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Wrapunzel Classic Shaper


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The Original Wrapunzel Classic Shaper is BACK! And it is new and improved! Better design, higher quality material – we are so proud and excited to bring these back! Please note that these shapers, unlike other Wrapunzel shapers, must be worn with a No-Slip Headband.

This shaper has a larger ‘pouf’ than the Wrapunzel Signature Shaper for a more dramatic look.


(See full description below.)



Wrapunzel Classic Shaper

We’ve heard people call them boubous, volumizers, humps, bumps and pillow tops!  Whatever you call it, our Classic Shaper is essential for creating all Wrapunzel looks!

Like a supportive undergarment (ladies, you know what we’re talking about!) these shapers add the perfect shape under your scarf, and give you an even, pulled-together silhouette. They are essential and we wear them every day! We tried many different shapers, and realized that in order to get the perfect shaper for you, we would have to create our own!

Our Classic Shaper is the perfect size and is completely adjustable – never too tight or loose. It is perfect for those that are headache prone! When we designed this shaper, we chose the highest quality fabric, which contains a good amount of stretch in every direction. And the fabric will not bleed when you wash it! We are sure you’ll love it!

This shaper has a larger ‘pouf’ than the Wrapunzel Signature Shaper for a more dramatic look. See the graphic in our gallery for a comparison of all the Wrapunzel Shapers.

Classic Shaper Wrapping tips!

  1. To prevent slippage, these shapers must be paired with a No-Slip velvet headband!  We place the shaper on half of the grip, leaving the other half available to latch on to the scarf that you put on top.  (Due to popular demand, we created a video tutorial with  detailed visual instructions on how to do this!)
  2. If you have longer hair, tie it in a bun low on your head. Then let the “pillow of volume at the back” rest on top of it. Then tie the end strings behind your head and tuck the strings in – this creates an extra big bun!  If you have short hair, you can just let the shaper rest anywhere on your head.
  3. The Classic Shaper can also be used to achieve a low volume look! By simply wearing your No-Slip Headband farther back on your head (you might need a larger headband size for this), the shaper will lay farther back, as well, creating the look of a low bun.
  4. This shaper is an excellent choice for women who like the look of compact/less round volume when wrapping turbans. To do this, try wearing your hair as loosely as possible underneath the shaper, and position the shaper in the preferred position on your head. The Classic Shaper tends to give a “flatter” look which is very becoming on many turban styles.

Washing Instructions:

Like other garments, hand-washing and laying flat to dry will always extend the life of your shaper, but they can easily be washed with like-colors in a machine, as well! We always suggest doing so in a delicates bag, which will prevent the cap from snagging or becoming misshapen. Also, be sure to use a low heat-setting in a dryer, as too high a temperature can cause the stuffing to melt, potentially causing lumps.

Please note that on rare occasions, our Black grippy velvet fabric’s dye has been known to bleed through onto light colored scarves. To prevent this from happening, you can try setting the dye with a vinegar rinse, for which you can find directions on the internet. It’s important to remember that laundering your Essential Tools renders them non-returnable according to our Return Policy.

54 reviews for Wrapunzel Classic Shaper

  1. Chava Canales (verified owner)

    I have worn my previous shaper for 5 years and it was definitely time to replace it. I chose this one, because who can go wrong with a classic? Also, I was not interested in having anything too constricting. Wow was my first reaction to putting this on. No headache within 10 minutes of wrapping. No elastic squeezing my head. This is a lightweight shaper and is amazingly comfortable. I’m so happy with this. Not only is the comfort perfect, the shape is wonderful. It is natural and just right. Thank you.

