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New York Brights Scarf


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Fresh from New York, the luscious New York Brights Scarf is as versatile as they come! Twist them, wrap them, layer them – they can do it all! The fabulous color and texture will have you looking amazing every time!


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A Wrapunzel classic, our New York Brights Scarves are the ultimate versatile staple for your wardrobe! Their subtle striped and textured look is ideal for making one-scarf wraps look fancy and complex. You get all that style with little effort. Try them in a turban or Yael Twist for a gorgeous look! Since they’re thin and a bit translucent, they work best with a shaper or base scarf underneath if you need full coverage. They’re also amazing for bulk-free layering since they’re so light. Try wrapping them with a contrasting or complimentary Original or Tuff 2 in 1 Scarf if you want to try out a two-scarf look without too much weight! Or, try combining them with a patterned scarf like the Lakeshore Bliss Scarf for some pairing perfection!

Our model Andrea is wearing Maroon and Olive New York Brights Scarves.
Our model Liona is wearing Green
Our model Cate is wearing Black/White New York Brights Scarf

*Dimensions: 70″ x 16″
Fabric content unknown

*Please note that the Red New York Brights Scarf measures approximately 60″ x 16″

100 reviews for New York Brights Scarf

  1. Karen Wherlock (verified owner)

    I had to scroll so far to leave a review, which tells you how popular this scarf is! I have 2 and I want more! I’m really hoping the white one comes back in stock, I’m so sad I missed it! These are fabulous alone and even better as an accent scarf. Love mine!

  2. morahshani1 (verified owner)

    The mix of colors and textures are fabulous!

  3. sara.q.cotton

    One of my hands-down favorite accent scarves. I use these all the time, the mix of colors is perfect and adds the right amount of pop to any wrap or outfit. I have the dark blue, aqua, and maroon, and find myself reaching for them constantly.

  4. vandjsizemore

    These are light, easy to wrap and can be used alone or with another scarf. Have several colours and ordered another one today. They are very sheer so be aware if you cover for religious reasons you probably need an underscarf or shaper.

  5. mgcalosso-7453

    I LOVE this scarf! It’s light, but tough and the subtle colors in it are wonderful.

  6. dorothy.joseph91

    I now have this scarf in navy, aqua, and pink and they’re easily some of my favorites. They’re light and breathable. The texture and mix of colors means it looks like I put in the effort of wrapping with multiple scarves without the extra effort! I’ll be wearing these all summer for sure.

  7. hbowdry

    Two stars for the quality of scarves. I requested a hot pink which looks like the red and I also requested an aqua with that looks like the teal one I ordered a few years back.

  8. Meira Schneider-Atik

    These scarves don’t cover my entire head but they’re incredible as sashes. They add wonderful texture to complement the base scarf.

  9. zadinacadyma

    I really love this wrap! Its bright and adds a nice touch of color on top. I even bought a 2nd wrap as well.

  10. Tenacious Gracious

    With 90 reviews and an average rating of 5 stars, I don’t think there’s much I can add that hasn’t already been said, but I just love these scarves so much! These were some of the first scarves I got when I first started wrapping and I was so surprised by them – I had never seen scarves like them. They’re kind of a mesh of threads interwoven with thicker cotton threads and metallic threads. The first time I wore one, someone came up to me and said my wrap was sparkling so beautifully, it looked like light was radiating from my head! Because of the mesh texture, I like to pair two NYBs together or one with another scarf. In the photo I’m wearing two NYBs – Maroon with Colours and White with Colours. And I can reiterate what everyone else has said – these scarves STAY PUT when you wrap them! They are so grippy, I don’t have to do much to make them stay in place.

  11. Asher Alexander

    I love these scarves! Very thin so if you want full coverage you’ll want a shaper or underscarf underneath it. Perfect for summer, and for twisted or braided wraps, they show off the scarves really nicely! I have several and just got the brown with colours, which is almost more like a bronze with colours! If you want a scarf that stays exactly where you put it and doesnt move all day, this is the scarf!

