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The Original 2 in 1s


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Introducing your new best friend – The Original 2 in 1! These twisted scarves will take you where you want to go! Lighter than a pashmina and ingeniously wound, these scarves have natural wrinkles and movement that will add dynamism and a pop of color to anything you wear.  You can also iron the Original 2 in 1s on a low heat setting to make them lay flat and look fancier!

Looking for more colors? Try our Tuff 2 in 1s for tons of gorgeous hues and a slightly more durable, textured fabric!


(See full description below.)



Introducing your new best friend – The Original 2 in 1! These twisted scarves will take you where you want to go! Lighter than a pashmina and ingeniously wound, these scarves have natural wrinkles and movement that will add dynamism and a pop of color to anything you wear.  You can also iron Original 2 in 1s on a low heat setting to make them lay flat and look fancier!

When you receive your Original 2 in 1, untwist it and enjoy the soft fabric and spill of color!  These scarves are extremely light making them perfect for layering. And if you’re looking for the ideal spring/summer scarf, look no further. The Original 2 in 1s will keep you wrapped and cool (literally and figuratively!) through the warmer months.  We call them “2 in 1s” because they are large enough to be worn as a headscarf by themselves, yet thin enough to be used as a sash. We love winding them around multiple times for punch and pizzazz! Just make sure you’re careful with the fabric because it’s more delicate than most scarves.

2 in 1s are so versatile, and you can use them to create tons of different looks. They are wonderful for braiding; if you’re feeling especially brave, try the Crazy Intricate Wrapunzel Braided Wrap! Or if you’re more of a turban gal, check out our tutorials for the Triple Twist Turban and The Laila! The Triple Waterfall Twist is a more intricate look, and it is the perfect style to simulate the feeling and look of a side ponytail.

Looking for other lightweight “2 in 1” style scarves? Try our Tuff 2 in 1s for solid colors with a sturdier feel, Watercolor 2 in 1s for a splash of rich multicolor, or Ombre Sparkle 2 in 1s for lightweight with a bit of sparkle!

Check out our comparison chart or comparison video to compare this product to all of our other solid color staple scarves!

Dimensions – 68″ x 23″
100% Viscose


100 reviews for The Original 2 in 1s

  1. lafatac13 (verified owner)

    I love the Original 2 in 1 scarves. They are super light and airy, perfect for hot summer days. You do have to be gentle with them but definitely worth all the extra care and attention.

  2. leah.langer

    Love this! So lightweight & comfy. Wish it came in more colors (esp more muted ones for work-appropriate wear)

  3. vandjsizemore

    love this scarf in bright coral. Great summer color and weight.

  4. ilanatracer

    I love the original 2 in 1s. Started with some Tuffs which I like as well, but think I prefer these as they are slightly longer and the thinner texture is amazing for layering. Great for adding some color to your wraps and for creating some amazing multi-scarf wraps.

  5. kimabaker1982

    This is the lighter Tuff 1 in 2, but the same otherwise scarf. My favorite in my new journey so far. In the days of face coverings as well, I take an end, cross my face and tuck under my no slip headband .

  6. lisadbrown197789

    I love 2 in 1s. I own them in 24 colors and love how they add a touch of color but not much volume. Most of my wraps are created with 2-3 scarves so 2 in 1s are great for wraps that require multiple scarves.

  7. estherlefkowitz

    I couldn’t resist and bought one in almost every color! I love the softness, shine and lightweight fabric especially during the hot summer months. Excellent for creating a 2 toned layered look as well. A definite enjoyable staple in the scarf wearing wardrobe!

  8. Wave

    Purchased a few of these over the years. Nothing makes my heart sing like the Bright Coral. It is a treasure on the hot days for sure.

