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Watercolor 2 in 1s


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Your favorite Original 2 in 1s have a partner in crime! Our Watercolor 2 in 1 Scarves feature stunning rich, swirling hues adorned with subtle “splash” marks throughout.


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Your favorite Original 2 in 1s have a partner in crime! The Watercolor 2 in 1 Scarves are some of the most unique scarves we’ve ever seen! Rich, swirling hues adorned with subtle “splash” marks throughout have these scarves reminding us of an abstract watercolor painting. They are perfectly light and layer like a dream, yet just as lovely when worn all by themselves. Twist them, braid them, and more! Different colors will show every time you wrap it. Like our other “2 in 1” scarves, they are named because they are perfect as either a scarf or a sash: 2 uses in 1 scarf!

These Watercolor 2 in 1 Scarves are made custom for us, to make sure we’re able to stock our customers favorite colors! One of our favorite things about them is that each one is uniquely made – hence no two will look exactly the same!

Looking for other lightweight “2 in 1” style scarves? Try our Original 2 in 1s for the same super lightweight fabric in solid colors, our Tuff 2 in 1s for solid colors with a sturdier feel!

Dimensions: 64″x 24″
100% Viscose

50 reviews for Watercolor 2 in 1s

  1. morahshani1 (verified owner)

    Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!!! And comfortable too!

  2. cherrynzach

    I own almost every color in this scarf. I like to do a 3 scarf twist with them to really brighten up my outfits. Really lightweight and my favorite Beach scarf.

  3. Sarah Besser

    These are some of my favorite scarves – I reach for them so often! They look beautiful, wrap so easily, and are so versatile. I think I have almost every color. I think this would be my #1 recommendation for anyone just getting started on wrapping.

  4. sara.q.cotton (verified owner)

    I love these to wear alone or as accents. They are thin and a bit delicate, but that makes them perfect for hot weather! They wrap beautifully and add some fun pops of color, especially for someone with a wardrobe that’s mostly neutrals.

  5. Teresa Higgs

    Oh my goodness. I LOVE these scarves! I have nearly all the colors! I’m not a huge fan of fringe or tassels, dratted things always manage to escape and hang out where I don’t want them ! Lol.
    I love that they are different every time I wrap them. And with several colors in each scarf, they go with a huge variety of my outfits.
    Please offer some other “ watercolor or or mottled pattern type scarves. I have gotten SO many complements on these scarves.

  6. b72denes

    This is my ninth Watercolor 2 in 1. Just as its name, I feel I am drawing pictures whenever I use it. For those who seek to create unique looks, this is the one for you.

  7. Emily Shanley

    This is my favorite scarf in my collection so far! It’s light and airy and so soft, plus the colors are just gorgeous.

  8. Elizabeth Levin

    I am loving my pumpkin and plum watercolour 2 in 1!! (Worn here with a light green original 2 in1 over a Wendy shaper) I love layering with it and using it as a contrasting sash to add a splash of color over simple wraps.

  9. Meira Schneider-Atik

    I was appearing on a podcast & I wanted a look that showed my passion & enthusiasm without overdoing it. This combo of taupe/seafoam/orange & pumpkin/plum scarves did the trick. I love the way these scarves wrap easily & layer nicely.

  10. Irene Haugen

    Absolute perfection! The colors are fabulous! I got 4 of these watercolors. I have all the basics too, and they will combine to create fun and fashionable wraps. I can see multi color braids in my future!!! Thank you Ladies at Wrapunzel for bringing us scarf crazy wrappers the BEST and the most gorgeous fabrics.

  11. Deborah

    Love these scarves, very nice!

  12. rivkas

    Love Love Love them! I have 3 or 4, I forget… so lightweight for summer and because of the blend of colors so easy to find one to match anything I’m wearing.

  13. anjolyn88

    The pink and light blue scarf was the first one I think I ever bought. it’s still one of my favorites especially when I’m feeling bright cheerful. it’s also super light which makes it nice during the summer

  14. AdeleOT

    These are beautiful- such rich colors! They are lightweight and comfortable. I have them in several colors. I only gave 4 stars because the fabric is delicate and has stretched in places to where it may eventually rip.

  15. laughlik

    I love the color and variety. Each is unique. They are airy and light for any day.

  16. nechama.leah.kay

    This scarf is absolutely gorgeous! I love how the colors blend together and separate and how it looks a little bit different each time. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 is that personally I like scarves just a little more opaque. It shows my ears through unless I double it up. But the beauty of this baby makes up for it. And it does double well as a sash because it’s so thin.

  17. donnamarie84

    Watercolors are MY JAM. They are so easy to wrap by themselves or paired with other scarves. I own 3: pumpkin/plum, rose/peach, and red/blue/purple.

    Pairing: red/blue/purple with a light gold Sparkle-licious(?) over a Cloud 9.