  12. Tameko Mays

    I luv the texture and colors!

  13. gaelic.laurie

    This has become one of my go-to scarves.. They are easy to accessorize and have just enough sparkle to dress up any outfit without looking over the top. I have three and they are worn often.

  14. Lunarsky33

    I recieved this scarf in a kit and instantly fell in love, it can go with any other scarf in my collection to instantly add more beauty and can even be worn alone as long as I am wearing something neural underneath. You can never go wrong with adding one of these, or many in different colors to your collection. This will always be one of my altime favorites and always find myself wearing this for all occasions and as everyday wear. Thank you Wrapunzel ladies for having such a beautiful collection of scarves available! <3 (it is the orange brights in the photo)

  15. averbos13

    I really love this scarf! I got it in green and the color is so bright and beautiful. It’s thin enough to layer with other scarves and a ya got great texture. It can hold its own and easy to wrap with.

  16. rivkas

    I think I have three. Or maybe four. Weighs next to nothing which is what you need in the summer (I wear them over a thin cotton liner which you can do in any color). So many shades so easy to match. Which I’m saying about two of my other faves. I guess I’m consistent!

  17. Shiloh BethEl

    My favorite lightweight wrap just over a black shaper I use Ultimate Shaper and it covers it. Sturdy despite the semi- open weave, always gets compliments. Really fun and easy to mix layer too ! I hand wash and hang – dries overnight I would never put in machine !

  18. tomesektara

    Love these scarves! They are fun and match with a ton of different outfits. I need more!

  19. hannahjarvi9

    Aside from the 2-in-1s, these are my favorite layering scarves! I ordered one in maroon and came back to order black/white and white/black. They’re VERY colorful and add practically no bulk at all to any look. These are very delicate and thin, and the fabric is sort of irritating to my skin, so I prefer to layer them over a more durable scarf. They’re also not very wide, similar to the sari scarves, but I’ve learned to make it work. I wore the look below (maroon, paired with a black jersey over an ultimate shaper) for a solid 18 hours to campus, restaurants, etc. in the middle of December in Wisconsin and never once had to adjust it, which makes the NYB one of the grippiest scarves I own.

  20. gzgrinberg

    It’s so worth having multiple colors as they are go-to scarves. They wrap incredibly easily and stay put without a head band. Super light and perfect for summer!

  21. Rachel Sparks

    I love my New York brights in black & grey, it complements my basic blacks perfectly. The fringe adds some flair that I enjoy. I’m writing a review to enter for a sari skirt size large.

  22. Rebecca Snouffer

    These scarves are so lightweight, but pack a punch with the color! They’re VERY grippy. Like they aren’t going ANYWHERE once they’re on your head. I want every color!

  23. Dawn Ellis

    My New York Brights scarf is so fun to use for a splash of color and glitter! I feel like a queen with a crown when I wear it for a twisted wrap. I’m glad I decided to order a second one to play with; it should be here soon!

  24. rabbitfud

    Oh my, this scarf is delicate. Mine actually had a few holes in it right out of the package but it’s not super obvious. This one is more of a sash because I cannot cover my whole head when wearing an oomphtastic scrunchy and I don’t have a lot of hair. The colors are very lovely and one of the strands actually changes color through out the scarf to give it even more color and lots of texture.

  25. Grace (Gabrielle)

    These are one of my FAVORITE scarves! I have a lot of them. This time, I chose the “grey with color”, and it is just stunning. Since we have mild fall/winter temps where I live, I get to wear these scarves pretty much year round, and They never fail to get a lot of compliments. Thank you for offering them, Wrapunzel! ♥

  26. necier2q2

    I love these. I also love it in pink which no longer available. When you tie this, it STAYS PUT all day.
    If you wear this by itself, you will need a smaller shaper. I wear mine with the cloud 9 shaper and it works well, and the shaper is white. Someone suggested wearing a white one with the nyb and I agree. Looks great together.
    If you are having a busy day and need your wrap to behave during the day, this is the tichel you want to reach for. Watch your jewelry and your finger nails as the material can snag.
    But otherwise, this is colorful, sparkly, and a no fuss way to go about your day!

