Layers of Love Scarf


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A Wrapunzel favorite for many years, the Layers of Love Scarf is the perfect pashmina.


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A Wrapunzel favorite for many years, the Layers of Love Scarf is the perfect pashmina. It’s soft, cozy, easy to wrap. It features a perfect combination of patterns that pleat themselves over your head! And so when it disappeared a few years ago, we were distraught. We can’t even count the number of times we’ve been asked to bring it back. And now, we’ve finally found a way – we manufactured it ourselves! There’s no such thing as too much love. Just take a look at this scarf – deep love, soft love, strong love – each pattern speaks its own language. No matter how you wrap it, your layers of love will shine through everything you do!

Wondering how to wrap the Layers of Love Scarf with those perfect pleats? Check out Naomi Rose’s Perfect Pleating Tutorial! Or, check out Olivia’s Pleats-A-Plenty Tutorial to see how she wrapped this look!

Dimensions: 70″ x 28″
100% Pashmina

4 reviews for Layers of Love Scarf

  1. D

    I purchased this in the royal blue, it’s beautiful. The colors in it are so beautiful .
    It wraps wonderfully. Can be worn for dress or casual. Very pleased with this scarf.

  2. Jennifer Engles

    I have this scarf in blue, red, and brown, and it is one of my favorite pashminas. It’s not difficult for me to wrap, and even a fumbled fingered klutz like me can get different layers to show relatively easily. I love it so much that I chose it to be the blue pashmina in my emergency basket (the basket of absolute ultimate favorite scarves I’ll throw in a bag if I ever have to leave the house for an emergency and have time to grab more than just my cats and purse).

  3. b72denes

    This is my absolute favorite pashmina. Formerly I purchased in pink and in brown, and this time I added a teal-green. Soft, comfortable, super easy to wrap, and of course very very versatile.

  4. Joyfulmorn

    I am in love with my layers of love scarves! They practically pleat themselves and the 100% pashmina is so soft and warm! I have three of them, dark red, light brown, and teal. I am hoping you have a green one planned, forest green for the darkest strip, pretty please?

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