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Sparkle-licious Scarf


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A sister scarf to the famous Shiny-licious, Sparkle-licious is an absolute delight!


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We thought nothing could compare to the famous Shiny-licious – until we found Sparkle-licious! This lovely scarf has much in common with its sister. The differences? It’s a silkier, smoother feel as compared to Shiny-licious’s rougher texture. Each color of this tichel has gold sparkles woven very densely throughout (in comparison, Shiny-licious has less-dense sparkly threads which vary in color depending on the base color of the scarf). The overall effect is of a very smooth sheen, giving the whole scarf a reflective shine in sunlight! It couldn’t be more beautiful – wrap it on its own or layer it up! It’s thin enough to work well in multi-scarf wraps with other thin scarves like 2-in-1s but not at all transparent. Sure to become a favorite!

Dimensions: 64″ x 24″
Fabric content unknown





15 reviews for Sparkle-licious Scarf

  1. lafatac13 (verified owner)

    These are great statement scarves for any outfit. They are easy to wrap and very pretty. I got the exotic spice and the green.

  2. Noemi Margalit

    Very pretty and easy to use. Great compliment to any outfit. I purchased the navy and gold. I pair them and wear them separately.

  3. Gabrielle P

    These are even more beautiful in person. Cling and layer perfectly. The material is so smooth, and I love the sparkle! Elegant, and not overwhelming.

  4. monique99205

    I’m new to wrapping, thanks to the wonderful tutorials I’m getting it! I purchased this and it has helped me with my wraps. Here it is in Dusty Rose paired with a solid pashmina in wine. The sparkle is just the right amount. I love :))

  5. lisadbrown197789

    I love the Sparkle-licious scarves. They give a boost to any wrap.

  6. Sarit Rubenstein

    Love Love Love! I love the fabric on this scarf, but even more so is the sparkle! It makes your skin glow when you put it on! Whether to perk up your day outfit, or to take your dressy look to the next level, this scarf is a must! Colors are true to image shown. You will not be disappointed!

  7. Leslie Grinner

    I bought this scarf in purple and dusty rose – just gorgeous! Beautiful fabric and so easy to work with!

  8. ~Lonnie~

    Wearing the colors Spice and Grey with a brown NYB in my favorite big floofy Israeli turbin style, but these are also great for those who love the braided/twisted styles as well.
    Smooth, glittery golden sheen , good for layering,
    Or perfect alone. Very very pretty ,
    Love this scarf

  9. necier2q2

    I love these. Very pretty and easy to work with. I love that the sparkle is woven through, so it doesn’t shed. Thank you wrapunzel!

  10. hypatia_wakeman

    I hesitated buying any of the shiny scarves because I thought they would be either scratchy or slippery. This is neither. It is about as grippy as the Original 2 in 1 and nearly as soft. I am wearing it here with a Sari Scarf

  11. b72denes (verified owner)

    I’ve been covering my head for quite a long time, so I have lots of tichels. Among them, I have similar ones like Sparkle-licious from local stores. But Sparkle-licious has really good grip and snuggles very well. It is slightly thicker than Shiny-licious, and I feel secure using it.

  12. Olivia Henderson (verified owner)

    What a fabulous scarf! It’s extremely easy to wrap, versatile, and comes in many colors to coordinate with many outfits. I purchased two of these beauties and will most likely be back for more.

  13. Akiko (verified owner)

    I purchased the shiny-licious first and I like them, but I like these better! Luxe, soft and gorgeous.

  14. Alisa Avruch (verified owner)

    LOVE these scarves! A dressier look, and so comfortable! I even started layering with 3 colors.

  15. Chanah (verified owner)

    I was hesitant to buy this as I had bought many purple sparkly scarves, including Shiny – lious, Eternity, and Your Highness. What could this possibly add? It turns out that this is now one of my favourite new Wrapunzel scarves. All I can say is that this is very special. It feels very silky (as opposed to the shiny- licous softness) and is especially sparkly. It is lightweight and very easy to wrap, and I always feel beautiful wearing it. Sparkle – licous for me is perfect for easy wrapping for formal occasions.

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