  27. lilyjoy2003

    Absolutely love my New York Brights! It is one of my most favorite and versatile scarf! It pares well with almost anything.

  28. Grace (Gabrielle)

    Just got my last order, which included one New York Brights in the “burnt orange” shade…which is beautiful! I keep adding these lovely scarves to my collection because they are absolutely perfect for summer. Thank you so much for continuing to offer them! ♥

  29. htw914

    I am utterly addicted to the NYB scarves! I simply cannot stop buying them! I love the colors, the textures, and the easy secure wrapping. My favorite way to use them is to layer them in a simple Beginner’s Luck Wrap over a Regal Wrap in another color. (In this picture, I placed a pink NYB over a white Favorite T-Shirt Scarf.). Lately I’m enchanted with rolling them around my bun. Gorgeous!

  30. irene24k

    This is the first time I decided to use my New York Brights scarf as a full wrap instead of a head band. I paired my NYB in Maroon with a plum pashmina. I love the colors!

  31. Hannah (verified owner)

    I love my Olive NYB. I may have to get more colors! I wear this one over my apple green solid pashmina and the combination is just beautiful. It’s lightweight, colorful, and something about the texture makes it super grippy. Which means that the knot stays just as tight as when I first tied my wrap until I intentionally untie it. Exactly what I needed!

  32. b72denes (verified owner)

    Dear Wrapunzel, congratulations on your first five years. I wish you many many more!
    In search of NYB, I’ve found Wrapunzel. This was the only scarf I couldn’t find in my Holy City of Tichels. When I bought my first NYB, someone told me it was going to be addictive. Yes, NYB is the highly addictive scarf, I’d say.

  33. pansysalad (verified owner)

    One of my favorites to fold in and layer! It’s so lightweight and thin that it doesn’t add bulk, so it goes with everything. I’m wearing it in Olive with 2 Tuffs. The olive has little specks of blue, pink, yellow, and purple. The only downside is that it is shorter than Tuffs, so you can see in the end of the braid it doesn’t quite make it with the others, but I resolve that by fanning out the longest tail around the others to try and hide it. There’s also a little secret sparkle that shines through from under the top Tuff in daylight!

  34. Ann (verified owner)

    Again me, this time it is the dark red NYB. I wear it together with the golden roses headband and the israeli tichel in burgundy. As this one is sold out right now, I will pass it on to my dear friend who is in love with it. Hope they come back in more colours again, I still need the savage green. It must be the pattern and how easy it is to wrap that makes them so Special. I love it how the second scarf peeps through it with its colour. It is so light, the possibilities are endless.

  35. Ann (verified owner)

    I ordered this scarf in a lot of colours! Today I am wearing the Grey NYB together with a teal tuff 2in1. If you want to build up a scarf collection and like the colourful and glittery features of this wonderful scarf, you should get them in all the colours you like before they are sold out. I am sure you will wear them a lot.

  36. Sokan SK (verified owner)

    After buying one, within a year, I now have 6 different colors to play with. I have soo many pics to post on my review but have no idea which one! They are fun and easy to play with! My two daughters(9 and 3) love these.

  37. trinkrdink (verified owner)

    Very pretty! Love the sparkle of the silver and gold threads (which I couldn’t capture in the photos), and the colors. I bought the navy….regular navy, not the navy with color. Then tried it out with several different colors….forest green 2-in-1, navy shimmery, lavender tuffs 2-in-1, and eggplant and seafoam 2-in-1s. I’m new to doing wraps and got messier as I went, as I was doing these back-to-back. ☺️

  38. Grace (Gabrielle) (verified owner)

    …aaaaand continuing to add to my ever-growing collection of these beautiful, lightweight scarves. This time it’s the “White with Color”. I live in a southern Arizona city, which many who live here “lovingly” refer to as Satan’s Summer Vacation Home because, well, our summer weather really is that intense (seriously, those meme’s you see with the hand-in-an-oven-mitt-holding-a-steering-wheel…that actually happens). But, back to the subject, these scarves are fantastic for our hot summers! And spring..and fall..and winter.. 🙂
    Thank you Wrapunzel for continuing to make them available!