  2. goldestephanie (verified owner)

    There is nothing more I can say about this shaper that has not already been said. It’s a must buy! Both colors, headbands for will be very very happy.
    I will though put a note in this for those that wear glasses. I have the Wendy and the ultimate shapers along with the classic. I have been happy with all of them. Here’s a tip..for the shapers with the band sewn in or even just the headband, place them on your head behind your ears, then position the bands up just enough to fit your glasses in under your wrap..very hard to write how to do this. I wrap my head without my glasses doing it this way, when I’m done I put my glasses back on. I realize not everyone can do that but this should work even if I was to wear my glasses while wrapping my head, and my glasses have never given me a headache. I think there is a tutorial on this. Doing it this way lets me wear any of my shapers I’m in the mood for. 🙂
    Thanks for yet another great product!

  3. Kristina Stewart (verified owner)

    Creates such a beautiful shape. Highly recommended!

  4. Meghan Chaplauske (verified owner)

    I had been pinning a rolled up scarf in a stocking as my bun. So thankful I decided to invest in the classic shaper! Looks and feels amazing!

  5. Aziza Al Mualla (verified owner)

    I’m very pleased with the purchase. The ‘pouf’ is nicely done; elegantly shaped and light and comfy on the head, it really enhances the look! Thanks!

  6. Katie Hanzelka (verified owner)

    I am SO very happy with this product! It stretches and doesn’t add pressure.

  7. Marlo

    My best friend gave me one of these in white to go with my lighter colored scarves. It is SO comfy and I like the size of the pouf; not too big, not too small.

  8. Sarah Ostapowicz (verified owner)

    When I began wrapping, I was a bit apprehensive of the larger volumizers, so I ordered this (and a Signature). I figured it’d be pretty without being huge. I was right! While it’s not the shaper I reach for most, and it takes an extra minute to get on my head just right than one with the band build in, I love the shape and comfort of this Classic. I bun my hair at about mid height and slip on my velvet headband, then position this at about halfway down the headband. It stays in place, and gives a nice shape to my head to wrap over. It’s just comfortable and it works. I think the name says it all, this is a classic, and while you can get by with other shapers, I am glad I bought this one.

  9. quak.quak (verified owner)

    Perfect for big heads due to the adjustable ties. I was pleasantly surprised that it seems to be made of cotton. Gave me exactly the shape I wanted!

  10. Tessin Maxwell (verified owner)

    My first shaper was the ultimate shaper because I thought I would like having the headband and shaper in one and I liked the medium volume. It did have a nice shape, but, like some others, I have had problems with the Velcro snagging my scarves, and I also had some problems with the shaper not being deep enough and consequently being pulled back on my forehead throughout the day (I have a fair bit of hair to fit under it.). I decided to try this separate shaper and headband combo and I think it is going to save my wrapping sanity. I am able to get a more customized fit of the headband and more comfort around my ears, which is critical because I wear glasses and tend to get sore pressure points behind my ears easily and that is miserable! When I got this new shaper in the mail I quickly and sloppily threw it on and wrapped a quick regal wrap – NO pressure on my glasses! Game changer! I was nervous about the extra volume, but it is really lovely. And, since I now also have some scarves I really love, I am relieved to know I will not risk damaging them with Velcro. I also like having the option of using just the headband without a shaper, should I ever desire to do so. I am SO glad I took a chance on this shaper!

  11. yellowsunocean (verified owner)

    Well, as usual another perfect product that I have ordered from Wrapunzel but what a surprise in comparison to my other shapers, I have the signature and ultimate and just received my package today with the classic and I absolutely love this shaper!! So comfortable and great shape. Thank you Wrapunzel for your quality products!!

  12. Amanda

    I may be my second review of the classic shaper. I feel the need to say this. I LOVE big poof. The Wendy, is my go to. But there is something about that classic shaper. I find myself reaching for my classic and a non-slip headband on date nights when I want to be me, but not as “loud” or “poofy”.

  13. marywelling (verified owner)

    If you have a giant sized head, this is the shaper for you.