  18. Helen

    This one is the Green/Gold/Pink. Light and airy for the perfect summer wrap!

  19. Helen Zapata

    This one is the Pumpkin/Plum under a Plum Sari Sash. Did I say FUN? Yes, it is! You gotta get one of these watercolor scarves. Or two. Or three. Or…. oh my….

  20. Helen Zapata

    I waited a long time before ordering my first watercolor 2in1. But my goodness! These are true jewels! Gorgeous on their own, or amazing layered with other scarves. Here is the seafoam/rose/cream I just got yesterday. I love the textures and the rich colors. They are so much fun!

  21. Sarah VanDeBogert

    I ordered a plum/pumpkin scarf, and it’s just lovely! Light and pretty, but it can work for cute and casual (I wore it with an Andre the Giant shirt before, so… ;o)

  22. Ann (verified owner)

    Now I have ordered a third watercolour 2in1 since I like them so much. I don’t wear make-up, that is why the Colours of some were too intense for my style. I already bought pink-Grey and seafoam green-pink (a favourite) and now I have the black-red-taupe. Wonderful Colours again, that go well with my pale face. Easy to wrap, Wonderful Feeling, love the lightweave texture that makes it so easy to be used as a sash.

  23. b72denes (verified owner)

    It’s me again, and it’s another trial of Gigi with a Watercolor 2 in 1. I already own five of them. In these days of late autumn, I usually wear pashmina, but this is for a change. I’ve found layering this scarf gives such an interesting and “tasty” look to the wrap.

  24. b72denes (verified owner)

    Love this thinness and colors. Tried Gigi wrap from Naomi Rose’s tutorial with a Watercolor 2 in 1 and a Tuff 2 in 1.

  25. Ann Drea (verified owner)

    Again me, for the pink and grey scarf. It is lovely and so breathable. The pink is very light and very cool. You never know what wrap will be like unless you are done, it is very interesting to use this colours. One side is all crey today!

  26. Kathleen G (verified owner)

    these tichels are awesome! I keep coming back for more colors! They look great on their own, or layered with another scarf.

  27. Ann (verified owner)

    I have the seafoam, cream and pink one and this is a strikingly gorgeous scarf. Very breathable. Very easy to wrap. Great for summer.

  28. wendi.k.bowers (verified owner)

    This is my first purchase from Wrapunzel and I’m thrilled! I got it in the Seafoam/Rose/Cream and it’s beautiful! It’s also high quality fabric. I just started wrapping and this looks elegant and makes me feel beautiful.

  29. yellowsunocean (verified owner)

    These were my first scarves and I just love them they made my wrapping experience so easy and made me feel so beautiful and so experienced with wrapping, Ha! they just do all the work so beautiful and I really want all of them.

  30. Kendra Heffelman

    I purchased this scarf in an attempt to stretch my color palette into the pink/purple ranges, so I was apprehensive as to whether or not I would actually like it. I purchased the purple/burgundy/blue and I just love it. It seems narrower and slightly shorter in length than other 2 in 1s, but not to any extent which is problematic. It has plenty of length and width, wraps well, stays in place, and can be positioned to show off the variety of colors resulting in a different wrap nearly every time. An additional benefit is that in each scarf (for mine its burgundy/purple/blue) each of those colors present themselves in a range. {Example: the burgundy ranges from lighter pink to dark burgundy, the purple and blue ranges similarly as well}. The benefit that this presents is that you can use a wide range of other scarves to wrap with and are not limited by a narrow color palette. I highly recommend adding this scarf to your collection as it is versatile, colorful, light-weight, and easy to use! It gets 2 thumbs up from me.

  31. Maggie (verified owner)

    Just like a regular 2 in 1, these are thin and well behaved. Then you add these gorgeous colliding colors and it makes them a masterpiece all their own. There are so many ways to wrap them and get different colors emphasized. They are stunning on their own and layer like the absolute best layering scarf- a 2 in 1. Don’t hesitate on this one! You won’t be disappointed!

  32. Samantha (verified owner)

    This is my #1 go to daily scarf!
    I have 8 different colors and in all honesty I would never need another scarf to fit my daily wardrobe. They literally go with anything and everything. I’ve worn the Reddish one with my Dead Pool shirt, The blackish one with my ACDC shirts, the Blues with my home town sporting shirts.
    It the most casual scarf, but also something that can be dressed up as I have done with the black one with a white lace triangle piece that a friend brought me from a local fair!

    If I have to give up all but one of my scarves, this would be the one I would keep.

  33. Nita (verified owner)

    Most amazing scarves ever!!! They are all so different and unique, I got them in 5 different colors. They are a little bit shorter then the regular 2in1’s but its not a problem. I like to pair mine with a shimmery, as they are a bit shear so I don’t like to wear them on their own, but the shimmery adds the nice texture and helps enhance some of the tones in the watercolor scarf.