  39. sps2mom (verified owner)

    Very pretty. This was my very first purchase with this company and the scarves did not disappoint. I got the white/black and the cream one (t has lots of shades of brown w/sparkly gold). I wasn’t sure about the cream one when I saw it in the package, but I pulled it out and it was nicer than I thought. I should have gotten more when they were on sale. Very light weight. Haven’t wrapped with them yet, but I know they are going to look fabulous.

  40. christinabeauchamp (verified owner)

    I bought about 10 different colors of these wonderful New York Brights, which I absolutely love! They stay in place and work extremely well with the Tuff 2 in 1 that I also purchased from your wonderful boutique. I am wearing the black with color New York Bright over an olive colored 2 in 1. Underneath I am wearing the Wrapunzel Signature Shaper of which I want another. Thank you so much for providing beautiful and workable scarves. You definitely have a permanent frequent patron of your shop. =)

  41. KapelnHadassah (verified owner)

    I love this scarf! It’s so cool and comfortable for summer. I ordered one during the sale last week to try it out, and now I wish I had ordered more colors. I’m new to wrapping
    as I had long dreadlocks for a decade which made it impossible to live completely tzniut and honestly I wanted too but was afraid I wouldn’t be pretty. Wrapunzel has surely helped me with that. I feel free and more beautiful than ever. Especially since I know I am beautiful in the eyes of my Creator HaShem. Whatever your reason for wrapping Wrapunzel has you covered.

  42. Ann (verified owner)

    I got the maroon one and it is very berriesh, I like that! It is my first woven scarf and I need to practise but it’s worth it. And they look awesome, no matter how I wrap them. Here is maroon with a burgundy israeli tichel.

  43. robin (verified owner)

    what can I say?! the pictures are beautiful but they do not do these scarves justice. they are more beautiful in person!!

  44. goldestephanie (verified owner)

    The New York Brights are fantastic! I live in Florida and in the summer it is very humid and it’s hard to find something that I can wear and still be cool. These work! I have one right now, the brown with color and I love it. I may have to have every color available! Thanks Wrapunzel!

  45. mamapezzulo (verified owner)

    I’ve got the burnt orange one and I like it so well I’m going to buy at least two more colors. It holds as securely as a rubber band and is very pretty. Good for mixing with solid scarves too.

  46. Victoria Cato (verified owner)

    White with black

  47. Victoria Cato (verified owner)

    What amazing things can I say that haven’t already been said?! These scarves or amazing layers, sashes, and even alone. Loved them through winter and I feel like they will be my live in for summer!

  48. Kasey

    That first pic of Rachel ( I think) wearing the two NYB’s in black and white, I would love a tutorial for that style!!

  49. Amber Weaver (verified owner)

    Does this scarf need anymore reviews ? 🙂 I just wanted to say how surprised I was at how much I like them and how well I like my gray with color NYB paired to a mulberry shimmery !

  50. hermioneg1748

    Previously I got this one in pink, but now I have a yellow one! It reminds me of a cute little bumblebee trying to be fierce! I like it; it reminds me that little things can be strong. A plus is that if you stab it with a pin…or your glasses…and create a hole, it’s VERY easy to fix by moving the threads back into place, since it has a loose weave. I’d recommend a white shaper as opposed to a black one, because for some reason it’s less noticeable if it shows through. Overall, I love how fun these scarves are; they work as a one-scarf wonder or a layering piece, and either way look like tons of effort, but are so easy!