  9. Kellyn Nabozny

    I so badly want to love these but this just aren’t my favorite. The lightweight and texture as SO NICE!! These are great for multiple scarf wraps or single wraps when it is super hot. The reason for the two stars is that they don’t hold up well. I am pretty gentle and use snag-free hangers and yet these always get misshapen and then holes form. Even after 1 use in a gentle beginners wrap caused for there to be a lot of holes. The threads weren’t broken but the weave was really messed up and it was still seen when wrapped…UNLESS you wrap it bunched up. If you don’t care and plan to bunch it up than it probably wouldn’t matter.

  10. jawilfong

    Great basic scarf by itself or layered. It is especially beneficial for doubling as a breathable face covering during this COVID pandemic! ❤️

  11. Heather Jordan

    These are my favorites. Light weight for the hot and humid summers in NC. In the picture I’m wearing peach and lime.

  12. Megan McGrail

    Great for half-wraps and neck-scarves! The perfect summer accessory!

  13. Hope

    I finally broke down and bought two of these (peach and light peach). Love them! I do need to practice with the braiding…. I have a big head, so I have to make sure it’s really loose so I can get it to wrap around right.

  14. bkmommy

    I ordered one in slate blue, and the color is gorgeous. I immediately unwound it and used it like a regular wrap, since I’m not quite ready for all this layering. I paired it with a blue jeweled and pearl pin. I had an executive meeting and one of the other leaders flat out told me I looked beautiful.

  15. Deanna Rodriguez

    I absolutely love my original 2in1s! I love their weight and tend to wear them quite a lot in the summer because they are so lightweight even when layered. I have collected pretty much every color available over the years and could not imagine wrapping without them! As many reviews have said you can wear them as a single scarf or you can use multiple 2in1s or layer them with pashminas. I have worn as many as six in one wrap before!

  16. Katie Hanzelka

    I got the purple and I am very happy with it! Its light and easy to use, I’m Planning on ordering more soon!

  17. Grace (Gabrielle) (verified owner)

    I just received another 2 in 1 with my last order from Wrapunzel. I ordered the pumpkin color and for the first time since I’ve been shopping this site, I found the color turned out to be quite a bit darker than shown, so a “heads-up” to anyone else considering this shade. Having said that, I must also say that the color is absolutely gorgeous! Rich and deep…almost more like a dark Cinnamon. It still goes well with the Kurta I bought it to compliment, so no complaints. And, as usual, it got here one day ahead of what the tracking said. Thank you, Wrapunzel! 🙂

  18. Teresa Youngblood (verified owner)

    The length, color, and beautiful, flattering sheen are what keep me coming back for these original 2 in 1s. I have four so far, and a bucketload waiting in my wishlist. The layerability–because of the thinness–is also a great asset, making these my most wearable scarves from May to October. They are tough to work with for me–fussier than other scarves in getting them to lay just right since the material has no give at all, and is so delicate that you can’t really yank on it. And I’ve never put one on and not snagged it on a hangnail; it hasn’t yet cause an irreparable breakage of fibers, but it makes for a slightly more stressful wrapping experience. These drawbacks are far outweighed by the benefits, though, especially for folks like me with big heads who seldom get to try out the wraps that call for more than one pass around the head.

  19. hermioneg1748

    So far I only have one of these—a gold one—and I feel like I need thirty to exemplify every color in every shade! These are very thin and simple with a nice shine and amazing versatility. They’re big enough to pretty much whatever you want with them with zero bulk! I can layer it with other scarves, or let it shine by itself. The only problem I have with it is that it does not disguise a shaper very well by itself, and snags very easily on pins. Anyway, here’s my simple gold one:

  20. Hilde Mott

    I love how lightweight and easy these scarves are to work with. They play well with just about any other scarf of any weight. I haven’t used them very often in winter, but as things start warming up (this is a relative thing in the Pacific Northwest – it rarely hits 80 degrees where I live) I find myself reaching for them just about every day. It’s a good thing they are affordable – I want all the gorgeous colors!

  21. griffin.brandy

    The 2-in-1 is a must-have. The colors are beautiful and plentiful, and the scarves are light, comfortable, and strong. They cover and wrap beautifully, alone or in groups.

