dear life to stay where it needs to. Basically, it almost feels like I’m only wearing my original scarf, like I have no shaper on at all! I’m really psyched, and can’t wait to be sporting it everywhere! Thanks, Wrapunzel!

  30. Abbe

    I am so glad that I finally ordered the ultimate shaper! It’s my first shaper and it works so wonderfully by providing that just right height and shape to my tichels. I am also happy to say that the one size fits all band worked just fine for me as I typically take an XL in hats and sheitels. It is light weight and oh so comfy. I truly feel majestic and look like a queen.

  31. Annasarah Richard

    i love how the velvet headband is sewn in the volumizer. I bought one of these,as well as the ultimate shaper. i love having the two different looks. also i love how these shapers can be worn under my scarves. i don’t have to worry about anyone seeing my hair underneath.

  32. Chanah

    After some experimentation with the Classic, signature, and even no shaper, I have come to the conclusion that this is the one that works best for me. I don’t need to tie my hair in a certain way or height, and I can position the poof of this shaper exactly wear I like. My hair can be any length, and I am not shocked by how different my tichel looks every time I get a hair cut. It provides for me the most flattering height and shape in a one step tichel undergarment motion.

  33. Willow

    I have the Wendy and the signature shaper and I almost always wear an ultimate shaper-it’s the perfect amount of poof for me, and it’s super comfy. I like the Velcro (though the stitching on my first one came loose-Wrapunzel replaced it without an issue at all, and I haven’t had any issues with my other one.)

    It doesn’t snag my scarves the way the signature one does.

  34. Katherine Bartlett (@KBWhiskey)

    So comfy and easy to put on. Plus adds so much volume if you have thinner hair!

  35. Tia

    I am brand new to head wrapping and this has been such a blessing. I have naturally thick hair but scarves slip right off my head, so for a beginner like me, this was essential. It doesn’t snag, the velcro sticks together and it keeps the scarves from slipping, what more can you ask for?!

  36. Amy

    This shaper really shows Wrapunzel’s commitment to listening to its customers. I have the Signature shaper and had some issues with it. I bought this shaper when it came out and every issue has been addressed. I wear this 5 days out of 7. It is great for wearing under virtually any scarf. It will not snag your scarves. It is so comfortable that you will forget you have it on! The only reason I don’t wear this shaper is if I am wearing a very thin scarf, I find that you can see the seams where the different parts of the shaper come together. But honestly, that is an issue with less than five scarves I own. I find that this shaper creates a very regal profile and I reach for it again and again.

  37. shirarose823

    I have the signature shaper, and I love it, but I wanted to try something a bit larger, and now it’s my favorite! I had some issues with the velcro snagging my scarves on the signature, but it’s never an issue with the ultimate, and I look awesome, so that helps 😀 Thanks!

  38. Janet

    I have the thinnest hair on the planet and even though I’ve not cut it in nearly 20 years my bun is so small that there is no way to wrap anything around it nor does it give any bulk to the back of my head. I guess I escape headaches that way, but a tichel is impossible. No longer! This “ultimate shaper” makes my tichels look finished and full, plus the velvet band holds everything firmly in place. No more slippage and no more looking like I have short hair under my covering. I’m 60 years old, so an old dog can learn new tricks 🙂 Also, the customer service is second to none. Great company!

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