  51. hermioneg1748

    I had to make my Wendy smaller for this scarf, because of its small width, but it gives a very fun, lighthearted look! I like how it’s sparkly and has different colors in it. I think it will be very good for adding texture to other wraps, maybe adding a pop of color layered over a more subdued solid.

  52. Grace (Gabrielle) (verified owner)

    I keep adding more of these scarves with every order I place, because they are just perfect for summer! On my second-to-last order, I added a yellow one, and on this last order, a brown one. Because they have so much interest, in terms of texture and colors, they work with everything.Treat them with a bit of gentleness, and they will bring you joy for a long time to come 🙂

  53. Samara (verified owner)

    I ordered a brown with color to start my neutral collection. I get washed out in Brown so ideas hoping the colors would help. Boy, was I totally right!! This scarf is awesome. ITS very light and airy. Perfectly pair with MANY scarves. I have even worn it with no shaper and it looked great ( my hair is shoulder length) it work with the very littlw volume I had from my hair and the ooopftatsic scrunchy. This is one of my favorite scarves. Oh.. mine had a small manufactor defeat but nothing that compromises function and the ladies at wrapunzel were great and gave me store credit to spend o my next purchase due to the error.

  54. Candice K-W

    If you’ve never been to New York, owning one of these scarves is a small taste of the Big Apple! So much diversity, pizazz and excitement all in one scarf. With the variations of colors woven into each different shade, there are endless possibilities. It has just the right amount of shine as well with its metallic threading perfectly sewn in. I have not encountered a type of scarf that I cannot pair the New York brights with and have it come out totally fabulous. Ladies, this scarf is a stunning and fun addition to your established collection or an amazing start to your budding scarf stash! This scarf will make your wrap the talk of the town!

  55. Hilde Mott (verified owner)

    Oh, the colors!!!!! How do I even start to sing the praises of these wonderfully versatile scarves? Soft – easy to wrap – they go with everything and anything and can totally transform a wrap into something elevated and ethereal. It’s been hard to decide what colors to buy, so I’m gradually collecting them a scarf or two at a time.

  56. Deborah Goldberg (verified owner)

    There is nothing like the mix of colors, sparkle, and texture that these scarves give! When you twist it with another scarf, it looks fantastic!

  57. Teresa Youngblood (verified owner)

    I fully understand why every Wrapunzelista I know has at least one of these–their texture is so interesting, and just a hint of sparkle for a dressy-casual look. I gave a 4 instead of a 5 because you have to be careful not to snag the ends, where the loose weave comes into the tassels. But for those who wear mostly up-styles, without tails, this would not be an issue at all.

  58. Sarah Ostapowicz (verified owner)

    I have 3 of these and 2 more waiting to be ordered as soon as I get paid. They are fun, colourful, and cool. I wore just one over my Signature shaper last night, in fact. They are super grippy – which means once they’re on you pretty much don’t have to worry about a thing. They don’t want to leave your head! And I am a fan of how it “spices up” a colour. If you’re like me and wear a lot of solids, this is a great way to introduce a little something extra.

    But, the NYB Scarf is not without faults. It’s a small scarf, so check the dimensions listed. It takes a lot of carefully placed effort for me to get away with wearing JUST this scarf. Also, and this is a personal preference, the tassels at the end are thick. This isn’t so bad if you’re wearing tails, but if you’re trying to layer and tuck, these can look very lumpy and be very uncomfortable easily. I would give anything for this scarf to be a few inches wider, and not have those awful tassels, but even as is, I still enjoy this scarf immensely.

  59. Oleander_sky (verified owner)

    I bought “white with color” although there wasn’t a picture of it available. It’s gorgeous! It is much more color than white, and matches everything and nothing at the same time. The metallic threads give it pop in the sunlight and the tassels with multiple colors braided together are such a fun look.