  22. Deborah Goldberg (verified owner)

    When I first started building my scarf collection, I decided that I wanted to have lots of 2in1s in different colors so that I could express my own creativity. These satiny, yet thin, scarves allow for tons of layering and color mixing.

  23. Mindy Beer (verified owner)

    I absolutely love these versatile tichels. Perfect on their own or paired with another, or combined with pashminas, saris, anything that your imagination can cook up. They are a mainstay of my wardrobe, not only as a wrap or in a wrap, but also as a sash to cinch the waist of a dress or tunic, as a strap for a purse and even as a sort of carryall in a pinch. I hope that some of the sold out colors will return and more colors will be added.

    I’m wearing two 2 in 1s with a Wrapunzel scarf from last summer over a Cloud 9 in this photo.

  24. Mitchell Grzegorek (verified owner)

    Love love love can’t express how much I love these scarves. I’m eagerly waiting for more of the colors I want to come back in stock can’t wait to purchase more. These scarves are perfect for braiding gives me another look to play with, with my hijab without overheating. Perfect for summer, great for layering and braiding. Fantastic!

  25. Riki Dixon (verified owner)

    Perfect for any occasion! The colors are so vivid and the texture makes it so easy to work with.

  26. Grace (Gabrielle) (verified owner)

    I just received my very first solid color 2 in 1 (I have two watercolor ones). I ordered the dark yellow and it is a perfect match for what I wanted! And, as it has been the case for the last three orders I’ve placed, it came a day early. Thank you Wrapunzel…this order was a welcomed respite from a difficult period 🙂

  27. eborisch (verified owner)

    These are my staple tichel. I skip pashminas for the most part and use these little lovelies! So light. So easy. So comfortable. So many colors! Right now the color selection is quite thin but I’m sure they’ll refill and maybe even add more??!! I can hope! I need about 10 more of these. I don’t like the watercolor ones, too tie dye looking for me, not too big on the ombré either, but the original is where it’s at! At least for this girl!!

  28. claudiatoledoucv (verified owner)

    This are very beautiful, light and comfortable scarfs. I wonder if you are planning to sell again colors like slate blue, olive, dark red and blue, and purple any time soon? . I only have one right now (teal), which I use it with a purple shimmering, and I love it very much. I hope to be able to buy all the other great colors you have in the photos. Very thankful to have found you!.

  29. Shelby waters

    These are my go to scarfs for a light weight but colorful look! You can stack two or three of these on top of each other and still feel cool!

  30. Valerie Campbell

    I have several of the 2 in 1’s. I love them. They are my go to wrap. I love that they are light weight and easy to use for this beginner. I love that I can layer them and make them look dressed up or dressed down, depending on the occasion. I say these are a must have for any one who covers their hair!

  31. Miriam Berezin

    I love these scarves – beautiful colors and very light weight. I have these in several different colors and I use these many times as a base in combination with another scarf or alone when I need a cool scarf that looks lovely 🙂 I highly recommend it!

  32. marywelling

    Good for adding color to your tichel wardrobe, but the fringes make me scream.

  33. Ariella (verified owner)

    Please note that these are very thin and need to be treated with care. However, they are amazing and worth a little extra care! They are light-weight and breathable, so they’re great for hot days. They’re also wonderful for layering without adding too much weight or volume!

  34. Amanda Schefter (verified owner)

    These are my favorite! They are thin which makes them comfortable to wear on hot days and easy work with. Also, great for layering as I do not like a lot of “bulk” on my head.

  35. becky.gross (verified owner)

    I love 2-in-1s – I have the Slate Blue, and it is a gorgeous dark blue that I love to pair with contrasting Sari Sashes. I also sometimes wear it on its own, though it is quite thin so you can see lumps and bumps underneath (especially if you have a shaper). They are also super lightweight and easy to tie (the fringes can be tricky but they don’t usually give me too much trouble).
    I want so many more colours of the 2-in-1 – I’m still waiting to get my hands on a Salmon Pink. These are great for adding a splash of colour.