  14. Samantha

    For those who love the Ultimate Shaper but find the Velcro sometimes uncomfortable, or those who are beginners and have problems tucking in at the bottom, this is the shaper for you!
    Being new to wrapping, my downfall has inevitably been tucking in ends when I want to wear the style more like a turban instead. I’ve had problems since day one tucking with the Ultimate shaper, but I still love it. I found for a beginner that this shaper was tuck friendly while being impossibly comfortable.
    I feel it also gave more range for if you needed the shaper bigger or smaller without the added discomfort of the Velcro. The only way this one gets better is if it someday it gets made where the ties are the same material as the velvet headband and then there is no need to wear one with it.
    I would forsake all other shapers for this one when that day (hopefully) comes!

  15. Nita (verified owner)

    Hands down my favourite shaper. I love that I can adjust the position and volume of it depending on my mood. I like that it ties around my bun, and since you need a no slip headband with it it does NOT budge once you get it on. I got one in both colors 🙂

  16. Lindsay

    This volumizer is perfect for someone like me with a larger head and lots of coarse, short, and curly hair. I suffer from migraines and the fact that this is open in the back and I can tie it is perfect. This is my go to for larger volume especially for turbans. When I want smaller “umph” I turn to my ultimate or signature.

  17. Chanah

    This is not my go to volumizer, but I find this very useful to have when I want just that type of shape and volume. There used to be a smaller version of this volumizer, but currently it gives a bit more coverage (as of a year ago.) Another good point is that because this shaper ties instead of using velcro, this is sure to last longer, as one does not have to worry about velcro wearing out.

    I personally find that when I do wear this, I end up completely covering my headband, which I am not sure is the correct way of doing this, otherwise, I have to fold the front, and that sort of creates a ridge that you can see through the tichel. Also, depending on where this is positioned, there can be a bit of an opening on the bottom in the back, and this can sometimes bother me, but that is a personal thing.

  18. Maggie

    This is an absolutely wonderful shaper! You won’t be disappointed with it! It stays in place all day, it’s super comfortable, and it is such an amazing price for a sturdy, hand-made product. I wear this a lot and it always does exactly what I want. This is as much a must-have for me as my velvet headband!

  19. mirja.haukisaari

    The classic shaper needs a no-slip headband. It is too hot on my head in the summer, but for chillier weather it is great . The volume is quite big.

  20. Tyleena Gloekler

    This is so far my only shaper and I love it. I have it in Navy. Its never done me wrong. It’s the perfect volume for a beginner without feeling overwhelming, ties perfectly every time and though I do use one it does not NEED a velvet headband under it.

  21. Ireri

    If your favourite volume style can best be described as “the bigger the poof, the closer to God” then this shaper is what you’re looking for, and you should get it while you can. I may be a little bit biased, but I was skeptical of buying a shaper from someone I didn’t trust. I know, I know-word of mouth, right? but sometimes you still don’t know! And you REALLY can’t beat the price. Good luck finding such a good quality handmade shaper for less than 40 dollars. Good job, Wrapunzel. And shout out to your seamstress! It’s not easy meeting supply for 12000 people!

  22. panatheprincess

    I tried three other shapers/volumizers before this one & there is just no comparison. This is THE perfect shaper. I love the bonnet shape, the sturdiness & non silkyness of the fabric used, the fact that I can tie it to size and that it covers the velcro fastening of the no slip headband at the back thus saving my scarves from snagging. The perfect amount of ‘poof’ for everday use ….. and I do wear it everday. IT has revolutionised my wrapping life. It really is THE perfect shaper on all counts. My only gripe …… I missed out on the white ones for summer!!! I will watch for restocking for sure. Thank you for providing this product. Perfect. The Best shaper out there for sure!

  23. Katie

    This is my favorite shaper! Better than ANY brand I’ve tried!!!

