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Our super popular Striped Delights Scarves are back! We usually stock these stunning scarves as surprise 3 packs, since so many of them are unique, but we’ve finally managed to get ahold of a selection that are the same! Choose from these unique patterns… and know that the Striped Delight you receive will look just like the image!


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Milk Chocolate

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Dark Multicolor

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Our Striped Delight Scarves feature gorgeous lightweight texture and subtle stripes. It’s the perfect every-occasion scarf! With a light, breathable weave, it’ll work in all kinds of weather. It’s interesting enough to wear as a single scarf – but subtle enough to work nicely with any other scarf or clothing you might want to pair with it. We just can’t imagine a more useful and lovely addition to a tichel wardrobe!

Looking for a perfect pairing for your Striped Delight Scarf? Check out our Take It Easy Kits, where you can purchase a Striped Delight Scarf perfectly coordinated with an Original 2 in 1 Scarf to match!

Dimensions – 68″ x 24″
100% Cotton Seersucker

1 review for Striped Delights Scarf

  1. 5 out of 5


    I have been a HUGE fan of the Striped Delights scarves ever since they initially came out. In fact, my very first order from Wrapunzel was for two of these scarves (together with my first shaper…all of which I still have and wear!), and I have since purchased a few more. So, I was absolutely..erm..”delighted” 🙂 when I saw these two scarves now available singly, because the one thing holding me back from buying your “Striped Delights Surprise Set” is that I don’t want to end up with duplicates…so I think it is wonderful that you were able to find *any* of these great scarves in a large enough quantity to offer them like this. I hope you are able to find more in the future. I’ll certainly purchase them every time I see them.
    Just got them today (talk about fast shipping!), and I can tell you these two scarves have beautiful, rich colors, and the milk chocolate scarf’s stripes are actually not as wide as they appear in the photo, which makes it look even nicer when wrapped.
    I’m over the moon. Thank you! ♥♥

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