  36. Rebecca Leah

    These are great, lightweight, basic, beautiful and so useful!

    However, is important to know that they are thin and somewhat delicate. The weave is a bit loose, which is probable what makes it so soft, breathable, lightweight and pliable. Unfortunately, it also allows the threads to bunch together, leaving spaces that look a bit like runs in a stocking. For the most part it isn’t an issue, you can smooth the threads together with your finger. But it is good to know that this is the nature of the scarf.
    They still awesome and I totally would love to have more of them.

    • Andrea

      Yes you are totally right that this can happen with the lightness of the scarf. All you have to do is wiggle the ends and the threads will go back into place!

  37. Sarah (verified owner)

    Love the 2 in 1s! They are perfect, even layered, on a super hot day. I love the fact that they are so lightweight. It leaves a lot of possibilities open when it comes to layering/styling without adding a ton of weight.

  38. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    If you were a painter, you would want a basic color palette to work with. If you’re going to become a wrapper, you will want a “palette” of these 2 in 1s to work with. Choose about ten of your colors, including your neutrals, and mix and match these to create gorgeous wraps. They are a staple. You should have a shelf or a rack devoted to these. Make these the foundation of your scarf collection, and then add other textures and types of scarves from there.

  39. Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

    Super basic and super light– it’s fantastic. I love the variety of colors offered (although an emerald green would be fantastic, if one ever existed!!!) and I love using these to braid crowns and to layer. Mostly, it’s the best for situating fancier or busier patterned scarves. The 2-in-1 and Sari Scarf combo is my go-to for any time I’m going out. I love it! (Pictured is the dark blue 2-in-1 with a purple patterned Sari; I’ve also heard the dark blue referred to as “TARDIS blue” for any Doctor Who fans.)

  40. Chanah

    This is probably the most versatile and basic light scarf that Wrapunzel has to offer. They can be dressed up or down, in the most simple to the most elaborate styles. They can be rather delicate and get holes easily, but this is still a staple in many ladies’ tichel wardrobe. With the right colours, you are sure to get a great look.

  41. serabobera (verified owner)

    Incredibly easy to wrap. This is a must have scarf for layered or braided wrap styles.

  42. Sarah

    This is THE FOUNDATION of my tichel collection. I would not survive as a wrapper without these. Worn in their own, beautiful and simple. Lightweight and so so so easy for layering with anything else! Want one in every single color.

  43. Kathleen G

    2 in 1’s are the easiest to work with for me, especially for layering. I have the brown and teal colors and want to get more!

  44. mirja.haukisaari

    Let me count the ways to use the 2in1’s… Oh so versatile and layerable! The scarf is so thin that you might see through it, so a shaper or an underscarf is in place. Use as sashes, single scarf wraps, layered wraps, neck scarves, anything you can think of!
    In the photos I’m wearing Light gray, Lighter lilac, Aqua, and Apple green.

  45. mirja.haukisaari

    Let me count the ways to use the 2in1’s… Oh so versatile and layerable! The scarf is so thin that you might see through it, so a shaper or an underscarf is in place. Use as sashes, single scarf wraps, layered wraps, neck scarves, anything you can think of!
    In the photos I’m wearing at least light gray, lighter lilac, aqua, apple green, and slare blue.

  46. Justine Lustig

    2 in 1s, oh 2 in1s, how I love thee.

    Such versatile wraps! Use one, use five, tie a simple regal or turban, or use intricate knots and braids!!! They can do anything.

    You definitely need 2 in 1s.

    Here is cream + exotic spice.

  47. Lila

    This scarf is a must-have in several colors! Whether I want a 2 scarf wrap, of something super elaborate with a heavier scarf, I almost always have a 2in1 on somewhere in my wrap. These scarves are just such a building block for wrapping, and I highly recommend getting several!