  24. kmalveira1311

    I will preface this review by saying that I have 3 Wrapunzel signature shapers. I recently purchased the classic shaper because I love how it looks on other women, it creates such a full, beautiful shape! I am still figuring out the best way to wear this – I think there is a little bit of a learning curve since I am so used to the signature shaper, and also I am not used to so much volume. I have had the most success creating the beautiful shape that I’ve seen in pictures with the pashminas though. All in all, I think it is really comfortable and a must-have!

  25. Adina

    I love the shape it creates but it took a few tries for me to work out how to best use. Make sure you watch the tutorial before trying it. I hope you restock the dark ones as i want to get a black or blue one. It is a great product.

  26. Meira

    For a while, I didn’t think I needed this. Some of my wraps actually look better without the extra volume. And for those that needed it, I figured I could make do with a high loop or bun. But then I got this and it changed everything. While there is still at least one favorite wrap that looks better without the shaper, almost all my other wraps look so much better with it. You can even see a difference from the front. I love to position mine very high with the bottom resting on my hair loop- that way, my mitpachot don’t sit too flat on my head.

  27. Melmoth_the_Wanderer

    If you ever thought that hairwrapping looks great on others but that you couldn’t do it because of your round face shape – give this shaper a try! When I first started without any volume at all, I was rather frustrated with the results I got. Then I learned that more volume works wonders in such cases – which it does – and for years stuffed my headscarves with wool socks, which was better but gave a rather messy, uneven shape at the back of my head. Now I finally have this shaper and it gives exactly the silhouette that I want.
    The Shaper is huge. Both the “poufy” part in the back and the cotton part that you tie around your head. The amount of volume it creates is very flattering, and I’m optimistic that, as the description says, this shaper will really fit every head. My own head isn’t exactly petite (I need the XL velvet headband) and even I have to fold the fabric of the shaper over in the front! If your head is smaller, you can easily fold over more fabric before tying the shaper in the back. Or, if folding is too bulgy, it’s also possible to just tie it at first as it is, which will make it hang a bit loosely in the back, and then pull it closer with the scarf you are tying above. (Is this understandable? Andrea does it in this video: from 1:50 to about 2:30.)

  28. Gemma Goldstein

    The best product ever for tichel wearers. It made my tichels finally stay on and look good. It isnt too hot in the summer! Perfect!

  29. notionsbysweetwater

    I love my shaper! I ordered a bunch of scarves and started wrapping my hair last December but I didn’t order a shaper, maybe because they were sold out, I don’t remember….so I’ve been putting my hair in a bun, wrapping a plain Walmart pashmina as my base, then adding a Color Wonder to “smooth” it out, then covering that with whatever scarf or combination of scarves I had chosen for the day. That was so much work. It took forever to wrap my hair, and though I loved the silhouette and shape I achieved, it was heavy, especially on days when I wore the 2 base scarves with 2 or 3 visible scarves. Now that I have a shaper it doesn’t take forever to wrap my hair. Today was the first day wearing my shaper and I think it probably took me less than 5 minutes to wrap my hair. What a life saver to finally have a shaper. Also, shipping was super fast, I ordered on 3/18/15, it shipped on 3/19/15, and I received it 3/21/15.

  30. aidansmama

    My tichel shaper is wonderful! I love it! Without it, my wraps are blah. Can’t wait to see what it does once I have a bun under it. One thing, though: There was no tag or instructions in the package. What is the recommended way to wash/dry it? My scalp tends to be oily at the best of times, and then on top of that, I often perspire with hot flashes. It’s OK now, but I’ll need to wash it within the next week or so or it will start to smell like oily hair.

    I’ll have to get a white tichel shaper, and a matching no-slip band soon so I can wear light coloured scarves without having to worry about the black underpinnings showing through.

  31. j-wise

    If you’re debating whether or not you really need to purchase the tichel shaper, stop thinking and definitely BUY IT! 🙂
    This has been a game changer in my wrapping journey.
    This is a quality handmade item.
    Previously without the shaper I’d have a lot of loose, uneven fabric at the back of my bun no matter what I tried. Once I received the shaper my entire look changed into a perfect silhouette. Wrapping honestly became easier for me with a solid base!
    The volume is perfect and doesn’t go too over the top if you’re one who is hesitant on extra volume back there.
    Great price and essential tool! Give it a try!!

