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Dreamy Lace Scarf

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

We’ve been dreaming about Dreamy Lace for ages! We first found some of these in a past spring collection and they were instantly snapped up at our shows. We hunted to find you more, and since then, they’ve become one of our all time favorite scarves!


(See full description below.)


We’ve been dreaming about Dreamy Lace for ages! We first found some of these in a past spring collection and they were instantly snapped up at our shows. We hunted to find you more, and since then, they’ve become one of our all time favorite scarves!

Our Dreamy Lace Scarves are much smaller than normal scarves – and the shape is a triangle. In order to use with a shaper and have the bottom of the lace reach to tuck in at the nape of your neck, you’ll need to place it farther back on your head. It also makes for the most amazing veil style! These gorgeous, sheer scarves pair perfectly with either a complimentary OR contrasting scarf – use them as a pop of color or as a delicate accent. The fringe is just awesome left hanging on its own, or it can be brought up or braided. We know you’ll find tons of ways to wear it!

Dimensions: 52″ (longest side of triangle) x 13″ (measured from point of triangle to long, non-fringed edge)

32 reviews for Dreamy Lace Scarf

  1. tonyasparrow93 (verified owner)

    Absolutely in love with this lace. I purchased this in brown and the color goes well with so many of my scarfs. Very dainty and adds the perfect modest touch of elegance and sparkle!

  2. vandjsizemore

    So elegant in cream. Can’t wait to have an occasion to wear it. Gorgeous!

  3. Jessica Hyde

    Love this as a layer and have even managed to use the ends in a braid!

  4. arellesco

    I bought two of these; cream and gray. They add pizzaz to any scarf and I love them both.

  5. lisadbrown197789

    I love the romantic feel that lace adds to wraps. I have the Dreamy Lace in two colors.

  6. lisadbrown197789

    I love the romantic look that lace gives to wraps. I have the Dreamy Lace in two colors.

  7. neednfcure

    This is a must have! Put it together with any plain mishpahot and instant “dressy” appearance. It is a must have for all my wrapping sisters. Great quality.

  8. dresdendoll08

    I absolutely love it, I came up with so many ideas besides the ones I got from Leorah. It’s stronger than I expected so I don’t worry about the fringes falling off. It’s a dreamy looking scarf I had to order in red, although I am not too fond of wearing red.

  9. Ann (verified owner)

    At first I was a Little disappointed that the dreamy lace is so short! Yes, it is written in the description and luckily I heard it in the Wrapunzel Tutorial too. I ordered it because I really wanted this pattern and my favourite Colours were available. Now I learned to take Advantage of the shortness. I can easily hide it under my pashmina for a formal look. I paired it with the solid pashmina and I just love how romantic it looks and how easily it was done.

  10. ericka_72 (verified owner)

    I bought this last year in cream. It is gorgeous and delicate and toned-down dramatic. I tend to wear it over a solid color to really show it off. I’ve worn it with fringe in the back, on the side, and even in the front across my forehead. Another lovely Wrapunzel product and ecstatic customer!

  11. Vicki (verified owner)

    Simply beautiful! Now I am sorry I didn’t buy all the colors, but I will correct that very soon!

  12. Vicki (verified owner)

    I took advantage of the sale last week and bought a Dreamy Lace scarf…how I regret I did not buy all the colors!!! This is absolutely beautiful!!! Rest assured I will be buying them all. Thank you, Andrea and ladies, for providing us with such lovely selections 🙂

  13. hermioneg1748

    I have the Dreamy Lace in white and I love it! It’s sparkly on one side (a nice surprise!) and is very delicate and see-through yet sturdy. It can dress up any wrap with just a tad of lace overlay with or without tails and tassels EVERYWHERE! Bam! Elegant fanciness! However, I also like to tone it down and simply drape it over my head for church like a mantilla:

  14. Deborah Goldberg

    This wrap is very beautiful when paired with contrasting or complementary colors. I usually layer it on top of two other scarves and tuck in all the tails except for the sparkly lace.

  15. Lila Besser

    The lace is so beautiful! The tassels are so fun and instantly dress up whatever I am wearing. I have several colors and love them all!