  48. Liora Knizhnik

    Writing this while wearing two of these light, easy to wrap scarves in a tichel braid! They’re my go to scarves for a base wrap or for something easy and light when I have a headache. The colors are rich and gorgeous and they’re SO easy to wrap in so many different styles. If you wear rings, make sure you take them off before you wrap so you don’t tear the delicate fabric by accident.

  49. mirja.haukisaari

    Love how lightweight these scarves are, nyt the thin material has its’ downside as well: Make sure you use somewhat matching under layer if you wear it alone.
    Easy to layer with another 2-in-1, a tiny bit on the slipping side when worn with certain materials.
    Excellent for hot weather.

  50. Anastasiya

    I bought the grey and teal 2-in-1 tickles and I love them! They’re very light weight and don’t make you feel hot in the summer time =] The only thing that I don’t love is that the lighter colors are see-through (like the grey) so I actually have to wear a scarf underneath so you can’t see my hair. Overall, these are great for the summer time. Would definitely buy again (just in a darker color). =]

  51. Stephanie

    I love my 2-in1’s! They’re perfect for a simple, lightweight wraps with one scarf, or they’re a must-have for multi-scarf wraps like braids. I wear these more than anything else.

  52. Sarah

    I use these scarves a lot in the warmer weather. They are great for layering but they are a bit slippery. They are also very delicate and easy to put a run in the material. The color choices are great though!

  53. Loraleigh

    Well I don’t have any of these yet, but I plan to get the dark red and dark yellow (light/med yellow makes me look pale). I have wanted them for sometime now I just keep getting other Tichels instead. But it’s time to maximize and broaden my color palette. CAN’T WAIT!!

  54. jlnichol

    Not at all a bad scarf, but not one I use much or would get more of. While they are great for layering, not bulky, and come in so many different colors, they are fairly delicate and not very opaque. If you can see the black tie on dark brown hair through the scarf, it just doesn’t do it for me. They also have a sheen like satin and tend to be pretty slippery. The velvet headband holds them in place, but layered, I tend to have slippage issues. I can see why some people love them, but I would not recommend them to a beginner and they aren’t a good fit for me.

  55. Cynda LeTullier

    Light and comfortable I like using these with my shimmeries or with my pashminas to add extra color ~ 2in1s, Shimmeries, pashminas, lakeshore bliss & NY Brights are my favorite scarves ~

  56. rachel.leiba.schwartz

    These are essential for any wrapper’s closet. They are lightweight and the perfect layering scarf. With so many colors, it’s easy to find a complement with any of my patterned scarves! Every time I get a new scarf I need more 2-in-1s to match!

  57. Maggie

    These are a must have for any wrapper. They are soft, easy to work with, lightweight, and great for layering. They do snag if you’re wearing rings (lesson learned!) and the teal 2 in 1 turned my hands blue-ish, although it didn’t bleed onto my forehead or the other scarves I was using. No matter what scarf or pashminas I’m wearing, I’m nearly always wearing one of these with it. To me, 2 in 1s are as much of an essential tool as my shaper.

  58. Ireri

    Handle these scarves with care! If you have a chip or snag in your nails, or rings with pointy stones, these scarves might be in trouble. That being said, these are the perfect layering scarves. You need as many of these as you have pairs of underwear. I could never get a hand of two or more scarf wraps until I tried one with these and magic happened. The fact that they come in every color under the sun helps too.

  59. Ivelisse Jimenez

    Please , please! Never stop selling these tichels. All of us love them , including myself , of course ?. We can be so created with them. The colors are beautiful .

  60. mrsjackson1103

    If you are going to wear a tichel, a few dozen of these have to be in your collection. They are so versatile and easy to wrap even for an “all thumber” like myself. I have several and just couldn’t do without them!

  61. Mikayla Zagoria-Moffet

    I love my 2-in-1s! They are super light, very comfortable, and never itchy and I love the fact that they come in so many colors. They’re perfect for layering and don’t seem to slide around as much as some other scarves do. My only reservation about them is that I’ve noticed that they pull easily– there are several “gaps” in the fabric where it has thinned out a little over time. In darker colors, this doesn’t matter much, but in lighter colors, it’s definitely more noticeable.