  32. Isa

    The tichel shaper has been *THE* revolution in my tichel journey. I just received it a few days ago and now I’m sad when I have to put it down at night. It’s so light and comfortable and it shapes any tichel just perfectly. It’s a bit big in size so I need to use pins or clips to put the excess fabric in place. It’s awesome none the less. I don’t need to craft something around my tiny bun every day anymore and it’s much lighter than the extra scarves I used to create volume.

  33. Lydia

    Love love love!!!! This is very light weight and a perfect bun shape! And my hair is a short pixies cut and so it makes it look like I have thick long hair underneath my tichel! And bye bye Migraines!!!!
    Thank you ladies!

  34. heartofjackie

    I debated whether to get this one or this or not. I had tried something from a different site but that one pulled my hair and gave me a headache after awhile. What I did like about theirs is the shape it gave. This one is so soft and light weight. I love the fabric. The only thing is that I am not used to the shape it gives. If I move it around a bit then it works.

  35. saraschrock

    My hair is quite short and this shaper just gives my head the *perfect* shape even though there’s not enough of my hair under the tichel to give it the shape I want. I just feel SO PRETTY now!

  36. La

    I am prone to headaches and I wear glasses, so these two things put together means that for me, the tichel shaper was one layer more than my poor head could manage. I wasn’t able to figure out a way to wear it so that it sat well and didn’t give me a headache. I have quite a high hairline (definite five-head) so I find that my hair pulls a lot, and with the added weight of the shaper (albeit, very little added weight as it really is so light) my wraps would start to hurt after 30 minutes or so. Since the glasses are already enough of an obstacle to reducing headaches, the shaper was just too much and I have stopped wearing it in favor of two Oomphtastic scrunchies. I can see how the shaper would be an incredible find for someone who doesn’t suffer from headaches. It also occurs to me that if my neck and back were in better shape, my headaches would be greatly reduced, which gives me something to try, at which point I will give my shaper another go because it is a great design.

  37. Rachel

    I really like this product. Because I have a pixie cut, the shaper gives me the volume I need. I have a round-ish face, so I place it high on the back of my head, and that helps lengthen my face.

  38. Monique

    Just love this shaper. It is very comfortable and it gives a great look to so many wraps. Thanks for selling them.

  39. Robin

    Love my small shaper. It gives me much more room to perfectly in stuff my tichel ends. I can use it to make more complicated looks. As an added bonus it is really soft and keeps my head from getting bumped while on amusement park rides.

  40. christa

    I have very short hair and had a lot of issues getting my hair wrapping to look right, this is great! adds some omph, looks like I have more hair and is really comfy!

  41. blueroses_78

    I have long hair, but it isn’t very thick. Before I got my amazing tichel shaper, I didn’t have very pretty rounded bumps at the back of my wraps. Now it looks like I have oodles of hair! I even have people ask me if my hair is long enough to touch the floor! I almost NEVER put on my scarves and tichels without the shaper! It’s my favorite tool!

  42. Amanda

    I have thick, long hair. I want to keep it beautiful by not having it in a bun all of the time. The Large shaper is perfect. I put on my velvet headband, and then just flip my hair up, and put the shaper overtop. Voila! No headache, no bun, no pulling, perfect shape. Thanks to whoever made this for me. I know these are handmade, and I can feel the love the hands put into this one I am wearing now!!

  43. Sarah

    Love it! It is much bigger than the one I already own. It really gives tichels a great shape, I have it paired with my new oomphtastic sctunchie and velvet headband and it looks good!!