  34. Ryannon Rosenberger (verified owner)

    My absolute favorite. I would wear this everyday, but my clothes don’t match. Time to get new clothes! Haha

  35. Lila

    I LOVE this scarf! It has the same lightweight and ease of a 2in1, but looks so elegant and fun no matter how you wear it. Like the 2in1, it works as a great base scarf or on its own, and there is so much versatility! Wraps like a dream and so pretty!

  36. becky.gross (verified owner)

    I got the Watercolor 2-in-1 in Navy/Green/Purple (though I had to resist getting all the others as well). It is a gorgeous scarf that I get compliments on. I do think they’re a bit shorter than regular 2-in-1s, though that hasn’t been problematic for me. I love how lightweight it is and how I can fold it in different ways to show different areas of colour. It looks really amazing twisted, as that shows the contrasting colours best (even the navy changes in shade throughout the scarf).
    It looks fabulous on its own though I imagine it would work great for layering. You can’t go wrong with the Watercolor 2-in-1!

  37. Grace (Gabrielle) (verified owner)

    I have been looking for a more muted, yet stunning scarf for fall/winter wear. Enter the Watercolor 2 in 1 in the lilac/coral/grey colors. Just got it in the mail, and right off the bat, I can visualize at least five different outfits it will go with. It is just a beautiful scarf! 🙂

  38. Meira Atik (verified owner)

    Here is the taupe/seafoam/orange scarf in a basic twist layered with a dark brown 2-in-1. These Watercolor 2-in-1s are great on their own, but they’re lightweight, so they layer easily.

  39. Meira (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to buy this because I was afraid that it would not be long enough for me to wrap properly. But I took a chance and got the one in taupe/seafoam/orange. And here I am wearing it in chignon. Yes, it’s long enough for my favorite basic wraps. The print and color mix are awesome.

  40. Keami (verified owner)

    This is my second watercolor tichel I have purchased since my first one (about 2 weeks ago). And I have another one on the way! These are absolutely gorgeous. depending on how you wear it the color changes up each time and I love that, makes it feel like you purchased a new tichel when you only purchased one! I love pairing these with the gold rose headband for a really cute bohemian style. Price is fantastic as always, and love how light weight it is…perfect for summer days. Just like Terminator said in his movies…”I’ll be back!” Would love to buy them in every color eventually!

  41. Kathleen G (verified owner)

    I have the purple/blue/green version and I love it!! It is so easy to wrap and the colors are beautiful, I want to order more!!

  42. Keami (verified owner)

    I am so in love with my watercolor 2 in 1. I will be buying more! You honestly have to get one in every color. The picture doesn’t do it justice, in person its even more gorgeous! I did a video review on my blog with these, and as I wrapped it a second time, it totally changed the placement of the colors then my first wrap…in a good way! Highly recommend that if this is your first time purchasing and you don’t know which tichel’s to get to try out…make sure this baby is on your list. Very light weight, comfortable in the summer, and of course extremely beautiful! Hopefully my husband will let me buy all the colors!! Price for it is amazing!

  43. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Third picture’s a charm! This is the grey, pink, and mint with a lace headband. The colors of this scarf are so relaxing to me.

  44. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    Again, I just love these. Go buy all the colors! This is the seafoam, pink, and cream.

  45. Chanah (verified owner)

    Even though I wear this often, and think this is very beautiful, surprisingly, I have never worn it on its own. I find it is really good at blending with other scarves to enhance, or soften their looks. This is one of my favourite variations of the 2 in 1s.

  46. mirja.haukisaari (verified owner)

    Liiiiightttt and airy! Very easy to wrap, though a wee bit shorter than the regular 2in1’s. Hence the one star missing. I’m wearing the blue/pink/yellow.

  47. Sarah Brown (verified owner)

    The colors are wonderful and I love the texture. It’s beautiful and I love finding ways to show off all the shades to full advantage!

  48. Elizabeth Ross (verified owner)

    These watercolor 2 in 1s are even more beautiful in person. I was stunned by how gorgeous they are – so much so that I ordered several more of them. And they are an absolute bargain for $11. Snatch them up while you can. They can stand on their own, without any other accessories or scarves. They look like something you would wear to an art gala or a play – so artsy. And you can position the colors however you like to make them look different each time you wear them. Put the pink in front this time and the blue in front next time. Their texture is great too. They have some “grip” and stay in place very well. I love to wear them with one short tail hanging and the long tail wrapped around my head. So simple and beautiful!

  49. Jess (verified owner)

    I have ordered several of these! They are lovely and very simple to wrap. The only problem is there are so many awesome color choices. Guess I’ll need them all 😉

  50. serabobera (verified owner)

    SO beautiful and easy to wrap!

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