  62. Ivanna

    I ordered one in Taupe and it’s really more brown than grey-brown, which is fine once I got used to it. It’s so thin and light and looks so smooth with a beautiful sheen on your head. However, the threads shift so badly after handling it a few times and wearing it twice that I really don’t want to buy more. This is not because of my rings, rather it seems to happen even just when drawing your finger across the fabric or tying a knot. I love all the color selection, but this one just seems too fragile to use as a single wrap. If I wear it alone, the shifted threads are quite obvious in the back of my bun where the fabric is laying smooth against my shaper.

  63. Robin

    I love these scarves! They have just a little shimmer and a lovely drape. I love that they’re a bit thinner than pashminas (which can be hard for me to handle) and they braid and twist easily. I have several colors and hope to get more soon, especially if the dark blue becomes available again–I would LOVE to be able to get one of those! The only reason I gave them a 4 rating instead of a 5 is that they are so easy to snag that I frequently accidentally snag my bottom scarf on the velcro at the back of my tichel shaper, and there has been some thread shifting even though I hand wash them carefully. But they are still the staple of my tichel collection and I love them.

  64. Sara

    These scarves are so thin and comfortable! They are easy to work with, and flatten out nicely even without ironing. I’ll definitely be getting more in the future!

  65. kmalveira1311

    These scarfs are really essential for me. They are versatile, they come in so many colors, they’re light, long, and just beautiful!

  66. andrea g

    Hi Hadas! It’s right there… the 8th photo beside the burgundy!

  67. Hadas

    love this 2 in 1. work best for me with one scarf & 1 or 2 headbands, not so much time to put it in the rush of the morning .
    can U please put the exotic spice photo.

  68. natcooper

    LOVE!!! Want them in several more colors. I just got the Slate Blue and the Gold Neutral, and can see how they will be a nice base for other tichels — although I am wearing the blue one by itself right now and it is a comfy dream on this summer day. I love their softness, light weight and the slight shimmer of the fabric. I’ll be back for more!

  69. Nikki

    These scarves are staples. They can be worn on their own, but they’re especially good paired with each other or other scarves to play with colors and fun different ties. I wear them primarily as a base layer when I want to add or accentuate a color or when I need a different color than my primary scarf near my face. I like to twist them or just wrap them over the main scarf, but they can also do lots of other fun wraps. They are delicate and don’t stand up to rough use, but they’re very soft and easy to use. Plus, the color selection is amazing.

  70. Carol

    I have one of these in black, navy, and a special edition Aqua that came with my “Cherry Blossom Kit” and they are so nice! They have a slight sheen to them which makes them far from dull. I have worn one at a time and tried a few combinations which make me excited to get more! The possibilities are endless!

  71. Kendra Heffelman

    The 2-in-1s are a must have! Seeing that they are one of the cheapest scarves in inventory, it is easy to justify getting a few at a time! These scarves stay put, are very light-weight, lots of color options, don’t bunch up when tucked, can be layered with several other 2-in-1s, and could be worn with any outfit (casual or fancy).

  72. Meira

    People have asked me what scarves to start with and I always tell them to start with these. They’re really 3-in-1. 1) They wrap well and look amazing on their own. 2) They’re light-weight, so they layer well. I’ve worn them 3 at a time in the winter. 3) They’re amazing as sashes too.