  60. Grace (Gabrielle) (verified owner)

    I just got my first New York Brights scarves in the mail (and 2 days early!) I ordered them in olive, and pink. These scarves are amazing! I was initially worried that they would be too narrow to work as an actual wrap -as opposed to a sash- over my Wendy shapers, but they work out great (note: I keep my Wendy shapers stuffed 2/3 full…).
    The colors are gorgeous, with a lot of nuances that make for a striking way to “top off” any outfit. To say that I love these scarves would be an understatement 🙂

    Thank you, Wrapunzel!

  61. Patti G (verified owner)

    I love the scarf. I’m new to covering my head and wish were just a little wider. I do have one question though, lot basic scarf should I use under it? I have the golden tan color New York Brights. Thank you so much.

  62. ann fisher (verified owner)

    ordered a navy new York bright………amazing, absolutely stunning glamour, and easy to wrap. wore it grocery shopping and received several compliments. was able to give out several wrapunzel cards to several women. it is an attention grabber…love it and cannot wait to order more colours

  63. yellowsunocean (verified owner)

    I have to say these are so beautiful and are my favorite way to add some sparkle and color to any wrap. The little silver and gold threads are so tastefully placed and the variety of colors in the scarf show up like little satin gems. They are just right! How can someone love a scarf so much? You will just have to get one and you will see, they are strong and hold up to being tied and twisted and then lay right back into what ever way you want it.

  64. Valerie Campbell

    This scarf is wonderful! Lots of color and sparkles on the threads. I have this in orange and blue. I love pairing them with different 2 in 1’s or my feathersoft. They add so much color to solid neutral wraps. They are easy to snag on things though, so be careful with them.

  65. Denise Criner

    I love the NY Brights, I have a brown/earth tones and a lavender ones. Use them for a head scarf and a neck scarf as well!

  66. Judith Young (verified owner)

    I finally found the perfect beginners scarves. I paired a dark red NYB and a red 2 in 1 with a new shaper (Ultimate) and was simply blown away with how easy these were to wrap…even for someone lacking scarf mojo like me! I can’t believe how little time I spend wrapping a double waterfall and for once it looked really good! My husband commented that it looked so good that it didn’t match my plain outfit (all browns) LOL. Another major benefit was how light and airy the pairing was, even in this heat I felt cooler than I had for days. I will certainly be buying more of these, they are a delight to the eyes and heart. 🙂

  67. Carie

    How can you not love a New York Brights? My favorite part is the texture. It makes the simplest wrap look intricate and georgeois without a ton of time and effort. Plus the texture keeps it in place all day. Love!!!!

  68. Sarah

    Everytime I saw someone with this scarf, I had to have it! It is a little shorter than other scarves, but it looks intricate with so little work. I’d like some more colors. They do match things so easily. This one is brown with color.

  69. mirja.haukisaari

    The NYB is very versatile so you can wear it on its own with a shaper or mix it with other scarves. With the many colors in one scarf you can match it to any outfit really! I’m wearing the red one in the photo.

  70. Susie Rosenberg

    I love my New York Brights. For women like me, who often wear one scarf only, the NYBs are a dream! They have texture, so they stay put, and they make for a great turban. Colorful, cool (because of the weave) and they stay put—-perfect for summer!

  71. Elizabeth Ross (verified owner)

    These scarves are all about colors – mixes of beautiful colors – so my favorites might surprise you. Personally my favorite New York Brights are the black/white and white/black. You can dress up any solid colored scarf easily by pairing one of these with it in a two-scarf wrap. In my opinion the black/white and white/black ones are staples that every woman should have. Their textures and the silver threads running through them add a lot of interest when they are paired with a solid colored scarf, and they go with any color. Or they can even be worn alone and look lovely.

  72. Fina

    Perfection. I have two of the New York Brights scarves from Wrapunzel (White with Colour, and Black & White), and I have two similar scarves from a department store. Buy the ones from Wrapunzel. The quality, texture and durability are all much better than the department store ones. The Wrapunzel ones are much harder to snag. The quality is outstanding. I am going to order more of these in other colours. as these have quickly become a “go-to” favourite scarf. They spruce up any outfit.