  44. katharina

    The tichel shaper has brought a new level to my tichel wearing;I always thought that the back of my head looked rather flat, and now, with the tichel shaper, that problem is solved! I got the silhouette I like and am even contemplating getting different sizes to experiment with the height of my wraps. Absolutely essential!

  45. Hannah

    As a person with a big head, I’m thrilled to have a fully adjustable shaper! With it, I can tie all sorts of styles that are difficult without volume–but because I use the smallest size, it is still quite subtle (which was my personal goal).

  46. Marissa

    This makes such a good (as my friend calls it) head pillow! It looks so much smoother than the other volumizing techniques I’ve tried, and doesn’t give me headaches. Plus, I always get a good laugh looking in the mirror as I put it on!

  47. [email protected]

    I don’t know about you but I have really flat hair as well as short and I am not creative. My friends have all these intricate ways of twisting and braiding and next thing you know having a big bun for their tichel. When I put on a tichel I look blah. This tichel shaper is not the first of it’s kind and it is not the first one that I bought, but it’s the only one that I use. It is amazing the difference in how I look. I have body, I have creativity, I can do so many things with my tichels. I love my tichel shaper. On a side note I would watch Andrea’s tutorial and remember you can adjust it to look how you want if you adjust the tichel and pull the back down more and tighter.

  48. Amanda

    This is a MUST HAVE to help your tichels have that wonderfully full shape. I have very little hair. I had chopped it all off a long time ago and it is growing back (yeah, don’t ask why I did that to my hair, I am still trying to figure it out). So I don’t have enough hair to even resemble a “bun”. I wanted that look of having hair under my tichels. So I bought one of these tichel shapers and LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I provides the right amount of volume and stays on my head. I also love the fact that you can adjust it to any tightness you want and that is helpful to me since I suffer from migraines if things are too tight around my head. All in all, I am very happy with my tichel shaper!
    Mandi Dixon

  49. Chana

    I love the shaper. I really think, for me, it works better than my volumizer. With the volumizer I tend to headaches. I usually were my tichel all day and the shaper is perfect for this. It stays on with the velvet headband, which is also sold here. If you love a nice low-crown shape, this is for you. It really takes your tichel to a new level.

  50. Anna Sherman

    I love this product! I have always had two problems with wearing tichels: headaches and not enough hair to wrap the scarf around. The tichel shaper solves both of those problems! I finally have enough volume to make the gorgeous scarf arrangements that I love and it is so light, I don’t get a headache at all! Highly recommend it.

  51. Audrian

    I LOVE this Product! I do a lot of Photography where you need the Headwear to look it’s best and ‘fullest’ – this Product gives me what I want. It’s great for any type of scarf or how many layers I use. My ‘head’ is large, so I bought the smallest size – match made in heaven! Speaking of something ‘heavenly’, the hands that made this product need to be set in, gold! Hand-made construction, at it’s finest! :-}

  52. Molly

    This is an absolute necessity especially for those with short hair or not enough to tie a tichel around. I thought at first it might be too bulky but when I put it on it was actually easier for me to achieve the look I wanted! I can layer more scarves or use just one depending on the look I am going for. It sits on my head just right and isn’t heavy.

  53. Heather

    I don’t wear a shaper every day, but this really boosts things when I want to do a special wrap AND it’s super comfortable. The shape is nice, and the fabric is comfortable and it’s quite lightweight.

  54. Erin

    I loooooooooooooove my shaper so much that I would totally bake it a cake!

    I started covering for medical hair-loss and the shaper is perfect for creating believable volume and beautiful shape. The material is as soft as your favorite tshirt and quality is amazing. I was a total beginner, never ever having worn anything like this before and it was not only easy, but required virtually NO learning curve. Just place, tie, tuck in your ends, and it’s smooth sailing … Tichels, ahoy!

    I ordered a medium/large and its beautifully full without looking bulky. The perfect size for everyday wear…though I DO plan on buying an XL shaper as well for my va-va-vavoom days!

    Buy it…you will LOVE it too!!! <3

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