  73. Melmoth_the_Wanderer

    I was pleasantly surprised how thin these scarves are. Before finding Wrapunzel I tried wearing all kinds of scarves on my head that were originally made to be worn around your neck (and keep you warm) which could be really difficult to layer and feel quite uncomfortable if you succeded. Being used to those thicker and heavier scarves, when I first tried on a 2 in 1 it was like: Well… am I wearing something on my head? (And even with the shaper underneath it’s still really lightweight.) Seems like these scarves just arrived in time for summer!
    There might be little irregularities in the fabric which just become visible when unpacking and unfolding them, but it’s the exception, and as these scarves are crinkly it’s not as noticeable as it would be with other scarves.
    With one exceptions, the colours I bought are all as I expected, the purple one being especially beautiful (it’s a dark, warm shade of purple). Just a word of caution about the Seafoam Green: The colour is quite different than it looks in the picture. In the picture it looks like some darker, brighter shade of mint. But it really is more like a grass green colour, and a very bright one, almost neon green. If you like that, go for it – but if you look best in rich dark colours and/or autumn colours this might be a shade of green that’s not flattering. (Layering it with another colour, dark brown for example, might help though, with the more flattering colour closer to your face.)

  74. Chava

    Great super light weight tichel, perfect for wearing in the summer, to exercise, or as a layering piece. The only downside is that they snag easily, especially when caught on the velcro on the back of the no-slip grips. So just be careful when you take them off. Other than that, great scarf 🙂

  75. kristenfederchuk

    cannot say enough good things about these scarves! lightweight, comfortable, easy to use, rich colours, layer beautifully, look amazing!!! FANTASTIC!!! hope more colours comes back too 🙂 These are a definite favourite 🙂

  76. l.catherine.winter

    Love love love these scarves! As others have said, these are lightweight and impossibly soft, and are just perfect for layering. They’re long enough to be able to create elaborate braids and twists to wrap around your head, are are thin enough that you can layer on several of them without any excess weight.
    I’m looking forward to getting them in every colour.

  77. Pol

    I wear one of these almost every day as my go-to summer hijab. Hijab tip: don’t pin it behind your head or under your chin, they’re too delicate for that. Pin one corner to your hijab cap and wrap the long end around 2-3 times. Alhamdulillah! Comfy hijab.

  78. Amanda

    Soft and easy to manipulate. Lightweight, but seems strong and sturdy. Hoping more colors come back soon!

  79. Jessica

    These scarves are super light and a summer must have! The colors are very soft. I ordered the orange, green, purple, and beige. As other posters have mentioned, you really need to remove anything that may snag this delicate fabric. They are easy to layer because of how thin the fabric is, but long enough to complete whatever style of wrap you may enjoy the most. Happy Wrapping!

  80. LeeAnn

    Love, love, love these! I think I have them in every color! They are so great to be able to layer with multiple scarves as they are light and airy and the colors allow you to mix them with about anything. Just be gentle with pins or long fingernails as they can snag easily, but you can wiggle the fabric and work them out if you are careful.

  81. christa

    very light, on the sheer side looks amazing and layers like a dream! Does snag easily but the snags are not easy to see I want one of every color!!

  82. Erin

    The description says this will be your new best friend, and it is right! I have a variety of colors because these scarves are so perfectly versatile! They are wide enough to cover everything, light enough to not overheat you or contribute to headaches, thin enough that you can fold them and twist them as sashes or wear them in amazing layers! The colors are fantastic, the fabric is smooth and silky but not slippery. Do be careful with rings or long fingernails poking through the delicate fabric, but don’t let that discourage you. These scarves are a hot weather staple!

  83. blueroses_78

    I have several 2 in 1s, and they are probably my favorite scarves! You can layer so many but they still aren’t heavy! The colors are rich and true and they will go with anything! You can wear them on their own, or as sashes – hence the name: 2 in 1s!

    My next order is definitely going to have a red 2 in 1!

  84. Tovah

    I have 7 so far of these scarves and love them. They are so light that wearing multiples like in the picture is easy! Not heavy or hot even in summer!

  85. La

    I love these. They really are quite delicate, and extremely light weight.. I love that I can wear more than one at a time. And I LOVE all the color options. I only have 2 so far, but I think I have definitely found my staple. I clearly need ALL THE COLORS!