  73. Barbara Thompson

    I want to apologize to the person that wrote in saying that these scarves were acrylic, while the ones I had were rayon. I just bought another color, and it is indeed acrylic. Apparently, some colors are one fabric and some are the other, but they are all beautiful. I am wearing one right now.

  74. Barbara

    These are even more beautiful in person than on the computer screen. I have several, and I love them all. FYI, these are not acrylic, as someone commented. They are 100% rayon and are not scratchy at all.

  75. Lila

    This scarf is so beautiful and so much fun! Polished and funky all at the same time and just so nice to wrap. I love how amazing it looks and how each scarf has so much color to it and can go with so many colors

  76. talia shugarman

    I have the pink one omg I love it my husband loves it and I get a ton of compliments on it every time I wear it. It’s a pop of summer and I can’t wait for the warm weather to come back out so I can pull it out of my summer storage

  77. Cynda LeTullier

    I like the NY Brights ~
    They add color and fun ~
    And help blend my tichel with my dresses

  78. Maggie

    These are beautiful! They pull colors together very well. They’re bright and light and they look happy. I get compliments every time a wear a New York Brights. You really can’t go wrong with these scarves!

  79. Jennifer

    I bought the navy and red in this scarf. They have become my favorite and “go to” scarves. I am pretty new to covering and I am terrible at wrapping. I also have an unusually large head (I always thought it was normal until I started covering) so the scarves are not quite long enough to even do the regal wrap. I’ve also found I don’t look good in a solid. So I’ve been using the NY Brights by themselves. They seem to go with everything. I can’t wait for the stock to be replenished so I can order more colors.

  80. Kristen

    Fantastic! These are my definite favourite!! Will you be getting more in stock soon? Would love to order the it in red 🙂

  81. Jai

    This scarf is okay. The fabric is a little scratchy on my skin and is not very wide, so I almost always have to wear it with another scarf. I am not a huge fan of acrylic, but it’s not too bad. I love the vibrant color (I ordered the reddish-orange).

  82. Melmoth_the_Wanderer

    These scarves have their name for a reason… they are REALLY bright and colourful, especially the white one much more so than I had expected from the picture. (I certainly won’t complain about this, but if you expect white with just a little bit of colour, you might be shocked that there is probably more colour – all kinds of colours – than white in it.)
    The material is acrylic, but they are really thin and light and the fabric has a kind of a net structure, so it doesn’t feel stifling as artificial fabrics sometimes do. (I tried them on today when I got them and the weather was rather humid.)
    These scarves aren’t very wide, so if you have a big head and wear a big shaper, you might not be able to wear them on their own because there might be part of the shaper showing in the back. But because of the slightly see-through structure of the fabric they might be better for layering anyway if you don’t want the shaper to show through the scarve.

  83. Virginia

    I have had these sense they first came out, and have added just about all the colours as they came out. This is great over a plain scarf or as an accent, can be folded into a sash or just about any way you want to wear it. Also nice and thin for summer wear.

  84. Melissa

    I have to say, at first I was a bit hesitant towards my brown NYB but I quickly noticed that it layered quite nicely. Thin and yet it feels so durable. Very nice. I think I will be purchasing more in the future.

  85. Marie-Barbara

    You can’t get wrong with a NYB! They fit every pashmina, layer very well, and match all patterns on dresses or shirts. They always look great! I love them!

  86. panatheprincess

    Would you say that someone who owns 7 NYB’s and is planning on adding more to her collection loves these scarves? …….. You betcha!!! I have white, pink. purple, dark red, orange, navy & brown so far. And I LOVE them!!!!! They are sooo easy to wrap and the effect is stunning. An NYB can transform a solid colour pashmina into a bright & brilliant wrap in seconds. Or a 2 in 1, depending on the season. Second Scarf, Sash, Accent ….. whatever way it is worn it will transform your tichel to perfect! I want MORE!!!!