  16. passalacquahorsegirl (verified owner)

    It’s so pretty. I gave it four stars because mine came with some of the fringe slashed from the manufacturer I assume in the process of making it. I ordered the cream thinking it would be more of an off-white or beige but it actually tends to be slightly Peach. I plan to get more in other colors.

    • Naomi Rose

      Hi! So sorry to hear about the manufacturer’s defect with the fringe! Please email us if you’re able ([email protected]) and we’d be happy to work something out for you!

  17. grace.s.hopkins (verified owner)

    This is my favorite accessories by far. It dangles so nicely off the back, or tucks in, both are great. The brown is very versatile as it’s really a deep cream like in the photo.

  18. becky.gross (verified owner)

    The Dreamy Lace is beautiful! I have it in Brown, and it is really very subtle – more like a cream (the photo is quite accurate!). It is light and floaty, and looks more like a bandana shape. The fringes are really lovely as well. Really great for dressing up a simple 2-in-1 or other solid scarf.

  19. Chanah

    This is one of my favourite lace tichels from Wrapunzel. It is very elegant and while it is perfect for the most formal wraps, it can just add that extra bit of special to every day wraps.

  20. Mary

    Wore this for the first time over the weekend and it reminded me of the beautiful way I felt as a young child trying in my mother’s wedding dress. Truly a feminine and unbelievably gorgeous accent to my plain white scarf.

  21. Stephanie

    This is one of my favorite pieces ever!! It is so beautiful, just the right amount of fancy but not over the top. I have the brown, and it goes perfectly with my wardrobe of warm, autumn colors.

  22. Maggie

    I have this in three colors and I love it! It’s a little sparkly, very elegent, and it compliments so many wraps. I can let the tassels hang in the back, let them hang in the front, tuck them in, braid or twist it and enjoy the movement… this is just a wonderful accessory!

  23. Chanah

    This is my favourite lace tichel. It is on the short side, but I really love the open pattern on this, and it is a perfect finishing touch for any tichel, especially the formal wraps. This can be worn spread out over your tichel, or you can fold it and wear it as a sash instead, and the effect is very lovely.

  24. Cara

    An excellent scarf for dressing up a solid wrap. I was given one in blue and it has helped take my wraps to the next level. Easy to work with, large enough to be able to braid the ends.

  25. Amy

    Love this for Shabbos and dress-up events. I’m not a big fan of tails, but this product is so light and delicate that I wear it both with and without tails. I’ve been impressed with the fact that even though it is so airy, it is very sturdy.

  26. natcooper

    I bought this as a hostess gift for a dear older friend who doesn’t cover her hair all the time, but drapes a scarf over her hair when she lights the Shabbos candles. Well, now I wish I had bought myself one too — these are stunning!! It’s on my wish list. Oh, and my friend loved her gift and feels like a queen when she uses it every week!

  27. panatheprincess

    This is a stunningly beautiful tichel …. the fringes are quite exquisite!! I have it in white for Shabbos, black & brown. It is the perfect accessory. The photos do not do justice to how special this scarf is …. soft & sparkly. You’ll love it like I do!

  28. kristen

    beautiful! so delicate and elegant… even more beautiful than the pictures…

  29. rstein

    This is simply gorgeous! It makes me feel so dressy and lovely and regal. I love it!

  30. TeachersNotebook

    I got this in dark brown, and the pictures almost don’t do it justice. It is absolutely gorgeous. It’s the first tichel I’ve found that is really wedding-worthy. I wear it on top of a green silk tichel for Shabbos, which makes it really pop and shimmer. But I would wear it on top of a gold shimmery for weddings to really up the elegance. It is stunning.

  31. Melmoth_the_Wanderer

    As has been said before, these scarves are even more beautiful than in the pictures. I have both the black and the white one. The black one is more black and white, as far as the floral pattern of the lace is concerned, with a gentle silvery sparkle, while the fringes are all black. The white one is all white and also has that silvery sparkle.

  32. Chava

    This is a perfect tichel for shabbos or special occasions! The fringes hang beautifully but aren’t scratchy at all. I have a pink one and I wear it with a shimmery nad a matching pin-it’s one of my favorite shabbos combos!

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