  86. Sara Adina

    Oh, so wonderfully lightweight- and the colors are just amazing! I wear these almost every day; alone or layered. They are delicate, as a previous poster mentioned; I also make sure to put them on before putting on rings or a watch.

  87. Stephanie

    These are very light and comfortable; almost silky to touch. They are also beautiful to look at with such beautiful colours. As the hot summer months approach, these are replacing my staple pashmina for both everyday and formal wear. They work on their own, layered, and as a base.

    I do recommend handling with care, and removing all rings before handling these, as they are on the delicate side, and can tear.

  88. elsa_galindo

    These scarves are light, fresh, bright, and super easy to wear. I love them for double twists because they twist so thin and wonderfully that they make an awesome cown. I need to own one of each color 🙂

  89. katharina

    This is my everyday go-to scarf – light and airy, comfy and easy to wrap; they are just plain wonderful! They can be wonderfully combined with other scarves, and while I like pairing two 2in1s, the New York Brights and 2in1 combo is my absolute favourite! I would also love to see more colours, especially a dark brown, a deep blue navy or deep green. I will definitely get back for more!!!

  90. Hannah

    These have really transformed how I wrap. Until I started wearing 2-in-1s, I was pretty much a 2-scarves-at-the-most kind of person. These light scarves are so easy to layer that I’ve tried more styles than I would have otherwise. On top of that, I’m amazed at how all of the colors seem to blend so well with all the other colors.

  91. Marissa

    So thin and able to be used for so many things! They are great for warm spring or summer days!

  92. Kendra

    These scarves are so thin and light, but still sturdy enough to stand on their own. I love the sheen on these scarves, and they’re great for layering.

  93. MollyAustin3

    So easy to use! I use these to give an amazing pop of color to my color wonder wraps! I must get more!

  94. mary.chandler

    I can tell already that my 2-in-1 scarves will be a summer staple. They are light, but they have a nice weight and drape when hanging over the shoulder. I’d love to see more colors–maybe a brown, a dark green, and a red…

  95. Meredith Weil

    Love how these enhance any wrap. Helps make my wraps brighter! Also easy to work with.

  96. Amanda

    I got these scarves in my special occasion kit-and I love them. I wore it over my pony tail to the dentist, and it was so comfy! It’s super lite, and soft. Definately the summer replacement for my pashminas

  97. Molly

    These are my go to scarf if I am in a hurry or want to layer many colors together! So comfy, light, and super easy to use. Having such short hair these are a must have!!

  98. Maggie

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOVVE these scarves. I cannot recommend them enough. They are SUPER lightweight, but still a very large size, so they offer tons of options for warmer weather! The colours are also super vibrant and the fabric has this lovely shine that makes me feel like a queen 🙂 I certainly plan on adding more colours to my collection – wrapping with these scarves feels like sculpting a work of art!

  99. hotcoolings

    These may be my new favorite–although I have thought that about every item I have gotten through Wrapunzel! I would say that what I love about these is how lightweight they are, as well as the fact that they match each other so well–i bet there aren’t any colors here that would clash! Being a gal who can barely match socks–this is a great benefit for me. 🙂 I am certain these will be my go-to scarves for the summer heat. Most of my scarves before these were beautiful, but because they were mostly patterned, I was limited in how I could use them. Now–I have options!!

    I am reasonably new to head covering–and between the delicious items and the excellent videos–I have come to feel beautiful! I am a Catholic and have been veiling at Mass, but recently branched out to full-time covering. I have been blessed beyond measure finding this site! Thank you for all you do to help modest women who wish to cover–and look elegant while doing so.

  100. Katia

    The Slate Blue is the most gorgeous color I have ever seen! It manages to be deep and vibrant, yet still a subdued color that plays well with others. The scarf is light and comfortable, and the fringe is long and lovely to leave out. I hope to buy manymany more of these. One suggestion – could you color mavens provide us with some “suggested palettes” of some of your favorite pairs and trios (I’m thinking of Andrea’s beautiful doublebraid wrap).

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