  87. Jacqueline Soto

    I bought the purple scarf. It is absolutely beautiful! It does not look cheap at all and the material is tougher than it looks. When I wore it, along with the black tear drop earrings, my husband said I look like a “forbidden princess. If he touched me the king might get him” 🙂 Thanks for providing us with such beautiful scarves.

  88. jen

    My blue NYB is a treasure! I have dark hair so don’t need an underscarf, the most I’ve used is a navy headband at the front. I had happened to buy a seafoam green 2-in-1 at the same time, so tried to see if I could manage two scarves yet (I have short hair and “bad hands”. Well, I couldn’t manage two scarves, but I realised how well the seafoom green actually matched the marine theme of the NYB and one of these days, I WILL be wearing both together!

  89. Marie-Barbara

    I got my first one with the “tangerine dream”, and I quickly noticed that it can go with a lot af tichels combos to make them pop! the kit contained the yellow one, and I definitly fall in love with this colour I thought I could never wear it! But it’s like having a sunbeam on your head, and you carry it through the day and spread it around you where ever you’re going! Definitly “teaching colour” with a great tichel which offers tons of possibilities!

  90. zeffbunch

    I got this one in colorful grey with the plan to pair it with a black and white tichel I’ve had for years and never really liked much by itself. With all the colors, I knew I could pair it with other tichels as well, but it was the black and white one that I had in mind when I picked this scarf. The picture doesn’t do it justice. It’s simply gorgeous, and the colors are flecked throughout. It has a wonderful texture but is soft and easy to handle. When I paired it with the so-so tichel I already had, the result is so great that I think I’ll be wearing this pair a ton (admittedly, the so-so one is barely showing, which is why the result looks so good!), and I can also pair it with all sorts of other tichels. It’s so pretty and versatile that I think I’ll get more in other colors so I can play around with all the possibilities.

  91. blueroses_78

    I love my green NYB! It is majorly versatile, and makes my other tichels pop! They are very soft, and have lots of potential for awesome wraps!

  92. Robin

    I have both a pink and an aqua NY Bright. I love them. They are easy to tie and can go with almost anything. They were part of my start-up when I began wrapping.

  93. Sara Adina

    I LOVE the colors, the texture, the fact that they are so lightweight…I usually wear them as a sash but recently tried using it as a full cover since it’s so hot out- it worked beautifully!! I have four different colors…but I want a brown one, too!!

  94. katharina

    I just love these scarves – plain on their own or paired up with the 2in1s. They add colour, life, and texture to any tichel match. I have to get more of them – they are a true delight to work with! Either they add a beautiful contrast or enhance the colour you wear if you match them tone in tone. True beauties!

  95. Hannah

    These are fabulous every-day scarves that can be worn all by themselves or layered with other scarves. The combination of color, texture, and sparkle make them a must-have. (In fact, perhaps I should go right now and order a few of the colors I don’t have yet…)

  96. Kendra

    I have this scarf in Colorful Gray. I like that it’s neutral enough, but has flecks of every color so it goes with almost everything. These scarves are light enough so that they never feel bulky, and they brighten up whatever your wearing 🙂

  97. Rhonda

    Love this style of scarf anyway… easy to use, colorful, and versatile… but these are also of much better quality than what I find in my local department stores. They are a bit heavier and have proven more difficult to snag. I have 2 from wrapunzel and one lesser quality one from elsewhere…. I know that I will be buying more in the future. (I have the brown and the navy)

  98. mary.chandler

    My NY Bright scarves have become my go-to favorites. They are so colorful that one or another will dress up any outfit I put together, and I am guaranteed compliments whenever I wear one. Just one will go a long way in one’s tichel wardrobe.

  99. Amanda

    These are so beautiful. Too hard to choose just one; I’ve been wearing more than one at a time! Really easy to handle. Textured, but they don’t look or feel rough.

  100. Chana

    The name fits these New York Brights! I simply love mine. I have orange and green and they work well with most any pashmina. They are lightweight and very versatile. You can use them as a sash or a full cover over your pashmina. They are great for everyday wear.

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